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We've talked actresses before, /jp/, but what about AV companies?

What's your favorite? TMA with their cosplay porn? Moodyz and their bakobako bus tour? Maybe Minimum and their lolita-like actresses, or SWITCH with their one man, many women, one house stories? Glay'z? Natural High?

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what the hell is wrong with her body

its so gross

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>SWITCH with their one man, many women, one house stories

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It's perfect, and Dekomori a shit.

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it looks really freaky

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She is seriously disgusting you fucking weeb.

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Perfection feels uncanny, news at 11.

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delusional weeb thinks his skeleflat 3d asian "waifu goddess" is perfect

news at 11

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is RCT a company? You know those ones who do the bukkake announcer movies

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Do you have the name of the mum-066 actress?

even javlibrary doesnt have it.
I need to add her to my favorites!

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It's the one in OP. Kotone Sara.

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Yeah that is why I asked.
I want to see her with Aoki Rin.
The contrast will make my balls explode.

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I don't like how she's been doing hard S&M.

There's two works on that link that I won't be able to fap to.

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I hope this works...

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>hard S&M
I love this stuff, didn't know she had any videos other than her debut one, which didnt have her name listed in javlibrary

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Dammit! Forgot I was actually in a thread! Disregard that I suck cocks!

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jav is terrible. the video is never as good as the cover and most of the time it doesn't even look like it was filmed with professional equipment.

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I can't get off to JAV. At least none that I've found. Their vanilla works always seem to follow the same script. First third is just showing the girl off, second third the girl masturbates, final third she has sex with a guy or three. It feels so impersonal and fake. I think I could probably enjoy some amateur Japanese porn from two lovers, though.

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Try some SWITCH titles. They follow a story (though it's mostly the same one with some modified variables from work to work).

Check SW-167 out. It's pretty hot.

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>Their vanilla works always seem to follow the same script. First third is just showing the girl off, second third the girl masturbates, final third she has sex with a guy or three. It feels so impersonal and fake.

This is what I like. I want them to showcase the goods before I can self insert. Western porn never does this.

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Oh, and speaking of SW-167, has the squirting actress been identified yet?

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Vanilla JAVs are basically worthless. Only the weird fetish stuff is any good, but most of the time it's about girls fake-crying over super mild stuff like enemas, with the other half of the JAV devoted to the same girl masturbating/guy using a massager on a girl.

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Whoa, I didn't know adult 3D girls could be so perflat.

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Anyone that can find a torrent for this, or is it just too new?


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Huh. Looks like minnano-av is way more awesome than I thought.

Tomoda Ayaka
AKA Tomochan
AKA Kunieda Naoko

Also, its search thingie can look for streaming porn, under the third option (無料動画)

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Great link, you fucking retard.

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Look at the info from the website you got that image from.

It doesn't come out until 2013/10/11.

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This is how I feel, except I can't even make an exception for the fetish stuff because the censoring ruins that type for me. What is the point of watching a pee or face sitting video if one of the most important parts has a giant mosaic on it. This is why I just stick to doujinshi, at least there, even though its censored, I can still admire the inhumanly nice body characteristics with minor censoring.

To keep this related, does anyone perhaps know of some good face sitting, ones or thigh/pantyhose related

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You mean 2013/11/10

I'm not posting that image here!

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I think you'd really enjoy Noa's work.

October the eleventh.
Seriously, look at the fucking website where you got that image from. It clearly says 発売日 2013年10月 11日

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fuck off with your nerd shit normie
dont tell me what to do

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Oh, yeah, and this is Noa:

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Thanks, I'll check out some of her stuff, I figure it isn't too uncommon in the jav industry to do that type of stuff, but it is nice to know the masters of it.

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Why the fuck are these fake lolita girls wearing kid's clothes but rocking full bush? Take some pride in your work.

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The one in OP is beautifully bald from the neck down.

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ATTACKERS because of their rape series.

Although SWITCH and ROCKET is a close second and third because of random cuteness.

pic related

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And to those who want to find JAV actresses names on those with multiple girls in it, try out sougouwiki.com and look for the code or the producing company.

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DDT stuff with vomit is best.

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Glory Quest caters to all my sick fetishes

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Aroma, boots yakata and feti072 have made my favorite AVs.

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Aroma, because I have a vicious panty fetish and the dry humping ones seriously get me off.

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I think anything produced by Tohjiro is great for fetishists.

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what the fuck is that shit

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I like videos from Shirouto TV and Prestige.

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GIGA. Get on my level, faggots.

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Are there any you would reccommend?

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Where would you find his vids? Akiba lost all of its torrents when it crashed last month.

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It's mostly the camera angle and her pose.

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She's still pretty perflat though.

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Are you a pedo?
Masturbate to good stuff, like Momohana Marie and Aoki Rin.

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How do I masturbate to a face like that? I want to watch cute thing be cummed on.

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>Are you a pedo?
Yes. Where the fuck do you think you are?

Also, do remember pedo != molester

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Calm down dork, it was just a joke.

They are cute.

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>pedo != molester

This is what future prison rape victims actually think.

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>Living in the "land of the free"
>Who am I quoting?

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Just because you know a meme doesn't make it acceptable to greentext.

It feels like the amount of green on this board has over doubles since the raid.

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die pedo!!!

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What happened to this poor woman's breasts?

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Why is irrumatio so great?


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I don't think GIGA ever made a non~"bad end" movie.

