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What 2hu would you marry /jp/?

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They are not real.

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This dude's art style is lovely.

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Eirin Eirin Eirin Eirin Eirin.

Doctor. Caretaker. Lover.

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I'm already married to Okuu. Welcome to our home!

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The perfect and elegant wife.

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They are fascinating to look at

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Nice hardware.

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You know what sucks?
The lack of images of this, 2hu has many images but few wedding dress ones. Many 2hu's never get to have their big day.

I think Eirin has a heart of gold and would be a great wife, but given her immortality I cant see her getting into relationships, everyone excluding Kaguya will die before her, love would suck for her.

She has no real life outside her job, but even if you did seduce her, you would just be adding to her workload as she has a full time job.
Although the SDM seems more like a family than a workplace, so you gain vampire daughterus.

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ZUN has caused so much unnecessary shitposting from his recent bullshit, god damnit.

Besides Ran is the intelligence, and we all know lifestyle plays a big part in looks, Ran clearly takes good care of herself.

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Are you sure it's proper to talk about canon in this kind of thread?
Not that I don't prefer it but still

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It adds an extra layer of fun imo.

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If I really think about it, as a mathematician, Renko would likely have the most in common with me. I also love her fashion sense.

Here's her marrying someone else because I'm a cuck I guess

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I'm going with Aya, nuetral on hurting humans as far as I know. Strong enough to stand against other 2hus. If following memes free ecchi pics of other 2hus either for blackmail or just pics.

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Married to a beautiful death.

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Even if Sakuya is working all the time she would have all the time in the world for me.

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Tengu marriage would never work. They dont let anyone on their mountain, and do you think Aya would move to the humanvillage? Nah.

I hope Zun shows us Tengu society, I wonder what it all looks like architecture wise. SDM will probably remain the most beautiful building.

Good news, Japan has never had a concept of gay marriage, Renko is still yours. Are you a mathematician?
I would probably have most in common with Flan, a bored, mentally ill shutin, who likes the gothic aesthetic. Would probably fall in love with Eirin or Reisen, whichever one cures my anxiety and depression.

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Dont you think thats unfair? Time still flows for her, it must be difficult doing all that work day after day.

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I want to marry the jaooo

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I'm in college for mathematics right now. Almost done. Renko is a physicist so we could get into cute arguments about who is more important, although deep down we know both fields are critical to understanding the universe.

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But maths is boring, sterile and numerical.
Physics has lots of numbers too, but is more interesting

Feel free to ignore me though as I read psychology stuff finding it interesting even though it's not a hard science. I still look down on sociology though.

Why not Ran? She's the biggest math geek around.

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Who needs to move anywhere when Aya can go to any place as quick as she can. So I don't think any distance or forbidden barrier would matter.

I would be interested in more Tengu backstory stuff, or eventually a new Aya game. Or perhaps a Hatate game.

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It seems wrong for couples not to live together.
What if you had kids?

People are speculating a phantasmagoria game is next.

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I don't think one could have kids with a Tengu. If it was possible the kid would probably live with the dad as it would hold back Aya, But would be interesting to learn in a future magazine or something.

As for not living together it really depends on the relationship. People to split up for jobs all the time be it as a person in the army, a trucker, or business men/women.

Basically my theory would be Aya comes and stays a night or a few at a time but doesn't "live" with the dad 24/7.

My question would be, can I be a successful hermit?

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I would marry patchouli!

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>I don't think one could have kids with a Tengu
Half youkai exist.

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I want to marry Yukarin!

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I'd marry Komachi for... reasons

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You can't marry 'em if you don't post a wedding picture.

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You can't marry them if you don't post a wedding picture.

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Yukari is supremely marriageable.

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Yuyuko of course
Shame the artist over exaggerated her boobs here
But she is still as lovely as always

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all of them
it is the privilege of the king to have multiple wives

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Those things obviously aren't going to fit, Koma-chan. Ask the clerk for a proper measurement.

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They're all too impure to wear white on their wedding day!

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How dare you imply that my touhous are impure!

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The most pissed off bride I have ever seen.

