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STG thread.

You know what to do.

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we need to go wider

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>that hit box
Its like i'm really playing 3d model shmups

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who reclined here

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Fuck you, I thought he released the Ultra patch

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Raymoo got fat

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Let's try some challenges to liven up the thread


New challenges for this thread:

Scoring challenge: DDC scoring on Normal/Hard
1. With MarisaB
2. The run must be done within the thread, no old scores.
3. Either screenshots or replays will be required.

Survival challenge: DDC no vertical on Normal/Hard/Lunatic
1. Survive as long as you can without using vertical movement.
2. Every shot-type is welcome
3. The run must be done within the thread, no old scores.
4. Either screenshots or replays will be required.
5. Whoever gets the farthest wins, tiebreaker will be the amount of lives left.

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So, practice mode in EoSD is basically useless due to rank? Everything seems much more difficult in runs, and when watching replays, I notice some very different early game differences. If I score well enough on Stage 1 and 2, Cirno will shoot out a constant volley of yellow bullets during icicle fall, something that never happens in practice. Not a big deal, but it's one of the many things I've noticed.

I'm not sure how the rank system works, but I really wanted to use EoSD to ease myself into Touhou again. However, it feels like a big waste of time if my practice runs aren't going to match up with my full runs.

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What? I thought rank resets after every stage, so it shouldn't matter if it's stage practice or not.

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Does it? I thought I read something about it resetting back down to 16 after finishing the stage, but also starting at 0 at the start of the game. It could be that I just play better in full runs, which increases the rank more than when I do practice runs.

I'm not even sure how to increase it aside from just time staying alive. It seems like the more point items and graze I obtain, the harder it gets. The quick volley during icicle fall seems to occur most often if I've milked Cirno to her fullest, but I've done that in practice too without her getting pissed off. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong.

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Yeah, no thanks.

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git gud

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Thank you. I should have checked the wiki to begin with, but I never thought that it'd actually have anything related to the rank system. Now I've got to stop being so lazy in practice mode and try to recreate the occurrences that happen in real runs.

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Ultimate Luck run.
Any game, any difficulty, any girl.
Score must end with 777.

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That's not possible.

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I'm not sure if it is possible to continue 7 times with IN.

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That's why it's ULTIMATE luck and not just everyday luck.

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You're starting to get it. Now shoot for the highest score with rule #1 in place.

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DDC is worse than TD

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Is there a translation patch for DDC that isn't this new-fangled garbage one?

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the fuck are you talking about noob

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At least ZUN fixed life-ups falling down.
This by itself makes it already better.

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Started yesterday with the new game. Everything in the first two stages is fine except Cirnos 3'rd spellcard, i don't know why i'm having so much trouble with the bigger orthogonal projectiles. The strongest!

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i'm practicing in story mode and trying to detect some save spots/strats

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>Cirnos 3'rd spellcard

There is no such thing, not in DC at least.

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You need to learn shmup fundies. I really don't think you're a regular Lunatic player if you're struggling with Cirno.

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Maybe he's just timing it out everytime? Or bombing for score?

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I tried in normal practice mode and she burned 4 of my lives on the horizontal flip. I lost the last of my lives on the vertical flip and thought I was done but then there was an extra spell. I spammed bombs and died in a few seconds.

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Maybe i should change my input-device, because moving diagonal and precise on a keyboard feels awkward as hell. And diagonal movements are somewhat important for cirno.

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Probably shouldn't tell you she has 4 spellcards and the 4th's the hardest (only because it lasts so damn long) then

I can do the horizontal flip 100% of the time but the vertical is like 30% for some reason, so I just bomb it.

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I've played on a number of keyboards and moving diagonally doesn't feel awkward at all. If you do change your input device, stick with it. Switching between them doesn't help.

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I felt the same way until I switched to this setup. Worked fucking brilliantly. And yes it's with the exact model of controller shown, the D-Pad on the Horipad EX2 is amazing. Had to use Xpadder to configure the controls though.

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as a normal player the last spell is piss easy
hug low border
move left-right
if the screen flips, keep holding the button
catch a far enough wave not to get hit in the corner
You are going to love 6th bosses survival spell.

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I have trouble inputting diagonals on my PS3 controller. It's so stressful not knowing whether or not you're going to just tap down and not move diagonally, or move left and then go straight down into a bullet.

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They have weird hitboxes.

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I find this DDC to be hard.

