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What the fuck is with the janitors deleting ronery threads lately? These threads have always existed since this place was established and nothing was done then, why the fuck should things start now? Ronery threads were a contributing factor to the creation of this board, as they were cluttering up /a/ just as much as Touhou. It's completely unfair to start deleting them all of a sudden.

Fuck. Do you know what you're doing to 4chan? That one last place on the internet that had previously been a refuge for lonely, bitter nerds? What the fuck happens now that /jp/ stops being about general geek bullshit and literally becomes strictly Touhou/VN's? You can tell this place is attracting more normalfags every day.

And it's not like we can just move to /r9k/, those degenerate social monsters want nothing to do with us and it's difficult to tolerate their stupidity anyways.

Stop it, seriously.

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In before, during, and after crappy post and crappier janitor.

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I'm not lonely, I'm just not interested in real women anymore.

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Janitors must remain anonymous.


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That doesn't mean you can just take away our misery.

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Crappier janitors are crappy uguu~

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The only anime allowed on /jp/ is Bamboo Blade. Strike Witches is retarded.

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But Strike Witches is shit, so yeah.

You don't help at all. At all.

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Only normalfags are allowed on /jp/, if you're not one of them then you should change board.

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Bamboo Blade doesn't belong here, either. So shove it.

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janitors have always been deleting ronery threads since the beginning of /jp/. It's nothing new.
Just because they don't get all of them doesn't mean they're legitimate.

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Bamboo Blade is garbage and you're a faggot. Plus, kendo is gay.

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No more ronery threads. Moot agreed don't bother him about it.

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>degenerate social monsters

Are you the same guy who argued in a past thread that being a virgin made you super-logical?

Why don't you just shut up about your lifestyle and get back to your fapping, and I won't talk about mine either.

(p.s. there's no real reason you CAN'T have a ronery thread in /r9k/, just ignore the "socialfag" taunts)

(p.p.s this otaku solidarity crap is the worst thing to happen to /jp/, it's wrecking the board)

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Everyone seems to have contempt for this board. We're like the Jews of 4chan, shoved into a ghetto and subject to arbitrary deletions. Only without the death camps and all that.

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We all agreed BB is fine because Tama-chan is moe, so yeah.

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moot is also a faggot and a normalfag. He doesn't understand us anyway.

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Well, when management has decided to let everything go to hell, the mail room is left to its own devices.

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No more ronery threads in /a/.

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Ronery threads are always ignored on /r9gay/

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I can't take anything you say seriously because of that retarded picture you posted.

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cool story bro, I'll just report the threads anyway.

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>Do you know what you're doing to 4chan?

Yes. I've been here since the very beginning. 4chan was not created to be a "place for bitter nerds." It was created to be an english-language version of 2chan. You will note that, while much of 2chan and 2-ch consist of otaku, not all users are. The same is true here. And you know what moot was talking about when he said he would axe this board if it got too difficult to moderate? He was talking about THIS KIND OF SHIT

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It still doesn't belong here. Stop being a faggot.

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How can it be too difficult to moderate if no one moderates it in the first place? It's like complaining that the daycare workers abused your child when none of them show up for work.

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Take it easy

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Has it already been a month since the LAST time we had this thread? Fucking sage. Let's get back to talking about Japanese things.

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But if he axes this board, /a/ goes right back into Touhou and Type-Moon and ronery again, only maybe not quite so much because it would have to compete with all the Code Geass faggotry.

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Stop fucking making ronery thread at peak times.

Seriously, I report every ronery thread made before 3 AM.

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Go back to /b/, faggot. You're the kind of shit that no board needs.

Perhaps you should go to /cgl/ and tell them to stop being attention whores, too. Or to /g/ and tell them to stop being elitist technology pricks. Or to /v/ and tell them to stop being complete fucking retards.

Or to /a/, and tell them to talk about good anime.

Stop expecting things that will never, ever happen. 4chan was NEVER about being normal. SO RONERY faggotry is beyond the mark of 4chan, but don't kid yourself that you and your SO KAWAII LET'S TALK ABOUT NIPPONLAND Gaia brethren were ever welcome here.

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Ronery threads used to be a demonstration of our solidarity. Now they're just a sea of shit where shit storms brew.

