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Today is International Condom day. Please make sure you use protection when making love with your 2hu/monster girl/boatslut/idol in order to prevent STIs and the creation of disgusting half-breeds.

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Nue's thighs are super interesting.

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Nue you fucking tease. Those thighs look delicious.

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I like how you included the majority. The jay should not be a place of discrimination against certain groups of cute girls. We should all love them equally since they make live worth living.

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I want to be forced to inspect them up close.

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But I want to make halfbreeds.

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So is it intentional that Internation Condom Day is the day before everyone fucks like rabbits and not on the day?

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>disgusting half-breeds

Nope, I'm pretty sure my desire is to get Nue pregnant so we can raise our litter of weird chimera-hybrids together.

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>using a condom
>not aiming for impregnating your waifu with the first load you'll blow inside her.
what the HELL

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It's more about preventing the spread of STDs in the third world.

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Pesky condoms won't stop me.

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Raw sex is only the best sex

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Anyway condoms are pretty bad for good sex and orgasms

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They can help blokes last longer.

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I wanna have risky sex with Nue!

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Thighsex with Nue!

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I'll just use one of her thighhighs stretched over my penis as a condom while we have sex. That's a safe and effective barrier, right?

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/pol/ detected

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Nue also has a fine butt.

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Everyone needs protection.

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Nue is teh secks.

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What's her schyte wings supposed to be? spider legs?

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Lubricated thighs.

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I think they're like marabou storks or something.

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Lubrication is a precondition for intercrural, which Nue's thighs are made for.

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I have small tears on my foreskin from pleasuring myself too much. Putting a condom would only make the pain worse, much much worse. Just thinking about the feeling makes me writhe in pain.

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Why is Nue so damn sexual? Is it because sex is undefined to the average /jp/?

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She basically can't make a single move without being in danger of showing you her panties, if she's even wearing any. That's pretty damn sexual.

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But that's answering how. I asked why. What was ZUN thinking when he designed her?

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>tfw not even aroused by Nue's thighs
I suppose I did just fap 10 minutes ago, so I hope that's why.
This one's pretty hot though.

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They're for sounding dicks. She rams the spike in and a kind of tongue comes out and wriggles its way through the tubes to the testiclesto eat the sperm at the source. This destroys the testicle but feels like a non-stop orgasm for the man. Nothing can come close to the pleasure of Nue's vile touch, so most victims are unable to cum from masturbation or sex afterwards.

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If not race mixing is /pol/, then everyone who is not /pol/ must be pro-race mixing?

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Actually, most of Japan thinks like that. Only a tiny amount of undesirable women (typically women doing it out of interest in how big it is or bored housewives) are into gaijin. Like 10% would be actually the maximum. And only 10% of 10% is into kokujin.

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I almost don't recognize Nue without ZR.

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>if !A is B, then !B is A
What's the name for this argument?

It warms my heart to know Japan is still so traditional, unlike the regressive liberal infested West where nothing is sacred anymore. Though, I can't say many positive things about Japan's debt crisis...

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Undefined fantastic underwear

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Well it's pretty hard not to recognize her with these wings.

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Considering it destroys the testicle that last part doesn't seem so impressive

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How could I waste time fumbling with a condom if this is sitting right in front of me waiting?

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Do I still need protection if I just want to fuck her thighs

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I've always wanted to try masturbation/anal masturbation with a condom but I'm too scared to go to a store to buy them. I will continue to contract dildo STDs

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Nue is extremely sexual. I could easily see myself masturbating to a bunch of these non-nude images.

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Why is she nopan?! Does she just go outside like that? How indecent.

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Her thighs are so soft looking. I just want to be part of them.

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Nue a lewd. I wanna taste the source of her lewd.

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Ancient and powerful Nue-sama!

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Expect for youkai. Fuck those shits.

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But we both want to have kids!

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You mean all three.

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This Nue looks both dolled up for a fancy date and lewdly expectant of sex at the same time.

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Hah, I remember this one. It was surprisingly good considering the silly gimmicks it was based upon.

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It was funny and sort of refreshing too, there's not much like what Warugaki does out there.

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IIRC 10% is roughly close to the percentages of most other races in the west who actually choose a partner of a different race. Japan isn't particularly special in this regard, and it still means that one in ten bitchii are more than willing to take your raw gaijin dick while her husband salaryman is away at the office.

Really, come on /jp/ I thought you were better than this. Only a few years ago we'd all be all over the idea of having illicit unprotected sex with a horny obasan who hasn't gotten good dick in years and wants to live out her dangerous teenage fantasies. Or would you rather plant your mudblood seed inside a naive high schooler?

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A few years ago we had more NEETs and people that hadn't committed suicide yet.

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