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What's it feel like to kiss Reimu?

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like a bag of chips

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I bet kissing someone who lives in feudal equivalent place without toothpaste is pretty shitty. Not that it matters though, because Reimu isn't real and neither are you.

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like chewing on a water balloon

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I'm more interested in what it feels like to be kissed by Yukari

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You can't kiss cartoons

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like a soft vacuum

I don't really know why, but she seems to be the most kissable 2hu now that I think about it…

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It probably feels like the purest form of heaven

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Tastes like Marisa.

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Metallic aftertaste

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Cigarettes and alcohol

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Leave Reimu alone!

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Reimu's too bitter to kiss anyone.
And Yukari is practically god and could have any waifu she wanted.

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Raymoo has access to modern materials and yukes is some youkai-god-thing

Bad breath isn't an issue

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The same as kissing anyone else. So, I have no idea.

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It probably does

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gross, she probably doesnt brush her teeth.

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Probably like kissing a drunken hobo, minus the stubble.

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Leave Reimu alone, Yukari!

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I don't know anon, this African tribeswoman has great teeth and her life is even more Spartan than Reimu's

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Great way to show that you don't know anything about how hygiene worked back then.

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People need to learn that Gensokyo was sealed in mid 1800s, that's the 19th century.

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the woman is a predator!

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yukari got a big nose.

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i wanna rub noses with that youkai

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please don't post pictures of me dressed up for a night on the town

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please stop making such cringe-worthy posts.

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sorry i triggered you

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Please do not post 3DPD kudasai.

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No but seriously, I really want to cum inside Yukari's womb whilst kissing her passionately

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Source or artist?

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Thanks friend, I rarely make these requests.

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That was beautiful

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That was so nice!

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Great way to show that you don't know anything about how hygiene worked back then.

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feels like armpits

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Reimu goes great with any 2hu.

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dog bless ammerica

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Malayshits pls leave.

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Eternal bliss.

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no bully wool

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It probably does feel like dreams because she isn't real

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I like to associate touhou's to distinct flavors based off how I view them and I've always imagined Reimu would taste like Mild Ranch Taco's.

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But that is wrong, you fucking retard. ( = ω = .)

They have a nice, white clean teeth because they consume natural food and beverage everyday unlike modern human who eat junk food and beverage which affect their TEETH and body. If you understand now do yourself a favor and stop eating like BURGS and shits like that.

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human teeth is not white.

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It IS white. You try telling me that again faggot, I'll punch your cunt.

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you can feel glad that your yellow teeth isn't a sign that you aren't cleaning them enough and that if you see white teeth anywhere it's just artificial whitening.

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human teeth is not white.

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That was really cute, but I didn't get it.
What does she mean by "But not because of 'like' or 'love' [but because] the colour of your eyes is beautiful."?
I have the feeling there's some kind of metaphor I couldn't quite grasp, what's with the mention of rainbows earlier and such.

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It's all about the color purple baby.

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Did Reimu just lose her virginity?

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they just got a little crazy during battle.

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Kissing Reimu!

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