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On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did Sakuya beating her dad shock you?

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ebin :DDDD

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The only way to kill DIO is to kill his stand because he's a vampire, or sunlight obviously.
Sakuya shouldnt even be able to see The World, the fight should just ended with a Kakyoin death.

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it's like i'm 13 again...

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it's called one minute but it's more than 1 minute...?

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Even though Sakuya shouldn't be able to see The World, she would probably still win that fight. Dio isn't even all that strong

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I personally subscribe to the headcanon that sakuya was a vampire hunter before working for remilia, so I can accept this.

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Fucking retards should kill themsleves for exposing muh precious 2hus to the filthy unwashed masses like that.

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Kakyoin is the best SC.

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i'm too disgusted of the wrong usage of spoiler tags to open that link from the western video platform for kids

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Quality autsim

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Why wouldn't someone who uses magic be able to see stands? I'm sure she can see things Dio can't.

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>Screw Attack

Kill yourself OP.

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Only stand users can see stands

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Sakuya is still a human.

She would die from a single attack from Dio like any other puny human.
On the other hand, Dio is likely to withstand or dodge most of Sakuya's attacks.

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>Sakuya is still a human.
sure thing buddy

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>Implying all her spellcards aren't more powerful than the entirety of Dio's arsenal

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Who're you quoting?

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my mind

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Please let your mind speak normally next time, "onegaishimasu"!

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She is just a human with a special power.
If she were yōkai with that ability, she'd win doubtlessly.
Or if she were a vampire.

But she isn't.

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Alice is a human too, right

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Alice is a nigger...I mean a magician.

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Fuck retcons.

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Sakuya is a lunarian.

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Alice is a youkai who acts like a human. Sakuya is the opposite.

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It could go either way, honestly. Sakuya may be a mere human, but so was Jotaro and he punched Dio in half through the power of pure teen angst.

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Jotaro also did not have spellcards
Only punches

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Actually, I take that back. Sakuya would win because Dio is a dickass who loves taunting and shit-talking too much to put up a real fight. The only reason he lost against Jotaro is because he spent the entire fight pissing him off and dicking around with his new powers. He had plenty of chances to kill Jojo easily but spent them meandering around and monologuing like a stereotypical JRPG villain.

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Oh god, not this shit again.

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And by what force is this rule enforced that overrides magic?

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He had a punchghost. Punchghosts are better than any spell cards.

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This man speaks the truth. Gold Experience Requiem is probably the most broken power in the history of fiction besides straight-up omnipotence.

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I forgot to mention that GER's power is resetting any action.

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>"It sounds like magic."
These fucktards are tons of fun in role playing communities.
Dio's always been an overrated twat.

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As much as I like Sakuya... Dio would fuck her up.

So is screw attack always this shitty?

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Even if she was a Vampire, she wouldn't win.

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I think sakuya could won

but they missed a lot of Dio's special attacks in there

such as the laser eyes

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>Liking DIO

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>this is part of a series of videos
Quoeth /v/

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Kira and Funny are the only good Jojo villains.

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>Marvel vs Capcom is the only game with combos remotely like this
>no animu or /jp/ characters at all

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They pulled most of the moves/sprites from MUGEN.

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Does anyone use laser eyes in the fighting game? Such a wierd ass command for a slow move that can be easily dodged.

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,Most of these girls would wipe the floor with Dio.

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Star Platinum isn't really that strong.

It only wins all the time because plot armor

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it seems strange to me how Capcom has pretty much completely abandoned it despite its popularity. and also how it manages to stay popular in spite of no support.

the game hasent changed from the last version for years. I think that makes it an interesting study in how players adapt and metagame changes in a fixed system without regular balance patches.

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Who will step up to fight the Yama?

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Doesn't Disney own it now and you know how the nips always joke about mickey mouse and stuff.

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>He had a punchghost. Punchghosts are better than any spell cards.

You are aware that spellcards are actually play fighting, and a handicap to powerful Yokai to give humans a chance to win against them, right?

If it wasn't of the spellcard rules, powerful Yokai such as Suika (Manipulation of density), Yukari (Manipulation of boundaries) or Flandre (Destruction of anything) would have a field day with humanity.

Take Suika as example. It it was not of the rules, she could use her powers to turn you into a fine red mist, or summon a black hole into your ass. But with the spellcard rules, she uses her powers to grow larger and play pranks.

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I agree do not mainstream the 2hus we dont need any more secondaries.

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That comment section though

>Who's Sakuya?