Although I really like the extras. Especially Hibiyan's and Nozomi Hazuki's.

Check out most of Dogma's titles, I used to have a comprehensive list from a site named eldorado but I lost it in the thousands of bookmarks I had.

Although I only download from legit sources on nyaa, I don't bother using download links from Ryushare because I don't have an account and I am really strapped for money.

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Where do people watch streams or torrents of these? I can only ever find pages selling them when I google the name+download

I'm interested in taking a look at the one in the OP.

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Suicide Girls

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Is it out? Where the links at?

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This is gold.

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that video was so shitty, why was it hyped so much here?

>> No.11486129

It was kind of funny at the end when she wiped the cum out with a tissue while wearing a disgusted look on her face.

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don't worry, there are better jav's with white women

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Get on mine Faggit


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the bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin

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I'm going to challenge you with a weirder one!

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for example?

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But GIGA turns it up a notch!

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Are there any AV companies that are dedicated to foreigner ntr styles?
Seems it could be somewhat popular, being that ntr is huge in 2d.

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Attackers, Deeps and Genki-Genki. I have some really fucked up fetishes.

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There is a label called Black Dick that sells only NTR.
Needless to say its all shit. If you cant understand japanese that is the only NTR you will get anyways.

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I don't want to sound like some tard from /b/, but I couldn't find any videos of OP (Kotone Sata). Tried sukebei.nyaa and JAVJunkies. Should I look in western porn sites or maybe try to get an invite to a private porn tracker?

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Does anyone have sources on how to get pic related? I have been looking for it for quite a while and I only got the second one which involves the street/public area.

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This is the second one I have of the pic, and the only video that I have.

It's DAP020, but I have no leads on who is the pretty girl portraying Ushijima.

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File: 24 KB, 852x480, RCT-510.avi_snapshot_00.02.03_[2013.10.02_05.41.03].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are there any other videos with girls getting stuck in elevator doors?

>> No.11486806

I've tried that, but sukebei doesn't have any of the dogma stuff.

What was that eldorado page of yours?

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I can't find it anymore, sorry. It was just a compilation of all titles and codes of almost all producers in JAV since late 90s.

Apparently, there are quite a lot more Ushijima parodies of the same girl made by DoujinAkiba but I can't seem to find downloads of them.

I'd probably buy them in the future.

>> No.11486865

These are all streaming websites; I don't bother with torrenting anymore since my country monitors and fines P2P traffic (but I'm sure that's where the best stuff can be found).

This one has the most full movies I've ever seen, and the titles are generally written in English:


the rest of these should be looked at after the above, the titles are all in Japanese, i've listed them most useful to least:
http://video.fc2.com/en/a/ (requires registration and the free accounts are limited to a handful of videos a day)

You used to be able to browse actresses on the dmm.co.jp but it looks like they've blocked international traffic now. If you don't know any pornstars, these are my favourites, in no particular order:

Azumi Mizushima
Rei Mizuna
Saori Hara
Maria Ozawa
Yuu Asakura
Kotomi Asakura
Amami Tsubasa
Ai Haneda
Ai Uehara
Risa Tsukino
Ayaka Tomoda
Hitomi Tanaka

p.s. if anyone here likes normal, western porn I found this new streaming site, where most of the videos are full clips with relatively high bit rates. No idea how long it'll stick around.


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Where and what should I look for, if I want to watch stuff with plot?

For example, "an intelligent girl must discover a devious plot taking place on the school grounds".

>> No.11487043

> monitors and fines P2P traffic

But they require the copyright owners to complain, right?
Do you think jav companies will bother complaining about you?

>> No.11487048

Yuu Asakura stopped making normal JAV but made a contract with CarribeanCom.

Now uncensored glory.

>> No.11487050

Got dayum

>> No.11487120

Check up Aimi Yoshikawa, dude.

>> No.11487289

The one in OP is in sukebei if you search for the production code.

>> No.11487297

dear lord, what's happened to that poor woman?

btw im a girl

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their second video is best.
the pegging scene cant be topped

>> No.11487324

She was born perfect

>> No.11487325

That one with an european waitress from Natural High is pretty good, if you're into chikan followed by vanilla. It features Abigaile Johnson.

Let me look for it... NHDTA-269.

While browising for it, I found 3 other titles that feature gaijin women. Can't vouch for their quality, but they're all from Natural High, so giving them a try wouldn't be a bad idea.
NHDTA-280 (Abigaile Johnson too)
NHDTA-322 (some russian, some brazillian, some german and some fin)
NHDTA-303 (fug knows)

>> No.11487327

Why do you suggest two women that wouldn't appeal to a pedophile in any way?

>> No.11487343

Tsubomi's cum kisses at the end of that one cock sucking spree video is the best scene, sorry.

>> No.11487353

Proof it!

>> No.11487359

No Tachibana Riko

You have shit taste, dweeb.

>> No.11487365

I get Kekkou Kamen, Super Sentai, Wonder Woman and Sailor Moon, but who's the one at the right supposed to be?

>> No.11487503

I hate how JAV all end the same.

Missionary, with the japanese guy running over to bust a nut on her face.

No. I want my pornstars to enthusiastically get the cumshot and milk it from the dick with their hands.

>> No.11487526

No rape fantasies? That is NOT the japanese spirit.

>> No.11487530

I agree with this dweebmaster right here, man.

Handjob milking is the best end, I can only cum to this.

One has to go for a niche pick in JAV's in order to find it.

