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Shut your filthy mouth /jp/

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Delete /jp/

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And who the fuck you think you are, demanding anything of me, you stupid little bitch.

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wch 2hu wd u let smother u 2 death?

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Yuyuko, Reisen, Yukari, Youmu, Hina, Yuuka, Ran [Ran Ruu!], Remilia, Sakuyuun, Frandle, Kosuzu, Keine, Mokou, Eirin, Kaguya, Reisen, Junko, Heca, Kasen, Okina, Kanako, Suwako, R-Marisa, Rumia, Marisa, Mai, Satono, Aya, Cirno, Daiyousei, Named Fairies, Luna, Star, Clappy, Satori, Koishi, okuu, Rin, Parsee, Winter Yuuka, Musician Yuuka, Sekibanki, Reisen, Probably not Kagerou since I'm allergic to doggos, Not the moonie cunts, and Reisen. I forgot a great deal of people, so those are a few of my top picks

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Oh I understand. Because Marisa is poor, right?

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Shut your breasts, Mokotan!

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Crown Prince making sure that Mokotan is not actually Mokokun.

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The moon cuties.

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i want to grope mokou

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She's clearly spreading Mokous armpitpussy before inserting her stick held in the other hand. It's over for Mokou.

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"These are too big, Byakuren!"
Myouren temple.

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