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>The only way to kill DIO is to kill his stand because he's a vampire
dude he had to suck up Joseph's blood halfway through his battle with Jotaro just to be able to move properly again.

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>She would die from a single attack from Dio like any other puny human.
all the human characters in the fighting games resist giant Suika's oni fists, safe to say they'd resist Dio's shit, Jotaro's human too you know.

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Dio would probably pull some sneaky trick and win. He is the original ruse master.

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He might seduce her, considering Sakuya's sluttiness

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Made in Heaven beat him, and that's from Jojo too.
Before the spellcard rules there were already fights with goddesses who could create universes whole and they were still beaten by a Reimu who's way weaker than she's now since she couldn't even fly back then. Also in IN where the crazy-inducing moon doesn't affect the heroines, meaning they obviously have some kind of bullshit magic protection.

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Sakuya's time maniupulation lasts way longer than Dio's. Jotaro had that too in his battle against Dio remember?

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he can't sneak against someone who's time stop lasts longer than his.

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>Sakuya's time maniupulation lasts way longer than Dio's.

Not really.

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Hamon doesn't affect vampires who have Stands

Not really. Dio's was 11 seconds when he died, if he hadn't, he was going to have infinite time-stops since his ability to sustain his time-stopping was growing every time he was chaining The World's time powers against Star Platinum's.

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Made in Heaven/Stairway to Heaven would never defeat GER in a straight direct confrontation or fight. Its also very strongly implied the Stand arrow fell out out of Giorno at the end of Part 5, meaning GER ceased to be.

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Guys guys can we all agree that screwattack is a bunch of cunts.

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Which 2hu would Jotaro waifu?

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none because he's autism

>> No.13127947

I'll agree with that but not only for this reason.
I've never given a shit about JJBA.

>> No.13127948

How does he have autism if he canonically married a woman and had a daughter?

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Yeah remember that video on cnn. I was very unsettled

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She's not a dolphin girl, but she's close enough.

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If the question is how strong their time manipulation powers are, Sakuya is the clear winner. Her time stop seems to last indefinitely, or at least we have not seen any reason to assume it has a limit. She has time enough to place and collect the knives she throws. So that is more than 11 seconds.

Plus, there are the other aspects of her power like stasis effects, reversing time on objects, and space manipulation.

Sakuya just has to defend for the few seconds their time stops overlap, and then it is free game. Not that that is any small task. Physically Dio should trump her in just about every possible way and a bunch of vampiric bullshit impossible ways.

>> No.13128114

How does "we haven't seen her limit" equate to "no limits"? That seems pretty wanky. Also when did Sakuya ever use her time reversal ability in combat?

That would lead me to say, "Well Diego in SBR has infinite parallel copies of himself having The World who are reincarnations of Dio" so Sakuya would never beat Dio.

>> No.13128151

>Also when did Sakuya ever use her time reversal ability in combat?

Any time she conjures a new knife. She throws a knife, puts it into stasis, then reverses the effect of the knife having been thrown

I base the idea that her time stop has no time limit on the fact that she has placed permanent space manipulation effects on the SDM. Keeps perishable food in indefinite stasis for Remilias pleasure. Shit like that. It applies to all other aspects of her power, why would it NOT apply to the time stop?

>> No.13128166

There's also that whole "probably a time lord/been around so long they forget she's 'human' " thing.

>> No.13128171

>why would it not apply to the time stop?
Because she's never used it in a time stop? Besides, time manipulation in JoJo is more powerful then Touhou's. We saw that an inferior Jotaro's worked against a universe affecting time-acceleration power of Pucci's Made in Heaven.

And Dio's time-stop works against other time-stops, while Sakuya has never shown resistance to any one else's own time powers. So yeah, theoretically if you want to go this route, its an immortal vampire who was going to get infinite time-stops vs a relative glass-cannon with a weaker one.

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Not who you're arguing with but:
Apparently not.
>who was going to get

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That's called game balance genious.

>> No.13128204

what anime is this?

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She HAS a limit.

Otherwise she would be as powerful as Yukari, because time control without limits is almost omnipotence.

As much as I like her, her power obviously is limited.

>> No.13128220

Yama would still beat her

>> No.13128221

I have never read bigger bullshit, like.. wtf
>time manipulation in jojo is more powerful
You high or something? Am i missing something?
Dude, don't even argue.. Pointless.

>> No.13128230

You guys aren't even trying to get real facts, this thread is shit. It's like this:
>implying she sucks
>implying my dick is huge
>implying he stops and laugh

>> No.13128231 [DELETED] 

Who are you quoting?