Tachibana Riko as I mentioned earlier gave some of the best.

>> No.11487578

On a serious note, does /jp/ have suggestions for JAV restrained/pillory group sessions? Preferably internal.

>> No.11487583

If I was ever forced to marry a JAV idol I would hope it would be her

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File: 63 KB, 500x335, npxc29rqwiut_t[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look from Soft on Demand titles. I tend to find most of my favorites have done one or another.

Most favorite of them was Mahiro Aine (Can't recall) though, followed by Wakaba Onoue (SDMT976).

Fontaine is her GIGA Heroine name, performed by Mahiro Aine and Saya Aika. Very similar faces though although one is always smiling and the second one is always serious.

>> No.11487836

i want to fap so badly to OP

>> No.11487844

But what character is she supposed to be parodying?

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File: 144 KB, 800x536, 3wanz108pl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I won't force myself to marry a JAV idol if I had the chance though.

Especially if she's going to be sweet like Wakaba Onoue on her latest video.

Pic related.

I'm also not sure, she looks like a typical magic girl character.

>> No.11488170

Bishoujo Kamen Poitrine and it's follow-up series Panchanne.

>> No.11488216

Oh. No wonder I didn't recognize her.


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>marry a JAV idol
Why would you marry a cum dumpster toilet?

>> No.11488568

Because he'd be forced to.

>> No.11488582

>Abigaile Johnson
So hot. She has a near perfect body and a nice face.
I was unpleasantly surprised when I found out that she does black Americans.

Looks like the videos are weird fetish stuff, but I'll try to find the girl anyway.
Too bad Sinderella is down at the moment.

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>Hitomi Tanaka
Seriously? She always had a butterface and mediocre body aside from her breasts, as long as those stayed covered up.
Now she revealed them in their whole ugliness. I can't stand to look at her. It doesn't help that all her videos are crap either.

>> No.11488590

I would hope it would be Yuria Satomi. She seems classy and worldly.

>> No.11488595

Who, she has two more videos under her belt now. More bondage fetish stuff I don't care about in the slightest.
I'll still watch it if I can get my hands on it though.

>> No.11488624

>It's you guys fault I have shit taste!

>> No.11488629

Who are you quoting?

>> No.11488640

I'm always disappointed by submissive ganguro. I want to see them use the guy as a human sex toy with no regard for him, not be submissive and crying.

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File: 630 KB, 214x277, 8NsKeeq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want ganguro girls to have normal loving sex.

>> No.11488661

Genki Genki, for the art aspect of it of course.

>> No.11488674

What the heck, that's animal sex and there even is a long thread on /t/.

>> No.11488676

It's art.

>> No.11488685

"Art" does not necessitate merit. Or legality.

>> No.11488692

I'm sorry you live in a freedom hating country.

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File: 28 KB, 400x361, dap024_21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's DAP024 where she wore the same red costume as Ushijima.

I find her really pretty with a very pleasant curvy body that has good meat in it.

>> No.11489052

I'm going to agree with you. I've always been fascinated by big boobs but her's is just sagging way too much and she doesn't have a pretty face.

I'd rather watch Aimi Yoshikawa since she's cuter, even though she's still not my type.

Personally, my collection of big booby girls consist of Eri Hosaka, Yua Kuramochi and Nozomi Hazuki. I'm content with the three. And sometimes I get a few videos of Haruki Satou.

>> No.11489110


Yes it does.

>> No.11489364

Who are some Japanese/white mixed JAV stars?

>> No.11489428

Do you even know what a pedophile is? Liking children doesn't necessarily mean you like "childish women". More like the opposite.

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File: 132 KB, 500x475, kaguya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anything like some cute girl softly moaning while the guy is gentle to her and they kiss, hug and soft stuff like that? I'm tired of all this TAKE IT ALL AND KIMOCHI NOW and the girl moaning like a pig, or weird ass fetishes where he gets more points for putting stuff up her butt.

tl;dr tender vanilla JAV where

I'm not even sure if this is even a thing.

>> No.11489968

I have something like that.
Try ALA-015

Its over an hour her being being caressed in a first person view and then they fuck. The only thing I can think of.

Big boobs are boring on some girls, hitomi tanaka isnt curvy enough and her forehead is disgusting, the worst JAV.

I recently downloaded buton-001 and Momohana was good in it, her and aoki rin have the body type to go with it with cute faces and human sized foreheads.

>> No.11489976

Ah, thank you so much, kind anon.

>> No.11489978

Not him, but I've seen these ALA codes everywhere. Where am I supposed to be looking for? Already tried Google.

>> No.11489984

No you didnt, I see a torrent the first result on google.

you can try akibaoline or going to javjunkies and typing it in too, you can also check for actress name on jav junkies actually.

>> No.11489999

Fuwari is the best JAV actress. She's cute, she's enthusiastic, she takes it on the face and in mouth, she does uncensored videos, and she always has plain nails.

>> No.11490003

I'm terribly sorry if I'm asking an stupid question. I did it because I only found info on airplanes (what)

Thank you.

>> No.11490072

I wonder this is the right thread for the question. Is Sinderella worth it? I know it's a Korean tracker, but it must have JAVs too.

>> No.11490108 [DELETED] 


>> No.11490121 [DELETED] 


>> No.11490131

I really like the work MIGD does, particularly their bukkake

RCT has a lot of good bukkake as well, they do really good news anchor bukkake. Girls trying to tell me the weather through mouthfuls of semen...hnng

>> No.11490696 [DELETED] 

ebin duud !1!one

>> No.11490710 [DELETED] 

I don't get it. What is in the link?