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They're not your 2hus they're everyone's 2hus! They really get around, like a rented bicycle!

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Almost every single Touhou character has likely murdered more than a few people in their period of existence. Not a single one of them is pure.

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Ravens are instinctively and biologically inclined to be Monogamous and very doting parents/mates. I'd make a nuclear family with her. Shes just so damn cute.

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You can tell by how much sexual pictures of 2hus get posted on /jp/ along with discussion about how much they want to fuck them.

2hus are bunch of sluts and whores.

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She's either infertile or giving you mutant offspring.

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Fine, I'll bite.

Yuugi seems too rambunctious to settle down, so to speak, though I'm the same.

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I want to have a lovely wedding with Marisa!

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Perfect wife material.

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She's arrogant, rude and has a lust for power.

She even gave up her humanity, for me she does not sound like wife material.

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Marrying Satorin!
Being useless leeches on the government while pretending to work at a desk job together!

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Always and forever.

Damn you for already posting my pic.

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This thread is too secondary for me.

This guy gets it. They're all murderers. What makes you think they'll even give you the time of day?

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>This thread is too secondary for me.
>still comments
Also what the fuck is wrong with it being to secondary? Do yo think primaries can't like secondary stuff too?

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The most beautiful bride.

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I don't honestly believe I'd want to marry any of them but if compelled to do so (like if I were stuck in Gensokyo with no hope of escape and needed to get on with life and settle down) I would probably choose Mokou as the most down to Earth human girl among them.

I would feel sad for growing old and dying without her but having a few kids would probably make her happy.

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mating press your wife on the wedding night!

>> No.15578664

>having a few kids would probably make her happy.
Her body cant change, she cant get pregnant.

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I'm gonna marry a goddess!

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I'm going to permanently pair with this perfect piece of programming and proactively impregnate her by pumping her pussy with my penis until she's the parent of my prodigy.

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>They're all murderers
Who's the secondary now?

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Just eat her liver.

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She's been known to crush a youkai or two underfoot.

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I'll harvest some of her eggs and use a surrogate then.

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That's not murder, it's a public service.

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Assuming she hasnt run out.
Also only one person could help, and Eirin wont help her.

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>Eirin won't help her
Why not? She doesn't have a grudge against Mokou.

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These guys know what's up, Ran is a 10/10 housewife.

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>ZUN has caused so much unnecessary shitposting from his recent bullshit
As expected from the master

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Don't underestimate the number of secondaries on /jp/.

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Nice taste I like Renko also not as being husband to her but as my daughter. ( I think it will never happen )

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How about traditional Japanese wedding dresses?

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Yeah, just program her to do house chores every and have raw animal sex you just have to program her right

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Not even Japs seem to like them. Nishiuri drew that because he had ran out of outfits to put the goburin in

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Unfortunately. But I like them a lot!

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Your favorite Touhou!

>> No.15581751

I like your taste in women!

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Kaguya is Eirin's priority. She wont risk upsetting her.

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They're not as good as the Western dresses. Not poofy enough and over-elbow gloves probably couldn't be worn with them.

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Eirin is so whipped, omg.

>> No.15585781

My wife is not 'whipped', thank you. She is a loving carer.

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hey! you are an artist's "assistant" or writers ''editor'' for tax/govt grant reasons now!

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Pocket bride!

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>ZUN has caused so much unnecessary shitposting from his recent bullshit, god damnit.
I've been away for a while, what happened?

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Ran isn't actually the Ran we all know and love.

>> No.15587154

Yes she is.

>> No.15587712

The coolest and cutest moon rabbit!

>> No.15587807

Anal wife material according to her own thread.

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Is marriage an actual thing in gensokyo?
is humanxyoukai even allowed?

>> No.15587944

Rinnosuke's existance would imply that it is a thing.

>> No.15587959 [DELETED] 

You can have children without getting married.

>> No.15587962

Isn't that frowned upon?

>> No.15588419

I wouldn't marry anyone because they are heathens, to be honest.
I would rape them though.

>> No.15590546

Explain, did she kill some human from gensokyou or something?

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