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Well aren't you special.
We know the board was never meant to be like this however, this is the kind of people it attracted, first weeaboos then 'hackers', the introverted, geeky types. Obviously, this isn't the case anymore but /jp/ remains a nice little hideout for us and it would be nice if we could at least have a single board.

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It can't be that hard to act as the intelligent, responsible, mature adults we are. Let's try for a moment to contribute to the community posting related pics. Let's try to voice our opinions in a civilized manner.
Let us all really, really try to be excellent to each other.

... no fucking chance it'd even last 5 minutes.

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Then you're being a faggot because the time makes no fucking difference.

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4chan time.

Most of the "normaalfags" are in bed and it become possible to have an actual discussion that won't result in perry rage.

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>try to be excellent
Party on HelenXonpool!

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It won't happen because a large majority of /jp/ is convinced that there's a holy war going on at all times.

Another part of the userbase consists of TROLLS TROLLING TROLLS TROLLING TROLLS, the same kind of meta trolls that are so utterly consumed with finding some way to shit on things that they don't even realize they're trolling their own kin.

Another part consists of the same eternal leakage from /b/ and /r9k/ that is contributing to the death of other boards.

And nobody gives a fuck, anymore.

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Ronery has been banned on /jp/ from the very first day. Get over it.

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What about Euronormalfags? Plenty of those fuckers out there...

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It doesn't fucking work like that. Time zones exist and underage morons who like to STAY UP ALL NIGHT exist.
There never was a difference between daytime/ighttime /a/ and there isn't a difference between daytime/nighttime /jp/.

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Eurofags are part of the cancer.

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Make a ronery thread during a peak time and it will degrade into posters bitching about not being able to talk to the girl they like, wanting to get with their sister, what to do next with a girl... etc.

Make a ronery thread during a time when most of those users are gone will result in actual poster, who haven't been out in society time, discussing the social problems they have and way to discuss actually being able to go out and get human contact; also, we discuss way that such people can survive in this world.

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I like the way you assume that the only people on 4chan with social lives are Gaiafags, ZOMG HAI KAWAII type weeaboos, underageb& new /b/tards.

"Japanese things" is the topic of the board and that includes touhou and visual novels which are what it's mostly turned out to be about but also theoretically includes japanese movies, music, etc.


There I just saved you all a lot of trouble that's basically what happened in the last thread so can we end this fucking thread right here please?

(Because all it's going to do is devolve into a multi-thread flamewar that envelopes much of the board and totals in the thousands of posts and fuck that shit!)

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He's talking about keeping it out of /a/, you incomprehensible fuckwad.

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Moot is a /b/tard and a normalfag. Nobody should ever take the faggot seriously.

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It pretty clearly says to keep the ronery threads and other bullshit out of /a/, not /jp/.

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I have no problem with ronery threads but I have a serious problem with threads like this one.

>> No.1352821

>what to do next with a girl...
This has never happened here and if so, it's not a ronery thread as this guy clearly isn't ronery.
There's nothing wrong with the other two, you're just being a faggot.

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I'm not even going to bother reading this. Do not use ALL CAPS and please be concise.

Now try again, please.

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Most of the "cancer" are Americans (and being one, I can agree).

Even still, during late night/early morning, no place is going through its peak time, so there's no influx of "casual" users.

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What's wrong, too many GOOD POINTS for you? tl;dr faggots like you are part of the cancer.

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The all caps was actually for effect, I was mocking posters who go on irrational nerd-rage fueled rants. (That's one of the things that happened the last time we had a thread like this, after it started to devolve into an outright flamewar.)

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I wouldn't know since I didn't read your post, obviously.

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>but also theoretically includes japanese movies, music, etc.

This has been so fucking misconstrued that it has given rise to "I WANT TO BE JAPANESE" threads... or such others as "I AM LEARNING THE JAPANESE" ones, or the "COREA IS CANCER JAPAN SUPERIOR", or whatever the fuck else that fits into this shit, wherein we have the same retards flock out to strut their cancerous moves in the stupid dance of completely missing the fucking point of this board.

And they're always from the list of people you have claimed have "normal lives." People on /jp/ with normal lives don't post in "SO RONERY" threads seriously, but they also don't start retarded threads like the previous or troll every fucking thread they can find that they think will be funny to do so.

They keep quiet and post normally.

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The real cancer killing 4chan is Moot and he's been here since day one.