>> No.11490713 [DELETED] 

why don't you just click on it

it's a link to the USA's government website

>> No.11490740 [DELETED] 

Hopefully I won't get in trouble for this. I'm a good boy.

>> No.11490778

Try Wakaba Onoue's WANZ108 as posted >>11487855.

It's a first person POV that revolves on a story of a newlywed couple with Wakaba as a tender and loving housewife.

It makes me feel so good watching it, I even skip the porn parts just because it's pretty cute.

>> No.11490783

Skipping the porn parts in porn?

You're sick.

>> No.11490785

Why would you even watch the porn parts?
They're the worst parts in every JAV ever. In any one you could switch to just some generic JAV porno and not notice the switch

>> No.11490786

Where can I watch this?

>> No.11490789

I like to see genitals touching each other.

>> No.11490793

There are better things to watch for that

>> No.11490795


>> No.11490797

Something that isn't a conglomeration of about 12 pixels due to censoring.

>> No.11490798

I watch uncensored JAV only.

>> No.11490800

Anything not JAV
And not mass-produced shitporn from america either. They have the same problems.

Best stuff is usually from sites that operate for some specific fetish

>> No.11490802

But I don't have any fetish.

>> No.11490803

Sadly, only Japan produces porn for the fetish in OP.

>> No.11490804

Then why the fuck are you watching JAVs

>> No.11490805

To see their genitals go in and out.

>> No.11490807

There are better things to watch for that

>> No.11490809

You can download it on a torrent in nyaa. Make sure to download the verified one.

I watch JAV for the plot most of the time unless it's rape. I like cute actresses doing cute things just like in my chinese cartoons. And just like what >>11490785 said, it's really stale watching the same positions over and over again. So stories are refreshing.

And yes, I also download GIGA films just for the extras.

>> No.11490976

Hm, I'll look into these girls, I'm also interested in nice breasts.

So far I'm into Yuria Satomi, Azumi Mizushima, Nozomi Hanyu and Kaede Niiyama (if you look up the definition of butterface, you will find a picture of her, but her body is most excellent, what a shame). I'm always looking for more and I think Nozomi Hazuki is the name of a girl I meant to look up after I saw her with Niiyama, so thanks for that.

>> No.11491038

Who exactly is Ushijima? I googled but just get some Japan General and a loan shark manga

>> No.11491041

Anyone know of any good femdom JAV's

>> No.11491043

First >>11489978 and now >>11491038.
Is the still the result of moot being an edgy retarded teenager?

>> No.11491053


See >>11483205

>> No.11491087

I'm getting sadder by the quality of /jp/ posters after every invasion.

>> No.11491130

How do you guys watch censored porn?
Whats the point?

>> No.11491152

Why do you watch porn instead of fucking girls? Whats the point?

>> No.11491158

The vagina is the least aesthetic part of the female body. I am far more interested in belly, breasts and face. As long as it is clear that penetration is taking place, I couldn't care less about the details down there.
When vaginae are not blurred out, cameramen have the annoying habit only focuse on that and have the female somewhere in the background at best. I've seen western videos where they showed nothing except the vagina or his penis, unless she was giving him a bj. That's not really uncommon and you see the same trend when you compare censored JAV with uncensored ones.

>> No.11491161

I agree with you with regards to the vagina. Just like what I said in another thread in /t/, it's very hard to find a vagina that is your favorite. My favorites are inwards and my best friend's preference are outies. It's by taste, and by blurring it out, it makes the person watching the JAV imagine the vagina as the one he prefers.

Although personally, just like I said before in this thread quite a lot of times already, I watch JAV for the plot. So I'd rather have an actress with a pleasant face, with a body that is also attractive. I don't care about genitals that much compared to other factors.

>> No.11491163

What do you mean by fucking girls?

I can't even talk to one.

>> No.11491165 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 137 KB, 804x525, 1367702682102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11491168 [DELETED] 


>> No.11491170 [DELETED] 

Speaking as someone who lives with a Japanese girl I quickly lost interest in that kind of thing. I almost completely get off to (mostly 2D) porn.

The idea of generic sex acts with a normal girl is just boring.

>> No.11491214 [DELETED] 

really, a 3day ban for this? get your fucking head checked your power tripping piece of shit

>> No.11491219

Wait.. you can do that?

>> No.11491278


Masturbating to this gives me a strange, warm feeling. I think it's because of the setting.

>> No.11491311

You'd get pretty bored with Azumi Mizushima quite easily since the best JAV she did were either ahegaos or lesbian.

I don't like Kaede Niiyama though, something puts me off her for some reason I can't put my finger on it.

On topic with body > face, I'd guess you'd also like Saki Hatsumi, although I really like her face, some people I know dislike double yaeba so they don't get attracted to her.

Watching Tsubomi getting bound and raped is a miracle of the JAV universe.

>> No.11491315

If you're planning on collecting all of Saori Hara's videos, she's being uploaded by negitama something dude on nyaa.

From debut onwards. Full of seeders. I'm finishing up my collection on her with the ones I missed.

>> No.11491322

>Server under heavy load, please try again later!
Is it just me, or JAVJunkies is down?

>> No.11491339

That's always what happens on JAVJunkies. Just go back and try it again. It would work after a couple of tries.

