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Stop sexualizing 2hus.

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That's ironic, considering the full version of that image.

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Nice one, got a small laught out of me.

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I didn't even notice

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That would be like yelling at the sky to stop raining.

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spacejin is great, too bad about the ballbusting

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What the fuck are 2d girls for if you don't sexualize them?

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For loving tenderly. 3d girls are disgrace to the universe.

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what a fr*ggin baka

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Its like a aw. Any good quality lewd art of thing you like will invariably be accompanied by a massive turnoff.

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Same with Fakepucco

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don't act like you don't like the ballbuster

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To be frank I'm getting kinda tired of all these /e/-lite image dump threads.

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Maybe you just don't like good artists after all.


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Was /jp/ always just "statement about character!" image dumps?

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That art looks like Locon.

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No. There was discussion about actual things before discussion of most of those things moved to /vg/.

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please do not lewd the jay

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Im fairly sure he doesn't mean "Elite" but "lite version of /e/".

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I'm more bothered at the shitty proportions he pulls off in some drawings of him

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I like good artists, I just don't like SJ's ballbusters.

That doesn't mean I don't like SJ's art.

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I want 2hu's to sexualize me.

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Good job, you can read filenames.

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I got used to it and just see it as comedy now honestly. It's just too ridiculous.

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Make me!

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Stop giving Satori big breasts

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Be happy they aren't giving her a cancerous, veiny futa cock this time.

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I was just pointing out how it looks.

I was saying your fault may lie in thinking those artists aren't shit, rather than good but with shitty fetishes.

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I like Spacezin's works more when he does these medium-sized breasts like in that Reimu picture rather than the gigantic antigravity balloons that he usually does.

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wrong, imagedumps always existed, you can check the warosu archive which dates back to /jp/'s beginnings and their discussion was exactly the same as today.
>There was actual discussion
not sure how you can miss all the lore threads like the ones about new manga chapters.

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So you've been accepting them all these years since /jp/ began until today?

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i wonder when its mating season for youkai. fairies are probably easy fucks as well.

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.... is this a vargpost?

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Fairies aren't youkai though.

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yes they are, they're in the youkai section of PMiSS.

basically any living thing that doesn't exist in the real world is a youkai, not sure about lunarians though.

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This shit never existed to the extent/percentage it does today, and I really wish every disliked group would stop trying to pull "it's jaypee history" bullshit. Wch2hufk shitposts are as old as /jp/, but they are shitposts and also all this erp level shit is fairly (only fairly) recent.

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Fuck I just started browsing old /jp/ out of nostalgia because of you guys and the closest thing I can find so far to an /e/ thread is this https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S1053267 None of that mating press spam in every thread nonsense or anything. Even https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S1057262 didn't end up an image dump.

Help me find examples of shit/e/ dumps in the selection of time I'm currently looking at. Should be enough time in that slice for lots of various threads to have been made.

I'm also gonna take this to that nostalgia thread that is somehow still up.

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Who are you quoting, friend?

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Your turn to " wake up" Suika. Good fortune! Srry.
It's canon just like the Ice Goblins! And the Forest Imps.



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>Tfw great artist with shitty fetish
Happens more often than it should.

Then artists looks at us like pic related.

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If spacejin's Kaguya was the canon Kaguya I would like her a lot more

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the only difference is pretty much appearance.

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urn enhancer worth it?

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Swedish made penis enlargement pump and you

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What sort of enhancer are we discussing here?

P-posts separated at birth?

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SpaceJin Can't keep getting away with this

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It would be an honor for the Remimi to consume my testes.

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This has become primarily what Space Jin has been known for. But dude, there's so much more to Space Jin's work aside from the ball busting stuff.

Pretty much this.
I personally think it's funny.

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Is Yuugi the most sexualised touhou?

Most of the girls in Gensokyo wear tents and have no visible sexual characteristics.

Hecatia and Nue come close but their outfits are still tame compared to a transparent skirt.

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you can barely see anything.

Hecatia shows skin, she's bar none the lewdest touhou, plus she looks dressed like one of those nutbag lesbians that get their clothing from Hot Topic.

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No, Kasen is.

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Seiran has translucent bloomers.

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Oh shit she does

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Spacejin is fucking disgusting.

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I'll do whatever the fuck I want.

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JAYPEE how do you feel when anons lewd your favorite raibu?
But not just lewds but very lewd lewds.

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JAYPEE how do you feel when anons lewd your favorite 2hu
not with tasteful lewds but with very lewd lewds

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I dont like it. Artistic nudity is fine, but almost no Japanese popular art is like that.

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>not with tasteful lewds but with very lewd lewds
Elaborate; at what point does a "lewd" becomes too much?

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when the lewd becomes a gangbang rape

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This sort of stuff makes me VERY angry

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I don't check Satori threads because of that, they're just full of horny retards.

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Satori boobie!

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Every thread is full of horny retards
But that has a cure

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Nothing lewd here, just a belly rub.

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It makes me feel uncomfortable

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Sakuya's big boobies?

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Makes me feel kinda bothered but it's ok.

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quints confirm

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I want to make Satorin cry as she feels me unloading my scalding hot semen inside her loli womb!

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