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I want to create a /jp/ bar, which would just play relaxing instrumental arranges and serve a variety of nice alcohol alongside light snacks as well as tea, coffee, and cocoa.

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I want to be like Tak Fujii

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Any b-ball otaku here?

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Barkley sometimes comes home to live at his mom's house. I saw him pick up waffle house one night in his Bentley coupe.

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I'm glad the slam fad is dead.

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I would get black out drunk and trash it up

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are the phoenix suns moe?

they are my favorite basketball team

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I can't avoid it. I have work tomorrow.
And never have anywhere to go or people to be with anyway.
I miss being NEET. I feel like a large part of me is gone forever. My coworkers suck, my job sucks, and the days and hours suck. I can't stay up until 7AM playing video games and watching anime anymore. That's the worst part. I could deal with the job itself if I didn't have to ruin the rest of my life to go to it.
Don't you ever get a job, /jp/. It's the worst.

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but if i didn't have a job i'd literally die and i don't want that

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I'm making Thai curry right now and then going to my friend's house to play board games.

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Cafe de touhou is for the morning after i party hard and drink till i drop.

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>tfw your boss never sees you as anything other than the bumbling new guy even though youve worked there over a year
>tfw everyone else that stayed as long as you has already been promoted and given big raises
>tfw you only stay because you dont want to have to deal with getting a new job and meeting new people that might be worse than your current coworkers

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i am in the same boat

i miss being a NEET, i was one for over a year after graduating college and it was the best time of my life. now i work a 9-5 job in an office and it's miserable. i feel like i'm losing control of my life and before i know it i'll wake up with a wife and kids.

i wish i could go back in time ;_;

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if i need money and only have to work one day a week, what sort of job should i get /jp/
i dont think i can do anything that involves working in retail

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I read that like he was stuttering.

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If your job sucks get a new one.

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>i need money and only have to work one day a week
only one way to get paid with those kinds of hours, careful not to bite anon!

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You will die no matter what.

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I do not want this outcome, but my parents will not support a NEET. I need to find a job the pays well enough for me to live on my own and doesn't eat up my precious leisure time.
Right now I'm in community college in an associates' program for a career I'm not even interested in. Now I don't know what I want anymore. I just want to stay inside of my bubble. Irresponsible, useless, yet happy.

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oh fug

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I was NEET for 6 years out of high school but my parents are sick of me. This is pretty much the only job I can get and it's seasonal. It isn't even a McJob. All I'm good for is manual labor. I'm dumb as fuck, and everybody hates me so I can't do anything in retail.
I don't mind the actual work. I like using my body. I mind getting up every morning and dealing with white trash assholes that just stand around talking about how much they hate niggers or Jews or gays or whatever and chainsmoking and making me do everything.
I just can't do anything else and I need stuff to put on applications as previous employment. I didn't even have references. Nobody has even given me a chance until now. If I quit it's over and I'll have to cut my legs off and rake in government bucks or something and I don't want to do that.

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>I'll have to cut my legs off and rake in government bucks
I've thought about this too.

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tfw no job or school

turning in application slowly though

mostly trying to get off of add meds and benzos i took for many years. feels lazy man, withdrawing from amphetamine

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Graduating from college this May and parents are already going on about a job endlessly. And they mean a job in my field, which I won't get because I have no experience or references and I've lied to them about having both and being able to get one. So I'm just enjoying my last month before I finally have the impetus I think I need to go to Gensokyo.

I feel bad about what a waste of resources I was and even if I say I didn't ask to be born that doesn't excuse me not trying. At least now my parents can look back think I could have been successful instead of taking care of my NEET ass until they die.

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I had a dream

I didn't reach it but she did...with another guy

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>he isn't teaching english as a foreign language
>he hasn't moved to japan yet

it literally only takes a bachelor's degree and a certificate and you'll basically be handed a job.

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Now you know not to bother with 3D.

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>stand around talking about how much they hate niggers or Jews or gays or whatever

Sounds just like your average day here.

