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How do you do it jp, how do you take it easy when the world won't let you

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I don't _(:3 」∠)_

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ゆっくりしていってね is a mindset just as much as a lifestyle.

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There is always a way.

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By posting on /jp/.


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I want to take it easy
No matter what!

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I don't think it can be said enough how great this song is.

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By taking everything easy.

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Dat /jp/ dream

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just be yourself and have fun

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I strive for harmony in everything

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I think I've been taking it too easy recently. I'm already in $15,000 in student loan debt and I've failed several semesters from not wanting to go to class. All I want is a stinking degree. Why do they have to make it so hard....

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Because you are ugly?

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I'm glad to not be American, these college fee are so fucking fucked up.
I know someone which has $50k student loan debt and have no idea how to refund it since it can't fucking find any jobs after finishing his college.

Why the fuck murrica doesn't give more money to their institution and make them less expensive instead of prioritizing military stuff?

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Priorities, also debating the USA's budget distribution is going to start a shitstorm that is not really within the confines of this board.
I'm just glad I have quality free colleges to attend in my country, even if they are falling apart.

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You're right indeed, and yeah, I'm glad as well.

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take it easy anon-kun

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I choose to go for a degree of a subject that I'm interested in. Going to classes and seminars are a big pain but at least I can study at home and thanks to loans I don't need to work either. I dread the day I graduate though.

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become a NEET
every day is sunday
working is a defeat

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>NE←T Everyday Sunday! is

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At least you didn't drop out like me with 12000 in debt

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Taking it easy, living HAPPILY

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the crumbling pressure from the impending doom of society catching up with me is getting to me

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I've been a NEET for so many consecutive years I'm not sure what to do anymore except stay a NEET.

I don't really want to do anything anyway. Is this a bad thing? Normies don't need to answer, I know what you're going to say. Lazy NEETs don't need to answer either, you're probably going to endorse more NEETing. I'm only looking for an answer from people with plenty of experience on both sides of the spectrum.

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The longer you NEET, the harder it is to go back

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Without a desire for change within you, nothing will ever change for you. I got out of my years of NEEThood when I found something that really made me want to become a better person and live life to the fullest, and since then it's been the happiest time of my life. If you don't have anything in your life that makes you want to be better, and if you don't even want to search for it, then go ahead and die a useless death alone. That's the only fitting end for a worthless life.

I'll be here regardless, enjoying all the happiness you're missing out on.

>Normies don't need to answer, I know what you're going to say. Lazy NEETs don't need to answer either, you're probably going to endorse more NEETing. I'm only looking for an answer from people with plenty of experience on both sides of the spectrum.
Then you only want to hear what you want to hear, and no matter what anyone says to you, you'll only want to hear what reinforces your belief. Not being that selfish is a good place to start if you want to do something with your life.

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nah, it's not hard to flip that switch. the trick is to NOT plan ahead and tell yourself 'I will do this, this and this'. the trick is to just wake up and do it without giving your brain a chance to react or come up with an excuse or distraction. the momentum issue is a real one, but it's mental and can be combated using constructive impulsiveness.

no, the real problem is staying in action mode. slipping back into NEETness is a perpetual risk, and it doesn't take much in the form of stress or setbacks to re-cocoon yourself.

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Jesus, /jp/ is full of normies these days.

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Seriously, why is /jp/ full of anti-NEETs nowadays?

What happened to the easy gang?

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You need to find an ambition to follow or something. Working for workings sake will get you nowhere.

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I knew someone would say that.

Call me whatever you want, but I'm certain I used to be a bigger floorshitter than you are back in the days. Even now I'm confident I'm more immersed in ``le otaku cultur'' than you are, and with way more money than I know what to do with to back it up. What the fuck do you have, nerd?

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An easy life and a comfortable mind.

Nothing else is more precious.

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how many confirmed kills do you have

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And you're saying I don't? I'm shitposting on /jp/ in the middle of work and getting paid for it, that's an easy life any way you see it. I have peace of mind, don't have anxiety anymore, no stress, no worries.

I have every bit of that precious thing of yours, and on top of that, money, passion, happiness, and way more. Nerd.


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I don't need any of those things though.

Money I already have.

