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Does /jp/ love Yukari? I love Yukari. I love her so much.

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No, pls don't meme me!

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Cutekari brought you some cookies!

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I love Yukari and her glorious tats.

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I prefer Yukari with medium breasts but your entitled to you your own opinion...

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Please participate in Yukari's thread.

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I want to brutally gangbang her.

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I'll stop you, jerk!

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Why stop me when you can join in?

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Yukari is my master. I'll kill you, bitch.

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Eh a servant should always join in their master's gangbang.

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Okay, I'm participating.

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I thought they were stacks of coasters at first.


How does her hat work? Is it tied after putting it on, or is it purely aesthetic?

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I think it's tied but you never know.

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I'd never want Yukari-sama to suffer of participate in her suffering.

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Its not suffering, its pleasurable!

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If I wanted pleasure, I'd have myself gangbanged! Leave Yukari-sama alone!

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It's a mystery. It doesn't wrap around her hat, it just sort of sticks out. It could be coming out of her hat, and wrap around the hat from the inside, like the string in hoodies, and stuff like that. It could be glued on.

Truly, a powerful youkai.

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Its pleasurable for all parties involved! Yukari, you and the bangers!

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What makes you think it doesn't wrap around her hat? It's just a piece of cloth tied around her head, don't be silly.

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It's degrading. The Yukari I know would never participate in such degeneracy.

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There are less pictures with it wrapping around, that there are with it glued on.

It seems to be a point of contention.

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It's probably inside the hat like a hoodie. I don't think it's glued on, Yukari is not that stupid.

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Then you dont know her well.

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The Yukari I know is the true Yukari. All you know is stupid fanon secondary garbage!

I'm sorry if that came of as offensive but I have to defend my beliefs.

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Doesn't really matter. I'm here to shatter your beliefs and brutally gangbang yukari in which the latter is my only wish in life.

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Not the anon you're talking to, but you seem to know her only from ero doujin works.

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Yukari tells me bedtime stories every night.

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Yukari is old.

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Yukari doesn't look old. That's all that matters.

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Only true household

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Only true household is Hakugyokurou

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Your mom=whore
Only true faggot

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Go molest Chen, Ran. Yukari doesn't love you

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Yukari has a pretty nice computer. 800 years old and still relevant.

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Yukarin likes vivid colors

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I loved her last night if you know what I mean

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Dude, I came a fat NUT in yukari yesterday wwww

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No, what do you mean?

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You lost me.

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Yukari is my favorite eldritch abomination.

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Doesn't Yukari eat people?

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Had a dream in which she kidnapped me.

What could it mean?

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You want a mother this hot and then sex her.

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She does. She even ''spirits away'' humans for the rest of Gensokyo to eat.

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Which nationality makes for the best Youkai burgers?

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Yukari is truly a cutie... until she rips out your arms from your body.

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Americans hue hue

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Yukarin a cute!!

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yea you're god damn right

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I love Yukari!

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There is no physical proof of her killing and eating humans, which leads me to believe she just likes to seem tough and scary because she's a youkai, but is actually rather kind and soft deep down.

And that's really cute

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She left no trace!

But she is very soft.

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There's no physical proof of any Touhou killing, much less eating, humans. Just saying.

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Yukari a shit

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Shut up Sephiroth.

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By that she just means the nearest burger joint.

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I would like to have sexual intercourse in the missionary position with Yukari!

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I think that most Touhous are full of shit.
Right down to their seemingly overpowered abilities.

They're all just trying to look cool and "out-bullshit" other Touhous. Like a game on the playground. Afterwords, they laugh about it and have tea.

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Do not bully Sephiroth.

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>There's no physical proof of any Touhou killing, much less eating, humans. Just saying.
Naw. This big talk is about nothing at all.

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Yet Kasen have no idea of what's going on.

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>This big talk is about nothing at all
Essentially every piece of dialogue in the Touhou series

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Yakumo is my favorite weeaboo author from Greece.

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Keep covering your ears and eyes all you want but there's the youkai vampire path for one reason.

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Touhou is pretty much like WWE in that regard.

"Now entering the ring, weighing in at 125 pounds, A Youkai who wrote, read and distributed the book on Trash Talking, The Unmoving Library, Patchouli Knowledge!"

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>Patchy heavier than me
There's no way.
Patchy is probably closer to 90 pounds or even 70.

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So if you put your knees on her wrists while choking her, she wouldn't't do anything?

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>Patchy heavier
That's a cute weight.

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Look, I'm trying alright.

No, I just think that there's no way an immortal who consistently forgets to eat could be heavier than me.

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Yukarin l-lewd

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Ara ARA! I'm going to need two hands for this!

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yuck mow you cry

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Friendly reminder that Yukari could stimulate your prostate whilst you engage in anal intercourse with her.

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Yukari is hungry!

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I wish she could eat me.

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nice hat, Yukari

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>Keep seeing cow bikinis and bear pantsu
>These don't exist in real life

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...Except they do, you moron.

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I should've added the qualifier "and doesn't look like fucking garbage."

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Nice hoodie, dude

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I want to kiss them.

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Would you cuddle an IRL Yukarin?

I would.

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Wow if you're actually going to put spoilers in a surprise box give us a warning first.

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That Yukari looks too asian

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>I prefer Yukari with medium breasts

Literally what is the point?

Yukari's the ultimate cowtits 2hu besides Byakuren.

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>Yukari's the ultimate cowtits 2hu besides Byakuren.
yeah, her boobs looks so fucking huge, dude

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Yukari is not cowtitted! She's also a genius in math and has a wonderful personality. I love her for who she is and don't see her as a sexual object.

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>don't see her as a sexual object.
What about her duck?

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Yukari does not own any ducks.

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That's just ZUN hating on cowtits cause he can't draw them like usual and telling artists to make her small.

ZUN makes everyone flat, so the fandom has to pick who has big-ass tits or not and Yukari (along with a few others like Yuyuko, Byakuren, Keine, Ran, Kanako, etc.) is almost always the former.

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ZUN and I have a deeper appreciation for the characters that other fans don't understand.

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If Yukari flipped out and wanted to kill you, is there any other Touhou strong enough to protect you/kill the Yukari?

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Moonbitches or Eiki could stop her temporarily but if it turns into a drawn out battle, she'll figure out a way to kill me eventually. But if she truly wants to kill me then it would be the highest honor for me to offer my life to her.

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the Raymoo

But Why Yukari would want to kill me?

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Reimu doesn't have the chops.

>> No.12988493

Because you're a tasty human

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I'd be so happy if I was Reimu. Cute, powerful and love by all.

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>love by all

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you tell em, patche!

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I think she uses gaps.
Fatchouli is the best kind of Patchouli.

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Wubba dubba dub is that true?

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