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How many of you fags play the games? Or do you just fap to doujinshi and listen to rearranges?

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>tfw I can only play up to Hard mode ;_;

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I've played all of them on easy while blowing continues!

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I play every game when it comes out (on Easy) just so I can get all the references and plot but to be honest they're not that great bullet hell games. The music is fantastic though.

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I 6CC'ed Ten Desires on Easy.

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I'm not very good, but the more I play, the better I get. I can usually get to stage three on hard now, and stage five or six on easy, without any continues. I know I could beat the game if I continued, but that wouldn't be as challenging.

I have a hard time remembering how the games play individually, so I'm thinking that I should stick to one game at a time, to avoid getting confused.

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I practice a lot by doing single stage Lunatic no bomb, but I rarely do runs. When you die three times in a row to the same spellcard, you know you're a fucking retard. No way I'd be able to 1cc.

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it gets boring after awhile so I just stop halfway through the games.

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I hate the standard games. It's just not for me. The Fairy Wars/Shoot the Bullet/Double Spoiler gimmicks kept me around till the end of the game though. I mostly just follow the official works and then read doujins.

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I feel the same. Listening to rearranges and playing fan stuff feels like cheating without playing the original stuff though.

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>references and plot

Hilarious, I just skip the dialogue everytime

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>I just skip the dialogue everytime
Probably because you can't read it.

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Every game has an English translation.

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I've cleared all of them on Normal, and 1cc'd PCB and IN on Normal. Not that any of that is remotely impressive.

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I played the some of the games first before I really got into the mountains of fan-made stuff. I'm kind of bad at them, but I still enjoy them. I can usually get halfway through them on normal before losing my first continue.

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I 1cc every game on normal, except the fighting ones I'm not very good at them. I do love the fan base though and the rearranges. I don't like the porn though.

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I try to play them once in a while, usually EoSD, but I've never cleared any. It takes a lot of dedication and I'm too low in that stat.

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You're cute.

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I've 1cc'd about half the games on hard and the rest on normal. I use to practice a lot but not anymore. Do people seriously still play on easy?

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I have 1cc'd every game on normal. I also got those parallel endings in TD. Only extra mode i have beaten is in POFV.

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I enjoy the games
Except for the fighting ones
They aren't quite for me

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How can you be good enough to 1cc Normal, but can't even 1cc the fighters? I can just barely 1cc Normal in the STGs, but I breezed through Lunatic no problem in the fighters. Netplay is where the real fun is at.

I probably have a learning disability too, as shown by my ability to mess up the same scoring techniques run after run. I will never be good at playing the shmups, making the same mistake and dying to the same spellcard over and over again after playing for six hours straight has proven it.

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I don't understand either, I just love the shmups. I've only tried 7.5 and since then haven't play another fighting one since.

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only the former now. I haven't heard a good 2shit arrange since C83 now.

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Try hopeless masquerade, it plays different than IaMP and SWR

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I used to, then 13 and it's disgusting shit rooster of characters came out and I quit just like that.

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I play the games but I'm not that fond of them.

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my sides has left the mesosphere

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