>> No.11491349

>no results
Why, /jp/? Isn't she one of the best? I really like her body and boobs, also her face doesn't have that "ugly" expression that some have.

>> No.11491351

Did you even read the OP?

>We've talked actresses before, /jp/, but what about AV companies?

>> No.11491357

Her tits are too fake

>> No.11491383

Yeah, Azumi is one of those girls that are hot but don't actually have many videos, or rather, don't have many videos that appeal to me. It's always frustrating, but I listed her anyway because the topic was looks.
It's weird that you don't like Niiyama. I found relatively many of her videos appealing to my taste (more or less vanilla only, I don't have any fetishes). I have only just found her though, maybe I will start to see problems too.
Hatsumi looked a bit weird on the images I googled, like she has really wide shoulders. I find that very off-putting, it's the reason why I can't watch anything with Ai Uehara. Anyway, I don't mind yaeba. Mana Izumi is one of my favorite girls (who also does a lot of weird fetish stuff I don't care for at all).

Why is that woman so popular? Her body and face are both completely mediocre (at best, I would personally call both bad). Does she perform well?

Eh, the topic shifts within threads. I hate that type of meme'd response too though.

What's the code for that? It doesn't even load for me.

>> No.11491494

What are your favorite movies/company?

>> No.11492047

Again, I'm sorry. I don't visit any other imageboards, it's just that I recently got interested in JAVs (I'm more of a doujinshi person) and I don't know much about this kind of media.

>> No.11492064

Holy hell, she's cute. Thank you OP.

>> No.11492065

What does /jp/ think about Aoi Yuuki?

>> No.11492079

She's actually not the Tsubomi you know, she's a mature woman. But I agree, I like "regular" Tsubomi a lot too.

>> No.11492208

The seiyuu should do porn. The other is getting a lot of hits because accidental search results.

>> No.11492252
File: 510 KB, 171x269, 1339110215819.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The seiyuu should do porn
I love her, but... yeah.

Pic absolutely related.

>> No.11492298

Moodyz is quite cool.
Digital Ark does god tier stuff.

>> No.11492369

whats the eng title? where can i download?

>> No.11492373

When is the JAV industry going to upgrade to Bluray?

>> No.11492379

Haven't they already upgraded to bluray, but rippers haven't upgraded their hardware to make bluray rips.

>> No.11492437

you don't really want to see them in 1080p anyway, trust me

>> No.11492443

That's not how JAVs work. I'm going to spoonfeed you once so you can share the knowledge with everybody else.

There's a number on every JAV spine. This is a unique number. If you google it, you almost immediately find everything related to it.

In this case the number is RCT-502. Now you know what it looks like and where to find it.

Happy fappings

>> No.11492448


Why is that?

>> No.11492452

because you suddenly get to see imperfections that weren't there in sub 720p. Bumps, spots, rashes etc.

>> No.11492456

This entire thread needs to be deleted. Cringe every where. Shaking. Scared.

>> No.11492457

u mad you little fucking anime retard

>> No.11492475

I usually find stuff like serial numbers and everything but JAV. I recommend searching for "AAA-000 JAV" instead of just AAA-000.

>> No.11492478

Oh yes, that's also a good idea.

Searching without JAV works for this code though.

>> No.11492481

Myself i use this to search
>"AAA-000" JAV

>> No.11492489

Still, the most you will find are previews (good enough, I guess) or paid download sites only. On top of that, JAVJunkies has been shit lately (the infinite "Please try again later" message) and Akiba-online doesn't seem to have any videos of OP's girl.

>> No.11492923

Saki's shoulders are fine compared to Uehara, it's just that her face and neck is too small compared to them. After noticing Uehara's though, I started to stop collecting her, stopped at around 200GB.

Saori Hara's pretty popular since she's half German(?) and she started off as a gravure model. She has a mediocre face for someone of western origins but her big brown eyes are really attractive to us eastern dudes. She performs okay, has weird floppy boobs but has a cute slightly chubby tummy that attracts a lot of guys. Think Haruki Satou's body, she's quite similar without the tan.

The link noted of Tsubomi's video is SAK8471 (I guess, it's very similar and I have yet to download it, it's in Nyaa though, no screenshots).

Also, anyone else here who likes Rocket gameshows? I find it really funny and the fact that Riri Kouda joined in on the fun made it better.

>> No.11492938

Tsubomi's in that JAV though. You can see her dancing along on the ending.

Although who watches those parts other than me? It weirds me out and at the same time I can't stop watching it.

I'd rape her and make a JAV out of it. It would bring me a lot of haters and money.

English title? No such thing. Although a literal translation would be "The day the plush teddy bear suddenly attacked!" as posted on nyaa.

Rippers sometimes make BD ISOs though.

Yeah, noticing butt rashes sometimes turn me off.

>> No.11492945

What time do you visit JAVJunkies? You'd rarely experience the "server overload" at around 8 to 9AM JST.

It's better to use that one most of the time because sometimes G would result in something random. I found airplane parts from a random code I was looking for.

Sorry for the three continuous posts, I was unable to fit them in one big reply.

>> No.11492968

Will try at those times. I've tried at 20h and 15h, UTC-5

>> No.11493042

Also, be patient that everything loads first. If you got any adblocker, it may interrupt the connections. Good luck and have fun.

>> No.11493048

Might be that, I'm using Adblock (yet it's not blocking the Fleshlight pop-ups for some reason)

Thank you.

