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Visual Novel translation status

12Riven- 44.5/72 scripts translated, 3/75 scripts edited
Air (Project 1)- Through QC, some tech work remains before patch
>Amagami - 1st day patch Released for PS2/PSP, "1072/2308 original edition scenario scripts translated (46.4%)"
Amairo IsleNauts - prologue and common route fully translated, Shirley route 10% TL, Masaki 18.5% TL, Konoka 10% TL, bonus 20% TL, prologue patch out
Cannonball - Fully translated and edited, in QC
Clover Day - 500/648 KB of the common route + 74/722 KB of a route translated
Cocoro Function - 14735/53644 (27.47%) lines translated
Haruka Na Sora - Sora 11.29% translated, Kozue 23.73% translated
Hatsukoi 1/1 - Being translated
Killer Queen - Through QC, sorting out final issues, plans also include translating Secret Game and Rebellion
Koichoco - 100% translated, 228/397 files edited
>Koiken Otome - 89.79% translated, 69.75% edited, prologue patch released
>Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort - 21998/36325 (60.56%) lines translated, Common + Umi + Riho route translated
Kud Wafter - 11789/33132 (35.58%) lines translated
>Kurukuru Fanatic - 67.4% translated
Lamune - Nanami route partial patch released, Hikari route 1436/6085 lines translated
Little Busters - Original released, work ongoing with EX./ME content, now a joint project with Doki. 25784/30163 new lines translated
>Lovely Cation- 979 / 26959 (3.63%) lines translated
Magical Marriage Lunatics - ~12% translated, ~8% edited
Muv-Luv Altered Fable - 65% partial patch released
Muv-Luv TDA 01 - 50% translated

>> No.12556699

>Noble Works - 17,902 / 57,690 (30.8%) lines translated, partial patch released
Oreimo PSP - 100% translated, 208/299 through TLC+Editing, 193/299 scripts finalized, Kirino + Ayase partial patch released
Oreimo Tsuzuku - 185/268 scripts translated, 78/268 through TLC+Editing, 64/268 scripts finalized
Popotan - 6% translated
Princess Maker 5- 85.89% lines translated, 28.13% of lines finalized
Rance 5D - 35% translated
Rance 6 - 5% translated
Rance Quest - 14.84% messages and 69.72% strings translated
Rose Guns Days 3 - 60% translated and edited
>SakuSaku - Common route + Konami route fully translated, 20400/49257 (41%) lines translated, 14958/49257 (30%) lines finalized
>Sanarara R - 2/124 scripts translated, partial patches released weekly
Sonicomi - 211/18196 (0.6%) lines translated
SonoHana 10 - Being translated
SonoHana 11 - Being translated
SubaHibi - Down the Rabbit Hole I patch released, 48564/53520 (90.7%) lines translated and 40597/53520 (75.9%) lines edited
Sukisho! - First Limit - Fully translated, 81.40% finalized, partial patch released
>Supreme Candy - ~14573/43261 (~33.7%) lines translated
Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen - 100% translated, in editing
To Heart2- 67% translated- "The final product is still years away unless I get more help. ", new alpha patch released
>Witch's Garden - 10986/53734 (20.45%) lines translated
White Album 2 - Opening chapter fully translated with a "rough patch", Closing Chapter: 3024/35275 (8.57%) lines translated
Yoakemae Yori Ruriiro Na - 100% translated and edited, 54% QC, partial patch released
>Yosuga no Sora - Translation status is Common route 100%, Sora route 100%, Nao 70.58%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 84.64%, Motoka 30.67%, Common and Kazuha fully edited

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Official work

Cartagra - demo released, October 31st full release
Kyoudai Hiai - Beta complete
Yome no Imouto to no Inai - In scripting
Royal Guard Melissa - Beta complete
Princess Evangile - In beta
Space Pirate Sara - In scripting
Kara no Shoujo 2 - 26.5% translated, 22.1% edited
Free Friends - Fully translated and edited
Free Friends 2 - 16% translated, 16% edited
Bokuten - 40.0% translated, 10.1% edited
Da Capo 3 - Prologue + Ch. 0 complete, Common route 48.2% translated, overall 26.3%
Higurashi (retranslation) - 14.5% of Watanagashi TL, Onikakushi editing finished
Gahkthun - 41.2% translated, 18.9% edited
No Thank You - In scripting, demo beta in testing
OZMAFIA - Main route: 18.5% translated, overall 3.8% translated
Eden - Fully translated, 60.4% edited
Euphoria - 40.2% translated, 1.6% edited
House in Fata Morgana - 6.8% translated
Supipara - Intend to fund through Eden's sales

Romanesque - Nearly finished, now in preorder
Hanachirasu - 99% complete
Django - Couple more months of translation
Sumaga- Fully translated, in editing
Seinarukana- Mostly translated
Starless - In translation
Trample on Schatten- translation about half done
Shiny Days - Translation finished
Raidy III - TL finished, in insertion
Sweet Home - In translation
Sumeragi Ryoko - Picked up

Sekai Project
World End Economica- Chapter 2 by end of year
Fault -milestone one- - end of the year release
Grisaia no Kajitsu - All ages PC release based on the Vita release planned
Clannad - picked up
>WAS Lepidoptera no Sunadokey - Picked up, kickstarter planned for voices

Tears to Tiara II - October 14th release
Moenovel is working on another title
Eiyuu Senki - PS3 version picked up
Lucky Dog - Possible iOS released based on the ongoing text only fanTL
Work being done on a fanTL of Shin Koihime with hopes of getting it licensed

>Stuff like this has been either added or updated since the last thread

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>Supipara - Intend to fund through Eden's sales


Yeah, good luck with that...

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Fuck you, Dan88.

Stop being an asshole.

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7500 steam copies, it's not impossible. I wouldn't say it's likely, but GGN broke 10k so...

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Broke 10k when selling for $5.

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Obligatorily Sekai Project sucks post

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How's it going, Dovac?

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If eden can do the same at 10 bucks, then they'd only need to sell another 1k copies of the ero version on their site.

Like I said, it's kind of a longshot after dengeki stryker only sold a couple thousand, but with enough luck it's possible. I'd say the odds are about one in five of it succeeding.

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>Supreme Candy - ~14573/43261 (~33.7%) lines translated
Cool. At this rate it should be done around the time Sakura no Uta is released i.e. never.

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Dengeki stryker was translated for a while, what did anyone expect? Stuff that's actually new has much better chance to sell well.

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eden isn't an embarrassing piece of garbage so it will actually sell like shit on Steam.

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Dead industry.

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is that som Ume-sensei work here?

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Kinda off-topic but I don't want to make a thread for a single question. Basically I've been studying moonrunes for around 2 years now, and I want to translate something. Not to break into the scene, or to make mad monies, I just wanna practice really. But what kind of "genre" is the easiest to get started on? I once tried to translate a DS game, and it went well, most of the Menu and generic texts were translated, but technical difficulities stopped me, like the text wouldn't fit in the bubble or something. Also it was like a year ago, so it was a bit over my head.
So what should I start with? Manga, I assume? Or just find some untranslated shit on sadpanda and give that one a go? I mean, Hentai doesn't really have much text, just variatons of my hips are moving on their own.

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>I want to translate something
>I just wanna practice really.

Pick one. Not that that'll stop you.

If you really must, then:
>just find some untranslated shit on sadpanda and give that one a go
Aside from it being easy, the fanbase isn't one that will care that you suck.

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Why would one contradict the other? truth is, the texts in my books are fucking boring, and it's always the same shit, so it would be a nice change of scenery I guess

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To be honest, the easiest thing to translate is probably simple manga. But there's a lot of people doing it so it doesn't really help the community that much.

I think a VN as a first project introduces some difficulties but it's also very high impact because the VN community really needs all the help it can get.

If you're interested in doing a VN, you'd need to really have the time for it though.

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Well, I'd like to translate a couple of mango, then move over to VN when I have more time, like summer or holidays or something.
Where do I find manga that's untranslated though? (And I mean non-h stuff. I would do Hmanga, but I really doubt many of them have a vocabulary above 200 words.) I really just want this to shake things up a bit and improve my skills, I'm not in it for e-fame since my translations will be most likely shit, and I'm really not that good either. I'm around N4 Level if that means anything to you.

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Translate Kimiaru.

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You might want to consider some simple light novel. Translate a chapter and see what happens. Find LN in text form so that you can copy/paste and look up words and phrases.

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>I'm around N4 Level if that means anything to you.
Pffft. Nigga, get to N1 before you even start thinking about translating things for public release. N1 is easy as fuck and does not cover nearly all the material you'll actually need if you want to translate anything more complicated than children's manga.

Also, how in the unholy fuck did you spend two years studying and you're only at N4? Do you literally have a learning disorder?

>> No.12556998

>I'm around N4 Level

Please don't even attempt to translate things. You're nowhere near competent enough yet.

>> No.12557002

TBH N1 has mostly words and grammar forms that don't appear in your typical moege. A good competency in N2 is more important.

>> No.12557005

Not really, unless you're talking Hanahira-tier simple. After I passed N1 I was still constantly looking up vocab in moege, and it doesn't even begin to cover a lot of common idioms and cultural references that you really only pick up on by reading tons of shit.

>> No.12557007

The vocabulary in N1 doesn't really turn up in moege and N2 though. Of course that's depending on what you read. N1 is for more reading newspaper and technical documents, where idioms and cultural references play no part in.

>> No.12557010

N1 has some technical stuff, yes, but it also has a ton of ridiculously common everyday type stuff.

Either way, the point is that even N1 isn't enough to make you a translator, much less N4.

>> No.12557027

No, point is, N1 and most of N2 are totally irrelevant to any otaku stuff. You are not going to encounter these words in either manga or vn, so reaching these grades is entirely useless for translating purposes, you'd better spend this time learning words you would actually need.

>> No.12557031

You can easily read hanahira with n3, I did it.

>> No.12557035

You can study n1 and skip useless words, for some of them are actually useful

>> No.12557039

If you know enough Japanese to translate, you really shouldn't have much trouble passing N1, because most of it it's pretty basic shit. But whatever, I'm not interested in debating the merits of the JLPT as it relates to otaku media. It's mostly for employers anyway.

>> No.12557040

Actually just looked through n1 words, and apparently they are much more useful vn-wise than I've thought, so I hate to retract that statement. N4 has lesser rate of VN occurence than N1. Took my JLPT too long ago.

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>so I have to

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Please forgive me but I'll go full autist right now.

>The only way you'll see more high profile licenses is though kickstarter dealwithit.jpg
Yeah, Steins;Gate, Gahkthun, Eden as well as other high profile titles were announced to use kickstarter. Dovac please.