>> No.13128235

my dick

>> No.13128243

unreliable source

>> No.13128253

Well nigh immortal.
Who gives a shit when you're talking about a theoretical retarded fictional battle between two characters from two different fictions, each with vastly different rules.

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So your argument is that Puccis time manipulation is broken, therefor Dio would beat Sakuya? I don't think I will bother to point out why that is retarded.


Fine, whatever. But it lasts longer than Dios. That is the deciding factor. Their time stops would overlap for a few seconds, then Dio would be kicked out leaving Sakuya to go to work.

>> No.13128306

That wasn't the argument I was making. I was pointing out the scale of time manipulation in JoJo with its range and effects is greater then what Sakuya has showcased in Touhou. And this thread is retarded to begin with because vs threads are as a point, stupid.

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You are free to leave the thread if you don't like it. Some of us are nerds that enjoy creating fictional scenarios and do some brainstorming.

However, you are right in the sense that this is probably a very lame vs.
Zun has said very little from Sakuya, and most of her is full of speculation.

>She is a human?
We are not sure.
>She is fast?
We don't know, she could be using her time controlling abilities.
>She's a good cook?
We don't know, maybe Remi and Flan eat anything as long as it has humans on it.
>She's a former vampire hunter?
We don't know.

We don't know anything from her aside that she's a maid working for some vampires, has some time (and space) controlling abilities and uses knifes.
Maybe she can beat Dio. Maybe she can't. We probably will never know for sure because we don't know her limits.

>> No.13128379


Lets not go into what universe has the larger power scale. This is Dio vs Sakuya, not Touhou vs Jojo.

Both sides have crazy broken shit that you can't really measure.

>> No.13128570

I like how the video says "no research" and people complain.

>> No.13128582

You can't satisfy millions of people at the same time.
Besides, some of us enjoy imagining this scenarios and finding other opinions.

>> No.13128582,1 [INTERNAL] 

jojo fans are really autistic.

>> No.13128636

Yeah, but there's a difference between complaining and debating.

>> No.13128708

>pondering plausible scenarios with regards to canon is stupid
If you have no intellect and creative prowess - if you are stupid - yes.

>> No.13128708,1 [INTERNAL] 

the d'arby fight is cool

>> No.13129999

>spellcards stronger than actual fighting techniques

Secondary please.
Do you even know what spellcards are FOR?

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i'm lost guys who is everyone here quoting

>> No.13130015,1 [INTERNAL] 

Lunarians are humans?

>> No.13130015,2 [INTERNAL] 

>If it wasn't of the spellcard rules, powerful Yokai such as Suika (Manipulation of density), Yukari (Manipulation of boundaries) or Flandre (Destruction of anything) would have a field day with humanity.

>Take Suika as example. It it was not of the rules, she could use her powers to turn you into a fine red mist, or summon a black hole into your ass. But with the spellcard rules, she uses her powers to grow larger and play pranks.

I really wish you retards would stop overestimating the reach of their powers

>le yukarin can remove the border of your body ie your skin and ur ded dont fuck with yukarin.
and forgetting that she's using the bulk of her power constantly maintaining the border of Gensokyo so she can't do shit.

>destruction of anything

>> No.13130184

Not a single STINGY EYES from DIO.
Worst video.

>> No.13130272

She can't reverse time, this is explicitly stated in canon.
She can, however, speed up time, and even compress it to allow "the past and future to exist in the present at the same time."

>> No.13130809

>he doesn't know about the vase and the flowers

>> No.13130820

If the spellcards had magic hijinks and could harm stands, Dio would be completely fucked.

But this is just fruitless DBZ powerlevel discussion.

>> No.13130830

This is the /v/ thread.

>> No.13130837

You mean the one that immediately fell apart?

>> No.13130853


Even though it was super obvious in retrospect, I really liked how they paused time at 1 second and duked it out for longer, so it's still technically a 1 minute long fight.

W-wait, oh no, my /jp/ cred. Um, I mean, it's shit, I hate it, kuso video.

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File: 42 KB, 803x453, dio-head-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dio survives his body being destroyed and fights on as a head that shoots laser beams
>would somehow die to being impaled by a fuckton of knives

>> No.13130890

Doesn't destroying his brain kill him? Because that knife went straight through his skull.

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File: 187 KB, 650x1086, 0005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He can just keep going endlesly.

>> No.13130951

I just can't believe this thread is still going.

>> No.13130996

/jp/sies don't have such shitty habits. Go ahead and like it, filth.

