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Holy shit Sakuyafags BTFO

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Well, yeah. That time is only hers. Did you even read the manga?

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Why are so many people aggressive against Sakuya-fans? This makes me a little sad as a Sakuya-fan myself.

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>No mass

Literally worse than stopping time

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What are the news? It's been known since Imperishable Night Sakuya's Time Manipulation suck ass compared to Kaguya's.

Laughable if you ask me.

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desu it's easy to shit on the SDM due to overexposure

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Lunarian pussy once again remains supreme,how do we stop them

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Yeah no, it's stopping time. Sakuya's not fast.

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Gotta go fast
She's sonic tier

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She can go faster than light and she breaks the laws of physics since E = mc 2 does not apply to her when she's using her powers (because of no mass). How's that BTFO again?

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get some Martians (gods of war & all that) in perhaps?

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Genocide inminent.

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>E = mc 2
>Trying to measure the energy of a moving body with a formula that takes no speed in consideration
It's E² = (mc²)² + (pc)² nignog

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Frankly, it's because Sakuya fans themselves tend to be passive aggressive, entitled, whiny. edgefag, memesters.

If Sakuya isn't in a game their first reaction is to bitch about it. It's like a personal offense when she isn't around.

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As much as I like Sakuya the people that like her sour things. That applies to most other things though, to be honest.

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I've actually never seen this, I've just seen people bashing on Sakuya fans without any reason. At least they're not more obnoxious than any other touhou fanbase but seems to get more hate even tho.

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u new to touhou or something?

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how does she use her ability to move fast to make the flowers blossom in one ending of eosd then?

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she grows the flower inside her

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She speeds them up.
She can't actually stop time (though can achieve almost the same effect) and she can't reverse it.

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>Touhou manga

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Is this from a zun-canon manga?
Seems to contradict something they established before.

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Timestop powers usually work this way. This is nothing new.

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Pretty sure they were the same.
However ZUN fucked up, as this makes Sakuya's youth, aging things and sdm size increase impossible.

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But the Mars People are bros now. Been that since MS6

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Of course she COULD be lying. I mean if you actually could pull off ZA WARDO would you tell people you could do it?

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For some reason it makes you harder to approach being a time stopper. No wonder she had a hard time making friends.

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To add to your point, she was being interrogated at the time as someone who could easily abduct villagers. Much easier to lie than create an alibi.

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Truly a masterpiece

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only remember the phantom lady and her brother living here

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fuck off back to the shitty /v/ touhou threads

Sakuya was lying to make Reimu go the fuck away, she teases Reimu all the time

If she was telling the truth it'd make half the shit she canonically do make no sense, but it would also make her broken in another way.

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This. If this is from an official thing they've fucked up.

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>Manga written by ZUN and stated by ZUN as canon
>Not canon

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there has never been an explanation of Sakuya's age

and in IN she is confirmed to be manipulating time; but that kind of ability is different from what she's describing in the OP. and thus irrelevant to the conversation. Reimu is asking about time stop

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I find it funny that everyone assumes everyone's as honest as Suika.

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more or less this. Her going on and on about Remi's advanced palate and Reimu's lack of cooking skills when Remi was just being a brat should be an indication that she likes to mess with miko

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Is Suika honest?
I thought she was unreliable due to always being drunk.

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Oni don't lie

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>Remi was just being a brat
To be fair to the Remimi, dandelions are awful to eat.

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They do.
They hide their true fatal weakness.
Kasen hides her identity.

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There is no true fatal weakness; they're so strong that they invented one just to even things out a bit.

Also Suika is only mostly honest. She's less honest than others. A simple example of this is how she disguised herself in WaHH during that one festival. She's just a bit of a liar.

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Kasen's a cute human. Stop bullying her.

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She was being honest that she was selling Sake.

Wearing a costume is what you do there at the festival. Thing is once called out she admitted it.

