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Youmu is a DELINQUENT!

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Youmu would make the worst delinquent ever.

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She walks around with a cloud of crack smoke that follows her every where

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Her cloud of crack smoke would probably be the delinquent.

When they walk around as clones Youmu probably gets bullied by her own ghost half.

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She told 'em straight drop this and ziplock that
Right on her waistline is where she kept that sword strapped (yeah)
She remember nights, she didn't remember nights (nights)
Youmu damn near went crazy, had to get it right (that's right)
Now she's your favorite rapper's favorite rapper (ayyy)
Now she's ya favorite fencer's favorite fencer (ha haaaa)
The absolute truth, yeah, she's no joke
Youmu, she emerge from the crack smoke (yeah)

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I'm not seeing it.

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Youmu cares not whether she wins tomorrow or at the end of a lifetime of labor and of struggle. All she cares is that win she will because Yuyuko demands it and no power on earth will hold down the will within her

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what a fuckin dork

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She's a delinquent? So then no one will mind if she is missing. I know top men interested in such a girl.

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Youmu is a squatting slav.

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Yo pass that shit, Youmu

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Pfft, nothing personal kid

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Youmu is a good girl who makes Yuyuko proud!

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No way, she's too much of a dork! I bet she's a big faker!

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On the topic of Youmu, I've noticed a strange correlation with her fan art: There seems to be an inverse relationship between her breast size and the likelihood of her being depicted carrying her swords.

In other words, the bigger Youmu's boobs are, the less likely she is to be drawn carrying her swords on her person.

Look up Youmu's name on Pixiv/Danbooru/Gelbooru. If you search her name with tags such as "large_breasts" for Danbooru/Gelbooru or search 「みょんちち」 on Pixiv, you won't see anywhere near as many Youmu pics with her swords compared to the number of Youmu pics that give her a smaller bust size. This also applies if you filter out R-18 pictures.

Could it be that having bigger breasts might give Youmu more self-esteem and make her have the confidence to go out without a weapon?

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The plot thickens

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She doesn't need her swords when she's got two intercontinental missiles bolted to her chest.

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It's the balance between edge and lewd. It's present in all 2hus.

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That's a really cute picture! Even though Youmu has clothes on, you can see her naked body! How embarrassing for her!

I want to see her reaction when she realizes that she forgot to cover her hairy vagina!

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Youmu's vagina is NOT hairy!

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You are wrong!

Youmu is a sexually mature girl, with a fertile girlwomb and a girlpussy that has some pubic hair around it due to puberty.

But since no one except her is really seeing it, she doesn't bother to shave.

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She ages slowly, so it's possible she may have not gone through puberty yet.

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Youmu's body isn't immature. She's lithe and slender with small breasts and a tight bottom because she has a toned athletic body like a gymnast or marathon runner. Youmu is going to be a fair bit stronger physically than her size would suggest and have outstanding endurance, as well as great agility and flexibility.

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Why do delinquents always have long skirts and the cough masks?

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It's hairy, sticky, gooey and moist! The more embarrassed Youmu is, the gooier it gets! And I LOVE it that way!

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Youmu's hanging around with the wrong crowd!

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Youmu is my WIFE

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Youmu has a beard

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More like she just got done sucking some COCKS

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Delete this perversion

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Urist Konpaku, Herbalist has entered a fey mood!

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Youmu is a McIntyre!

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It just means that those artists are filthy secondaries who don't really give a shit about the character.

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Daughter of a swordsmith? We don't know who Youmu's parents are and if he's implying Youki, did Youki even make swords?

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Youmu is a page!

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I believe that one of her swords, the shorter Hakurouken, has been in the family for longer than one or two generations, and the other, Roukanken, she just went out and bought because she wanted another one with different magical abilities.

Does Youmu ever canonically use both swords at once? I can't remember seeing her do this, and katanas are pretty shit for dual-wielding anyway. As far as I know she just uses one at a time, depending on which one fits the situation better.

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Yuyuko Saigyouji stop trying to force young Youki Konpaku into a dress AND FAKE BEARD, this is NOT Versailles and you are not in the court of Louis XV!

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Youmu is for head patting and sword training.

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Hey McIntire, stay away from my wife.

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I'm positive she dual wields in the fighters for some attacks, but hell if I can remember which.