>> No.1352840

Every single poster ITT is cancer. 4chan is cancer. Enjoy your death. I know I will.

>> No.1352841

Moot seems to have plenty of contempt for this board. This is certainly a terrible board, don't misunderstand me, but I don't see why it deserves more hatred than /a/ or /b/.

>> No.1352842

You stupid shits are reading it the way you want to .

NO RONERY THREADS MEANS NO RONERY THREADS. You are all mentally deficient and scared to death of anything that has a vagina. This is the reason you don't have companionship. You are the cancer.

>> No.1352844

Moot is "normal."

>> No.1352845

moot has contempt for things that he has no hope of understanding, so he just lumps them all together for no fucking reason.

He didn't even know what a "light novel" was. He probably thought it was an abridged version of The Stand.

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I think the derps who insist that no normalfag browses this board are even worse.

>> No.1352850


Whatever, man... your mom is fat.

>> No.1352856

That's a lie. If I had the opportunity to make the entire world female and asexual, I'd do it without a second thought. I love women and vaginas.
I just can't talk to them.

>> No.1352857

Don't get all butthurt on us just because you can't read. Damn!

>> No.1352859

"I want /a/ to become "ANIME & MANGA" again. Keep the random shit out of it. No more ronery~ threads, no more bullshit."

How is this hard to read? He's talking about keeping it out of /a/.

The entire reason /jp/ was formed is because enough people bitched at moot about /a/ somehow being a shithole because of a few unlinked things, when it was actually because said people were faggots to the core.

He's talking about /a/, NOT /jp/, so shut the fuck up and contemplate it.

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(I am the guy who posted the sarcastic rant with all caps and asterisks)
Who, exactly, are "faggots like you?" This is the internet, and not only that but an anonymous board. You can't possibly know anything about me more than you can infer from two or three posts in one thread - at best.

So, tell me about myself. I have an idea about what you think I'm like, but I want to know if I'm right.

(Let's get the obvious part out of the way which is that you're right to assume I'm not a shut-in, but just because someone goes to classes or to a job doesn't necessarily mean they make friends with their classmates or coworkers. So tell me what else you've inferred.)

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Not really scared so much as disdainful. Bring me a woman that thinks for once and I'd be on her like white on rice.

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Don't mind me, guys, I'm just posting this picture of Shiki.

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Awed age.

>> No.1352871

So basically 4chan sucks, pick your flavor.

Not news, guys.

>> No.1352879

You uh.....you got some tears on your cheek there.

>> No.1352881

Based on the previous history of /jp/ posting in threads exactly like these, you are now awed that this thread has, in fact, generated responses?

Stop being such a dumbass Jones.

>> No.1352882

No, they're just insipid. The trolls who start a million threads a day on the same LAME FUCKING MEME or hijack every thread because they "dislike" the content are far worse.

So, too, are the fuckers who start three "I WANT TO LEARN JAPANESE" threads in a row, because they're too fucking stupid to save copypasta that has everything you could possibly want to know about learning Japanese that is posted in EVERY THREAD ON IT.

Know what the problem with /jp/ is? People assume they can post whatever the fuck they want to post without knowing how the board actually operates. It's like going into a debate club and thinking that hitting your debate opponent is a legal rebuttal, then getting indignant when you get bitch slapped with a chair.

Normalfags that don't fall into TROLL or GAIA faggotry learn how things work before assuming they're right. Eventually, they become unvalued members of a niche society.

>> No.1352885

The COREA IS CANCER JAPAN IS SUPERIOR ones are just the usual 4chan trolls (along with possibly the occasional genuine japanese racist thrown in).

I don't see anything at all wrong with the japanese learning threads.

I don't know quite what you mean by "I WANT TO BE JAPANESE" threads. Are you talking about threads about emigration, etc.? I suppose those are technically on topic but I don't think they're very good. On the other hand, if you're talking plastic surgery (and there HAS been one thread about that) or other examples of sheer weeaboo insanity, that's just people trying their hands at Adequacy-style Trolling.

>> No.1352887

Those who accuse others of being "the cancer" or "newfags" are generally from other boards. Please go back to wherever board you came from.

>> No.1352891


But they don't exist. The whole point about ronery threads isn't that we can't FIND women at all, it's that we can't find women with a working brain.

