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Look at this fucking girl!

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Good morning.

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I'd fuck that frog

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Are you sure that's a girl?

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are you sure it's fucking

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so kawaii

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Can I put it in?

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Why are you claiming tht she fukn when she ain't? I can su u 4 bd dvertisment

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Hello cutie

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Adult sized suwako best suwakp

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pls dont ruin more 2hus

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the only non virgin touhou in cannon

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being a loli frog is her only gimmick

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I killed a frog yesterday.

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Some of the Taohus are confirmed for used goods too.

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and mooncunts as well

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she's not JUST for fucking you know

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The other thread died for some reason.

If she even has one...
> Some frogs have no tongue and just stuff food into their mouths with their hands.[38]

And if she does...
> The length of a frog's tongue is about 1/3 of their body, and it is located at the front of their mouth, instead of the back. If a human's tongue was this long it would reach their waist

Apparently, frogs cannot fling their tongues with their eyes open so they have incredible marksmanship. Why isn't she paired up with Reisen more often?

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>The other thread died for some reason.
Probably because the OP image was a semi-transparent blowjob.

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Seething with rage, Suwako began to swill her tongue around inside her mouth. With the powers to alter her spirit, she began to focus those abilities on her tongue, making it longer and thicker. Strengthening her tongue muscles and producing sticky fluids from her mouth, Suwako had shaped her tongue into that akin of a Frog.

As Cirno continued with her massacre, Suwako got down onto the ground, back in her frog hop position that she used for moving like one. Moving her head backwards, she launched forwards at an alarming speed and shot her tongue out, aiming right for Cirno. In a flash, Suwako's tongue found itself wrapped around Cirno's tiny frame, with the goddess slowly reeling the Fairy closer towards her.

Taken off guard by the sudden constraint, Cirno began to wriggle around in an attempt to free herself from Suwako's lengthy tongue. Hey, what gives? What are you, some kind of Frog girl?・
But exuctay・Suwako attempted to respond, but with her tongue occupied, it made speaking coherently rather difficult.

Cirno tried desperately to use her freezing powers to stop her captor, but Suwako's tongue simply broke the ice coatings easily thanks to the amazing strength it possessed. Closer and closer, Cirno was right in front of Suwako now, getting a good shot of her open maw.

For the first time in their encounter, Cirno looked frightened. H-H-Hey wait up! You c-c-can be serious!・
As Suwako heaved her tongue upwards, Cirno was pulled up into the air, currently hanging upside down, her legs pointed upwards to the sky and her head dangerously close to Suwako's mouth. Slowly but surely, Suwako lowered Cirno downwards, making the fairy begin her descent into Suwako's mouth.

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Go on...

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Cirno's cries and pleads were easily muffled as Suwako's maw encased the fairy's head, Cirno's body causing the goddess's mouth and throat to expand so her meal would fit nicely. It wasn't long before Suwako began to work on Cirno's body, her slim figure being easily swallowed up. By now, Cirno had entered Suwako's stomach, the gradual gulping of her body causing the fairy to land face first into the sizzling digestive acids.

With her arms and body out of the way, Suwako had only the legs of the fairy to go. With her tongue only wrapping around Cirno's body and no longer being in use, Suwako had to swallow Cirno's legs as they wriggled and kicked around in desperate fashion, the fairy hoping in some vain way that this would free her from the incoming outcome. This proved fruitless though, as with some carefully timed gulps, Suwako slurped up Cirno's feet and sent Cirno's entire being down into her stomach.

Slowly plonking herself onto the grass, Suwako let out a careless belch and rested on the floor, giving her now much larger belly a few pats. She felt the vibrations of Cirno's body churning around inside her stomach, the various digestive acids inside doing their best to break down the fairy. She also heard the muffled voice of Cirno, who was seemingly complaining and shouting from what Suwako could hear.

Hmmm・.so ice fairies taste like ice cream...Suwako pondered, licking her lips as she did.

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When Cirno had fallen pray to the Giant Toad, she had a rather large stomach to move around and escape from, which she did by freezing the insides of the Great Toad, making him spit her out. In Suwako's case, this was a fruitless effort. Her stomach was just far too small for much movement, and the enclosed space combined with the growing intensity of Suwako's stomach acids made Cirno grow weak, her powers fading as time went on.

