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Are you excited for Touhou 15??

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15? I still haven't learned the characters in 14! This is all happening so fast!

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Worst new touhou yet.

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#3 image result for "Touhou 15"

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Best 2hu.

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Fuck 2hu.

It's the same rehashed shit over and over.

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Reimu's face doesn't look "ZUN Art" enough to me.

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You could say I'm so excited that I got a boner, IYKWIM!

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she's not coming back

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Do you hug your mom with those same arms and hands you used to type that?

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Mima is not that cute.

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Ido's stuff does make some of ZUN's newer design seem bland in comparison.
The Tsukumo sisters were the nadir of blandness, but even some earlier characters reek of uncreativity (Parsee, Ichirin, Minamitsu, Byakuren, Futo, Mamizou, Seija), compared to the 6-10 chars.

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YOUR mom too

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I wouldn't agree with Parsee and Byakuren, but yes the rest is true. I've been saying this since forever but you can't say ZUN is doing something boring in a Touhou board.
Also i was really hyped by the first half of DDC, it was fucking great, and second half feels like TD 2.0

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You better take that back before I fuck you up so hard that your bones won't be able to feel anything ever again.

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this has not the charm

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These look like incredible tryhard shit.
Except that second one, she's cute and looks fitting.

>The Tsukumo sisters were the nadir of blandness
Benben is fucking adorable. Not enough stupid shit floating around her head while she shits frills for you?

She's got a goddamn half-ghost guitar or some shit, I don't know.

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Do you think fan games and characters restrict what ZUN can do?

I think he said he doesn't follow derivative works all that much, but I could see him choosing not to do an underwater Touhou game because of Marine Benefit, or not adding a Jesus Touhou because of Iesua.

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he won't add any christian touhous because touhou is all about jap culture

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He needs to create more touhou characters that follow respective fetishes.

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Komeji sisters, Sekibanki and Raiko weren't exactly his top level either, but it doesn't make any sense to attack only the newhus though. Look at the elaborate designs of Sara and Louise. Or Rumia, Cirno, Alice or Aki sisters.

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I'm quoting ZUN.

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vampires are pagan
and PC-98 is not canon

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we already got enough crosses

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>tralala theres not enough stupid accesories on my touhou I only make the most ORIGINAL character with the most ORIGINAL designs my waifu

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I hope he gives Kasen-chan a chance this time.

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Vampires might be pagan but Remilia's mansion is not oriental. Also i don't think she, Flan and Patchouli are japanese.
Alice and Yuuka are from Pc-98 and they are canon.

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> elaborate designs of Sara and Louise.

What? They're not elaborate at all.

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they're only canon because ZUN made them so
nothing from PC-98 is canon unless ZUN says it is

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Wait, were you being sarcastic?

(Sorry I am not good with jokes).

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Wait is there actually gonna be a Touhou 15? That OP picture doesn't look quite real to me (doesn't really look like ZUNart)
Any more info on this? Where is the picture from?

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That shit you drew looks like something from a tryhard Nukige.

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OP's dad works at ZUN

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Oh you.

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>That shit you drew looks like something from a tryhard Nukige.


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ZUN said on AWA that he would start working on a new touhou game when he gets back home.

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Rubbish! I mean if you don't like Touhou at all you probably should stay out of the threads, but constructive criticism is fine and disagreements on best/worst games/characters are going to happen.

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Even if you actually put them into a danmakufu they still look like something from a Nukige.
You should work on that, you could make money.

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15 already?
when did this news come out?

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Has ZUN defected across the sea?

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ZUN should go easy on the new characters for the new game and just let us revisit the previous ones or maybe some PC-98 characters.

I'm still not used to the new ones and I'm not sure I ever will.

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Who's the foreign guy ZUN is with in his latest twitter post?
What is he saying about English and British people a few more tweets before?
Please translate.

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I think he's from South Park

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I think for the next Photo game he should use some of the older touhous that didn't make it in like Mystia, Yuuka, and the Prismriver sisters.

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I thought the title said Sacred Grand Bong at first.

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sounds good to me

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I see he's still experimenting with new art styles. I think he hit his peak at IN. Also, I hate the new textbox and health bar style, and it looks like he's still using it.

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What we need is a new Phantasmagoria with actual decent netplay. That works for what you say too, he could just add 2 new characters and fill the rest with old characters. I think it would be the best Touhou in years.

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I dont see anything on his blog.
Calling bullshit on op.

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Why are you stating the obvious?

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It's some guy he was giving an interview to.

And those "English" earlier are probably インディース (indies).

In other news, ZUN bought himself a Surface Pro 2.

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so who is the Sacred Grand Bang?

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I like this picture.

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Saku is not a cow!

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she probably will be in th15. look what ZUN has already done to Reimu, and then factor in the great bang.

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No, she's not. Soon she'll discover the disadvantages of a large chest, but not yet. Let her have her victory.

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What? Reimu looks like a fucking yukkuri now.

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I like you

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Where's Sanae? She said she has been feeling restless in the latest manga. She should be playable in the next game.

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She would be playable if she weren't the worst 2hu.

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>implying Reimu and Marisa aren't the worst touhous
sidesing hard

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>TH15 features loli A shottypes and lewd B shottypes

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Aren't lolis lewd?

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I don't think I can remember anymore touhous

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ZUN is declining. I replayed PCB yesterday and realised how much better older games are compared to TD and DCC.

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I am declining. I replayed PCB yesterday and I died to Hell Realm Sword because I was busy spewing blood and phlegm everywhere due to my terminal cancer.

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I agree with >>11559638, in that the second one fits but the rest don't.

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TD is actually one of the better games, top 4 even.

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>playing Shift Z X X C X X C X X C X X C X X C

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I'm excited for pretty much every one of them in the series anyhow.

Semi related: does anyone know where I can find item tables for each of the games in the series?

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His AWA statement is that anything and anyone from PC-98 is canon until he says otherwise. In other words, he retcons whatever he damn well pleases.

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I can feel it in my bones

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Uh, no he said "The latest game overrides any previous cannon it touches."

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Why do people think ZUN is working on 15 just because he said that he was working on a new Touhou?

It's obviously going to be a 14.X game

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I love FM synth. ZUN adding a hint of it in th13 was pleasing and I hope it gets used more.

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>When I was making PC-98 games, I did not know that there would be contradictions later on. The old things exist in Touhou, but if one thing contradicts another, take the latest work to consider what is canon.


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>I love FM synth.
me too....

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>a hint of it

Fuck off. This is like ``chiptune music'' that isn't actually chiptunes, or ``8 bit'' sprites that are actually 24-bit sprites with alpha channel that happen to use a select number of colors.

If you want FM synthesis music, go listen to it. You can do a lot better than 2011 ZUN and his shitty, Cubase-generated imitation of it.

While you're at it, go play a real shmup, one that existed before Touhou. You'll be surprised.

And listen to Zuntata's output.

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>Fuck off. This is like ``chiptune music'' that isn't actually chiptunes, or ``8 bit'' sprites that are actually 24-bit sprites with alpha channel that happen to use a select number of colors.

I agree with you... I have the same anger and frustration which is why I am making a legitimate 16 bit game for the IBM PC DOS platform which rapes the opl2 chip and will feature a 2d tile engine style graphics and shit

it is in pre-alpha stage


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[ ] YES
[ ] NO

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Maybe we'll get another Phantasmagoria for touhou 14.3.

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