The fact that you're in a company with a small capital doesn't justify what you're doing. You should realize that right now you're building a list of titles that you won't be able to release anytime soon and potentially disappoint all the people that currently support you.

You're using the excuse to use kickstarter basically because it's simply impossible for you to right now have the money to acquire such licenses. I actually see no problem for a starting company to use such method because it can actually be helpful. However, when a company basically makes its business model to put a bunch of titles through kickstarter the case is completely different. Even worse is the fact that you're resorting to kickstarter yet again without even releasing one of these "big licenses". Are you not aware that you should start slow if you don't have the means to start big?

Many times, it's because of abusive entities (obviously, in this case you're the abusing entity) that some services that can actually be useful to people (kickstarter in this case) have to change certain conditions which implies consequences or simply disappear.

Specially in the last thread, some anons called you out yet again because of your attitude and lack of professionalism. They even gave some legitimaly good advice but you simply continue trying to show how "almighty" you are by even childishly responding on your twitter to things said here.

I sincerely hope someday you open your eyes and realize how much better this could have gone.

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Speaking of SP I can't even find a VNDB page for their latest announcement

>> No.12557169

Its doujin shit with budget of 100k yen which was never sold outside comiket. Funny enough, dovac's kickstarter going to ask for more money than game's budget.

>> No.12557212

Was already fan translated, still took 2.5 years to release.

Was already fan translated (but unreleased); more than 4 years later, it still isn't released.

Took several years of negotiation to get (MG was already negotiating with Liar-soft before Muv-Luv Alternative's patch release).

While I don't disagree with your statement that it's possible to license high-profile stuff without a Kickstarter, your examples don't really back up your statement.

>Are you not aware that you should start slow if you don't have the means to start big?
Yeah, no, that's not how companies work. The usual way to start big is to make a business plan and find investors or take out a huge loan, and it's pretty normal for companies to start like that (and even to fail like that). Dovac's doing it different by making the customers the investors (which is the entire idea behind Kickstarter in the first place).

>> No.12557265

Shitty week, shitty project still alive.

>> No.12557278

>your examples don't really back up your statement
Not the anon you responded to but I suppose JAST paid the fan-translators for their translation. Do you have any evidence that they weren't? It's also conceivable that the contract between JAST and Nitro+ had some changes due to the fan-translation but we have no way of knowing that. Regarding how much time it takes to release the titles the fault seems to be either because of the japanese (Eden) or localization company (Steins;Gate although I believe Nitro+ is also involved).

And yeah, MG was in talks with Liar-soft when the Muv-Luv Alternative incident happened. I suppose the talks were suspended because of it. Wasn't Sharnoth released near that time?
On their ask.fm MG said
>The deal first started when we went to talk to Liarsoft at the Denkigai Matsuri convention held in Shinjyuku, December 2013. Like many other visual novel companies, they become really busy from time to time, and it took until the end of Jaunaury until we were able to talk to them in person again.

>> No.12557322

>Not the anon you responded to but I suppose JAST paid the fan-translators for their translation. Do you have any evidence that they weren't?
I have evidence they do, and I have evidence JAST (as well as MG) pays their fan-translators-turned-professional-translators shit. I've been too involved so I don't know how much I can go into the details (don't know what is public information and what isn't), but it's at least publicly known that the amounts paid are low enough that the teams wouldn't consider working for such pay if they weren't already doing it as a fan translation. Picking up already fan translated projects saves a lot of money on the translation part of the project.

>> No.12557336 [DELETED] 

weekly eop thread

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Translate any ero webnovel, those are easy.


>> No.12557562

Sanarara being translated?
Since when?

Oh shit

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Where the hell is Killer Queen/Cannonball run?

>> No.12557575

Was announced last week.

Killer Queen will be released within the next week. Cannonball... Soon. Just visit http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Cannonball daily and you'll know.

>> No.12557687

>it's at least publicly known that the amounts paid are low enough that the teams wouldn't consider working for such pay if they weren't already doing it as a fan translation.
I actually wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the info.

>> No.12557771

>I've been studying moonrunes for around 2 years now
>I just wanna practice really.

Whatever you translate will end up absolutely awful. If you must translate, translate ero manga to minimize the damage you'll be inflicting upon the world. You'll still fuck it up but at least people won't be losing out on much.

>> No.12557821

>it's at least publicly known that the amounts paid are low enough that the teams wouldn't consider working for such pay if they weren't already doing it as a fan translation

Mangagamer pays a penny per character, which, while shit, doesn't mean that everyone's doing it out of passion. In fact, I'd say that most are doing it because they're too socially inept to peddle their skills in real life. I highly doubt ds55 or good haro woke up one day and decided that the masterpieces they wanted to bring over to the west were ruby striker and super boob wars.

>> No.12557828


>> No.12557835

I don't see how the existence of fan translations invalidates his point. "High profile" releases aren't difficult to obtain and release because of the cost of the translation itself (it's not like they are longer than other eroge that get localized) but because the companies presumably demand more for them in terms of licensing or guarantee of sales.

>> No.12558082

Let's say you have cost A and cost B. For a normal game, cost A is 3 and cost B is 5. The total cost of localization is A + B = 3 + 5 = 8.

However, for high-profile products, cost A is actually higher than usual, let's say for example that it's 6. To localize this, it would cost A + B = 6 + 5 = 11. That's significantly higher than a normal game!

Now, imagine that you could reduce cost B for certain high-profile games, let's say you reduce it from 5 to 3. Suddenly the high profile game costs A + B = 6 + 3 = 9, only slightly higher than a normal game!

Yes, high profile releases cost more money because of licensing, not because of translation costs. And yes, that becomes more manageable if you reduce the costs of translation.

>> No.12558101

I have been gone for a while and I was wondering what happened to Grisaia no Meikyuu's translation, I can't seem to find if it has been dropped,stalled or it's still on going.

>> No.12558103

>This place didn't change one bit, since Tooro-san left for college.

>Right, right. All the old people are fast in the morning. That's why it's quieter around noon.

>The place is quickly scanned. The food corner is in one of the vertical racks.

Fantastic work. 4/5 Cudders.

>> No.12558113

Do you know how much MG or JAST pay for character?
It's just to get some numbers and do some calculations. I'm curious about the translation / licensing costs ratio. For the translation costs to have such impact I suppose that the license by itself isn't as expensive as I thought.

Sekai project announced an official localization of Grisaia no Kajitsu and so Koestl put Grisaia no Meikyuu on hold. Also, for now only the console version of Grisaia has been confirmed to be ported to PC and officially released. Obviously, it doesn't have ero. Sekai Project said something on their tumblr about a announcement regarding Grisaia status soon.

>> No.12558120

Jast doesn't pay by character. They pay based on how much they think the game will sell, which is just a random guess.

>> No.12558127

>fast in the morning
>amazing people
>he turns his head really fast

>> No.12558132

I remember reading that Jast doesn't even pay until the game is golden (which, knowing them, means years later).

>> No.12558134

You know it's going to be good when he can't even transcribe one of the most common Japanese names correctly.

Thankfully, he already dropped it.

>> No.12558140

It depends. They prefer not to, but sometimes do.

>> No.12558153

I have a policy of keeping my mouth shut about information I get in non-public places. I do have information on how and how much JAST and MG pay translators (at least those from fan translation projects), but I'm afraid I can't just share that unless it's already been made public by someone else.

For licensing costs, I actually have no clue how much it is. However, with how JAST and MG have picked up a lot of notable titles that already had fan translators, how JAST is prioritizing the fan-translated Nitro+ projects over untranslated projects, and the relative lack of high-profile titles that did not have a fan translation (in progress or finished) already, I can only conclude that translation cost is an important factor even for high-profile releases.

>Sekai project announced an official localization of Grisaia no Kajitsu and so Koestl put Grisaia no Meikyuu on hold.
More than that, koestl is currently translating Gahkthun for MangaGamer. He doesn't have the time to translate Meikyuu even if the licensing situation didn't complicate it.

>> No.12558159

For curiosity sake, how would you even know which name to use? I know kanji has multiple readings. Do you just go with the most common one and hope you're right? According to the dictionary, 透 could be Kuria, Shuu, Tooru, etc., etc.

>> No.12558161

By playing the game and listening to voices.

Or by looking on the website since approximately 100% of the time, they give the reading.

>> No.12558165

That monobeno thing was already thoroughly criticized on vndb many months ago, and the translator was convinced to drop it.

>> No.12558168


It's even in fucking English.

>> No.12558173

most useless thread on /jp/

>> No.12558179

Second most useless post on /jp/.

>> No.12558234


I don't know why everyone gets after dovac for the Kickstarter bullshit so much. If Kickstarter will let him start up the projects, what's the big deal? Just because he starts a Kickstarter doesn't mean it will reach the funding needed. And I'd honestly like to see how many no name doujin games can be kickstarted before people stop pledging.

What I'd really like to see is a Kickstarter for Grisaia no Kajitsu with a stretch goal for adding the ero scenes. That would really get some people pissed off.

>> No.12558242

I don't hate the guy. I think if i was him i would be doing more or less the same thing to be honest.

>> No.12558248

Because it shows that your business model is fucked up and nobody wants to buy the products you're selling.

Or if they are successful like is implied (barring Planetarian), then where the fuck is all the money going?

And you can't say it's for licensing because that's already done and paid for. He's basically ransoming games, saying "I've got the license, now if you want a translation, pony the fuck up and then pony up some more to buy it later."

>> No.12558258

You're free to hate it but if assuring your paycheck would depend on it i'm sure you would take as many licenses in hostage as well.

>> No.12558263

>You're free to hate it
Then I guess you do know why everyone gets after dovac for his bullshit after all.

>> No.12558277

Clearly enough people want the products to fund them. My only real complaint about the kickstarters is that he's going too fast. Freaking release something first before starting your third and fourth kickstarters.

>> No.12558285

I'm pretty sure that's very against Kickstarter's ToS too.

>> No.12558367

No, it's not. You can have as many unfinished kickstarter projects as you want as long as you haven't abandoned any.

>> No.12558423

With regards to multiple projects, I'm not sure if they have something explicitly in the ToS, but they have this in the creator questions.


>Can I run more than one project at once?

>We rarely permit running multiple projects at the same time, or launching a second project before fulfilling your first one. Having multiple live projects can confuse backers and split support. Running a project is a lot of work, and more than one live project will likely dilute your attention and energy. There may be exceptions out there, but that’s generally how it works. If you're a first-time creator and have multiple project ideas, we recommend selecting the one that's most developed and trying that first.

