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ITT: We give nicknames to 2hu's

>Reimu "A nine on every youkai" Hakurei

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yuyuko "and a diet coke please" saigyouji

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nice one but I actually like replying threads nobody ever do

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Aya "I made a flag out of panties" Shamalamadingdong

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youmu "____" konpaku

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Yukari "the premise for this thread is as weak as its contents" Yakumo

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flandre "koita koita koita" scarlet

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Cirno "Da Strongest" ......

This game sucks.

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more like yukari "I am a seventeen years old maiden" yakumo

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she ram ram ruu too hard on that day

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cirno "I am a memetic piece of shit fuck my face please"

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this thread is quickly approaching unseen levels of epic

i don't think /jp/ can handle this

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youmu "the girl" konpaku
get it
because she's a girl

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Rumia "A chew on every Jew"

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alice "I hide my drugs and dildos inside my dolls" margatroid

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more of this?

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yukari "granny" yakumo

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Smoking with alice!

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Yukari "the moon lover" Yakumo

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Youmu "Youmu" Konpaku.

Youmu Youmu.

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Kochiya "Dicks" Sanae.

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Yukari "Eyebrows" Yakumo

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Alice "Ten Little Niggers" Margatroid

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"Ye Olde Japanese" Mononobe no Futo

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Remilia "Ku Klux Kike Killa" Scarlet

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Watatsuki no "Moonbitch" Yorihime

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patchouli "I would sell your soul for books" knowledge

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Reisen "Pop pop watch nigga drop" Udongein Inaba.

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``Semite Smasher'' Suwako Moriya

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Suwako is a kike though

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Dammit OP, you started the thread with delicious brown Reimu and you still fucked up.


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Sanae 'Cock Slayer' Kochiya
Reimu 'No money no honey' Hakurei
Youmu 'Sperms' Konpaku
Sakuya 'Dick Stopping Action' Izayoi
Marisa 'Black and White' Kirisame

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Youmu "The sperm type" Konpaku

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Is Youmu from Jersey?

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Hakurei "The Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise" Reimu

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Sanae "Worst girl" Krotchya

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Yukari "please don't kick my earthling ass" Yakumo

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I want more brown 2hu.

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Miko "Big Poppa" Toyosatomimi

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Seiga "NTR" Kaku

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Mononobe "Little Chicken" no Futo

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None of these nicknames are funny. You guys are terrible

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Make a funny one then.

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You are terrible!

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Parsee "The Ugly Troll under the Bridge" Mizuhashi.

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Kanako "mega mazako" Yasaka

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"The House Mouse"

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>>fingers digging into panties.

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Yukari "I am a shameless filthy whore ontop of being a sore loser" Yakumo.

More like jailbait Moriya.

Who said spanking can't be a preliminary for lesbian sex?

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Raisin you done gain in a bar.

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Sanae ``High Spread Type'' Kochiya

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Asuka "Please look at me" Langley Sohryu

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I get it.

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you are an idiot

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Hakurei "Shrine Maiden of Paradise" Reimu

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Seija "Five Aces" Kijin

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Cuz this is P-A-T-C-H scarlet symphony, listen to the hell we make
And the year before your kid's tenth birthday came, you didn't have to wait for candles on the cake to see the nine flame.

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don't talk shit about my waifu

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kill urself

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pls don't use tumblr images in /jp/

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Nazrin "I shit out tiny mice bodies"

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no u
tell me that on the face m8

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None of these are funny.

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pls no bully ;_;

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The shrines, the temples, the villages.... they are all run by conniving Youkai for the purpose of trying to bring down the human race. But they won't bring down old Sanny.

-Sanae "Slaughter the Supernatural" Kochiya

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Says the bitch who whores out for faith.

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Sanae "My P is Red" Kochiya

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The theme of the thread is something you'd expect from /b/ anyway.

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Utsuho "Nuke the Spook" Reiuji
Utsuho "Nuke every Gook" Reiuji

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FirstName "Insert Random Nonsense Along With a Word Relating to the Character" LastName

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pls don't bully this thread!

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It just looks like every secondary from Tumblr found this thread.

>> No.13053135

It doesn't look like that!

I don't think tumblers would use "bad words"!

>> No.13053158

It just looks so cute when it cowers in a corner and whimpers like that though... :(

>> No.13053162

People say don't attack a cornered dog!

>> No.13053229

Dogs don't whimper, they growl when cornered.

>> No.13053242

Well, I'm growling.

>> No.13053248

You're growling on the internet.

>> No.13053252

Just protect my thread and my friends!

>> No.13053262

Feh, I don't even need to dirty my hands here... it's only a matter of time before this thread gets noticed and purged anyway.

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Alright, fair enough. I'll leave you to your character nicknames then. Just make sure you treat them with the love they deserve.

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How about Eirin "Mengele" Yakogoro?

>> No.13053346

Medicine "Gotta Gas Em All" Melancholy

>> No.13053428

Marisa "Spark the Spook" Kirisame

>> No.13053436

Melancholy is a pretty darn brutal surname.

>> No.13053631

These are the only ones really worth mentioning...

>> No.13053822

Two of those are mine. Thanks anon!

>> No.13053825 [DELETED] 

OP here. I was aiming for these types of nicknames.

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Then here's another one for you

Rin "Burn all the kikes even the tykes" Kaenbyou

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Marisa "Spark the darks" Kirisame

>> No.13053872

Remilia "Third Reichs' the Charm" Scarlet

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Is there just one person posting in this thread?


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This is one of the best Okuu pictures in a casual setting, but I don't know why

>> No.13053926

Because it looks pretty natural

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