>> No.1352896

/jp/ is not /r/. If you want to learn about learning Japanese, just fucking Google it, first.

If someone actually came on with a question about some obscure fucking kanji that they had to translate, or their fingers would be severed and then fed to them, it'd be an awesome thread. We've had rare threads like that.


People don't even fucking try anymore. It's on the same level of failing to check /rs/ before requesting something.

>> No.1352897

Actually, I was trying to generate responses liek yours. Trying to change the flavor of the shit by a bit.

>> No.1352901


's description of off-peak threads is right.

>> No.1352902

It's you. You are the cancer.
And then everyone was the cancer.

>> No.1352906

>>What the fuck is with the janitors deleting ronery threads lately?

because they're kind of pathetic

>> No.1352907

You mean /jp/ is not /lang/.

>> No.1352911


Oh right, I forgot, we actually have genuine social retards here who mouthbreathe in exasperation if someone actually tries to talk to them. So I guess I'm some kind of semi-normalfag.

>> No.1352916

And this is why we can't have nice things.

>> No.1352918

I'm one of those people and I would do anything to be able to have someone care about be and actually be able to communicate with a person with panicking or raging hard.

>> No.1352920

Yeah, I get that. Obviously there's been a lot of shitty threads about that. But then, there's been a lot of shitty threads period lately. Four-image long touhou repost threads with no text that quietly slip off the last page, threads about other threads, threads about how OMG I'M GONNA GO CLUBBING IN JAPAN, threads... like this one.

If anything will save /jp/, it's not a holywar against the invading normalfags, it's closer, more proactive moderation. But that's not going to happen. In my opinion /jp/ has already gone to shit and threads like this are a big part of the problem.

>> No.1352923

That is the purpose of ronery threads.

>> No.1352924


You're sort of a faggot.

>> No.1352925

When moot said "no more ronery threads" he was talking about /a/. Moot never said anything about banning ronery threads from /jp/.

Moot said, "keep all of the offtopic shit on /jp/."

>> No.1352927

The problem with ronery threads these days is they're completely separated from our hobbies. We're ronery because we're dedicated to our hobbies. We're ronery because we honestly like 2D girls better. We're NOT ronery because we achieved some higher plane of existential introspection. If that's your reason, go somewhere else because you're not welcome here. Ronery was always related to /jp/ and old /a/ because it was integral to being an otaku. Thus, we should never forget our roots.

>> No.1352928

Me too.

>> No.1352930

I don't care about ronery threads but at least they are not about Japan

>> No.1352931

It's a problem when some of the invading "normalfags" are the ones perpetrating the continuation of this shit. They see it and then think they're OH SO FASHIONABLE by doing the same damn thing.

And then they get indignant when either they're met with disgust or just ignored.

They think they know, but they don't know anything.

>> No.1352932

>If anything will save /jp/, it's not a holywar against the invading normalfags, it's closer, more proactive moderation. But that's not going to happen. In my opinion /jp/ has already gone to shit and threads like this are a big part of the problem.

Oh god, this. I would have bitched to Moot about more mod and janitors who GIVE A SHIT and ACTUALLY KNOW ABOUT THE MATERIAL POSTED HERE, but he'd get pissed and wipe the board.

>> No.1352933


>> No.1352935

The only reason you think so is because you're a fucking communist.

>> No.1352937

Then everyone would go back to /a/. I'm not seeing the problem.

>> No.1352938

You are the end of everything that was once good and decent.

Reporting things to incompetent mods and janitors is giving into the system.

>> No.1352939

Fucking seconded.

>> No.1352942

I probably should have been more clear in saying that the poster was why we can't have nice things, not the people referenced in the post.

Doing the 'hurf durf (depression|social anxiety|asperger's|etc) doesn't exist' thing is annoying and doesn't contribute to a thread.

If you don't have anything to contribute to a thread, just hide it, don't shit all over it.

>> No.1352943

This image is a lie.

>> No.1352944


Enjoy your ban.

>> No.1352947

What do you guys think /jp/ needs more of, out of curiosity? It does seem dominated by touhou et al., but what do you think is missing, or what would you like to see more threads on?

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>don't shit all over it

>> No.1352955

Mods who are actually /jp/ users.

>> No.1352956

It's fine the way it is, with Touhou, ronery and actually interesting Japan threads.
These kind of threads are about what it doesn't need, in this case, normalfags and janitors.