>> No.12558442

Dovac doesn't even do any work on these projects either.

But the easiest part of the ToS he's breaking is:
>Don’t lie to people. Don’t post information you know is false, misleading, or inaccurate. Don’t do anything deceptive or fraudulent.

>Projects can’t mislead people or misrepresent facts

He's already licensed this shit. He's already announced it's being translated. He's already no doubt promised the companies he licensed them from that he would be releasing a translation.

So pick one. He either lies constantly, or lies only on Kickstarter.

>> No.12558452

Imagine if a company like NISA pulled that shit.

>You wanted Disgaea 5? Fuck you. You pay us to localize it and then we'll sell it to you.

>> No.12558477

With regards to the kickstarter he is about to start, he posted

>The game translation is already in progress. If the kickstarter fails it'll come out with out voices.

For his other projects, it would probably depend on the details of the contract. Seeing that he generally needs the Japanese company involved for Kickstarter rewards, they probably were kept in the loop during negotiations. Based on the message the Japanese group put out for Fata Morgana after MG announced they had it is they went with MG because a Kickstarter would be a lot of work for them, thus why they did not go with Sekai Project.

The real issue would probably be publicly announcing licenses and only later coming out and saying that these releases are conditional on the success of a kickstarter.

>> No.12558493

I'd love it if a companies like that would use the Kickstarter approach. I'd prefer a Kickstarter for Ciel Nosurge over 'nope, you're not getting Ciel Nosurge because we were retarded and because of that Ar Nosurge bombed'.

Disgaea 389 would be released either way, but there are plenty of titles that aren't being brought over because they're not guaranteed hits. If they'd use Kickstarter to avoid risky gambles we could get more obscure titles.

>> No.12558536

>How did I manage to write "princely dick" and "legion of raging boners" in the same night.
Man, if Euphoria script has more stuff like this I won't be able to fap. I'll laugh instead. Well, not like it's a bad thing or anything.

>> No.12558537

Whine about it on Twitter, Dovac

>> No.12558548

Except this isn't how game kickstarters work and you don't have to pay a second time to get the game, and most game KSes have the lowest level be the same cost as the retail game.

>> No.12558557

Kickstarter is basically a pre-order platform at this point.

>> No.12558561

Except it's exactly how all of SP's kickstarters have worked.

>> No.12558568

Keep telling yourself that, Dovac, while you keep going ahead and extorting money from idiots with veiled threats about not getting their games or not supporting companies by not being true fans.

>> No.12558570

So Kickstarter probably won't care about Dovac doing many projects until his projects start missing deadlines and someone who paid the kickstarter complains about that.

>> No.12558576

>Get digital copies of all 3 episodes on Steam. If you already have episode 1 on Steam you can give the extra key to a friend!

>Single copy of fault milestone one -director's cut- from Steam.

I remember a few game kickstarters not actually giving the game to backers and they failed miserably. SP isn't that retarded. Nobody actually pays twice for games through kickstarter,

>> No.12558649

That is a horrible idea, especially for localization companies. There's already a very obvious lack of standards and experienced staff leading to shit like the SAO fiasco and upcoming Tales of Hearts mess, and you want them to be taking on more projects and to deal with that, hiring even worse people than they already have?

>> No.12558678

>hiring even worse people than they already have
How is this in any way related to Kickstarter? Kickstarter is basically just selling the game before it's made, and then only making it if it actually sells well enough. The only difference here is that there's very little initial investment or risk for the company doing the Kickstarter, compared to doing a normal release.

>> No.12558693

>how is doing more projects related to having to hire more people

Come on, anon. You're not really this stupid, are you?

>> No.12558709

This doesn't mean anything when the numbers are entirely made up and we don't know how much reducing the cost of translation (again by an unknown amount) reduces the overall localization cost.

>> No.12558725

Not that, I mean how is Kickstarter related to hiring WORSE people? What stops them from using Kickstarter funds to hire competent people?

>> No.12558730

See >>12558153. Either a LOT of coincidences happened or existing translations reduce the cost of localization significantly enough to make it a factor in choosing which high-profile titles to localize.

>> No.12558731

>hiring more people
Stop kidding yourselves. They're not going to hire anyone and the projects are just going to sit in development hell.

>> No.12558733

Because they haven't been able to find them for the projects that they already have.

>> No.12558741

Dovac doesn't know Japanese so he doesn't have any idea whether someone is competent or not. Why do you think he hired Batman?

>> No.12558745

Does Dovac even actually do anything at all or just create drama and make racist tweets?

>> No.12558746

>I have a policy of keeping my mouth shut about information I get in non-public places. I do have information on how and how much JAST and MG pay translators (at least those from fan translation projects), but I'm afraid I can't just share that unless it's already been made public by someone else.
Sure you have son

>> No.12558774


Sales for most VNs are really low. It's niche afterall.

>> No.12558784

It's not hard to imagine that MG and JAST underpay the fuck out of their contributors.

>> No.12558812

Is that because they do underpay the fuck out of their contributors?

>> No.12558917

>Noble Works - 17,902 / 57,690 (30.8%) lines translated, partial patch released

So how shit does this look?

>> No.12558925


>> No.12558990

The prologue was just fine. The common route is iffy. By now they have six translators on the project and all hope is lost.

>> No.12559004

Can anyone tell me about the grisaia no kaijitsu patch that was on tlwiki before?

How was the quality of the translation? And also, are sekai project merely taking it and not actually fixing it up any better along with removing the H-scenes, or are they actually retranslating it?

Should I bother waiting for theirs? Or just get the one that is already out.

>> No.12559012

>are sekai project merely taking it and not actually fixing it up any better along with removing the H-scenes
>just get the one that is already out


>> No.12559014


>> No.12559019

Quality is "best VN translation ever".
SP contracted koestl (the one who made fan-tl) to do all-ages version, so there's not going to be any differences in translation itself.

>> No.12559035

One day you find a lamp next to you when you wake up. Inside this lamp rests the genie of homosex and murder.

He offers to kill dovac for you, but only if you engage in a gay threesome with Kouryuu and Doddler while he masturbates.

Do you accept, /jp/?

>> No.12559037

>How was the quality of the translation?
Koestl is literally one of the best eroge translators.

>And also, are sekai project merely taking it and not actually fixing it up any better along with removing the H-scenes, or are they actually retranslating it?
They said they'd do an editing pass.

>Should I bother waiting for theirs? Or just get the one that is already out.
No real need to wait, the unofficial version is fine and they probably won't do an uncensored release anyway. Make sure you get the 1.1 patch, though.

>> No.12559062

The only project i was waiting for was fortune arterial, and it's fucking dead.
Fuck everything.

>> No.12559065

Why were you waiting for that of all things?

>> No.12559072

Because a friend told it was decent, years ago.

And the fact that i don't see anything of my liking getting translated.

>> No.12559076

This 'friend' doesn't have your best interests in mind.

>> No.12559079

Oh well we had similar tastes, maybe our tastes are shit.

>> No.12559083

Fortune Arterial is a decent game. It's only edgy teenagers who are analangry that it's not another Eustia.

>> No.12559086

No, it's one of a hundred thousand copy paste moege that stands out in literally no way whatsoever.

>> No.12559091

I'm quite certain you haven't read it.

>> No.12559093

What are Koestl's qualifications that have you saying he's one of the best? (assuming you aren't being sarcastic) What's his track record and stuff compared to the likes of ixrec?

>> No.12559098

> to the likes of ixrec
This is weekly EOP thread, but even here such baits don't work, you should've used someone like Makoto.

>> No.12559102

I'm being serious. What is Koestl's background?

>> No.12559105

He translated Grisaia no Kajitsu. He did a good job.

>> No.12559109

You don't need "background" to judge quality of particular translation. All you need is to run jp and en versions side by side and compare them.

>> No.12559120

What I meant was if he's just some person who learned japanese in college or self taught who then went on to do this good job on Grisaia, or if he's like japanese and was raised with the language and then somehow learned english to a high degree and decided to translate the game.

>> No.12559133

He sucked a thousand Japanese dicks and absorbed their essence.

>> No.12559153

He's a native english speaker. That's part of the reason why the translation is so good, actually. A Japanese ESL, no matter how proficient in English they may be, would never write naturally and eloquently enough for their translation to be considered great. See: TakaJun (... right?)

>> No.12559186
File: 834 KB, 800x600, screenshot_2013-04-25_09-04-23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's at least a partial patch with some routes translated.

It's quite good, provided you're into typical high school comedy romance hijinks. Don't expect amazing plot or anything though, it just has great atmosphere and good characters.

>> No.12559237

No... no.

>> No.12559264

>No! No! You can't have an opinion different from mine!
Quoting your autism.

>> No.12559268

Another pro-wrestling VN like G-senjou , I see.

>> No.12559278

>throw temper tantrum because someone said game was bad
>start accusing people of being mad for disagreeing

Are you sure this is the best plan?

>> No.12559302
File: 676 KB, 800x600, capture_17112012_194118.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12559306

I'm pretty sure you're the one who was upset that someone was looking forward to a game you didn't like.

>> No.12559398

>I'm a proud ignint murrican who has an opinion based on nothing and upset that anybody knows more than me

>> No.12559594

i like moege

>> No.12559679

Where's mahoyo?

>> No.12559690

In editing hell

>> No.12559707
File: 2.55 MB, 1476x1693, 1411424696652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why isn't it on the vnts list

Hey VNTS guy, maybe listing the VNs that were dropped each week would be a good idea. This way, we'd know when to search out partial patches.

>> No.12559753

Every time I look at this picture, I always think its Kotori trapped inside a shovel.

>> No.12560113

Little Busters progress went up again, now its at 27505 translated, with editing staying the same.

>> No.12560161

The whole project was a lie, what did you expect ? It's commie.

>> No.12560442

From what I heard, it reached 100% translation completed but was in such a terrible state as to be unsalvageable. Nobody wants to TLC or edit it, and as such it remains unreleased forever.

>> No.12560485

>Killer Queen will be released within the next week
You said that last week.

>> No.12560527
File: 225 KB, 387x1799, 123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ded thread.
Ded board.
Ded scene.
Weekly reminder.

>> No.12560839

Weekly reminder that Insem is a faggot ?

>> No.12560952

pretty much sounds like you don't understand kickstarter. Assuming kickstarter = you must start from 0 means you haven't seen any other kickstarters nor have ever funded one.
kickstarter has been used for secondary and tertiary product runs of shit. Those ninja shoe things had a second kickstarter for their new model, food lines run kickstarter to make new batches of shit like beef jerky and seasoned nuts.

