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So I'm on Google street looking around Akihabara when I accidentally discover you can actually go inside and tour some of the stores. Cool. Spends the next couple of hours looking round a few buildings. Then I come across this small Maid cafe. No big deal, but I wondered why you could tour such a small cafe.

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Then I turn around and notice a hallway leading to another area. Must be more rooms to sit people in.

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Turns out the three rooms on the right are VERY questionable rooms with Futons on the floor...

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Room on the left is a VERY questionable chair....

I get the feeling this Maid Cafe serves more than just drinks and omelets.

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looks like a perfectly ordinary maid cafe to me, OP

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nice mozilla theme, faggot.

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maids wait warmly in those rooms for customers nothing more

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Was australis the biggest mistake mozilla ever made?

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What wrong with Miku?

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What would they do with that chair? It doesn't really look conducive to anything.

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Imagine trying to get a bj there zero privacy you can probably hear the people next to you lmao

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I never really understood what the appeal of a maid cafe is. I feel like it would only make it awkward to try to get a 3D girl to do what 2D ones are best at.

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>hasn't watched very many pornos

I don't think anyone would really care with a hot looking maid with them.

Some Otaku want to live the dream, not just watch it.

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At least they know how to cover up the sex smell.

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Live action is gross. Especially jap ones since they don't fucking shave.

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many shave now since thatrule has been relaxed.

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Those rooms are where they keep the maids for the night

They lock them up in small rooms like the slaves they are

nothing lewd

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That's because it's not a maid cafe. It says in the title that it's メイド リフレ. You go there for massages and therapy. They just happen to wear maid uniforms while doing it.

The futons are for back massage and chair is for foot massage.

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Disgusting taste.

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>chair is for foot massage

You get to massage the maid's feet?

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>massages and therapy
ok so it's a parlor, not a cafe.

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I want to rub a maid's sweaty sore feet after a long day at work!

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Just what they need. A fat Otaku rubbing his oil,y grimy, semen encrusted hands all over their feet and making them smell worse.

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Among other interests, I am also a hygiene otaku. I wash my hands 100% with the full force of my blazing Japanese spirit - no exceptions.

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Probably also ear wax cleaning and maybe lap pillows.
People just suspect sex prostitution to happen, but the reality is just weirder with people paying to have a maid hug them for 30 minutes or so.

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Honestly, most of the girls working in maid cafes don't look that good anyway. It's just an otaku thing that's more about the maid uniform than it is about the girls.

Maid cafes are 100% creepy.

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This questionable establishment no doubt charges quite a bit for it's "services", so they better put up with it!

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actually "establishments" like this are illegal.

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I thought about going before, especially some of the themed ones, but I figured that if I couldn't "get into" the fantasy then I would just spend the whole time feeling dumb and awkward.

Prostitution is illegal in Japan, but legally, only pOnOs in vagOO counts as prostitution. There's a lot of other shit that goes on.

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He's just being contrarian for the sake of shitposting, anon, don't let him get to you.

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>very many pornos
why did that make me laugh

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Excuse but I'm not fat, I shower everyday and wash my hands before and after every meal, as well as before leaving my house. If that wasn't enought, people have told me before I have very soft hands! I'm properly qualified to give a foot massage to a cute maid.

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who invited this shitlord?

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>I have very soft hands
And that's a problem. A women with Sore feet doesn't want soft hands rubbing her feet. She wants strong manly hands with a few rough spots to do it. That way she knows she's in truly good hands.

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>See inside - Dec 2012

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It's still there as of December 2016.

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Fuck this made me laugh way more than I should have.

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Well for one it's a massage parlor not a maid cafe.
The only questionable bits of this is why they are using futons and computer chairs rather than tables and proper seats. If anything this is less medical and more low budget.

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You actually can do that in some places though.

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I would like to know where one of these are in Akihabara.

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I am definitely interested in this.
I've done リフレ where the maid/JK steps on you but that's about it.

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Anywhere you can play with their feet?

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They're literally prostitutes, walk up to one, put money in front of you, and ask to touch their feet.

If she says no there is always soapland (if that's still a thing) Most girls working there would be happy if you just walked in and wanted a foot massage.

It's like ordering anything else off-menu. You walk into McDonalds and pull at a twenty and say you want just the patty they're going to give it to you, especially since it is a relatively simple request.

Bonus for soapland is that their feet will probably be clean at least, although you might be into smelly feet, I don't judge.

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interesting site.

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Very Good this! Got anymore?

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>Innocent looking maid cafe

>Suspicious rooms in the back

Yep, There's NOTHING illegal going on here...

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I'm guessing the room with the chair costs extra.

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Are all maid cafe's this small in Akihabara? I'd figure a Maid Cafe sponsored by AKB48 would be quit large.

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>Maid Cafe sponsored by AKB48

Alright I took the bait, here's your (you).

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>sponsored by AKB48

Where did you even get this idea from?
You do realize what the acronym akb means, right?

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Is this reflexology?

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AKB48 HQ is literally right next door.

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>tfw you prefer the full bush

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I don't mind a small garden, but if it's a forest, it needs to be trimmed back.

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who r u quotin??

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>So I'm on Google street looking around Akihabara

lmao pathetic

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>No big deal, but I wondered why you could tour such a small cafe.
Shop owners can send 360 pictures by them self.

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It's a good way to get noticed.

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>not touring a place on GM to familiarize yourself with before going to it on vacation or something.

lmao pathetic

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>asking for consent

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What's wrong with looking at something famous from Google Street?

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Nothing. The guy's just being a dick is all.

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My brother, you've confirmed bush is the best!

but for real wait, the rooms seem like break rooms to me, not sex rooms

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I like a clear view and not a natural censor mosaic.

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Several Maid Cafe's have "special" backrooms. Do you really think Maid Cafe survive on Otaku dollars alone?

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Well, they do survive on otaku dollars, the question is just what those dollars pay for...

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a small business like a maid cafe can't survive on attracting one kind of customer alone. They have to have a variety of "survives" in order to attract a variety of customers.

Whether it be a simple lonely otaku wanting an omelette with a Heart on it in ketchup served to him by a cute maid, or a businessman/woman who comes by after work to get some "special" service.

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>you can actually go inside and tour some of the stores

So, you go in, look around, and browse the merchandise? That's kinda how stores are supposed to work.

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Looks like a nice place actually.

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