>> No.1352960


You're a pretty sad sack of shit if you are honestly lonely because you prefer your figs, not because finding a girl who isn't a retard is like trying to find an honest politician in Mexico. The reason why you're lonely is because you're mentally a child; you're just blaming it on your obsession with 3D women. Grow up, and maybe a girl will talk to you for a change.

>> No.1352961

It's not missing anything. We have plenty of nice threads already. The problem is that people feel the need to purge threads they don't like, and so they sage, insult, and report. The reporting is especially bad, since the janitors show no discretion in what they delete.

>> No.1352962

Reported for false report. Enjoy your one week b&.

>> No.1352966

We don't want that.

>> No.1352971


You don't recognize that post from somewhere? Do you have problems with these sort of things?

>> No.1352974

>[girls are retards]
>[you are mentally a child. In other words a retard]

If we are both retards, we should get along fine, right?

>> No.1352977

I report because I don't want to have "normalfags" bug up thread with their problems and what they think is "epic".

>> No.1352979


Then why are you complaining?

>> No.1352989

Right, but what are you going to do about it?

This stuff only makes things worse. Legitimate threads get disrupted, the very small number of "good" normalfags who actually contributed to the board get turned off, and the invading horde of idiots never stops coming.

>> No.1352990

Cynical as hell and the small glimmer of possibly being able to talk with someone.

>> No.1352992

God, I posted some of the first few ronery threads back in the bad old days on /a/ and I never would have done so if I had known it would lead to this thread.

>> No.1352994


Speak for yourself.

>> No.1353001


righteous tale, comrade.

>> No.1353002

So have I, but I feel SOME of the threads help make me feel better along the wy.

>> No.1353021

I'm addicted to pornography. I have crippling social problems and I need to drink heavily in social situations to be able to open my dumb gay mouth and actually converse with other people. I think I might be an alcoholic.

>> No.1353034

I know this sounds silly when I only know you through a couple of sentences on a computer screen, but I care about you. I care about you even though you'd probably call me a normalfag, because I know what it's like. I've been there. So I know how hard it is.

I was essentially a shut-in for two years after high school. Oh, I did attend (and fail) a single class at a community college, but that was it.

What makes it really hard is how you fill up with anger and shame in reaction to the way society looks down on you. Few people are really terrible at heart, but the failure of society to accommodate people twists their personalities around. People aren't born bitter. I think that speaks volumes about the value of "society."

I doubt I'm going to get a positive reaction from this post, but all of you, I will always stand up for you.

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You guys on the right.

>> No.1353036

I'm convinced women both love and loathe ronery threads. They love them for the fact they can make fun of us and taunt us. They hate them because they feel uncomfortable around such 'creeps' though.

I honestly dont know why women do it. Women should NOT be allowed in ronery threads. They can NEVER be as ronery as men.

>> No.1353039


I wouldn't have it any other way.

>> No.1353041

>because you're mentally a child

Like the fucks who scream at their stockholm syndrome wives to cook them their dinner? Or the fucks who vegetate in front of the televisions watching football? Or the cunts who have such little self control they'd beat the shit out of their girlfriend if they put so much as a foot out of line? Face it, everyone is a child in some ways.

>> No.1353042

Athens, your posts never fail to make me laugh.

Keep up the good work!

>> No.1353045


Someone should make a better version of this.

>> No.1353049


>>1352918 here
That warmed my heart a little and made me feel fuzzy for a second or so; now I'm a little sad.

>> No.1353054

Women who were abused as children tend to turn into whores.

I am fighting against women on /jp/, I fight against them on /a/ too. I am fighting against normalfags everywhere. I will never stop fighting against this festering cancer, this creeping agony. To all you women out there, I am coming for you, you may think your insults towards my ronery brothers aren't noticed, or that your sullying of ronery threads with breakup tales or self-help advice can't be seen by me. But I see everything. Get out of /jp/ because I *will* rout you and your kind out of here eventually.

>> No.1353056

For whom, exactly, do you presume to speak?

>> No.1353058

Ronery anons who want to change but have serious issues, your best bet is to locate a hippie. I don't mean just anyone who does drugs and holds left-wing viewpoints. If they're a GENUINE hippie (and there are a few actual neo-hippies around, nowadays), they believe that many or most of the world's problems can be solved by providing love to anyone who needs it. So, if you can stand them, they're more likely to accept your problems.