I should probably look it up on youtube just to see how others play and then it usually becomes much easier when you've seen the obvious tricks.

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>Attack on Dwarf

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Isn't that cheating?

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when is the trainer coming out

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I still die to fucking Daiyousei trying to do her grazespot for extra points. I can leave ST2 with an extra 19M points for doing this piss easy grazespot, but I always manage to fuck it up. Oh well, guess I'm just a retard who isn't allowed to score any higher than 150m. ;_;

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isnt trigger a poorer choice in terms of precision compared to bumper?

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I don't think so, the most crazy touhou players i know play with arcade stick. But it's probably just a matter of getting used to something.

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I remember when I had my controls setup in the stupidest fashion.

Square = Shot
X = Focus
Triangle = Bomb
O = Skip
L1 = Autofire or button C(gfw, td)

What the fuck was I thinking? No wonder I had so much trouble clearing IN Normal at that time, that control setup was fucking retarded. Anything would be better than that.

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I hate controller for Touhou. When I switched exclusively to keyboard, I started doing much better.

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>I find this DDC to be hard.
So do I. There are too many things in DDC that I can't get to grips with, like upward moving bullets and random/scattered dots.
I've never gotten past stage 5.

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>Square = Shot
>X = Focus

That's highly stupid.
Anyway I find using keyboards better for some reason.

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Uh. Is there autofire in touhou windows games?

>> No.11346047

Is that spellcard bugged or something? It seems like you're hitbox is unreasonably large, even bigger than the dot.

Also I feel like Normal mode DDC's difficulties kinda all over the place, some stuff is weirdly simple even on later stages while other stuff is nearly impossible.

Seija's second pattern on stage 6 is horrifying as is Shinmyoumaru's third spell. They both seem extremely hard compared to the rest of the run.

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All the Windows games have it, except PoFV (hold fire to charge special attacks, tap to shoot), Fairy Wars (hold fire to charge freeze attack, tap to shoot). I don't know about DDC StB and DS don't need it.

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Yep, keep the shot buttond pressed.

>> No.11346112

haha what
no like seriously there has to be an auto-fire option, it's in settings right?

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PoFV should've had a separate auto-fire button like Fairy Wars. Other than those two, there's no need for a dedicated auto-fire button as tapping vs. holding doesn't change the shot like in Dodonpachi, and you'll keep shooting by holding fire.

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>Seija's second pattern on stage 6 is horrifying

Those are basic shump fundamentals pal.
Anyone who played DDP or even Touhou (TD stage 1 Lunatic, IN stage 6 etc.) shouldn't have a problem with it.

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>there has to be an auto-fire option

But that's stupid, sometimes you don't want to shoot.

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>shump fundamentals

>> No.11346283

are we talking about the novert spell or

>> No.11346287

The midboss yellowshit in stage 6.
At least that's what I assumed he was talking about.

>> No.11346292

That it yeah. Its basically just a fast moving storm it seems like

I don't think its undodgeable by any means only that it represents a weird difficulty jump compared to what comes before and after it on Normal mode, unless I'm failing to grasp some gimmick of it

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DDP still hasn't made me taught me much of anything, maybe because I never get to see the bosses beyond Stage 1-3 since I always restart after dropping my chain. I hardly remember what to do after the second shotgun tank. Oh, there was a needler ship, wasn't there? And then there's a third shotgun tank. Yeah, that's just about all I remember. I think I learned more playing DOJ, mostly because I was oblivious to the chains and just fucking played.

Autofire in PoFV would just mess up your chain constantly. If both players have exceptional dodging skills, and are the types to last 5+ minutes each round, needing good chaining skills is almost essential to winning. This is, at the peak competitive level of course.

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Double Dealing Character is an Appalling Abomination.
Mystical Power Plant is a masterpiece.

ZUN please stop.
Ido please continue.

>> No.11346337

I've thought of playing MPP, but I was told that I shouldn't even bother with Normal until I clear all of the main games on Luny.

It looks like a lot of fun, but if I'm going to get assblasted by Normal, I'm not even going to bother with it yet.

>> No.11346363

I actually forgot about how shot was used in PoFV, so ignore my stupid statement of needing it.

>> No.11346383

>Gaining a level will provide unique benefits for each playable character, such as decreasing the size of their hitbox

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Any english patch for DDC ?