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>it literally only takes a bachelor's degree
>it literally only takes tens of thousands of dollars, acceptance to university, and 4+ years time

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>wanting to teach a language to people who don't actually care to learn

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would running a gas station out in the middle of nowhere be a bad life?

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not if you had no other ambitions

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>bachelor's degree
But that's really hard anon.

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No it doesn't, I bought one of those fake ones on the internet when I was 21 and used that. Though, my visa was processed in Nagoya instead of Tokyo, and there were no English speaking Japanese people at that entire station, so that may have been the reason why they never called to verify.

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tfw NEETbux

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Legit or remus?

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I'm so lonely. I'm tired of being 25yo virgin NEET who lives with his parents.

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And what will you do about it?

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It can't be helped

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If that is what you want.

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It's not. But i can't do anything about it.

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Though what makes you say that? I am curious because I was NEET for about four or five years until I was 26 and tried to pull myself up. Not to say I wasn't fortunate, though I wouldn't have gotten anywhere if I didn't put in any effort as well.

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Only normies get out. I've tried so many times before but it never works out.

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Maybe I am a normie, I don't know, all I know is that I am a 28 year old virgin.

Personally when I was trying to get a job I was often going to service sector areas like fast food, retail, and the like. Continually trying to submit applications but none of them came with a call back and very rarely would I get an automatic e-mail that I was rejected. Service sector is just hard to get into for some reason.

It wasn't until I found some ad on Craigslist in which an employment agency was looking for people. I have been to two agencies, one I only worked one day but it seems to be the best route to go to get work fast. Though I don't know where you live in the world and if they have employment agencies to help you out with gaining employment if that is what you wish. Often times it would be in non-service sector areas so the only people you interact with would be your co-workers so you don't have to talk as much unlike places which you deal with customers constantly.

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Well you don't sound like a normie. I haven't always been a NEET. I had a job for 6 month as a Quality Assurance guy for a pharmaceutical company but they laid off most of the QA department so i got fired. The main problem is that i'm horribly lonely, even when i had a job i was lonely and miserable.

All i have is /jp/

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That is pretty unfortunate. At least you can somewhat see your parents everyday, even if they do give you a hard time. I just live alone and spend my weekends at my place often on 4chan and sometimes video games.

Yeah having a job doesn't solve everything, but at least some people can get off your back and if you actually have items you desire you can get them. Sadly it is hard to relate to a lot of co-workers because they like drinking, clubbing, or just activities I never did and really don't desire to do them. I don't know if you ever had friends in high school, but if you did you already probably notice that a lot of them are hard to contact because they always have their own life as well, and possibly never contact you first so you just end up isolated anyway since people just don't care to be with you in the first place.

I think that some people will only ever get social interaction on the internet in their lives and will usually just be alone due to their radically differing preferences in life.

Well good luck with your struggles.

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I just want to live in a small house in a forest. Grow my own food, and spend all my time reading, writing, and studying. I want to write a work of literature that will continue to be read for hundreds of years after my death. I want to inspire others with the stories and characters I write.

But instead I'm spending all my time worrying about how I'm going to make enough money to keep a roof over my head.

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That's a noble desire to strive towards. I hope you get to do that someday.

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The fact that someone on this board actually thought it was a good idea to save that normie trash image to their hard drive disgusts me.

As if things are so black and white. Fuck off.

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Cheer up, anon! You can be happy too someday!

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I'm not even unhappy; my life is easy right now. People like that annoy me though.

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You obviously need to get good. If you're struggling so much to keep a roof over your head, how do you think you'll do when you need to rely on yourself to provide your own structure and food?

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It's monday though.

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...This is a NEET thread, not a fakeNEET thread.

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But the subject matter is friday nights.

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As you can see here, a truNEET never experiences Friday at all.

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there is no concept of time for a NEET

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Until 10 years pass and you're wondering where it all went

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Is there anything worse than human companionship /jp/?

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Is he still alive?

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having a friend actually isnt that bad my man
they have to browse /jp/ though

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That's the worst kind of friend

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I wish I had a /jp/ friend

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I'm your friend.

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