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What would yo dou?

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Sex, request more tickets, sex.

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Her long frog tongue up my urethra!

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Cut her legs off and make bbq frog.

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Cuddle her like there is no tomorrow. Then sex

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My guro fetish is tingling, I'd like to see a doujinshi about that.

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Suwako? What a drag. Not my type at all, and she's not exactly a beneficial goddess, so divine favors are out too.
So...I dunno.

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Take the hat

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Why do you like guro?

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Dunno man, for the shock factor probably.

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Hang out
Play video games
Bake some cookies
Have tea

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Have her lick my dick

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I would do this

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ask her for help and summon Kanako

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Thanks dude that was a really funny manga.

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I'll ask her to give curse and misfortunes to someone I hate.
After he received all the sufferings we will sacrifice him to the Mishagujis.

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Wear her hat.

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I need a pic to decide. I'm not an actual weeaboo so I'm not here alot.

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Scat and fart related activities.

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Fertility goddess, you say?

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Sex with the hat

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I'm going to burn the memory of my dick into her pussy for the rest of her life. [cit]

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make her type ouit all my posts to the jp lol fart

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Impregnate her

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I'd like to lick her clean at the end of the day, when she's all covered in /jp/sies cum.

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So it means you drink all of /jp/sies cum? Why don't just go straight to the sources.

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For what purpose?

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>Why don't just go straight to the sources.

But that would make it gay.

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That would be gay, dude.

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This. I want her hat.

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To pass on my genes with a prime breeder.

I guess I might take responsibility, but I'd rather start a family with Kanako instead.

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Cut her stomach open and fuck her intestines

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You guys should make a /jp/ guro doujinshi already.

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Re-enact those Happiness Mik doujins.

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This. Kanako <3

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Fucking hell, man

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dude..... dude... i think we need to nuke these japs again

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What the actual fuck.

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Two nukes just wasn't enough.

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lick and eat out her butthole all day long.

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Yes yes yes YES!

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scalp, buy backstage pass to choujuu gigaku with money

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I'd choke on her fat cock

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Where did I get the ticket?

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It looks so strong and delicious!

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Sell the ticket at auction.

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>yfw this man dropped off the face of the earth a year ago.
Where is he? I miss him.

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What are talking about?

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What are you talking about?

>> No.12021024

Wait, what?
He released a book at C85 barely 3 months ago.

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>at auction
some auctions don't let you sell tickets
scalp that shit

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Play super mario kart with her

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I would fuck her

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How original.

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Play video games and hold her hands.

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Touch her chest once, then apologise for being gross and lewd immediately afterwards.

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Have her use her divine powers to get me a ticket for a better 2hu.

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Smell her butt, obviously. What kind of question is that?

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Lick her straight from her cunt up to the tummy and finally the dfc

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Nobody has scanned his books yet, currently im waiting for the ones where sanae corrupts reimu and the suika one

>> No.12026309

Frog races

>> No.12026390

I'd make her reenact "frogger" on a 7 lane highway.

I don't have anything against her, I just like to dream big

>> No.12026393

lamest ticket

suwacko is gay

>> No.12026403

Give me your ticket then, nerdlord.

>> No.12026405


I get the whole "wow it's fresh!" but it's not really necessary to show it to that degree. Fresh food has an obvious better taste.

I also don't think I could eat something that is taring at me, what a weird presentation!

>> No.12026412

Man up and eat, dude!

Do you think that delicious meat you eat just pops out of the ground cut, trimmed, and cooked?

It's good to stare down an enemy before devouring its desecrated remains.

>> No.12026420

>It's good to stare down an enemy before devouring its desecrated remains.

Well I don't know about that. I much prefer what I'm trying to eat doesn't move around on the plate. Still it's interesting.

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You just want to see 18 wheelers dodging iron rings.

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Marry her

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make her wrap her tongue around my dick!

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Fuck off with your spoilers.

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And .gifs
It's not 2013 anymore, gramps.

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Just print the image, bro!

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the piano almost makes it look like the bad end to some anime where the frog is the MC who has fallen to the last boss

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exchange shitty frog loli wannabe for the goddess that actually lets you cum inside.

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y-you can't post this kind of thing!

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>> No.12029158

Put the hat on.

>> No.12031245

on your COCK?

>> No.12031254

On my head.

>> No.12031316

Suwako beats the shit out of Lame-ew.

>> No.12031327

Sumata and flat-chest-paizuri all night long.

>> No.12031358


The head of your COCK?

>> No.12031363

The head between my shoulders.

>> No.12031380


Is that what you call your testicles?

>> No.12031400

Stop being lewd, man.

>> No.12031425

How much do you think I could sell it for?

>> No.12031429

I'll give you $3

>> No.12031433

Come on, buddy. There are hardcore Suwako fans out there that would give me a chunk of their life savings for this.

>> No.12031437

Ok, $4 then

>> No.12031467

I'd offer $4.25 if butt stuff is allowed.

>> No.12031472

The ticket does say ANYTHING.

>> No.12031476

I'd take her to the movies

I'm tired of going alone.

>> No.12031479

In that case, $4.50 and I'll take her skydiving.

>> No.12031501

Cuddle until the time expires

>> No.12031568

I would braid her hair.

>> No.12032858

Play videogames

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Video games are for children

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FUCK HER. For fuck's sake just fucking fuck her.
Stop with this stupid hand holding, cuddling, hat putting, movie watching, video game playing faggoty shit and just fuck her.
This isn't that complicated.

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>> No.12032914


I don't want to though.

>> No.12032955

Rumia's butt is?

>> No.12032959

Put your pOnOs into her vagOOO.

>> No.12032983

Man, why does it always have to be about sex with you? Maybe I just want someone to play boardgames with, okay?

>> No.12033012

Not true, what if the person with the ticket is a netorare and wants someone else to fuck her?

>> No.12033022


What if I'm saving myself for a different touhou?

>> No.12033026

If you win her heart, you can have as many fucks as you want. Using your ticket just for a fuck will only met you one fuck, and she may not even like you afterwards, and that would be just terrible

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Dissect her for frog god anatomy, hopefully it won't end like the golden goose.

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Stop being a faggot.
You've got a dick, right?
And there's pussy.
So just go ahead fuck fuck it.
It's really simple, there's no need for any innovation there.

I don't care who's fucking her just as long she's getting fucked.

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Do you want to be Suwako while getting fucked?

>> No.12033047

Those comments are so dumb, that frog is dead as hell.

>> No.12033052

>It's really simple, there's no need for any innovation there.
I don't know man. The vanilla stuff just doesn't do it for me anymore.

>> No.12033059


Don't call me a faggot, faggot.

>> No.12033095

Adopt her as my daughter.

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Not my favorite 2hu but I'd definitely give it a shot. Plus maybe I could spend more time with her.

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Keep it up!

>> No.12033259


It's not a hat! It's part of her body!

It's like saying that you want to remove the "hat" from a penis.

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