There are games that don't need funding from kickstarter but use it to collect capital so things are easier for them. God damn man, if you don't know how kickstarter is used then stop trying to use it as your shield.

>> No.12561029

sick strawman brah, where'd you get it?

>> No.12561670

I see that too

>> No.12561855

I keep checking this thread every hour waiting for Killer Queen to come out

>> No.12562194
File: 4 KB, 714x86, mangogamner.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mangagamer's either going to have to slow down on picking up titles, start regularly doing multiple releases per month, or pick up some titles that will take 2+ years to translate. They've already got 19 games, which, if released at their current rate of one per month, will book them until 2016.

>> No.12562272

Fuck off with all your nyaa comments, herkz. Do you really have nothing better to do?

>> No.12562274

There's some moron on #tlwiki looking for this thread so he can post that he's translating a game.

><herkz> do you actually know japanese
><RaurosFalls> No, not really. But I've gotten a hang for the sentence structure, commond words, and kanji over the years.
[><RaurosFalls> ChiiTrans is a necessary crutch

>> No.12562285

Good luck? I don't see why it wouldn't happen. If people are willing to throw money at Sekai Project, of course they'd be fine with doing it for an actual good company like MangaGamer.

>> No.12562291

Will herkz ever shut up?

>> No.12562292

Nobody cares about your IRC circlejerk.

>> No.12562297

I assume you thought that was bad English because you can't read.

>> No.12562302

I am amazed at how some dorks never moved beyond 1995 when it first came out.

>> No.12562306

Same. It's like they think that using an outdated chat program somehow makes them better than everyone else.

>> No.12562315

What should we be using instead? Skype?

>> No.12562317


Are we at this again with baseless shitposting? You guys who bash IRC still haven't given a good reason to bash or a better alternative that doesn't involve 3rd parties having the information stored someplace and selling your information. Simplicity and decentralization is still king and wins compared to alternatives out there today.

>> No.12562325

Hey OP, can you add the VN that I've been translating to the list?


Here is the translation thread:


14% translated. (382/2702KB)
47% common route. (227/464KB)

Currently going through QC, set to release a first patch in the near future.

Also I am currently the only one doing translating AND editing, so if anyone is interested come help!

>> No.12562330

Who would bother to help with a machine TL project?

>> No.12562341

It's not a machine TL project?? I spend a lot of time figuring out the sentences on my own and making it sound good, using ChiiTrans as a crutch. I can usually understand the sentences pretty well.

>> No.12562343

Given, I am pretty slow because I can't immediately grasp the sentence.

>> No.12562344

So its worse-than-fuwanovel project. Definitely "not machine-translated", rite.

>> No.12562349

> I spend a lot of time figuring out the sentences
Oh god. Please. Just. Stop. Right. Now.

>> No.12562354

I don't understand exactly what you mean, but if you're referring to the previous people on hongfire who started it's translation, I redid all of their entire prologue. Obviously it is still a work in progress as I edit my own translations too.

>> No.12562358


Is there something wrong with this?

>> No.12562364

Are you for real? Learn the fucking language before attempting to translate. All you're doing is making a mess of things.

>> No.12562366

Which smartass directed this hongfire retard here to shit up the thread?

>> No.12562368

This issue was discussed here thousands of times. Even in this very thread: >>12556997

>> No.12562374

It was koestl:
koestl: you should post in the /jp/ translation status thread if you want people to know about a project.
koestl: that's what the vntls site was pulling from anyway

>> No.12562382

/jp/ has high standards for translations, which yours probably doesn't meet. I don't know if it will meet VNTS's.

Translating something while you are learning the language might be a useful way to learn, and maybe some people will enjoy the finished product, but it's almost certainly going to be terrible.

>> No.12562385

I don't see a need to learn it well enough to live there... if I won't be living there. Memorizing kanji takes a lot of time, and I can save several years of my time by just hovering over what it is in ChiiTrans.

If you do it long enough, "learning to read by reading" is a pretty efficient way if that's all you wanna do rather than speaking and writing too.

>> No.12562387

Apparently this mouthbreather hasn't even played the game he's "translating" because he doesn't want spoilers.

>> No.12562390

In fairness, that was before it came out that he's an illiterate using machine TL.

>> No.12562391

A middle schooler might learn a lot by translating a book into the language he's learning, but you should just accept that the result is going to be total garbage.

Just for fun, post some scripts.

>> No.12562392

>translate ero manga to minimize the damage you'll be inflicting upon the world

You don't know about Laruffi then.

>> No.12562394

Wow you guys are real jerks

>> No.12562396

Welcome to /jp/.

>> No.12562399

You probably have better luck serving your shit on a plate somewhere else.

>> No.12562401

But that's like marrying a woman you met for the first time.

>> No.12562411 [DELETED] 

I can smell the fedora from here. Literally any other chat program is superior. If your information being stored/sold is seriously a concern to you then you must be very bad at keeping it private. Not to mention that the same thing happens with IRC anyway.

>> No.12562412

>I don't see a need to learn it well enough to live there...

We're not talking about living there, we're talking about translating something.

If you're so retarded that it took you awhile "to figure out how the sentences work" when japanese has goddamn particles everywhere that dictate exactly what each words function is, then whatever you attempt to translate might as well have been done by google translate. So you might as well save yourself the effort.

>> No.12562414

>Do you know Japanese?

That's why.

>> No.12562416

I actually encourage you to keep translating and see if you can get someone qualified to QC for you.

My greatest Japanese learning experience was when my QCer raped me a new asshole after I "contributed" to a translation project, completely destroying my illusion that I knew any Japanese at all.

>> No.12562421

> someone qualified to QC
> hongfire project
You are giving too much credit to that "community".

>> No.12562422 [DELETED] 

It doesn't require you to have an account and does pretty much everything you want it to do. I fail to see what the problem is, or why all the people using it should migrate over to Skype or whatever.

>> No.12562424

I don't know if you're just doing this to troll, but you shouldn't bother responding to anyone here about the quality of your translation. They will shit all over it even if it is good. This applies to the IRC channel you came from, as well. The best policy is to share the existence of your project so it gets recorded in this thread, and then forget about this place.

If you continue to post to attempt to defend your work I will conclude that you are in fact a troll. Let me reiterate, there is absolutely no good reason to do that on /jp/ otherwise. Just continue working and let the project speak for itself.

>> No.12562427

If you want anyone to take you serious, just post that "retranslated" prologue. We will see ourselves what kind of translation it is, and you will get detailed feedback on accuracy.

>> No.12562435 [DELETED] 

eop oh eop

>> No.12562439 [DELETED] 

Because the people who are using it are new people using an old program to be hipsters and not people who have been using it for years. They had no reason not to use fucking Steam or something in the first place. Can you play video games on IRC? No, so what is the fucking point? Steam does everything you ACTUALLY want it to do. You'd be getting an account anyway because what idiot is put off by something that takes ten seconds to do.

>> No.12562441

I'll teach people how to filter out the word EOP and then nobody will ever see your posts again. How sad for you.

>> No.12562442 [DELETED] 

>You'd be getting an account anyway because what idiot is put off by something that takes ten seconds to do.

says the anonymous on 4chan

>> No.12562445

You are free to translate w/e for fun. The first thing I did was some hand-drawn touhou PV. Of course it was shit, got laughed at some, but in the end I did it cause I wanted to.

Pick something you like.
No mystery, factual exposition, philosophy, intrigue, etc. You probably should stick to something with a visual aid, and out of VN and manga I would go with manga, because the text volume is not so high, and finishing a chapter is a good demarcation. PV comics are decent as well and have the benefit that anyone can sub them.

After you do that, find some more VN/LN/manga's you want to read.
If after translating a chapter or two you still want to translate more, as opposed to say, reading, I question why?
Why do you want to translate something?
1 To let other people read it.
2 Resulting e-fame.
3 To validate your skills and the work you've put in so far to yourself.
4. To get better.
5. Because it's fun.

If you are N4, then your translation's not very fit for 1. You already say that it's not for 2. Iuuno, I find 3 fulfilled perfectly fine just by reading and more reading. Most of the time you spend being particular about moulding the english doesn't help you get better at Japanese. Skill at translation is really built on a foundation of the required Japanese and English skills. So that takes out 4. If it really is fun in itself and/or you have a blast TL'ing with friends, by all means.

>> No.12562446 [DELETED] 

Ti9 pls

>> No.12562448 [DELETED] 

>Can you play video games on IRC? No, so what is the fucking point?
1/10, needs more effort.

>> No.12562449 [DELETED] 

>Because the people who are using it are new people using an old program to be hipsters and not people who have been using it for years.
I started using IRC because I wanted to talk to people who used IRC. They also have a bot that makes it easy for people to get games.

>You'd be getting an account anyway because what idiot is put off by something that takes ten seconds to do.
People who enjoy not having to register accounts to chat, such as 4chan users.

>> No.12562452 [DELETED] 


There is no "fedora" hipsterism when it comes to this type of thing. IRC's simplicity in keeping its chat function at the center of the experience instead of being a side component of any other chat program where you have a ton of other functions that just eat up bandwidth and doesn't enhance the real time communication when you respond to others.

More bandwidth gets used, for what? Metadata that bots collect and then collect heuristics that you have to consent to for using the chat program. For IRC you don't need to maintain a permanent account and you can actually hide your channel using +s and +p. Why should anyone use anything else when they can't come close to IRC in those things?

>> No.12562458

OK, thanks. I was going to defend it but I guess I'll stop here. I'm actually not trolling. I don't usually go on 4chan or anything, so this is kind of a shark tank for me.

>> No.12562460 [DELETED] 

4chan doesn't have accounts to begin with so that's a pretty fucking bad example on your part.

>> No.12562461 [DELETED] 

And people like it that way.

>> No.12562462 [DELETED] 


That was the whole point, yes.

>> No.12562467

Good on you. Shark tank is quite apt. This thread is good for tracking the progress of projects like yours, but not much else.

>> No.12562470 [DELETED] 

It doesn't change the fact that using a busted, outdated chat client simply because you don't want to make an account is the pinnacle of laziness.

>> No.12562480

Not every translator that came out of Hongfire was terrible. Didn't RougeTranslator get his start on Hongfire?

>> No.12562482 [DELETED] 

We're lazy, so we use a protocol that works very well at what it does instead of moving to another service that requires registration and account management and is very often tied to a massive piece of software. This is normal. Why would you use Steam to chat if you didn't play Steam games?

>busted, outdated
Why do you even care about how old it is? The English language is very old, but we continue to use for communication anyway, because it works. So is TCP/IP.