Passion, happiness are illusion and fantasy.

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>I bet i was a bigger loser than you! One time I got drunk for a whole weekend!
>I used to shit on the floor too (after getting drunk and partying with 100 of my 100000 friends)!

Nice try normo

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Who are you quoting, Nigsuka?

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Yer mumsy, chad.

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Well, at least my mom takes care of me.

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She takes care of me too if you know what I mean.

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I don't believe you, post proof!

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And that's fine. There's nothing wrong with living a useless life and dying a useless death. If you're absolutely content with that, no one's stopping you.

>happiness are illusion and fantasy.
But this is wrong. Happiness, that sensation from the chemicals released by your brain, is most definitely real and not an illusion.

Sure thing, homo. Anything for you :^)

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Are you going to become a hero and die a useful death? Please hurry already.

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It's as real as any other emotion.

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Over time I gradually realized I wanted to kill all people who blog on /jp/, not just the normal people. It's a real problem.

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Please clam down.

/jp/sies never hurt anyone, unless they are military /jp/sies I guess but you wouldn't want to hurt these boys.

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No, who's going to attend my circle's booth for C88 if I die? Obviously not you faglord, you can't even leave your basement.

Look at this edgemaster. Ok Mr. Expert Neuroscientist, you sure told me.

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Emotions are alright but logic better.

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My hatred for people is exceeded only by my laziness to do anything about it. You're safe.

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You don't have a circle and you don't have a booth. You're just a shit shoveling normie who gets drunk and shitposts after a shitty day at work getting shit on all day. Prove me wrong, you male cameltoe.

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Human at their base isn't a creature of logic. This is especially true of hedonistic NEETs.

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NEETs are logical in their way of exploiting the government's control of force.

It's a good counterbalance to the welfare nanny state problem.

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I can't work or can't get out for too long, if there's too much people around me or watching me and giving me any pressure I get a panic attack and I can't move at all, I can't breath and I sweat so much that I need to change my shirt after only 1 min.

I wish I could work normally and life in my own apartment...

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Take it easy, nigger.

Smell some fresh air and just remember that all normies want to be like you.

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I don't know yet since it's too early in the year, but considering I did kind of have a shared space last year my chance is breddy gud, I think. Best time of my life too, I can't think of anything happier and more fulfilling than that.

But hey, believe what you want if that makes you sleep better at night. You can't do it, so obviously no one else can do it, yeah? You're just going to make up more excuses and justification for yourself in the end.

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Nice proof, mooseknuckle. Do you even have a single piece of evidence other than the hot air you keep blowing out your cavernous ass?

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I want to, but it's hard when your family believe that you are only a lazy piece of shit.

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have you tried talking to a therapist? they'll usually work with you to come up with strategies to calm you nerves in high pressure situations. It comes naturally to most, but that doesn't mean it can't be learned.

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I actually get some medication from one to calm the symptoms but even with that it's hard to go out...

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I don't want any leads tracing back to 4chan since I use my real name as my artist name. Why do I need to prove anything to an insignificant useless insect like you? That's just asking for trouble.

Just find peace knowing that out there, there are people living better lives than you. They enjoy the kind of happiness that you'll never experience as you stay content with your NEET life. Even if you don't believe I'm living that kind of life, there are other real people living it :^)

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I'm not surprised that lying about near everything is an olympic sport in the normie world. I rest my case, nothing left to say to this backpedaling excuse-making clown.

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like a beta-blocker? you still need to train your own reactions or it turns into a positive feedback loop. think of it as an amped up fight-or-flight response, except the perceived threat doesn't actually exist.

you're seeing more than one therapist, I'm guessing a psychologist and the psychiatrist for the prescription. surely they must know about cognitive behavioral therapy or have some exercises for you to try? if not, ask. and if they don't, find someone else.

lack of motivation and social anxiety are two different beasts. at least you might be able to claw yourself out of NEETness.

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thank you for working and paying for my neetbux so I can take it easy
you are truly useful

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If you can't prove it don't brag about it, kiddo. Now off to bang a couple of high class socialite sluts up in my penthouse.

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yeah, and i'm nana takahashi

ask me anything

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brb searching faglord in the catalog.

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