>> No.13131002

thanks neo jaypee!

>> No.13131073 [DELETED] 

>Sakuya's time stop last longer than Dio's.
What's your source?

>> No.13131124

Whoa now let's not be reasonable here.

>> No.13131383

Considering she can't see stands, he would just walk by her and POW, right in the kisser, and she wouldn't even know she is dead.

>> No.13131419

What does that even mean? Nothing about either of these two characters is common knowledge.

>> No.13131761

He got stabbed once in the brain by Polnareff's half broken sword, it caused a lot of damage and weakened him. Still didn't kill him outright.

>> No.13131819

hey look, Dio died again

>> No.13131877

The Touhouvania voice clips amuse me.

>> No.13131895

You summed up my thoughts exactly, seems most people are using the "it can only be seen by other stand users" line.

>> No.13131980

FTL ghostpunch is enough to Sakuya. Stay buttmad, nerd.

>> No.13131991

>they clearly researched character's abilities and moves
>they're just using that as an excuse to get away with whatever shit they feel like pulling out their ass
Sure, why not.

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File: 283 KB, 640x360, The average jojo fan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for giving me an excuse to post this.

>> No.13133698

Why aren't people this annoyed at every MMD, manga, game or piece of art that depicts absolutely anything that isn't strictly canon?

>> No.13134163

IKR? Meanwhile some things that do their best to shit on canon and SOME people can't pull its nanodick out of their mouths.

>> No.13134172

>Sakuya is still a human.
So were any of the other Jojo protagonists who punched his face in.

>> No.13134301

>She is a human?
>We are not sure.
Secondary. How many times was Sakuya explicitly confirmed to be human? There's EoSD's profile on her, then PCB's, then IN's, then PoFV, and then DDC's. And that's without counting the fighting games and the BAiJR-style books.

>> No.13134894

it just doesn't make sense

humans don't glow red eyes, fly and throw infinite knifes

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File: 33 KB, 275x262, sugoi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She serves a vampire. A monster. That's an antithesis of being human. A human should destroy monsters, not serve them.

Sakuya might have been human, once. But no more.

>> No.13135029

>Star Platinum wins all the time
Jotaro loses the upper hand a lot in Part 3. Most of his solutions are brute force. His plot armor only shows when he fights Dio.
In Part 4, he's been nerfed and can't do anything on his own.
In Part 6, he's even worse.

>> No.13135094

underrated post

>> No.13135257

You make youkai sound like nothing but soulless atrocities, when it's been shown that they are perfectly capable of acting like people.

>> No.13135299

That's basically how all of the main villains (minus Valentine) in JJBA lose, they're all too overconfident with their powers. I'm sure that if you put another Touhou character against one of them, the JoJo villain would lose because of their overconfidence in their power.

>> No.13135328

To be fair, the only reason that Star Platinum is bad in part 6 is because he's basically nonexistent thanks to Pucci basically deleting him from Jotaro.

>> No.13135338

She -used- to be a human. By now she could be a vampire like Remilia or a turned into some kind of wizard like patchi.

>> No.13135496

Incase the misuse of > didn't tip you off, it's mostly /v/ in here right now.

>> No.13135504

Nope, she's confirmed non-Youkai. She doesn't act very human, but she still is.
She might be Lunarian, but even that's a stretch.

>> No.13135697

A human with Lunarian enhancement.

>> No.13135732

Key word. Monsters will never be human, no matter how human they look or, indeed, act. They will forever remain monsters.

>> No.13135925

One thing people seem to be forgetting is that she may be human, but she is a Gensokyo human. There is a difference.

>> No.13135944

Why did Jotaro not think to at least spend some time during those 12 years training? Surely he knew that people would come after him since he Killed DIO, and there's the whole Stands attract Stands thing.

>> No.13136109

Go back to the spacebattles subforum you're from.

>> No.13136125

Jotaro wasn't nerfed in Part 4. In fact he can spam time-stops and chain them back to back, the issue was that he can't maintain them for 5-6 seconds any longer but rather 1 to 3 seconds.

And if you ask me, that's not a bad trade-off at all. Its better to be able to use time-stopping back to back 3 or 4 times for a handful of seconds then using it once every so often for 5 or 6.

And Part 4 Jotaro has the best outfit.

>> No.13136629

*tips jan*

>> No.13137802

Because Screwattack videos are more mainstream than fanmade stuff.

>> No.13142223

>human with a magic ability wins against an immortal vampire with a punch ghost that moves as fast as light


>> No.13142285

Who are you quoting?

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