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ITT Overrated shit

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Op here: forgot to say, pic unrelated.

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Replace picture with Tenma and it's /a/.

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Yeah, it's a game that everyone knows is okay, but not the greatest of all time or anything like that. Most of the faggots who would ruin the game are too stupid to run it on their computer, regardless.

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Tsukihime. Shitty game and even shittier manga.

But the anime was pretty good.

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Your post was highly overrated, but still very enjoyable.

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Too bad it doesnt exist. Just like Tomoyo After.

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Ever17, not so good.

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I expected AWESOME, I got mediocrity.

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If by Tenma, you mean Tenma from Monster, then I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

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I'm hoping he means the one from School Rumble, who was retarded without being retard moe. Her sister was also a million times better.

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Although I wouldnt consider it "Shit" it wasnt very depressing. It's atmosphere got across to me well but Reverie didnt effect me much. Why? I dont know, she just wasnt really that impactive. The ending did depress me a little, although it wasnt because of her,it purely because of how the main character just gave up at that point.

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Phantom of Inferno

Boring story with a boring cast. DVD format is awesome though.

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>DVD format is awesome
At least make your post believable.

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>DVD format is awesome


That animeplay nonsense is trash.

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>"ITT translated VNs"

Fixed for you
thank me later

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G-Senjou is seriously overrated. I really liked the game, but the people I've seen post here make it sound like it's the second coming of Jesus Christ. It really isn't that great, it's very good but at the same time it has some serious flaws that pull down it's quality.

Very good and enjoyable, but overrated.

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Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.
Hearing all the fans you would think it would be awesome incarnate, it's actually good but not great and extremely uneven.
The only really good route is Mitsuki, the rest is pretty forgettable and it's a fucking pain in the ass to play as Takayuki.

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Oh, you think I'm trolling, but I'm really not. The fanbase post-2007 has proven why. Fuck.. I met someone the other day who knew of touhou but didn't know what dodonpachi was. How the fuck does that even happen?

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What's that?

Not all "Touhou fans" read all the fucking fan-shit.

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Because one's a PC game and the other is an arcade game? It's difficult to play Japanese arcade games outside of Japan.

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Mission Accomplished, Commander.

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Dodonpachi is some fucking Touhou ripoff shmup. Shit sucks horribly.

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Hearing all the fans you wish they'd shut the fuck up about who is a bitch or a slut or whatever. Never fails to piss me off.

I won't go with a game but a brand: Nitro+

Sure I like them, but a lot of their games depend really heavily on the player's taste for x theme/style, and then even taking into account the overhype you get from people who do indeeed love x element, it's only a small number of their games that are ever praised as being really great. Also most of the things that make up the overall Nitro+ style have been done better elsewhere.

Despite all this some people seem to think that everything Nitro+ touch turns to gold (well, except anime). Really they have a couple of great niche genre games and a load of average dark/action games, and maybe Hello, world standing out as great and a bit less niche.

I still think their music is the best in the business though and refuse to see it as overrated.

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I thought it was okay and a bit depressing but not as good and sad as people made it out to be.

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> I met someone the other day who knew of touhou but didn't know what dodonpachi was. How the fuck does that even happen?
> I met someone the other day who knew of touhou but didn't know what dodonpachi was
> Touhou
> didn't know what dodonpachi was


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Since you're the only non-troll response, I'll answer you.

It isn't difficult to download dodonpachi for MAME, PS1 or Saturn. It isn't difficult to download Dodonpachi Daioujou for the PS2, but you'd need a modded PS2. Now if you were talking about Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu, yeah, you'd need to spend $1500 on the arcade kit.

I'm not even a CAVE fan. Touhou interests me because of the bullet hell, not the characters or story or style or whatever the fuck else it has. At least Touhou fans could like, play the games, not obsess over IOSYS and other fan material which isn't what being a "fan" is.

Not like that matters though. Series has gotten progressively worse. SA is almost entirely memorization. At least EoSD had random bullet patterns.

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Huh my F/SN screen doesn't look like that.

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It changes after you finish HF.