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In before: stop spamming your blog faggot

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C is the regular shot button for GFW.
Some spellcards are designed to force you to hold your fire. Same goes for some systems like DDC, where you want to delay some kills to get 2.0 bonuses. Not shooting is also important for scoring. You probably can find a way to toggle the shot button some other way if you don't care about those things.
Just have to change how you look at the pattern (or watch the pattern at high-speeds). On Lunatic, they're simply diagonal streams of bullets that eventually cross each other. If you can make out the V-shaped part of the pattern, all you have to do is switch to that lane as it appears. Switch lanes whenever you see the same pattern open up to the left or right (probably best to stick around in the center though).
I'd say you're right. Holding your fire to chain a bunch of fairies also clears up a lot of bullets. Autofire in PoFV would only make the game more difficult.

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Watch a replay

>> No.11347087

>Mystical Power Plant

I guess Touhou is too mainstream for you now?

>> No.11347112

Yes, i like PC-98 too.
MOF,SA,UFO,TD and DDC is trash.

>> No.11347141

Just hold on to those forced nostalgia goggles, dude, one day you shall be part of the sekrit klub.

>> No.11347179

I played PC-98 after I played Windows.

>> No.11347187

Wow this thread is still here.

Nope, I have it set to activate at the slightest depression of the trigger. Couldn't do the bumper anyway. You can figure your controls all you want with third party software but god help you if you want to switch out hardcoded Touhou controls with something else. R Bumper on the Xbox controller is map to Pause I think. Nothing except maybe hex hacking can change that.

>> No.11347339

>Wow this thread is still here.
It was created yesterday, what the hell. Our STG threads last weeks.

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PC-98 is garbage, just like your trolling.

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Hi I've been playing mostly touhou on and off for a couple years, and I've only managed to 1cc 7, 8, 10 on lunatic and I feel like I'm plateauing. Getting a touhou 11 lunatic 1cc is like pulling teeth. I see videos of people ripping the touhou series to shreds without even trying (it seems).

Is there like a good shmup game series I can practice/train with to improve a lot, or maybe a guide to scoring I can read for getting to the next level of shmup play?

Thanks for reading

>> No.11347355

I don't come here often and usually just see Touhou image posting threads or VN threads I've never played.

>> No.11347359

Play DaiOuJou and DaiFukkatsu, it'll improve your raw dodging skills.

>> No.11347361

2hu is too mainstream so that`s why it`s declining!

>> No.11347377

Thank you sir!

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>DaiFukkatsu, it'll improve your raw dodging skills.

>> No.11347390

saidaioujou a shit

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I played the photo games right after clearing Normal, and they helped a lot. Not sure what good that would do if you clear Lunatic already though. However, you are on the right track if you're looking into scoring. From my experience the only thing that improved my play (after getting all Lunatic 1ccs) was exactly that, and not even on the same difficulty level. Scoring forces you to play out of your comfort zone, and get used to it too. At the end of the day, aren't those annoying conditions (unfocused movement, dodging patterns from a different perspective, better collection, etc.) the things you have to improve upon?

Not abusing bombs is the only thing keeping you from your 1cc in SA though, honestly.

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Ok sorry. I'll grab a random Touhou image from gelbooru and post it in a new thread.

>> No.11348058


Careful, he might take your joke seriously.

Just stick with Touhou, it hardly really gets more "raw dodging" than that. Parsec47 is a decent little random game, though.

>> No.11348255

Ketsui, Garegga, Hotdog Storm, DoDonPachi, Gradius III, Raiden Fighters(all), EoSD(L)

This is how I learned my shmup fundies, how I became a better player. I obviously focused on one at a time, but each of these games taught me a little more about the genre. I learned more about myself as I played these games, it was like I was evolving into a different person, a path of enlightenment through shmupping. At first, they were petty games that I would waste time with, but eventually, I came to love the shmup genre.

I began to wake up earlier just so I could play shmups before everybody else was awake. It was a feeling like none other, waking up at 4AM just to practice them, nothing except myself and the crickets outside. Getting a full cup of coffee at 5AM and beginning my daily routine of grinding stages and pumping out runs, it kind of became a routine after a couple of months. Even if >>11347351 you don't seem to be improving, you are. You just don't see it.

>> No.11348456

Hotdog Storm was such a letdown. Not a single hot dog in the entire game. Now that's false advertising.

>> No.11348541


>Careful, he might take your joke seriously.

He was joking? I don't get the joke. I went and played it for a little while.

