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The lack of a Yuyuko (aka best girl)-thread disturbs me.

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Allright, here is your fat ghost.

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Very funny (I'm serious, Myon's facial expression is hilarious).
Shouldn't there be a version with Tojiko too?

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She's so elegant and refined, yet so easygoing.

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Not to mention sexy, of course.

She's just perfect!

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She has severe breast cancer and no nerve endings. She literally cannot feel.
Source: Imperishable Night Extra Stage

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Yuyuko has the perfect amount of fat, in all the right places!

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if you don't like her, shush.

True that, she's deliciously curvy which makes her so darn hot. not to mention what >>13229802 and >>13229815 (great pic by the way, nothing better than Yuyuko with long hair)
said, the combination of her looks, high intelligence, very high amounts of sexyness, elegance and class around her make her the perfect, perfect waifu material.

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she can choose whether she can feel or not, faggot

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There's a difference between true love and infatuation. She's not perfect, but she's pretty good.

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definitely perfect waifu: sexy, cute, elegant.

Would marry anytime.

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Well, sometimes little flaws are what makes someone perfect. Contradictory, I know. But that's it.

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her softness is a great nightmare

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Sorry, dude. All those times you fapped about brutally raping her soft insides and filling her with your scalding tadpoles? She was faking it.

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Sorry dude, I've never fapped to her

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How spooky is Yuyuko?

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She can be pretty spooky if she wants too, but she rarely does, so...

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She can appear anywhere without making a sound and summon disgusting butterflies. One time, she even pranked Youmu by making ghosts grab her ankles while she was peeing. Then raped her.

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Nothing compared to what Eirin or Kaguya do with Reisen for the lul most of the time, and Reisen doesn't have the luxury of not knowing what's coming to her...


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OP here, gonna dump some pics

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delicious curves are delicious

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Why do only some ghosts receive legs?

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I walk ten thousand miles, ten thousand miles to see you

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And every gasp of breath, I grabbed it just to find you

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I climbed up every hill to get to you

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I wandered ancient lands to hold just you

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And every single step of the way, I paid...

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Every single night and day, I searched for you
Through sandstorms and hazy dawns I reached...

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...for you.

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OP here, thanks for the awesome pics and I really like that little poesy you wrote next to each one.

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There was a bigger version of thi.

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Any good picture from before she killed herself?

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This one, but she's already lying dying...
Fanart of her being "properly" alive... no clue, sorry.
I hate seeing Yuyuko bleed or being in any way hurt, but this picture is just cruelly beautiful.

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She looks the same.
Some secondar1es like to give her black hair and ship her with Youki.

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This is my favorite one. Even though she's dying... even though she's crying, lying in a pool of her own blood, in a cherry blossoms shower... she smiles.

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I don't mind the black hair, but shipping her with Youki?
No, just no. She's made for Yukari.

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Please don't engage in retarded shipping war.

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I won't, don't worry.
Just stating my opinion, but I'm quite able to accept different point of views.

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Excuse me then, just a preemptive strike.

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Strike first, no questions asked.

Truly the Reimu creed.

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Damn only Alaska tolerates good gun rights and loli comics at the same time!

Gotta move to the Great White North.

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I want to hug Yuyuko!

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She can kill you with a touch attack, dude. No saving throw, either.

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I get a 3+ invul save on all wounds.

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She's not going to do that.

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Technically she could kill me without even touching me, but that doesn't mean she will.

Infact, I'm confident she won't.

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This one of the first pictures I see whenever my Touhou folder loads.

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I want to cook for Yuyuko-sama!

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I want to cook Yuyuko-sama.

Can Yuyuko actually be hurt, come to think of it? She's a ghost.

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Be on the look out for blooming cherry blossoms in the next several weeks.

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I wan't to watch the cherry blossoms with her.

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I wonder how soft her feet are.

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She can, a ghost is pretty much identical to a human (despite it being dead, and Yuyuko having a shit-ton of power)
But I'm pretty sure that if she wants, she can use her ghost powers to not feel any pain

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Would you rub them?

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would lick them a lot

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OP here, glad to see this thread booming :D

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I read it "glad to see this thread blooming", like the cherry blossoms.

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Will you come to the Netherworld with me, anon-kun?

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Will you come to Hakugyokurou with me, anon-kun?

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I know, I realized too late I could make that incredibly lame pun :/


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Yuyuko is a canon butthu!

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Imagine her yelling something like 'SUP BITCHES! only nicer with this pic.

Oh my that's a beautiful pic.

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"It is said that the color of her skin and hair is paler than when she was alive."

Giving her black hair when alive doesn't sound too strange. Pink is clearly paler than black.

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What does it feel like to stick your dick in Yuyuko? Cold? Ethereal? Dead?

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I bet it feels immensely good. Especially while holding hands and looking in each other's eyes.

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dinosaurs don't belong on /jp/

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Yuyuko is a ghost, not a dinosaur.

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No Anon, I promised myself I wouldn't fap anymore today!

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Does Yuyuko pay Youmu or is Youmu her personal "student intern" slave labor?

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