>> No.12562495

>it's translation

>> No.12562497 [DELETED] 

>using a busted, outdated chat client
Man, you are too retarded to speak about such things because you don't even understand difference between client and protocol.
There are tons of modern clients which support many different protocols, including irc.

>> No.12562508 [DELETED] 

Why wouldn't you play Steam games?

Also, just because it works doesn't mean you couldn't be using something better. The whole point is that you're getting elitist about some old piece of junk and acting like using it makes you better than other people. You're in no place to be condescending. All we want is for you to stop being an ass.

>> No.12562521 [DELETED] 

>Also, just because it works doesn't mean you couldn't be using something better.
I do, in fact, use more than one chat protocol from time to time, depending on who I'm talking to.

>The whole point is that you're getting elitist about some old piece of junk and acting like using it makes you better than other people.
What happened is that, randomly out of the blue, >>12562302 and >>12562306 called us a bunch of shits for using a perfectly serviceable communication protocol, and then you continued to call us elitist fags for like, fifty posts, while we patiently explained to you that there is nothing wrong with IRC as a protocol.

>> No.12562523

Holy shit, this project has been going since 2008.

>> No.12562524

>>>/g/, the lot of you.

>> No.12562527 [DELETED] 

That's not how I see it at all, but okay. I'm glad I convinced you, in the end.

>> No.12562530 [DELETED] 

There was one post calling the TLwiki room a circlejerk. Fine, whatever. Then you and some other fag, unprovoked, decided to call all IRC users hipster faggots because... you think we should be using some other protocol even though the one we have now works just fine.

>> No.12562531 [DELETED] 

>old piece of junk

Meanwhile, twitch chat is a glorified irc client and they just got bought for how many billions?

>> No.12562559 [DELETED] 

Literally the only thing it's good for is downloading anime, and even that can be accomplished with a torrent or normal DDL.

>> No.12562564 [DELETED] 

Oh, god forbid something lets people chat. Clearly it's copying IRC. I didn't know it was possible to be this stupid.

>> No.12562568 [DELETED] 

It's also literally good for chatting with people.

>> No.12562569 [DELETED] 

>I didn't know it was possible to be this stupid.

I didn't either, but you've proven me wrong.

Twitch chat literally uses the IRC protocol. You can even connect to it with an IRC client.

>> No.12562572 [DELETED] 

It's mediocre at best when it comes to that.

>> No.12562575 [DELETED] 

You type the message. The people in the room see it. I don't what the fuck else you could possibly want and now I'm just going to leave you alone because you're self-evidently retarded.

Not, mind you, because you don't use IRC. It's an inherent thing; you would still be a retard even if you started using IRC.

>> No.12562576

Okay, seriously, no one gives a shit. Go debate your choice of chat protocols with /g/.

>> No.12562579 [DELETED] 

And that's somehow an IRC copy? Really? Do you even look at the things you type?

>> No.12562583 [DELETED] 

And then it crashes before anyone can actually see the message because it's extremely unstable. Checkmate, you lose, IRC is dead. Goodbye.

>> No.12562585 [DELETED] 

I know asking retard to learn to read is waste of time, but I'll still try.
Scroll above.
> twitch chat is a glorified irc client
See? This line doesn't have "IRC copy" in it. "IRC copy" is something you made up yourself.
And yes, if X is using protocol Y it can be called Y. Thats what protocols are all about, stop confusing protocols and clients already.

>> No.12562586

/g/ here.
>using Steam for chat
Back to /v/ with your proprietary software.
IRC is free as in freedom and even runs on phones. Try running your steam chat on your phone, you can't. Also, enjoy your botnet.

>> No.12562588 [DELETED] 


It's not an "IRC copy", it literally IS IRC.

>> No.12562595 [DELETED] 

Wow, I'm not even the same anon and I was totally convinced he said copy. Good call.

>> No.12562633 [DELETED] 

>And then it crashes before anyone can actually see the message because it's extremely unstable.


IRC clients are so lightweight and have been in development for so long that they're some of the most stable pieces of software in existence. For example, I've been running a copy of mirc uninterrupted(aside from a couple blackouts) on an old machine for seven years straight(it's got a dice script loaded to make it a ghetto bot, if you're curious).

>> No.12562648 [DELETED] 

It's well known that old computers are actually extremely sturdy. This is nothing impressive, even considering the many flaws with IRC.

>> No.12562653 [DELETED] 


Did you literally just switch from saying that IRC clients crash all the time to saying that it's nothing impressive that IRC clients are so stable

>> No.12562658 [DELETED] 

And "copy" was heavily implied by the words "glorified IRC client". This is how the English language works, you can imply things without having to say them directly. To deny this when you know what you meant shows you're more interested in trolling than discussion.

You sure spend a lot of time looking at other people, but never at yourself.

>> No.12562660 [DELETED] 

This just in, a computer is an IRC client. No, idiot, it's nothing impressive that the old computer is able to keep an IRC client stable when it's usually not. You won't see that happen with any device made in the last few years.

>> No.12562661 [DELETED] 

>And "copy" was heavily implied by the words "glorified IRC client".
>This is how the English language works

What? I called it a glorified IRC client because it's a glorified IRC client.

Either you're retarded, you don't understand English despite claiming to, or you don't actually know what a client is

>> No.12562663

The only question left now is whether he started trolling because he realized his original position was untenably retarded, or whether he was just trolling the whole time.

>> No.12562668 [DELETED] 

And that implies you think it's a copy. Seriously, can you not afford a tutor or something? I've got some spare time, I'll do it for free.

>> No.12562675 [DELETED] 


10/10, you've strung me along this far, I give. I'm a retard for taking this bait in the first place

>> No.12562680 [DELETED] 

You can contact me on anything you want, as long as it's not IRC. Hit me up on Chatango, where my name is DamienArmies, or AIM, where I go by FuhrerLumberjack.

>> No.12562697 [DELETED] 

>And "copy" was heavily implied by the words "glorified IRC client".
No, it wasn't. I will tell you again: go fucking research difference between client and protocol.

>> No.12562704 [DELETED] 

Is it because you don't know what the word copy means? You should really take me up on my tutoring offer.

>> No.12562708 [DELETED] 


You're being rused, anonymous

>> No.12562713 [DELETED] 


>> No.12562717 [DELETED] 

No, you. Using same protocol is inherently different from copying the protocol. These words describe entirely different processed with entirely different results.

>> No.12562744 [DELETED] 

Which is exactly what Twitch is doing. Why were we arguing about this, again? Now look what's happened.

>> No.12562751 [DELETED] 

Woah, you're still going at it?

>> No.12562754 [DELETED] 

Every post must be replied to.

>> No.12562767

Anons in a Japanese translation thread misinterpreting English words... what have we come to?

>> No.12563051

Yeah, him and Dargoth both did(is Dargoth considered good?). They moved when Hongfire went down a few years back.

>> No.12563392
File: 128 KB, 800x600, board.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12563847

the most useless thread in /jp/

>> No.12564260

The Sekai Project Prefundia page for their upcoming kickstarter of Lepidoptera no Sunadokey was updated, now looks like they are making the initial goal to bring over the game, despite Dovac previously saying "The game translation is already in progress. If the kickstarter fails it'll come out with out voices."

It looks like they are going with goal + stretch goals

$10k to cover the translation + programming work for the game
$10.5k postcards
$30k for event voices + physical copies + some bonus goods
$47k for full voice (excluding protag)
$65k for more goods + android port.

>> No.12564284

The Japanese crowdfunding project for the first chapter brought in just 114,500 yen.

>> No.12564331

Im surprised that the stuff on the board is correct.

>> No.12564335


How long is that game anyway?

>> No.12564400

herp a derp

Now where's all the people saying he doesn't lie about shit?

>> No.12564634

15$ for a steam copy seems decent enough. I'm down for committing at least that much. Though I do wonder how long it is..

>> No.12564785

Why the fuck he need 10 grand for translating unpopular doujin shit for him too sell on steam while most fan translation doing it for free and distributing it for free? This Dovac guy should just kill himslef and dissapear from vn scene. Fucking Jew

>> No.12564911

Obviously because he wants to makes money off it dumbass.

>> No.12564914

Because he wants to make a living off of it? Why does anyone charge money for anything ever when they can just do it all for free?

>> No.12564916

Maybe if he starts regularly succeeding in kickstarters he'll be able to adopt a traditional pay-on-release method in the future with his built up industry experience/acquired capital.

>> No.12564929

As we're beginning to approach double digit kickstarters, I'm thinking no.

>> No.12564936

Isn't it only an hour or two long? Where the fuck is all the money going exactly?

>> No.12564946

Dovac's pocket. Where do you think?

>> No.12564952


Sure seems like a winner.

>> No.12564959

The funniest part is that usually, games are overpriced in the Japanese market and cheaper overseas.

Here, he's marking the price up.

>> No.12564971

What are you talking about? The price is 15$ if you commit to the kickstarter. You can't have to donate more than that if you want a copy of the VN.

>> No.12564978

No shit, Sherlock.

What piece of information are you missing?

>> No.12564995

Well, then how much was the original in yen? Don't withold information to win an argument in an artificial way.

>> No.12565003

Here's what you do, dumbass.

You take the title of the game. Since you seem stupid, I mean the Japanese title of the game. Then you put it into Google. Open up one of the dozens of vendor site results and look for the price.

Now you know how to do it on your own, shitface.

>> No.12565006
File: 38 KB, 174x198, 4490127592493.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eroge master!

>> No.12565024


Pretty close to $15

>> No.12565030

Looking like it's on sale for slightly above 1500 yen right now at various sites.

Though it was apparently crowdfunded as well, it looks to be very different from what I'd expect from a crowdfunding project: http://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/947
I have no idea what I'm really looking at here. There's only 12 backers, the target amount is only 100,000 yen and none of the reward tiers seem to contain the game itself. Whatever it is, it's not crowdfunding in the way we're used to.

>> No.12565035

Why does anybody want an eroge on steam? If sekai DOES release anything on steam, will it also release a non-steam standalone? Why would I want my friends knowing I'm reading a censored chinese porn picture book?

>> No.12565036

>$1060 to make the game
>$10,000 to translate it.


>> No.12565037

I knew someone would run with that the moment I posted it. Read my post and check the page. There's no way they did the entire development, let alone license the voices, for just $1000.

>> No.12565039

While not common, it's not unheard of.

>> No.12565043

Yeah, they expected to them sell it to recoup money. Because they expected people to buy it.

As opposed to not expecting anybody to buy it.