>> No.11493055

Also, support JAVJunkies by not using adblocker on the site, since it doesn't work anyway. It's still the same with all the popups/popunders. Less resource hogging as well with all the tabs that appear.

>> No.11493080

I'll take that into account.

Why do they show that message for things as simple as downloading a torrent file, though? Funny how you can see the pictures and everything, but when you're going to download a 2KB file, it says the servers are overloaded.

Also, there's a Cloudflare thing that prompts me for a captcha every single time I visit the site. Do they have spam problems, or are they running everyone on a PC-98?

>> No.11493088

>running everyone
Sorry, I obviously meant running everything.

>> No.11493096

I'm not sure, but maybe your IP is registering to them as spam. I've never had a captcha and I rarely see Cloudflare unless it's been ddos'ed a few times a year.

Try running a proxy sometime?

Also, their images aren't hosted on the site itself but on the dmm main site. It's just redirected on a stream of Java links that's why it may or may not download even though you have received the "error" message.

>> No.11493104

Well, shit, I don't like the idea of my IP being somehow a spam source. This must be the reason for all this.

>> No.11493107 [DELETED] 

look! look! its the japanese miley cyrus

>gross as ever
>implying this is cosplay

>> No.11493111

Does anyone use Share to get their AVs?

I downloaded it and spent a few hours setting it up, but I've done everything to the letter and it won't download. It's bugging the hell out of me because I've successfully set it up before on a computer not dissimilar to mine.

>> No.11493121

Who are you quoting?

>> No.11493146 [DELETED] 


nobody, using greentext to emphasize a point

>> No.11493153

I have never used that one.

I used to use JDownloader though when Filesonic was still around since I had a source of premium accounts then. It was great even though it required Java and premium is great for that stupid captcha.

If I remember correctly, it filters out Chinese and a few other SEA IPs as spam. Not sure about it lately though since it may have changed already.

>> No.11493160

Why do PD and Share have such a stupid "learning curve"? I know they supposedly have some design choices that make it "better" and "more anonymous", but lately it seems like those choices aren't actually making any better and are instead trying to be 2hipsterhard4u.

You shouldn't do that unless you want to look like a retard.

>> No.11493163

It's fine, it doesn't bother most people

>> No.11493378

Bad japanese design. The horrible HORRIBLE UI and search functions actually benefit nothing to security. They are even more pointless, since Winny and Share have been decrypted. Perfect Dark propably too.

There is and there never was no justification.
Japanese people CANNOT write usefull software.

For a much better implementation, look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freenet. It would have been completely suitable for the japs purposes (and is actually secure and open source), but once again they are so stacked up in their own feces that they cannot touch better stuff done by gaijins.

>> No.11494164

Not exactly tender and lovey-dovey, but Rumi Kanda is mostly silent moans (or no moans at all), and the thing she's done is mostly vanilla.

>> No.11494193

I don't care about vagina I just wanna look at the dicks

>> No.11494433

Wow, where do you get 200GB of any actress? Do you buy the stuff? I'm surprised other people mind Uehara's shoulders too. Usually I am called autistic when I point out things like that.

I still don't really see Hara's appeal. From what you described, she is sub standard, except for her eyes, but oh well.

Thanks for the video code too.

>> No.11494455

200GB of any actress?

I download every title they(my favorite actresses) have. And if I see something very interesting but no available torrent, I buy it. Living in the third world sucks because of slow internet speeds, but patience is key.

I used to have a 10TB collection before some thieves stole my old encoder/NAS. Spent around 5k USD to build everything including my collection.

I used ISOs over anything then encode it to a pretty high bitrate to maintain video and sound quality near original, without any watermarks.

But right now, my collection remains at a measly 3TBish, 300GB of it is Hibiki Otsuki's, 250GB of Tsubomi, 200GB of Ai Uehara/Nozomi Hazuki/Hatsumi Saki/Haruki Satou, and a few less than hundred GBs of other actresses that have fewer titles.

My Acky and Tsubomi collection still makes me sad everytime I think about what happened.

>> No.11494463

Wow, it really sucks that you lost your data. I guess that's why they say to keep a backup at a different location.

I have the habit of cutting out things I don't care about from videos, so my file size stays small and I am by no means a completionist. do you do something like that, or do you use the complete files for viewing too?

>> No.11494471

Before, once I encoded my files, I keep my ISO files on another disk.

Right now I'm just scraping at whatever I can get. I don't have enough time since I'm moving to USA in a few months so hopefully I can rebuild my old collection from scratch.

And yes, I watch everything, most of them more than once. I can't say I'm a completionist really, but I just like collecting, more of hoarding data just for me and my friends since we have fairly similar tastes.

Lastly, my nickname amongst my friends is Archive because of these things.

And yes, I backed everything up but my whole house was ransacked of anything electronic. Good thing nobody was around at the time though so there's still a silver lining.

>> No.11494503

Well, if you get proper internet, you could share your collection with other people online. Create torrents on Sinderella or something like that.

>> No.11494517

Not him, but is Sinderella worth it for JAVs?

>> No.11494576

What do you mean with "worth it"?

>> No.11494577

>fucking anime retard
I'm not into anime. AV is just tragic and gross. Humans involving themselves in twisted sexual acts with 74% of them being raped or molested as children. Sick, yet tragically sad.

