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How did this....

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....became that?

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Pick a character that actually looks good.

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None exist

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Her left hand looks really fucked up. Not too bad besides that.

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Nah, he improved, but then he got bad again!

At least Sakuya doesn't have that tumorous giant eye anymore.

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right? he got bad around MOF and then he got even worse

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EoSD sakuya is cute. CUTE

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But that looks better than the EoSD one.

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it looks like shit, but even if you ignore the shitty art

her design itself went to hell

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I miss classic ZUNart

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Not really.
Maybe you just have autism?

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shitty hairstyle
unfitting boots
short legs
facial features too soft
a fucking bracelet on her hand

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here ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

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what the fuck was the point of that knee belt?

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Sakuya is good

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It's holding a knife. Because you know, you can never be too careful.

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Is her leg broken?

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Classic ZUN didn't really understand (or maybe care about) human anatomy. It looks like he focused on drawing pretty clothes and hair first and then drew the rest of the body to fit.

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Uh oh spaghettio

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Oh boy, here we go again.

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Don't forget the gangsta gestures

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I think op is mostly talking about the coloring

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This guy is a god at drawing thighs but his one weakness is breasts. They're always weird and ill-proportioned compared to the rest of the body.

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I like ZUN's art, I find it charming.

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Don't those squid girls do this exact hand gesture?

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That guy is a god at never getting deleted.

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Still ZUN's best work.

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Around blacks?

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Are there any doujin that have Remi acting like a gangbanger or did this not get noticed by the Japs?

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Sakuya leads Ojou-sama across the street to avoid some youths!

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Holy shit that looks great, ZUN finally got gud

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Cute pic, dude!

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Why is she hugging a cardboard cutout of a beer bottle?

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Not that I know of

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need moar anime grills + beer

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OP is autistic.

Just like all 2hufags left in this board I guess, fits right in...

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thank you zun

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Cirno is such a nigger

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Because that wasn't done by ZUN you dingus.

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