>> No.12565045

>to them
to then

>> No.12565051

Anon, do you even understand what you're saying? Why were they using a crowdfunding site in the first place if they can't develop it for the target amount, but do have the budget to develop it and expect to make enough money to get revenue making up for the development costs? Where does the crowdfunding come in?

>> No.12565058

For those wondering about the length, I just checked the site and apparently it's 500kb. Going off of TLWiki that's longer than Saya no Uta, similar to A Profile, or a bit shorter than one chapter of Higurashi. Typical doujin game length.

>> No.12565063

They want more money from stupid people willing to donate apparently hundreds of dollars to them.

As opposed to SP's cynical approach, without any confidence that they're releasing anything people will actually want, so the only way it's going to 'sell' is if they buy it sight unseen while intimating that true fans would do that to support them and lying about what the money is being used for.

>> No.12565075


They used the crowdfunding site to finish up the game and do promotion for it. It sounds like they may have run out of money toward the end of production so they turned to campfire to get it finished.

>> No.12565080

>so the only way it's going to 'sell' is if they buy it sight unseen
But Anon, they plan to release a demo when the crowdfunding page goes live (as they did with Fault), and the Japanese version is already out.

>> No.12565086

>For those wondering about the length, I just checked the site and apparently it's 500kb.

512000 bytes
2-3 bytes per moonrune
(arbitrary amount of chaff that's scriping)
0.01 per character at the mangagamer going rate.

End result, translation probably costs 1.5-2grand. +Whatever for an editor.

>> No.12565087

A demo of a four hour doujin game.

Is it going to be 15 minutes long?

>> No.12565114

Assuming 500kb is even accurate and doesn't include things like script, speaker tags, or duplicated text as almost every VN script is full of.

>> No.12565127

>Assuming 500kb is even accurate and doesn't include things like script, speaker tags, or duplicated text as almost every VN script is full of.

>(arbitrary amount of chaff that's scriping)

>> No.12565131

Well, it says シナリオボリュームは約500KB, which sounds like it doesn't include scripting stuff, but who knows.

>> No.12565155

Dovac is teaching other wanna-be localizer how to do PR. Best joke of year.

>> No.12565162

That "arbitrary amount" could easily be anywhere from 2% to 25% depending on the script format and how they're counting it. It's not necessarily negligible chaff.

>> No.12565223


I specifically listed it because of that. It's there to tell you to pick whatever arbitrary number you think is script chaff. 512000/2.5=bout 2grand. Depending on how much you think is script chaff, you lop off 25%, you get 1.5, 10% you get 1.8, etc. Hence 1.5-2grand.

>> No.12565237

>2-3 bytes per moonrune
It's 1-2 bytes per moonrune, heavily leaning towards 2.

>> No.12565254

Depends on encoding. SJIS and UCS will make it 2 bytes. UTF-8 will make it 3 bytes for kanji.

>> No.12565261

Are there any "good" translators that take commisions?
Talking slightly below Ilxrec level.

>> No.12565271

It's customary to use SJIS to measure script size.

Also, in UTF-8 basically all Japanese characters are 3 bytes, not just kanji. Some rare kanji are 4 bytes.

>> No.12565277

>It's 1-2 bytes per moonrune, heavily leaning towards 2.

I'm pretty sure most modern japanese encodings are 2-byte/3-byte

I'd be surprised if there was a single byte one beyond those crazy early katakana only ones

>> No.12565279


Your best bet is approaching people who have already finished stuff, especially since you've indicated you're not too worried about quality.

Will still likely take the same amount of time as if they did it on their own though.

>> No.12565281

>Talking slightly below Ilxrec level.
ATLAS, Google Translate. Altho most of the time they do better than Ixrec, so I guess its wrong to say "slightly below".

If you want something actually readable and accurate, there was that Otomaid guy, he has reasonable rates and above Ixrec.

>> No.12565293


That's not PR advice and also he's right in that case.

>> No.12565294

In SJIS everything is 2 bytes except for romaji, numbers, and punctuation (and half-width katakana but no one uses that), which are 1 byte.

>> No.12565311

I did a comparison from a random fragment of Umineko script: http://pastebin.com/UhhLprCk (may contain Umineko spoilers if you can read moonrunes).
Roughly 27% of it is script...in a normal fragment of text. There's also tons of system functions like menus and the like, plus situations where more scripting things happen than just sprites appearing and disappearing (in Umineko it gets as excessive as http://pastebin.com/jAtWu5Q1 , but that's Umineko).

Naturally, nobody would count their scenario size to include scripting. That would be ridiculous, considering how much it can be inflated from fancy scripting (see the excessive scripting example above).

SJIS is the standard for comparing script sizes. SJIS uses 1 byte for alphabetic characters and katakana and 2 bytes for everything else.

>> No.12565334


Why not go by line/word count? How many liens of text, and on average how long are those lines? word count's pretty standard in English at any rate.

They won't be able to establish word count right off the bad, but line count is pretty straightforward.

>> No.12565350

It would honestly make more sense to go by character count for Japanese, since that's basically what KB count is except normalized for different encodings. But whatever, everyone does KB count.

>> No.12565429

>Naturally, nobody would count their scenario size to include scripting. That would be ridiculous, considering how much it can be inflated from fancy scripting (see the excessive scripting example above).
This might surprise you, but visual novel developers are really fucking bad at programming. Who knows what they're counting? I've seen a script that has furigana for literally every single kanji, which made it almost twice as large as you'd expect.

>> No.12565436


lol dovac

>> No.12565442

Its time for him to invoke Holocaust and start suing people for racism.

>> No.12565470

>Why not go by line/word count?
Because of this:

-Muv-Luv Extra (10 lines)

-Shikkoku no Sharnoth (9 lines - in line count, shorter than Muv-Luv Extra's example.)

For word count, what is a 'word'? In English, it's the strings of text separated by spaces. But what about Japanese? Is 俺達 one word or two? What about 'words' like は, が, へ and so on (the latter generally has an English equivalent in most contexts that's considered a word, but at the same time how are the first two words?). Then we get to stuff like 生徒会. Is the word '生徒会' or is it two words, '生徒' and '会'? Without any standardization of what is a 'word', word count just doesn't work in Japanese.

>> No.12565478


This is why character count makes the most sense for japanese text.

>> No.12565485

It's important to remember that it can still be really far off from reality though. See Giga and older Alicesoft scripts.

>> No.12565494

Scenarios are written separately first and scripted later. The only way a misunderstanding like this could happen from the creator's self-reported numbers would be blatant intentional false advertising.

>> No.12565518

A creator making exaggerated but technically true claims about their product in order for it to sound more attractive to buyers?

That has surely never ever happened before.

>> No.12565525


I mean word count in English, not Japanese, which is why it'd take some effort to establish. We use line count to track progress personally, because character count always seems weird (like how いたします doesn't really add all that much to どうぞよろしくお願いいたします. It's technically necessary for grammar purposes, but it's not conveying meaning in the same way お願い or other characters in the sentence do).

Line lengths work out to a surprising consistency; there're obvious maximums and minimums (like fighting noises or sex), but overall a VN's line length tends to fall on a bell curve.

>> No.12565539
File: 27 KB, 731x454, therearesomesacksinvolvedhere.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The only person who called you a lying sack of shit was yourself, dovac. He just said you were lying. You might want to file down that chip on your shoulder a bit.

Also I dunno if I'd start flinging shit on reddit. They're retarded, but unlike /jp/ might actually try to do something about it.

>> No.12565541

Consistency within the game, but not so much between them. A game that has a maximum character width of 50 and 4 lines is going to be different from one with 48 and 2.

Or even just writing style. I think it's Chusingura that has an absurdly inflated line count because every action scene in it has 20+ 'lines' of sound effects (swords clashing for example) between each line of narration.

>> No.12565561

But we're measuring an as-of-yet-untranslated VN's length here. Word count simply isn't an applicable metric.

Word count in translated text also isn't necessarily representative for original length. The translator's personal style can strongly affect the word count. Take Narcissu's translations, for example:

>(... true, I wasn't very healthy ever since I was a child ...)
>Even so, I attended elementary school like all the others,
>and during summer breaks I often played until I was utterly tanned.
>June. Shortly after my entry into middle school.
>The day after I'd ordered a swimsuit for use the next month.
>My first hospitalization.
>On a day just before the first semester midterms,
>on a day when the first drops of rain were so cruelly cold.
>Falling from amidst the pure white of the overcast sky.

-Seung "gp32" Park (63 words)

>"My health was never particularly good, sure..."
>But I was able to attend primary school like anyone else.
>In the summer holidays I was able to play till the sun burnt me black.
>It was June, just after I entered middle school.
>It was just before the midterm tests.
>It was the day after I ordered a swimming costume for the summer.
>That was the first day I was admitted to hospital.
>It was a cold, unpleasant, drizzly day.
>Shrouded by the rainy sky, murky, white, and damp.

-Haeleth (88 words)

>> No.12565567


Right, which is why it's a dual line/word count thing. That way when we get an AliceSoft title that's reported as ~60k lines but has about half the words as one that's ~30k they end up working out to be about the same amount of effort. The difference ends up showing itself in lines TL'd/day.

Only really works for games that either have had a decent amount of TL already done or are complete though. Still better than raw size though IMO.

>> No.12565596

I don't think the doujin circle that made this game had English translations on their mind when they listed the script size on their website prior to release.

>> No.12565604


Oh come now, reading the conversation before posting? What're you thinking.

>> No.12566114

Wow, he actually updated his goals now:
>For programming and translation we would need $10,000. Even if we don't make the goal of $10,000 translation will be completed but there will be no chance for voices.

>> No.12566140

I don't understand who is he trying to trick with such obvious lies.

>> No.12566773

So dovac was saying in the past that he doesn't care about Grisaia torrents, but today he threatened fuwanovel with legal actions and forced them remove torrent links from site.
Consistent and sticking to own promises as always.

>> No.12566783


Is that even allowed? It's like he's saying "well, we could pay for the translation ourselves, but why don't you guys pay for it for us instead"

>> No.12566787
File: 344 KB, 606x651, dovac_fuwa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dovac the internet tough guy.

>> No.12566879 [DELETED] 

>We're not censoring grisaria
>We are censoring grisaria
>Steam dual release
>Wait No
>Ask me in november

>Guys I need your money for VAs
>No wait, to translate it
>No wait, I'll translate it even if I don't get the money
>plz give monies though

>There's no point in c/ding grisaria torrents
>You bitches better take down those torrents!

>clannad's using the fantranslation
>no wait, we're using doki's
>no wait, we're using doki's but throwing a lot of it out and editing it?

damn dovac you should get out of the VN business and into the footwear manufacturing industry cause you're a goddamn master of flip-flops.