>> No.11348547

Thanks for the list. That was an inspiring story as well it makes me want to go play more.

>> No.11348639

Still a better game than Daioujou.

>> No.11348712

Haha! Good one anon-kyuuun! Everyone knows DaiOuJou is the best thing Cave ever made.

Seriously though SaiDaiOuJou was still pretty great. But dammit Cave if I wanted to shoot at insanely powerful lolis I would just play Touhou..

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What happened to all the score progress image posters?

I miss my daily IN Extra result screencaps.

>> No.11349323

Does pointblanking do more damage in EoSD? I feel like it does, but at the same time it might be a placebo thing.

>> No.11349431

I think it only depends on how much of your shot is hitting the enemy, and not the distance between your shot and the enemy.
Most of the time though, the shots in EoSD are spread, so point blanking will mean that more of your shot hits the enemy (shotgunning).

>> No.11349506

Shooting at point blank will always do more damage.
In every Touhou game, no matter the shottype.
Although certain shottypes have a bigger damage advantage over the others, in EoSD for example ReimuB will have a bigger damage boost when shotgunning than ReimuA.

>> No.11349524

Hey, there's a hotdog on the title screen. Quite a delicious looking one too, almost wish I could reach into the screen and eat it.

You're welcome. My English isn't very great, but I tried my hardest anyway.

The best thing CAVE ever made was DOJWL, that second loop separated the the men from the boys. I wish CAVE did something different for SDOJ, what if I want to shoot at women with cow tits? I only have Touhou and SDOJ, but both of them only have little girls to fight! On the bright side, little girls don't explode as good as giant ships, so it's okay.

>> No.11349528

I always thought shotgunning referred to tapping the fire button at close range, as the spread would be more focused on each tap than just holding the button down.
Well, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

>> No.11349744

Not with MarisA in UFO.

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File: 497 KB, 640x480, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, this is the best you're getting.

>> No.11350060

>Shooting at point blank will always do more damage.
>In every Touhou game, no matter the shottype.
This is flat out wrong. Please do not spread misinformation.

>> No.11350154

>he said without providing any evidence against it whatsoever

It's not wrong. Name one game where it doesn't apply (except the photo games of course).
It's simply logical that the shorter the distance bullets need to travel to hit the enemy, the faster their hp will go down.

Yes it does. Try it yourself.
The lasers aren't affected by distance but the green bullets still are.
The damage increase isn't that big but it's still noticeable.

>> No.11350174 [DELETED] 

"Moving up" will of course momentarily increase damage rate while in motion due to a doppler-like effect, but the act of being close to the enemy doesn't increase damage at all.

>> No.11350178

"Moving up" will of course momentarily increase damage rate while in motion due to a doppler-like effect, but the act of being close to the enemy doesn't increase damage at all.

While this is an important fact for scoring in several games, this isn't what people refer to as "shotgunning" or "point blanking".

>> No.11350188

Being close will always mean more bullets are hitting the opponent. You're silly.

>> No.11350205

>but the act of being close to the enemy doesn't increase damage at all

Yes it fucking does.
Why don't you actually try it out for yourself insead of just spewing bullshit out of your ass.

>> No.11350210

Is this some kind of ruse?

>> No.11350217

Being closer means your bullets have less to travel so you will end up doing more damage over the same time as someone standing at the bottom of the screen. You're silly.

>> No.11350227

You're still shooting the same amount of bullets though.

>> No.11350229
File: 130 KB, 934x746, 1374116577864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds good in theory, but it doesn't work like that.

>> No.11350356

But faster.

Of course it does. Run a spellcard practice or something, I don't even know how you can say it's wrong.

>> No.11350375

>But faster.
No, just closer.
Even if you were shooting the same amount of bullets but faster it would do the same amount of damage.

>> No.11350382

You're shooting the same amount of bullets faster than you would shoot them if you were sitting at the bottom of the screen. You aren't doing more damage per bullet, but you're doing the total amount of damage you need to do over a faster period of time so you're doing more damage per second.

>> No.11350394

No you're not. This isn't an old shmup, the delay between each shot is the same no matter what.

>> No.11350399

The only actual reduction would be the initial travel time. If you move back, that tiny benefit is lost.

>> No.11350412

I just tested this for IN spellcard practice, Reimu solo.
There was no difference between point-blank, and just close enough for all the shots to hit.

>> No.11350430
File: 1.82 MB, 1158x659, difference.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This really shouldn't be that difficult to understand.
Pic related.