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>> No.1353064

*kills every janitor with a kick*
owned bi0tch

>> No.1353067

Ronery anons, i.e. the vast majority here. As opposed to the cancer (normalfags).

So they'll fuck me just because I'm a desperate fuck without regard for common interests or general likes/dislikes? They sound like scum to me, absolute scum. I can't respect whores like that. Fuck off with your self-gratification bullshit.

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>> No.1353070

Yeah, well, I consider ronery women our brothers in arms.
Or sisters.

>> No.1353071


>> No.1353073

>So they'll fuck me just because I'm a desperate fuck without regard for common interests or general likes/dislikes? They sound like scum to me, absolute scum. I can't respect whores like that. Fuck off with your self-gratification bullshit.

I was trying to make a joke.

>> No.1353075

Go suck a dick. Stupid fucking whore.

>> No.1353079


>> No.1353082

My plan is to go back to school, study and work so much that I become a cynical jerk and find a woman just as twisted by stress and bitterness as I am. We'll be married for a year before one of us either has a heart attack or decides to file for divorce.

>> No.1353084

I don't think so hippie.

>ronery women

lol yeah "oh noes, im just liek u guys! i've broken up with my ex and only had 4 boyfriends (all assholes!) and been single for 3 months now, and havent even had sex in 2! im so ronery!!!"

Yep, that's a 'ronery woman'.

>> No.1353085

oh shit, laughing so hard at your picture

>> No.1353086
File: 34 KB, 546x366, 1222129718579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But I gave you a perfect score!

>> No.1353088


Sigh, as always, all talk and no action.

>> No.1353089

Your nonchalance is feigned. At the end of the day you've swallowed cum and I haven't. And that's really all there is to say about that.

>> No.1353090



>> No.1353093

I used to post in the ronery threads, but the frequency and the fucking counseling and "internet friends" bullshit that came with summer hardly leaves them missed.

>> No.1353095

Amazingly, athens actually made this thread better.

>> No.1353096

Remember when we thought trolls were funny? Remember when we actually attempted to rate trolls? Those were good times.

>> No.1353097

I'd hit it

>> No.1353098

Stupid whore, didn't I tell your kind to stay out of ronery threads?

>> No.1353099

Anon, do you think that women shut-ins don't exist? Not every woman can get dick, you know. Some are ugly or fat. Sure there are people that would go for that but if I was a woman I don't know if I'd want them.

I mean that would feel pretty weird knowing you're only getting laid because you're a fetish object.

Studies of "Hikikomori Syndrome" (that's right it's officially a psychological condition now apparently) reveal that it's almost entirely a male thing but there is a small proportion of females.

>> No.1353101

At the end of the day, you'll have to go to high school.
Sleep well, emo kid.

>> No.1353103
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Here, let me help you with feeling more ronery.

>> No.1353104


>> No.1353106

You post nice pics. I like you.

>> No.1353109

Troll rating is some greater internet meme that did not originate in 4chan and is used to imply that someone who gave their honest opinion sounds so stupid/ridiculous that it's more like trolling.

It's also really fucking stupid.

>> No.1353113

>emo kid

Haha, oh WOW!


Go choke on a dick.... Oh wait, you already have.

>> No.1353116


When was the last time anybody here listened to this? I still ;_; every time I hear it.

>> No.1353117

I love every single one of you.

>> No.1353118

>Anon, do you think that women shut-ins don't exist?

If they do they've had significant others before. They are NOT one of us.

>> No.1353120


>> No.1353122
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I think Anonymous should try harder to escape roneriness. Unless you wish to be ronery, then that's cool, if not, then stop complaining and do something about it.

>> No.1353125

If they do they've had significant others before. They are NOT one of us.

How do you know this? It's not like there's no recorded examples of women dying virgins..

>> No.1353125,1 [INTERNAL] 

Am I the only one who loves athens? At least he tried and was hilarious...unlike certain curry filled tripfaggot.

>> No.1353125,2 [INTERNAL] 


Go to 4chon /new/ he posts there almost everyday.

>> No.1353125,3 [INTERNAL] 

He's the same as Sudo: an obnoxious attention-seeking brat.

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