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Yeah, I asked someone else and apparently it's a move that causes a ranged shockwave - so it's not an actual sword technique per se.

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When she shoots green shockwave and when she makes large pink energy burst from the ground.
Also, there is a counter move where she use smaller sword to deflect attack then followed by an attack using longer sword. It's the closest you can get.

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False, she is mine

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>Youmu's body isn't immature
Yes it is!
Youmu looks like an underdeveloped little girl, smooth hairless pussy and all!

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I wonder how would ZUN react if you say that in from of him after citing that article.

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He'd be happy that people back their claims with actual sources! He's a mathematician, so he understands the importance of such things for papers and the like!

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Youmu is a nubile maiden.

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File: 412 KB, 400x1018, __izayoi_sakuya_konngara_konpaku_youki_saigyouji_yuyuko_and_saigyouji_yuyuko_touhou_and_touhou_pc_98_drawn_by_fuukadia_narcolepsy__344322fc173c8a999733cec8b4624319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Yuyuko Saigyouji stop trying to force young Youki Saigyouji into a dress AND FAKE BEARD, this is NOT Versailles and you are not in the court of Louis XV!

If Yuyuko doesn't make Youki dress up as a girl, how else is she going to satisfy her roleplay and cosplay fetishes? If she doesn't, Yuyuko wouldn't be in the mood to spend countless hours having rough sex with him and get pregnant with Youmu!

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What you said isn't mathematics at all.
Also, need citation on that.

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>What you said isn't mathematics at all.
It responds to the basic principle of scientific publications
>Also, need citation on that.
I gave it in the first post about Youmu, about ZUN studying maths it's somewhere in http://pastebin.com/Kiatum4a

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The image of this particular kind need continued display.

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I'm talking about your statement about hairless pussy

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>I'm talking about your statement about hairless pussy
It's only natural for a child to have a bare, pretty, pink pussy

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You should at least spoiler that shit.... Blue board and all.

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How it can not be safe for work when every here doesn't work?

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Youmu needs dating advice!
She's too upfront!


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>mfw a dork says I will never touch her ass again

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Youmu is a pokemon!

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From a recent Youmu doujin

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Oh yeah, it's from this one

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Because there's a chance some /jp/sies are browsing froma public computer. Just because we are fucked i.n the head doesn't mean little Susie has to be as well.

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Is this artist autistic?

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Everyone's autistic except for me

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The other half is more lewd?

The pixiv link of the image http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=56011700

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Whoever bumps this thread from now on is a homosexual.

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Youmu is too innocent to be a delinquent.

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I get the feeling that this homo is a bot...

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No need to be rude, buddy.

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I am LITERALLY fucking gay

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Fine by me, let's discuss Boymu then.

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Youmu wears a dress and only girls can wear dresses so Youmu is a girl and not a boy.

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Youmu is just so cute. Why she has to be so utterly cute?
I have an unbelievable urge to hug her and pat her head even if it costs me my life.

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The [s4s] beard-anon is incredible.

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I actually did that one myself

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She is not.

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Bath time with Youmu~!

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Something hard is poking Youmu!

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gotta post the good shit dudes

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>Putting all of that weighty shit on a pistol.

She really is a dork.

>> No.15622718

She probably thinks it looks cool

>> No.15622737

It looks to me that she is possibly training for 2020 and needs all the weight to cope with the rigours of competition in an unfamiliar weapon to me.

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Youmu's got a gun!
Youmu's got a gun!
Her whole world's come undone!

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Youmu's feet!

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Those boobs are too big. My Youmu must be flat.

>> No.15622984

Yeah, Youmu with a chest bigger than small is pretty yuck.

>> No.15623006

Okay, I'll take her if you don't want her.

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A "Plan Jane" or just plain by Genesokyo standards?

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How about helping me out with the garden work this morning, Anon?

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sure; sign me up!

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Alice is the no frills Touhou.

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Bloomers look comfy.

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I don't know, dude, wearing ear protection AND using a suppressor? That makes you look like a massive dork.

>> No.15623986

there might be other folks on the firing rage, she is still a little overcautious but.

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I'm pretty sure youmu is a boy..

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Youmu is NOT a boy; she is a cute girl!

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Youmu's a feeder

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Youmu is a dork!

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nice beard. i tried my own take on it.

- [s4s] beardanon

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Would suck his dick

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