>> No.11494582

lol kid your a fucking queer

>> No.11494585

next thing you'll tell me is that forced sexual intercourse with children is a bad thing

>> No.11494588

>Doesn't like porn
>Makes me a queer
You're the kid with that kind of logic.

>> No.11494593

Is it worth the hassle of going through sucking dick to get an invite if I want to download JAVs that are somewhat obscure?

>> No.11494597

Yo so can anyone help me identify this girl in this vid? Been looking everywhere and she's not showing up on any database.


>> No.11494600

Glad someone agrees, google irrumatio win for a cool blog which keeps track of titles.

>> No.11494642

Woah. A korean private torrent site. Lol, how pathetic can you guys get? First of all, private torrent sites are retarded, they dont't protect anyone, they put you in a greater risk and they just make those stupid enough to use them feel special.

Second, korean sympathizers should just be killed. This is not the place for you. Go way.

>> No.11494644

assblasted gook

>> No.11494651

My country doesn't give a damn about piracy.

I'm trying to get into a private tracker because they're usually very specialized and their content is usually well seeded.

Lastly, Sinderella is an East Asian tracker, so it should have East Asian content, including Japanese content.

What the hell, man? Why do you have to jump out and babble so much shit?

>> No.11494815

>defends privat trackers.

NOOOT even going to argue with retards like you.

>> No.11494844

private trackers provide well seeded quality content
nobody even argued for the security of them

fucking retarded shit get the fuck out of /jp/

>> No.11494951

>private trackers provide well seeded quality content

I'm sure the content wouldn't exist and be seeded even more somewhere else with more people...

>> No.11494955

because jav that is older than a couple months is well seeded

>> No.11494981

Did you even read my post?

I'll give you a free Touhou if you find LOL-041 in something that's not a private tracker It was released today.

>> No.11494983

>I'll give you a free Touhou if you find LOL-041 in something that's not a private tracker It was released today.
Sarcasm, dood.

>> No.11495022


>> No.11495027

My post was meant sarcastically.

>> No.11495042

I'm quite slow today, sorry about that.

>> No.11495105
File: 175 KB, 350x499, kv-104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cant believe nobody posted Knights Visual
love this series and this particular movie.

Also Rocket for and another studio VandR or something for their time stop.

>> No.11495117
File: 28 KB, 727x429, ss (2013-09-18 at 07.25.17).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, it is the best source for JAV that I have found so far, but it is not complete by any stretch of the word. In many ways, it is only good because everything else is bad.
The site has been down for the last days. Like what.cd and PTP, though PTP is back now.
The site has more than 50,000 torrents and 72% of them are JAV. Note that just because it is a Korean site, that doesn't mean that Korea magically produces anything worth sharing. It is still a non-country with a culture that was assembled from stolen scraps about 60 years ago.

>> No.11495121 [DELETED] 

Is DMM adulg broken for anyone else?
Just checked and am getting "This page is not available in your area." on ever single page. used to be able to view the website fine before. Hopefully they didn't decide to block my entire country.

>> No.11495125

Is DMM adult broken for anyone else?
Just checked and am getting "This page is not available in your area." on ever single page.
Used to be able to view the website fine and even make purchases. Hopefully its just a temporary error and they didn't decide to block my entire country.

>> No.11495198

Same here, I thought I was the only one.

>> No.11495203

Thank you for the info. Now I should try to see if I can find some dick to suck in order to get an invite.

>> No.11495225

It wouldn't be that weird if they blocked every gaijin country.

>> No.11495874

Murrica here, can't even access the site.

>> No.11495931


>> No.11495934


>> No.11495939

Because it's 99% chance that it's scam site.

>> No.11495949

Well, it does seem a bit fishy, given that the video was released just today.

But you never know, maybe 日本人 are that fast!

>> No.11496023

Make it a hundred %. I tried a premium just to try one file from that site and all I got was a random video.

Try looking at other video's premium links in there and you'd see what I mean.

>> No.11496041

Kanon Imai is canon kawaii :3

>> No.11496046

That's terrible. Why would they toy with us like that?

>> No.11496052

Because site owners make money of every premium sale and JAVs are still pretty good niche for them.

>> No.11496141

That's cruel (´;ω;`)

>> No.11496203

>l (´;ω;`)
Are youa girl?!
I love you!
Plese by my wife!!

>> No.11496258

what are some good "loli" jav??

>> No.11496272

The girl from the OP and the videos mentioned in this thread, like >>11495931, seem to be "loli". Apparently she has made more (
http://www.minnano-av.com/actress200857.html), but I could only find IENE-295 for download, which is about some guy and his imouto.

Rumi Kanda's videos are much more accessible and are loli too, I guess. There are 4 of her videos in xhamster, I think. I don't even know if there's more.

>> No.11496277

Yes, I'm a girl who loves JAVs and Touhous! Hope you don't mind the black dick, though.

>> No.11496315

Question: is the minimum age that an actress can do an AV 18 across the board or is it 16 because that's the lowest AoC in any of the prefectures?

This has been bugging me for a while because when I was aimlessly clicking around once I found a JAV DVD site that had softcore videos with "16" or "17" printed very large on the cover.

>> No.11496327

Those are junior idols.
You can find vids of eight year olds in string bikinis bouncing on sybians and being rubbed with phallic objects if that's your thing.

>> No.11496385

I actually find nice vaginas were aesthetic, but I recognize this is a minority opinion.

>> No.11496390

From where she pisses, no woman is ugly.
It doesnt rhyme in english

>> No.11496438


well they just only reopened foreign transactions again but it does seem everyone is blocked at the moment.

