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why is the abnormal moon shaped like a potato?

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because zun forgot out to ount

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Any tips for this game i cant even 1cc on Normal and i feel like a scrub ;_;

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Pick Youmu/Yuyuko, hold shift, and smash your face against the keyboard.

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It's literally a paper on a bottle.

Eirin puts Earth in a bottle.

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Yeah well, she still drew the moon fucked up. If you put a circle sticker on a see through tube, it would still look like a circle from the inside.

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Duh, maybe that's what driving the youkai mad since the moon looks wrong.

Humans can never see the moon due to their limited eyesight so they can't notice shit.

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If humans can't see the moon, how'd they send people there?
Checkmate youkai.

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gapped into the wrong hole

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Uhh what?

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that's literally what a moon looks like

hell it's probably a photoshopped moon and not even a drawing

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The moon in IM is ridiculously long the other way.

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behold my mastery of space and time

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Does the moon actually turn like that?

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No, but it will look different if you rotate your head.

This is not quite as stupid as it sounds because going from the equator to the North Pole is very much like rotating your head 90 degrees, so it also depends on where you're standing.

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What if all the 2hu's just broke their necks so their heads flop over and they just didn't realize it because they were drawn by ZUN anyways?

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They're in the bamboo forest. They literally can't tell the difference between "up" and "down" anymore.

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Because it's actually Mar's moon

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Why is Reimu's face SO STUPID?

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>maybe that's what driving the youkai mad since the moon looks wrong
So the OP is confirmed for youkai?

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Fuck you dude, she is ok.

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Someone cut off part of Marisas hat :0

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it was O.T.A.Y.A.Z.U.N

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I don't think it's possible to not notice that the ground (down) and the sky (up) are different, anon. What you said applies to Eientei, not the bamboo forest.

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Jaden Smith pls go

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