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Post gap hag or Maribel Hearn here.

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Shouldn't this go in /c/?

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I wish I could join the sealing club

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it seems to be quite the swinging place to be at, and all that's that.

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So, what is Maribel's relation to Yukari, you think? Younger self? Great grandaughter? One of those weird situations where Yukari is her own grandma?

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I always thought that Maribel gapped herself into Gensokyo's past and can't find a way back. So, she learns to master her power and eventually becoming a Youkai. She may have gained the ability to go back but she is probably already an important figure in Gensokyo by the time she masters them and as such can't irresponsibly leave it behind. This is just my stupid fan theory. Feel free to disregard it.

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I think Maribel changed her name, what makes me think this is that there was an Irish-Greek author named Patrick Lafcadio Hearn who moved to Japan and changed his name to Koizumi Yakumo.

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Merry, oh Merry, so quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
These silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty men all in a row

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Killer album m8

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The things I would do to a nice bun like this

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I want to go on a date with Merry and tell her that her hat is dumb.

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Really? I'll be amazed if that's just a coincidence. (Also now I know what that guy on the Yukari thread was shitposting about)

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It's one hundred percent not. ZUN even mentioned it.

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I want to go out alone, find a cute blonde girl crying because her boyfriend is such a jerk then beat the shit out of him and fuck the girl so merciless she can't even walk straight for a week.

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M'aribel, Sir Anon Neckbeard the White has come to your aide!

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You're no even close, ese

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I'm cringing.

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It's just a bit of banter, take it easy.
She's gonna insult my stupid haircut after this.

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Maribel is Yukari's bastard daughter.

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Slut daughter you mean?

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I make no such distinction.

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