>> No.11496450

Por donde mea, ninguna mujer es fea?

Holy shit! Never heard of that saying before.

>> No.11496472

There's a difference between adult videos and modeling videos.

>> No.11496589

En tiempo de guerra, cualquier hueco es trinchera.

Ser viejo no es un problema ni un estorbo, pues viejos son los caminos y todavía echan polvo.

[spoilers] there are bunches of these, go outside some you filthy neet.

>> No.11497210

>eight year olds in string bikinis bouncing on sybians

>> No.11497226

What? I don't wish to sound naive, but aren't there laws against that shit?

>> No.11497338

Yeah, I'm also wondering about this.

IIRC, didn't Japan sign some sort of human rights charter or something that would forbid those kinds of videos?

>> No.11497343


>> No.11497605

I've heard the first one only.

Young people rarely use those sayings and I don't talk much to elderly people, that must be why I haven't heard most of them.

>> No.11497647

(Release date: 2013-10-18)
(発売日 2013年10月04日)

Well, who should I believe?

>> No.11497683

Because some people would rather buy premium to get scammed and not wait for proper torrent release like some other dudes.

You can easily notice the release dates does not match the blog post date itself and that is already a clear giveaway.

>> No.11497685

The release date. Subtract a few days (around 4) would be a good date to believe an early release.

>> No.11499211

But 発売日 means release date

>> No.11499241

The producer's website itself then. I don't read moon.

>> No.11499290

and you never will.

>> No.11499380
File: 32 KB, 243x375, 池内あこ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11499585

Glay`z is pretty good. All their girls are modest-sized, not as noisy and most of them are shaved.

>> No.11499599

>most of them are shaved

You almost had me.

>> No.11499659

Well, most of the videos I have do have shaved girls. Look for パイパイ.

>> No.11499739

Sorry, total JAV newbie here. I don't watch AV but that picture convinced me. That girl is hot as hell but I couldn't enjoy it because of the fake rape squealing. That's not typical of JAV videos is it? I would like to watch more of flat girls like her but not if it creeps me out.

>> No.11499747

She has more videos where she doesn't squeal like a pig.

>> No.11499761

ok, I trust you. I'll give more of them a try.

>> No.11499773

How would I find those without getting arrested?

>> No.11499779

why would they be illegal?

>> No.11499783

I live in clapistan, everything can be illegal.

>> No.11499784

I've had enough of this flat-chested bimbo on my /jp/ front page. Time for this thread to die.

>> No.11499789

What are you going to do, Anon? Try to keep calm...

>> No.11499814
File: 95 KB, 519x596, 1380350232205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stay out of my territory.

>> No.11499921

Not that into OP's girl, but I love those kind of panties. Dunno why it's so hard to find any photosets/AVs with lowleg-style stuff, they're everywhere in anime and I've found plenty of Japanese sites that sell them, but aside from ushijima and a couple other cosplay sets I can't really find anything with girls wearing them.

>> No.11500168

Is it bad that I've masturbated exclusively to junior models for the past few years?
I love little girls.

>> No.11500185

It is bad. If you start masturbating to grown women you might be happier since they're something obtainable.

>> No.11500187

well, yea, m8. u're a paedofile.

>> No.11500189

I would never want to date a woman. They are a waste of time and money.

Of course I'm a pedophile. I was asking if it was bad.

>> No.11500211

>They are a waste of time and money.
What isn't?

>> No.11500227

Flat as a board. Not cool.

>> No.11500243

>they're something obtainable.
Normie pls go

>> No.11500246

How would you know? You never had one, lol.

>> No.11500252

This is our land now. Take a look around you.

>> No.11500606

He is lying.

>> No.11500729

I need both of them! Help me.

>> No.11500783

The blind man is king of everything he sees

>> No.11501102
File: 113 KB, 1280x720, 1374575428855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i particularity like AKNR works, especially OL ones.
try FSET-406. Diamonds.

>> No.11501124

Sinderella has been down for a week now. Did they change their address or something? I never read news, because they are usually gibberish after google translate and I don't understand Korean.

>> No.11501239

I'm not lying, for fuck's sake. Look up IENE-295. She might even be too quiet for most people's tastes.

>> No.11501562

JAVpop seems to be much better than JAVjunkies. They use a slow-as-balls file host, but at least it works.

>> No.11502417

I like AKNR lesbian ones more. Especially the sleeping series.

btw, congrats thread for making it a week!

>> No.11502600

I don't believe you.

>> No.11502722

I proxied up and did some digging and I couldn't find shit; I'm with you on this one.

The closest I found were "junior model" videos and those seem to get by on the "it's art, we PROMISE" loophole that the underage modeling sites in the west survive on.

>> No.11506427

Goodbye thread! I will miss you!

>> No.11506935

You can start some new AV thread if you want.

>> No.11507919

I don't want to. It's enough for AV threads to be spawned once every two months.

Nothing much to talk about anyways.

>> No.11507952

It's nice to have these around simply for sharing finds and asking questions, but I guess there can't be nice things because of certain people.

>> No.11508380

I really feel sorry for the animals in japanese porn. They're stuffing frogs into this girl's vagina and then she pops the frogs out a few minutes later and they're dead. Poor frogs.

Why does japan have to kill things by suffocating them in vaginas

>> No.11508386

It is revenge for the french taking the side of the united states in word war 2

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