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Did Touhou even exist when DoDonPachi was made? I think the older versions did.. but they weren't anything like EoSD onwards.

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i know about Touhou (bought all the games lawl), but what the ever-living fuck is dodonpachi.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about those of you who can't read Japanese and have to wait for the patch. Don't worry, you'll see it soon! ohohohoho

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Awesome threads like this should be in the front page.

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Oh, only the most significant milestone in the danmaku genre.

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Awesome threads like this should be in the front sage.

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Gentlemen, gentlemen. We have more important things to worry about than an argument over CAVE and Touhou.

Like, for example, the unholy alliance between them.

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Clannad, a VN about nothing.

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What's the deal with that?

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You say that like it's a problem.

Now, a fusion of Touhou and R-type on the other hand...

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It's like I'm really inside Suika!

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Touhou's not the one with the game that is theoretically impossible to no miss clear, man.

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Fuko you.

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That just makes me want to play R-type even more, oddly enough.

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I prefer holy alliance.

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I meant in relation to Touhou vs CAVE.

Because the latest DoDonpachi game is impossible to no-miss clear on the secret boss.

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Welcome to /jp/, and 4chan in general. Yeah the elitism gets annoying, but it's just something you have to live with.

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I like popular things like Aeka's path on Yume Miru Kusuri.

inb4 faggots calling faggots faggots

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I saw a replay where the DoDonPachi 1-4 boss gets stuck off the right side of the screen. How do I trigger this?

Also requesting general strategy for 1-4 boss, I always end up bombing this one.

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Aren't you calling yourself a faggot? Wouldn't that mean that it's an "in during" and not an "inb4?"

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I'd say so, yeah.

Hell, they're amazed that the guy does it with only two misses.

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Ah, but I'm not calling anyone a faggot; merely describing myself as one.

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ITT _actual_ overrated shit

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>>SA is almost entirely memorization.

This surprised me as well. I still liked it, but the game wasn't as good as MoF.

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This is the only true post in the thread.

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He has two phases, if you change to the second when he's in the side of the screen he gets stuck. I think his second phase is at 50%, but it might be a little offset to be annoying.

If I remember you can stream most of his shit, but you'll have to remember where he's going to fire his lasers when he comes to the bottom. It's always the same but he'll catch you in the corner the first couple of times.

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But Shuffle has her.

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Well you could No Miss it in 1.0 due a safe spot that bypassed the entire final pattern. I'm suprised these get through, a debug mode that just renders hitboxes should've picked up that one.

They also didn't think anyone would chain stage 5, and it was counter-stopped. And in 1.5 stages 1-5 and 2-5 are worth 98% of your score if done correctly, they should've split the stage after the first boss.

But enough bawwwwwww, I fucking love the TLB and Tsuujou boss music.

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>ITT Overrated shit

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The OP to the game is awesome at least. ಠ_ಠ

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Why do people love this so fucking much? I couldn't even finish all the routes. Is there something that somehow turns it from above average to fucking awesome?

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You should keep with it, really.

Parfait isn't as good as critical opinion of it (e.g. rank on erogamescape) seems to suggest - like Giga's other works, it's popular, high-quality and appeals to the 'masses', per se. However, it's well worth playing through.

Also, Giga does some pretty good H scenes!

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ITT let's post any and all of /jp/'s interests.

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There is memorization in SA?

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Sounds good. I might as well get to Sharin no Kuni before anyone else does, then.

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ITT /jp/ is tsundere

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Yes, don't you remember?

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I just remember phases that don't rely on memorization. I don't remember many though.

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/jp/ is shit, right?

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We just need more curry.

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Sea of Japan.

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OMGWTFOTL is the least humorous, worst game that /jp/ can't shut up about.

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[X] Genuflect

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Why the fuck did they change the title to OMGWTFOTL?

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Because OTOMO DOGEZA ZIGOKU wouldn't mean shit to anyone actually playing the game?

Although I thought the replacement title they picked was ridiculous.

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Thank you...

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They were translating a game. The logical thing would be to translate the title as well.

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