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Good evening friend i hop eyour day today was good to i dont want to post to much cause i want to post on /jp/ more than once a week so sorry

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If I could be a german hottie like Asuka that'd be fine with me!!

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Sup tokiko.

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Trust and Betrayal?

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Is this the hands thread?

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Hi friend!

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Finger painting is not a good habit, Shinji.

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Haha hello too you too friend i hope your day has been good aswell

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who friends here

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Thanks, today was ok, it rained all day so I just stayed inside where it was warm. How was your day?

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My day was realyl good i woke up at 3 and then watched lots of shows and drank dr peper all day then i had dinner and that was good to and now im talking with you and thats good

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Can anyone photoshop this picture so the guy looks like the that feel frog?

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Dang nice, dr. pepper is my favorite! I didn't drink any today though. I just drunk milk and stayed in bed. Haven't eaten dinner yet, but will probably get something soon. What did you eat?

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I put all my effort into making craft dinner and it turned out really good so that made me realyl happy

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I hope you got that pizza you ordered.

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Man that sounds, good. I don't have anything in the house and all the food places are closed. I wanted to go earlier, but it was dark and raining and now I'll probably have to go to the store and get something to make.

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Pizza is really good and i wish i had some but i forget the pos tmy memory isnt good

Make sure you are safe if you go out and night cause it can be dangarous and i wouldnt want anything bad to happen too you

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Actually, I think hardees is open till 1am! A monster thickburger sure would hit the spot! Talk to you later friend.

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Captcha made me lose my file >_>

Take care, have a nice weekend!

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I hope to talk to you again soon my friend and i hope you have fun on your trip

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This was the best thing i have ever seen on /jp/
i'll remember this thread ;_;

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would you read a story about doing llewd things with a loli who is trying to stay awake to catch santa delivering her presents

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dang girl wsup

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Rei's better

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No. Just no.

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I would definitely masturbate to a doujinshi like that but I wouldn't bother to just read text about it.

Anyone else stock up on Christmas-related porn to spend all day masturbating to on Christmas day? I also have winter/Christmas-related erotic audio sets for the occasion. I'm looking forward to it. Also going to finally get to the second season of Amagami between Christmas day and the new year.

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why not

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Would Santa join the fun?

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I tried making apost but it didnt work i just wanted to ask if you have been really happy lately friend cause it seems like oyu have and i would hae asked you but i couldnt cause i couldnt post i hope you have been

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you are gay.

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Being mean to me is only being mean to yourself

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Damn Jaden, That's Deep.

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can it, homo

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Your loss

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I love Yui too. You must be a good anon.

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I think you might be a real deal retard, what that guy said is basically just a more retarded rephrasing of shit taught to elementary school kids. Everything Jaden Smith said - that got him his recent attention - was actually just fucking retarded, and was clearly just some kid trying to act pretentious much like 2kike.

These things are completely not the same, if you can't see that then maybe you should kill yourself out of /jp/.

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Serious question : Why are you so edgy?

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I'd make fun of you for taking this so seriously but you see tokike for what he really is so I'll let it slide this time.

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Is there a real tokiko? I get the feeling that he was a boogeyman made up by shitposters. Or maybe that's just what tokiko wants me to think...

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No but I can gimp it.

I started on it but I can't sit here finishing this. Here's what I have.

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I'm so fucked up

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Asuka can masturbate over me while I'm sleeping any time!

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What the fug, dude..

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Kyouko is a girl.

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whats your problem sayak sayaka

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asuka spammer should take it easy!

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Is this the blog thread?

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Is this real?

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/jp/ is the cake

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I'll cake you, you fucking Madoka Magica posting shitter.

Take this bullshit back to /a/.

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Stop it or I'll have to get serious

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I'm going to cock you in the ass, motherfucker.

Madoka Magica isn't Otaku Culture related.

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Not now girl you say but I was born to loose my breath ;)))

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