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Hey /jp/, casual-level-otaku here.

What are some cute nicknames to name your girlfriend in japanese? I know, japanese themselves simply use their names and add -chan, but aren't there any options?

i just need cute weeb nicknames to call my gf. i sometimes refer to her as "hime". any other ideas?

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aww thats cute!

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I hear that buta, nikuman and mushi are all really popular nicknames for cute girls. Give it a spin, your ``girlfriend'' will appreciate it.

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Casual otaku is an oxymoron

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yariman or inu-chan?

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well i watch anime, prefer japanese vidya, music and food, i collect Japanese branded figures and gunpla, yet my whole japanese vocabulary and grammar consists of terms that i gathered watching anime and i barely know any kanji. What does that make me? Besides lazy i mean.

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A cross-posting piece of shit that would do better to remove himself as soon as possible from here.

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I would also recommend "niku dorei".

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Yeah I don't think mushi is a good nickname for a German girlfriend.

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za warudo

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Nikubenki-chan is the best and fits pretty much all women, go for it

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This right here. Or maybe something cute sounding like Nakadacchi or Mankochin or Inran-ko or Netorin.

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