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Donate, or die.

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Here, I donate this.

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I tried to donate to hillaryforamerica but my mom said not to because she thought trump browncoats would track us down if he won.

She's normally a very intelligent woman, but she's pretty obviously where I get my "paranoid about ridiculous nonsense" streak from.

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More like borrow your donations ze!

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Then perhaps I'll take one of your kidneys.

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gib mone pls

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Does a .36 lodged into your cranium count as a donation?

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But I want to die.

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You can have both. Take all my organs.

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I'll donate some food!

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Gladly, if you'll stroke my dick while making this kind of face. I don't need anything other than that, so I think it's a bargain for you.

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There is no need for a sperm donor

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You're gonna draw in the youkai with an attitude like that. It's pretty much giving that nasty miko an excuse to go on one of her beloved rampages, slaughtering without discretion for her own hedonistic pleasure!

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Youkai are SCUM. They need to be put in their place.

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Sell your body like a working girl and I'll donate to you Reimu.

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But I do it every day ;_;

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I better die

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But her face is scary

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Reimu prostitution story never.

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Rayyymu Hakurayyy

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I am sorely tempted to reply "Does this look like 2005-2006 to you Reimu?" but I thought I'd better err on the side if discretion and withhold that reply for this time.

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Calm down, McCree

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Reimu doesn't do anything to humans.

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Reimu is scarier than most youkai!

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I included a Flan just for you.

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Reimu is harmless!
She's just frustrated because nobody wants to visit her shrine so she thinks up zany schemes to make a little money so she can survive the winter!

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Sure thing!

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Intriguing, I might.
∴∵∴(・)   (・)∴∵∴
∴∵∴ ○ ∴∵∴
∴∵∴ 三 | 三∴∵∴
∴∵∴ __|__ ∴∵∴
∴∵∴  === ∴∵∴

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