When you ASK them a question you'll get an honest response. She's willing to require that instead of wearing a I AM AN ONI shirt.

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Has anyone flat out asked Kasen if she's an oni?

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To my knowledge, no.

I mean Suika got hunches about stuff but she's not gonna out Kasen because you know that's rude and not cool.

Of course if Kasen comes out and say it and they ask Suika why she didn't say anything about it the answer is "You never asked."

And she'd be 100% honest about it.

Friends don't out friends.

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pshh... kid

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Why is she shaking?

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She has no ass

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She can still manipulate time, duh.

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Don't lie anon, Sakuya is an leg- and asshu!

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>They hide their true fatal weakness.
No one asked them what it is.
>Kasen hides her identity.
No one asked who she is.
Suika did not say she was not Suika, or that she was not an oni, or anything of the sort.

Obscuring the truth =/= Lying.

Bunch of secondaries.

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Also dude, ZUN contradicts himself all the time, characters are always changing personality seemingly in every manga and contradicting what the ZUN-written profiles state, as well as the books, and the game's endings.

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>it'd make half the shit she canonically do make no sense
Which is common for ZUN since it happens all the time, but people give it no mind cause ''lol hes drunk all the time haha''.

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You're trying really hard to make it seem like she wasn't being dishonest, at that point what does it matter in saying that oni don't lie if they are dishonest?

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>Obscuring the truth =/= Lying.
That's exactly what obscuring the truth is.

She pretended to be someone else. She falsified her identity. She lied.

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>She lied.
She did not you fucking moron. Point me to the exact instance where someone asked her if she was Suika or an oni and she told them "no". You can't say Suika lied if she didn't actually fucking lie.

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She lied, mate.

If you weren't a secondary you'd have known that. The page was even posted for you.

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>She lied, mate.
Show me, come on. The exact, particular spot where Suika was asked a question and replied with a false answer.

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And then, the thread fell into a pit of autism from which it never recovered.

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These threads were ruined the moment Zun felt the need to talk about Sakuya's powers. Every thread with her now calls her a fraud and argues how she does various things when her power is just speed.
Arigato Zun.

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This is going to be posted all the time like that "faster than light" panel, isn't it?

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Already happened on pretty much every 2hu thread on /v/. People also link her atheism to being edgy.
I'm actually hoping ZUN stays away from Meiling and Reisen at this point.

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Poor Sakuya, she will never be able to escape all the hate from the people no matter how fast she is.

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>on /v/
What a shame.

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Are you talking about this panel? I was the one that cropped and started to post it at first.

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Good thing I'm not a fucking retard so I stay away from /v/

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Cute, you dont think there are crossposters.
It's happening here too, every Sakuya thread since the chapter has had this shit about her powers.

Usually I would say I would get along with her and enjoy hanging out, given Remi and Flan are cute, Sakuya wont trust me, I wont trust her and we both like the gothic look (I dont dress up through, thats for faggots) and are withdrawn from human society.
But I cant help but see her as retarded. Fucking atheism in Gensokyo.

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Sakuya has always had one of the more obnoxious fanbases, as you might expect from the intersection of Diofags and people whose primary fetish is maid outfits.

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The only thing I see is people hating on Sakuya, not sure what an obnoxious fanbase has to do with people saying she's edgy and retarded for the atheism panel. For every 20 things people say something bad about her it's just 1 good thing that's saying something good.
I really have idea what this "Sakuya has the worst fanbase" shit even comes from.

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Still not the worst though, thats Chen or Momiji thanks to memes.
Honestly in 2hu threads I dont find any particular groups that annoying, usually it's fetishists who ruin threads, trapfags being the worst imo.

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Dont forget the old as fuck pad meme that still shambles along. I feel more sorry for Sanae fans though.

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I don't think anyone likes the pad meme anymore except for maybe secondaries...and I doubt you could call them fans. The pad meme is in my opinion one of the worst things that has happened to the Touhou fandom.

