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Nahh I stick to the parings I like I can't see them as anything more than BBF.

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Big boobed friends?

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Strange that he's drawing them with smaller tits than what they were suppused to.

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That's exactly it.

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>Big boobed friends?
You know it.

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The way I see it is they were lovers when Yuyuko was alive but now she is dead and Yukari has to move on.

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Why would death be an obstacle?

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Oh Chen, one day that innocence will be plucked from you like the ripest of fruits.

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sauce on OP?

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Why are close mouthed kisses so rare in Japanese art/etc?
The sticking tongues out 5 inches to barely touch each other thing is so hideous.

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Fuck yeah Raidenrabo

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I' afraid Chen won't be even ripe enough when that time comes.

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Refreshing this thread until I see a url or it 404's.

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But she's ripe RIGHT NOW

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Raidenrabo's Yukari x Ran was pretty hot, penis-tails aside.

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whoops, forgot to mention that the kiss there is from Tohowalker (bottom right corner of image anyway).

This one is from RRB's doujin.

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Works for me.

Hundreds of years passed before they met again. Yukari had moved on.

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