>> No.12566884

>We're not censoring grisaia
>We are censoring grisaia
>Steam dual release
>Wait No
>Ask me in november

>Guys I need your money for VAs
>No wait, to translate it
>No wait, I'll translate it even if I don't get the money
>plz give monies though

>There's no point in c/ding grisaria torrents
>You bitches better take down those torrents!

>clannad's using the fantranslation
>no wait, we're using doki's
>no wait, we're using doki's but throwing a lot of it out and editing it?

damn dovac you should get out of the VN business and into the footwear manufacturing industry cause you're a goddamn master of flip-flops.

>> No.12567525

The only reason he uses Kickstarter is because he assumes (correctly) that people won't read his bullshit and make the assumption that without giving him at least 10k, it won't be released. If it was about the voices, that's where the KS should be set.

But it's not. It's about lining his pockets by extorting money under veiled threats for shitty games.

>> No.12567586


Yeah it sounds like he just wants to keep the initial goal low so they can get payout more easily. If that $30k was the starting point, there'd be a higher chance they wouldn't hit it at all = no money for dovac. Really, probably the best deal for them would be to hit just under the first voice stretch goal.

>> No.12567828

I am guessing after the first episode of the Grisaia anime was both well recieved and popular, Dovac is now in a panic because significantly more people are now downloading the fanTL after being introduced to the franchise through the anime, and thus those people are going to be playing the title now rather than waiting for his release months down the road. Piracy is a tricky issue as always and certainty will affect his bottom line on what he will get from Grisaia, but Sekai Project isn't going to have much luck in anti-piracy where every other company in the related industry has failed, regardless of if he is in the right.

For Grisaia uncensoring, that is somewhat more understandable than the others rapid changes he made, because rather than changing his mind, he realized he had a problem where he thought he wouldn't have one. Initially he figured it would be no big deal, as did the rest of the people involved with the fanTL and TLWiki. Recall back during AX, multiple people involved with either the fanTL or TLWiki were making posts saying people were being stupid for getting upset over only an all ages release. Once Dovac realized more people than just small a group on /jp/ (that he could safely ignore) were unhappy about the censorship, he tried to tap dance around the issue by saying something along the lines of "We aren't censoring it because the version we are translating has nothing to censor." He dropped that line though once he realized no on was going along with that, especially with how far out of his way he had to go to get that censored version. So with no other options he probably feels like he is forced to do something, and probably will announce that with his upcoming announcement.

>> No.12567924

this dovac shithead should just kill himself already. i wish they fail miserably with their steam release.

>> No.12568233


White men can't jump.
Brown people can't translate.

>> No.12568444

What do you mean? Dargoth is a nigger?

>> No.12568655

>because significantly more people are now downloading the fanTL
Well, yes, thats true. A lot of people who don't read VNs asked me for Grisaia dl links after first episode.
Oh well, just show how bad dovac is at this whole thing. If he wouldn't be so retarded, he would concentrate his efforts on sync-releasing game with anime, tl is long done so there are no roadblocks to do it.

>> No.12568662

>what is a 'word'?
A miserable pile of letters.

>> No.12568799

Oh look, it's batman pretending not to be batman

>> No.12568818

We should call him soapman.

>> No.12568995

top kek

>> No.12569024
File: 10 KB, 575x82, retired.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dovac is shutting down his twitter account.

>> No.12569058

He's still got his blog, Reddit, and all his Kickstarters to constantly put his foot in his mouth in.

Hell, just in that Reddit thread linked he says multiple contradictory things.

>> No.12569059

What a surprise, with you guys publicly scrutinizing every single thing he tweets.

Guess you guys better get to IRC now to scrutinize everything he says on there!

>> No.12569067

Alternatively, you could stop going back on your word, trying to doubletalk people, and making racist tweets.

>> No.12569077

uh good job?

>> No.12569083

I bet he will open it again in few days.

>> No.12569086

He stopped using IRC as well some time ago.

>> No.12569088

Do you know why Dovac was threatening fuwanovel

>> No.12569128

Jesus christ, it's like you live and breathe to fap over dovac.

>> No.12569373

They're doing another editing pass and there are the new scenes to TL, and who knows what else. It probably would not have been feasible to release the game at this point no matter what.

What he should absolutely do is try to get a pre-order up ASAP so people can see the game on steam and have a way to buy it while the potential hype is at its peak.

>> No.12569385

If Dovac takes down fuwanovel it would actually greatly improve the translation scene.

>> No.12569387

Yeah, fuwanovel does more harm than good.

>> No.12569423

How many Futsuus does it take?

>> No.12569484

Any number multiplied by zero is zero.

>> No.12569498

What if you divide by Futsuu?

>> No.12569561

Don't do it.

>> No.12569637

You'll find out Futsuu's true identity! It's too early in the story for that, don't reveal such spoilers already! With that information, the posters would do things differently and the plan would never succeed!

>> No.12569726

Is he Tuxedo Mask or Sailor Moon?

>> No.12569819

Futsuu is /jp/ itself. It eventually turns out that the hate towards the 'Futsuu' persona is self-hate stemming from the dependence on fan translators and /jp/'s own inability to translate.

>> No.12569840


>> No.12569884

Just wait until the part where they accept and try to revive Futsuu. Seriously, that part was amazing.

>> No.12570430

He sure is a dick.

>> No.12570443

Whoa, man, spoiler that shit.

>> No.12570673

Question for the people complaining about that VN's translation: How does it compare to the translation of the classic "Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History"?

>> No.12570694

Haha, this was good.

>> No.12570699

>that VN
Which one?

>> No.12571016

Anon, Futsuu was dead from like almost the very start of the story. It was a given they'd try to revive him considering how they kept bringing him up all the time. (They paid more attention to him when he's dead than when he was still alive.)

>> No.12571059


A pretty smart decision for smart. But a bit sad, in a way. Now I'll have to dig through reddit for my daily dose of dovac drama

>> No.12571199

Why is Dovac's personal twitter protected again? I think he doesn't like us.

>> No.12571214


Dovac's alright. He's bringing us this.

The problem is that guy really needs a publicity manager. Hell, I'd do the job for him. Dovac, if you're reading this, let me be your publicity manager. I'll do it for shit all money. Just give me partial control of your social media accounts and let me read everything before you post it and edit it to make you sound more nice..

>> No.12571318

The fact that it's already fan-translated?
You could always be more direct and just say you want to suck his dick.

>> No.12571329

The video is of Meikyuu, which hasn't been translated yet. Probably means they will be doing the whole series.

>> No.12571335

>Probably means they will be doing the whole series.

Yeah, sure, if they get enough KS bucks for it.

>> No.12571921

If he has all the titles, the question will become will he release the titles with only an all ages version, an all ages but general nudity patched back in (like he is doing for Sunrider), or have an 18+ uncut version somewhere.

>> No.12571970

There's no all ages versions of anything but the first game. Largely because the second is about 25% fucking.

So SP can tease it all they want. Unless they take the plunge into R18 stuff, which they keep shying away from already with the first one and making up excuses about how the R15 port is totally just as good, they're not going to be doing the rest.

>> No.12571991

>He's bringing us this.
He's bringing you censored copy, without all the glorious sex with Julia and Kazuki.

>> No.12572137 [DELETED] 

Looks like mangagamer is changing the higurashi sprites a bit after people bitched about them. Shion's gained a bra and Rena's hat has increased in size.

I wonder if they responded to the tumblr whining and covered satoko up even further. Doddler didn't seem too keen on that one, so it's possible they didn't. I also kinda hope they don't to stick to those tumblrinas.

>> No.12572144 [DELETED] 
File: 804 KB, 962x612, subtledifferences.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like mangagamer is changing the higurashi sprites a bit after people bitched about them. Shion's gained a bra and Rena's hat has increased in size.

I wonder if they responded to the tumblr whining and covered satoko up even further. Doddler didn't seem too keen on that one, so it's possible they didn't. I also kinda hope they don't to stick to those tumblrinas.

>> No.12572165
File: 804 KB, 962x612, subtledifferences.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like mangagamer is changing the higurashi sprites a bit after people bitched about them. Mion's gained a bra and Rena's hat has increased in size.

I wonder if they responded to the tumblr whining and covered satoko up even further. Doddler didn't seem too keen on that one, so it's possible they didn't. I also kinda hope they don't in order to stick to those tumblrinas.

>> No.12572176

Mion's old sprite looked fucking stupid anyway, so I'm fine with that. Just as long as they don't further censor Satoko. I get the feeling Doddler would have said something on his Twitter if they had, though, so I'm guessing they didn't.

>> No.12572209


I think they're basing the changes off a french guy who posts in the higurashi threads and on animesuki who "improved" the mangagamer sprites. Those are the same changes he made and he twit'd doddler with a manifesto of examples and changes he wants to see.

If I recall, all he did for satoko was add bruises and change the towel back to blue. So we might end up with added bruises.

>> No.12572223
File: 684 KB, 1238x724, ThisIsAlsoTheGuyBehindTheTumblrCampaign.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh, and speaking of that higurashi animesuki thread

>mangagamer target audience
>not atleast 50% lolicon

>> No.12572241

It does looks better than that vacuum-sealed shirt.

The only problem is
>Just as long as they don't further censor Satoko.
Is definitely going to happen as well.

>> No.12572354
File: 38 KB, 716x489, ItShouldBeIllegalForOneManToBeThisBased.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doddler, you're one of the few men I'd offer my anal virginity to.

>> No.12572393


Actually I wonder if it's doddler himself who's editing the sprites. Nothing's changed so far that would require anything more than a bit of redrawing talent like doddler did with some of imopara.

>> No.12572668

An all ages version of Meikyuu comes out for psp and psv in just a few weeks.

>> No.12572901

Doddler is one of the few people in the scene that always manages to seem like a rational and intelligent human being. He is also competent at his job which is another separating factor.

>> No.12572938


He's cool, but he's still just a "contractor" so he can get away with a bit more. For example, https://twitter.com/The_Doddler/status/520247929034903553 while awesome(and completely understandable and logical), is probably something you shouldn't be doing if you were in say, dovac's position, and were in charge of selling your shit to largest audience you could.

>> No.12572956

What about me? ;_;

>> No.12572963


No one cares about you

>> No.12572966

>What about me?
I don't know who are you, but you sure write like retard.

>> No.12572983

He knows he shouldn't take most people around here seriously, unlike Dovac.
Like when he got called a pedophile. He laughed about it and brushed it off.

>> No.12573005

>He knows he shouldn't take most people around here seriously, unlike Dovac.