Just with Sanae fans I think it's more that other obnoxious people are shitting up threads/memes and such for the character which makes the fanbase look bad. While in reality the fanbase probably hates most of that stuff.

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I know the fanbase hates it, I'm just saying I feel bad for them that any thread they make has people just go there to post the slut meme and generally shit up the thread because they dislike the character or are just bored.

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Where, anon? Where did she lie? Did she say she's not an oni? No. Did she say she's not Suika? No! Did she tell any kind of lie in that page? Nope, don't see it. She even immediately stopped pretending once Reimu /did/ say she was an oni.

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Have you seen this thread or any of the threads mentioned here?
And were you around for some of the past games? UFO's release was a fucking mess in terms of Sakuyafags.

>> No.15878366

>muh atheism
Why are people still stomping the floor about this?

What's so fucking wrong or contradictory with Sakuya not believing that there is a god that's not Remilia herself?

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Are you blind?

>> No.15878391

>Have you seen this thread or any of the threads mentioned here?
Yes have you? It's people hating on Sakuya and then people replying to that. Just look at the freaking OP post.
>And were you around for some of the past games? UFO's release was a fucking mess in terms of Sakuyafags
I really don't think bringing up a memory that's over 7years old proves anything.

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Yes, anon. Sorry for having held onto this dark secret for so long.

Now fess up and tell me where Suika is lying.

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A lone anon arguing semantics in a Sakuya thread, all to save Suika's honour. This is the essence of /jp/.

>> No.15878569

It's hardly semantics. An anon is saying Suika lied, and I want proof of that. I want the exact instance where words came out of Suika's mouth, forming a statement that is false.

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Now Momiji is inevitably tied to Stupid Frog/Trump posters.

Enjoy another 2hu ruined.

>> No.15878819 [DELETED] 

I know, one faggot even wasted a question for ZUN to make a Trump joke.
Lets hope it blows over after Americas election ends, fuck I'm tired of it already, it just drags on and on.

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>another 2hu ruined

Are you bloddy serious fellow anon? Why would a meme alter your perception of an official character?

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I still don't know why they picked Momiji, who has nothing to do with America, over Clappy, who's basically a flying American flag and cuter.

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>Implying it's not a major improvement of the one off, furbait, 2 dimensional, unimportant character.

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Secondaries don't know shit, breaking news.

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Please refrain from abusing the quoting function.

Are they really secondaries when they don't even care about Touhou?

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>no, it's stopping time
Doesn't stopping time, moving a distance somewhere, and moving time mean you're faster than light? After, speed is distance over time and it would always be D/0.

>> No.15879096

I think he means fast relative to her time. Since there are multiple ways of computing t when Sakuya's doing her thing, r = d/t can be calculated a few ways.

>> No.15879551

You can't divide by zero.
Saying Sakuya is fast is like saying a jet pilot is fast, or saying we're all super fast because of how fast the Earth is speeding through space. It just doesn't work.

>> No.15879583

>She speeds them up.
then how does sakuya not age?

>> No.15879599

>sakuya claims atheist
>in a world filled with gods
Maybe a translation error or a meme translation? Agnostic fits better.. that or Sakuya was fucking with Reimu to get out of donating.

>> No.15879609

So are Sakuya's clothes and knives special or something as well? those tend to have mass

>> No.15881487

>Maybe a translation error or a meme translation?
You know you could just ask the translator if this is what happened, right?

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But you know, Sakuya's bra doesn't require any mass.

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For all we know she probably just meant she doesn't believe in the Christian god.

>> No.15889323

? >>15867177

>> No.15889329

too late, ULiL happened

>> No.15889341

In IaMP she also said she doesn't believe in gods.
I don't see how the Japanese concept of spiriting away could lead to Christianity.

>> No.15889434

Oh in that case never mind then.

>> No.15890167

I think it is more she doesn't have faith in gods.

She knows they exist, but she doesn't think that they will fix all problems.

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