In a matter of minutes, Cirno had nearly passed out, the plucky ice fairy finally giving up and awaiting death's grip. She wasn't completely down and out though, as she smiled at the plan she had ahead. Like many other fairies, Cirno was actually immortal, being able to easily recover from the most brutal of injuries or deaths by simply reforming their bodies, even if they were completely destroyed.

Cirno thought over her plans. I'll just let Frog Girl digest me, and then I'll reform at the pond after she's left. I'll wait out for her until next time she gets here, and BAM! Get her with a sneak attack and exact another bout of sweet vengeance!
With the final stomach movements doing their job, Cirno closed her eyes and allowed the digestive juices to melt her body down. Being an ice fairy, Cirno was actually made up of ice and water, with no blood or organs seemingly powering her. Because of this, she would bleed water most of the time, and excessive heat would even melt her. In this case, a mixture of heat and injury was able to break Cirno down into ice cold water, leaving her remains to churn around inside Suwako's full belly.

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Rubbing her gut and feeling that it had gone from being hard and smooth to soft and squishy; Suwako got herself of the ground.

Looks like I digested that fairy already. She thought as she used her small legs to heave her large belly up. She's probably thinking of some kind of revenge already since fairies reform after death, but it's nothing to be too worried about. Doubt she'll be anymore of a problem than she was here.
Suwako waddled over to the Giant Toad, who was still encased in the block of ice made by Cirno.

The Great Toad croaked again. Huh? Oh, no need to worry about that fairy anymore. She's got a rather nasty surprise in store for her when she reforms again Suwako gave her gut a few rubs, causing her stomach to gurgle quietly.

However, her stomach began to churn yet again. Inside her belly, the ice water that made up Cirno was beginning to shift around, building up shaping itself into the form of a person. It wasn'y too long before the fairy had reformed fully, minus her clothes as they had been digested but were not part of Cirno's watery body.

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Hahahaha! I'm back in action, ready to take on the hey, wait a second! Cirno patted her surroundings, feeling the all too familiar internal walls and stinging stomach acids. WHAT? How I am still inside that Frog Girl's belly?

Hearing the less than pleased sounds of an ice fairy, Suwako arose from her slumber with a smirk on her face. Oh, I see you're reformed. Surprised?

Cirno kicked furiously against her stomach. Let me out fatso! I can't let you get away with this without some sweet vengeance against you!

Suwako gave her bloated midsection some rubs, feeling the forces of Cirno's bumps. With the way you're going on, I feel like an expectant mother. It is a nice feeling, I'll say.

Quit your yapping and let me out already! I'll be stuck in here forever!・Cirno watched as once again she was being digested, her hands melting before her eyes.

Now, that's the plan you see. Because of your repeated offenses against the Great Toad, you need to be punished accordingly. Suwako lazily rounded her finger around her navel, surprised that she was able to actually reach it. I'd say being eternally trapped and digested inside my stomach is fair enough.

Tou haven't heard the last of me! I'll make it out of you, tubby! You'll see! Those were Cirno's last words before she was melted down into ice water yet again.

Suwako kept listening until all she could hear was the internal bubbling of her stomach. Nestling back into her bed, she thought to herself. I'll have to find out what her least favourite foods are

With that thought, the goddess drifted back to sleep, cradling her belly as she entered another slumber.

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I never asked for this.

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>Being an ice fairy, Cirno was actually made up of ice and water, with no blood or organs seemingly powering her.
Fanon shit. 2/10 stopped reading here. You should be ashamed.

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Anything you say about Cirno's internal organs is going to be fanon, period.

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You could say Cirno's organs could be nothing but livers and you would have nothing in canon to prove it wrong

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but what about her vajajay?

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cute post dude

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If only helen were here.

Try looking up the origins of fae. That is a valid interpretation. Also notice the use of the word "seemingly".

If you're going by metaphysical manifestation of nature, she wouldn't have one. Or a pOnOs. Human-fairy relationships are forbidden, anyways.

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Source? or /jp/ original?
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