That's true, but I'm just saying that he's not the pinnacle of perfect judgement(but then again who is, I guess?)

>> No.12573027

This is why you don't get nice things from me.

>> No.12573147

Hi Doddler.

>> No.12573151

Isn't there an ongoing translation of it in tlwiki?

>> No.12573154

Koestl is working for MangaGamer now, so its onhold.

>> No.12573157

People say nude Satoko was not sexual but we fapped anyway right?

>> No.12573160


I was doing that before she was naked, though

>> No.12573168

I really want to support Front Wing, but I can't say it feels right to support Sekai Project when they shy away from anything eroge while also being condescending pricks about it.

It leaves me rather conflicted.

>> No.12573178

AmiAmi still sells Grisaia games overseas. You can order all 3 right now and support FrongWing directly. You also get cool hardbox instead shitty digital code.

>> No.12573219

Herkz seems to have a lot of trouble coming up with a good response when he gets owned hard. It happens pretty often.

>> No.12573234


If you're going to export drama, please do us a favor and at least provide context

>> No.12573517

Killer Queen NEVER.

>> No.12573535


>> No.12573544

There is no context, this is just a general statement. Like, something you'll notice if you watch herkz for a bit.

>> No.12573565

Some guy just announced on Fuwa that they're already almost halfway through translating Idol Mahou Shoujo Chiru Chiru. Some people may flip out because it's fuwanovel, but it's not a project organized there, he registered just now to post about it.


>> No.12573572

C&D from Dovac in 3... 2...

>> No.12573576

dovac doesn't have any legal rights on ChiruChiru, so you could sue him for such blatant abuse of DMCA, it has such clauses.

>> No.12573587

But he can encourage FrontWing to issue one.

>> No.12574157

Nice, cool to see a project announced that actually has substantial progress already. This will be done before Dovac can do anything about it. Say goodbye to your money, nerd.

>> No.12574204

Looks like mangagamer's got a sale going on with some of their older titles in case you're one of those weird people that aren't willing to pay 50 bucks for harukoi but would totally buy it if it were 25.

I wonder if they actually move any decent numbers with sales? I'd think most of their selling would be frontloaded as fuck, but then again fucking dmc's been chugging along on their charts for nearly a year straight now.

>> No.12574413

I can't imagine they get many window shoppers who can be drawn in by a sale. It's probably mostly just the same old regulars who want an excuse to pick up some stuff they have previously skipped.

>> No.12574424

DMC is dirt-cheap + has awesome and misleading art + pretends to have gameplay.
I've bought it too, thinking it would be yuri vn.

>> No.12574426

I actually used this opportunity to buy Kira Kira and Edelweiss bundle. My order number is 16057.
Back in july 8th I bought ImoPara. Its order number is 12711. Seems like they're selling about 1000 copies for month as of recently.

>> No.12574433

> 16057
Could you please specify exact day?
Need it for my MG-stalking purposes.

>> No.12574436

Also, my latest datapoint is 2014-09-18:15327, so seems like less than 1000.

>> No.12574446

Today. I'll probably buy Cartagra by the end of the pre-order period.

>> No.12574456

But you have no idea how the order numbers work. Is it overall? Do they reset it every year? Or every fiscal year?

>> No.12574457

Also, if you buy several things, it's counted as one order.

>> No.12574461

We have pretty good idea how it works because we were stalking them for a while and have one order per one or two months for 2 years.
Numbers are sequential and never reset, except when they launched renewed site 2 years ago.

>> No.12574467


700 to be divided between d2bvdeardrops, imopara, and cartagra preorders huh?

What do you suppose, 300 imoparas, 200 cartagras, only a hundred d2bvdeardropss? With the leftover being etc. imopara's been mostly at the top of mangagamer's chart until this last week where cartagra overtook it

Seems like d2bvsdeardrops probably really did bomb

>> No.12574472

No, imopara sold most of its copies a bit earlier.
2014-07-08:12711 makes it around 2k.

>> No.12574476

Ah, you mean within this month. Yep, that seems about right, d2b fandisk was confirmed as failure by Doddler.

>> No.12574477


Assuming their weekly charts are accurate, it's been rank 1 literally until this week, and it's 2 now.

>> No.12574538
File: 18 KB, 441x144, That's what they said last week.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never indeed.

>> No.12574708

Uh, isn't it a yuri VN? With gameplay.

>> No.12574715

Its not VN at all. There's like 100kb of text or even less. Most of art is not used in any scenes, which just adds more pain to the wound.

>> No.12575007

I see. Shoulda just downloaded the art, I guess.

>> No.12575232

erm there is a steam chat app for android/ios dude, but yeah irc is better

>> No.12575625

I...I just can't comprehend this. Is this trolling or just plain ignorance of the repercussions of such comments?
To top on all this, people are asking on SP tumblr for them to try to license Favorite titles. What the fuck is happening to the english VN community...

>> No.12575633

Uh, good luck with that one since Favorite doesn't do all-ages versions.

>> No.12575930

So that was the response eh? Just as condescending as ever.
Well, it's settled. I won't purchase a copy even though I wanted to support Front Wing's attempt of western localization.

There is one thing to be professional about the whole thing. Explaining directly and to the point, from the beginning, why eroge titles goes against their business model and how it doesn't allow for it. While elaborating on the topic, their stance and perhaps even Front Wing's stance, and end it by apologetically apologizing for not being able to provide it.

And being all wishy washy, dodging clear answers while being condescending pricks about the entire thing. Seriously. How does one even go about their business like that, while keeping their job?

>> No.12576033

Same way Kouryuu keeps his job. There's nobody who can read English above them to yank the choke chain and get the fucktards back in line.

>> No.12576082

A new non-trolling answer from him.


I would have to think though this means with his upcoming announcement he plans to announce all ages only versions (or at best, patch in some nudity but not H-scenes) of the 2 Grisaia sequels, and then blame Frontwing for it.

>> No.12576124

That's fine, we already know it's his own fault. Gotta get that 12 year old french girl audience that absolutely exists.

>> No.12576299


Evospace can actually read english though

>> No.12576328


Jesus Christ.

>> No.12576348

>We will have a edition with the mature content uncut on our own platform

After months of being a fucking cocktease, is it finally over? Or is there going to be another flip-flop?

Also seems it's confirmed koetsl will be doing the rest of them for sekai project if the project succeeds

>> No.12576351


On one hand: fuck dovac.
On the other: koestl is a cool dude and he deserves to be compensated for his work.

I wonder what this platform they're talking about is. Is SP going to build their own store site?

>> No.12576353

I guess the new company line is that voices are the magical unverifiable thing that they can just handwave "give us money for this."

Not to mention:
>$40,000 for first game localization payment and voices for entire series (3.73 mb script)
>$80,000 for nothing but localizing second and third games (3.3 mb script)

>> No.12576354

>We will have a edition with the mature content uncut on our own platform

Well, at least there's that.

>> No.12576360

>We will have a edition with the mature content uncut on our own platform; we're working on bringing the all-ages version of the trilogy to Steam, but if Steam rejects the games, then we will release the all-ages versions on our platform as well.
The only thing that matters there. I'm not paying anything until I can confirm myself that every bit of 'mature content' remains intact or, better yet, is officially uncensored.

>> No.12576362

You think that's going to Koestl and not to Dovac?

>> No.12576367

Holy shit. Is there someone who'll actually give $3.500 to localize grisaia?

It's about fucking time they said something concrete regarding the ero content on the PC version.

>> No.12576369

Unless he goes back on his word. Again.

Because that's only happened with literally every single thing he's announced so far.

>> No.12576380

WEE got nearly $100k, so $120k with a popular and currently airing anime should be a non issue.

>> No.12576381

Well, I can get behind a $30 price point at least. MangaGamer's prices for their large VNs are totally retarded so seeing a VN bigger than anything MG has ever done with a proposed price of $30 is nice.

>> No.12576392

>I'm completely ignorant about how this market works but fuck it. I'm right anyway.

>> No.12576396

Koestl is getting paid for this. If the Kickstarter doesn't reach its goals, Koestl doesn't get paid. Pretty cut and dry.

>> No.12576397


MG also doesn't kickstart every game they do. They have to recoup localization costs somehow.

>> No.12576406

Regardless of the reasons why the prices are the way they are, it's still good that there will be more reasonably priced options.

>> No.12576408

>we're releasing the game without voices and not paying anybody for localization if you don't give me monies. Also, we're not releasing any other games.

Dovac, here's some unfriendly advice. Don't even fucking try this bullshit.

>> No.12576436

What? You don't pay anyone for localization if they don't localize anything. That's the fucking point.

also lol for thinking im dovac

>> No.12576449

>If the Kickstarter doesn't reach its goals, Koestl doesn't get paid
>We need $40,000 voices for the entire series

Fucking pick one, dumbass.

>> No.12576459

$80,000 for Meikyuu, $120,000 for Rakuen.

Also not 100% sure but if they don't even get $40k, it sounds like Kajitsu won't get released at all.

>> No.12576471

It's sort of a non issue unless Kickstarter gets mad at them, since if WEE can get nearly $100k, this will have no problems getting $40k.

>> No.12576484

If Sekai Project is building their own platform which allows 18+ releases, suddenly them getting Nekopara isn't a bad thing either.

>> No.12576495

>isn't a bad thing either
Only if you enjoy soap opera.
Having 18+ shop is only one prerequisite. There are plenty of other, including capable translator, capable editor, enough QA, capable project manager and so on.

>> No.12576500

With how bad they were at disclosing info about grisaia status and a fucking horrible PR manager I still think it isn't wise to trust SP for this kind of releases. Anyway this is just my opinion. I hope SP starts to get better in a lot of ways so I can place some trust on them.

>> No.12576513

Koestl is a cool dude and Grisaia is a cool series, so if more Grisaia can be translated with Koestl getting paid for it, I'm all for it. I can ignore some of the stupid bullshit surrounding sekai project for this.

>> No.12576758

I wish Fortune Arterial and Dracu-riot were active projects. Really want to play those but my moon is too low.

>> No.12576789

Both are shitty moege. You can learn enough japanese in 3-4 months to read them.

>> No.12577201

I think it's hilarious (in a god damn this guy's stupidity gives me a headache way) that suddenly becaues of the anime being well received, dovac's in a hurry to lay claim to the 18+ version. Jackass wouldn't have considered it otherwise.

>> No.12577237

I don't think it was the anime which changed his mind, but rather what was described in this post above

Especially since he changed his answers on Grisaia censorship at the end of September.

>> No.12578134

That post describes the anime being a contributing factor in his insane actions, though. He was pretty much waffling all the way up to this announcement.

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