Just tested it myself.
Result: You're full of shit.

>> No.11350432

Anyone can say things on the internet.

>> No.11350435

DDC stage 2 spellcard 3 ran with a mod to completely remove all enemy projectiles (I picked this boss/spellcard because she never moves the whole time) so I don't have to dodge at any point with ReimuB.

14.08s standing at the bottom of the screen.
14.08s standing at the middle of the screen.
14.08s pointblank

I repeated every test 3 times each and they always came up with 14.08.

MarisaA however is
14.43 bottom
13.26 midscreen
10.20 pointblank

(also tested 3x each, though I had to average them out this time as they were never exact, but the difference was always in milliseconds)
I have no real explanation for this.

>> No.11350444

11.36 bottom
11.36 midscreen
11.36 pointblank with MarisaB

I should mention that all of those are focused, obviously.

So the conclusion is that travel time is irrelevant. You can't make a sweeping generalization and say being closer is always more damage, however some shots do deal significantly more damage up close.

>> No.11350456

Thank you.

>> No.11350481

Marisa's flamethrower spreads, If you are far from the enemy some flames will miss.

>> No.11350531

Kudos for having the patience to explain and actually test basic shmup mechanics for a clueless anon

>> No.11350592

Any tips on how get this running well on a shitty computer? This is the first time a main Touhou game had any slowdown on my computer.

>> No.11350596

Get a better computer, sorry.

I'm playing it on a fucking 7 year old laptop with winxp, and I only lose frames immediately after a boss's spellcard when all the shots turn into items.
Shit's hilarious looking and kind of cinematic.

>> No.11350635

Just how shitty is your PC?
Mine's a complete and utter piece of shit, we're talking 8 years old technology and it still runs DDC smoothly.

>> No.11350641

you need to go down 3 or 4 difficulties.

>> No.11350677

Plus it kinda seems like it has a DDP-laser-style aura on front point blank.

>> No.11350690

Do you consider extra below lunatic?

>> No.11350696

Of course extra is easier than lunatic.

>> No.11350701

I can't think of an extra that is even close to hard, so yes, it is far below lunatic.

>> No.11350712

Between Normal and Hard.

>> No.11350778

If he's dying to Cirno, I think he needs to play on Easy or Normal!

Stop playing for time, just please focus on what you're doing and improve quickly so we can have more competition. You cannot beat us.

>> No.11350893

>and SDOJ, but both of them only have little girls to fight
Are you some kind of superplayer?

>> No.11350925
File: 1.79 MB, 1000x684, Untitled picture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11350959

01/91 on Normal

What in the name of :V are you doing?

>> No.11351028

He just really fucking sucks.

>> No.11351041

please no bully

>> No.11351070

artificial difficulty

>> No.11351078

Are you sure? Touhou 11-14 and up can easily start lagging PCs that old.

>> No.11351089

Set your frames to 1/2 or 1/3

>> No.11351345

Are you joking?

>> No.11351371

ahahah i love the stage 5 gimmick spells, it really fucks with the autists, they cant deal with it!!!!!

>> No.11351372

It's a really difficult spell.

>> No.11351378

I don't even try anymore.
I just spam bombs when the screen flips.

>> No.11351451

If I get a good round, I just take out my mirror and cheat. I'm not even joking and I don't give a shit. I'm too mad.

>> No.11351495
File: 100 KB, 772x958, How to cheat on Seija's spellcards.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No more stage 5 problems. You're welcome.

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File: 16 KB, 305x305, -52261199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anon, I'm lol.

>> No.11351532

I just take them on, I feel like I'm exercising my mind in ways I usually don't.

Goddamn I laughed.

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File: 72 KB, 884x958, Untitled2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11351679



>> No.11351696

Yeah yeah keep laughing. I capture them bitches on lunatic like it's nothing.

>> No.11351788

Couldn't you just set the display rotation/reflection if you're playing windowed and don't mind pausing?

>> No.11351804

Not all graphics cards support that.

>> No.11351805

You could but that's cheating.

>> No.11351851

I like to think of it as plugging the controller into port 2.

>> No.11351864

P-plugging into Anon-sama's second port?!?!

>> No.11351879

So is any other method that's not just sucking it up and dealing with it.

>> No.11351881

I can rotate the screen but not make it mirrored.

>> No.11351893

What about for the spellcard where she rotates the screen while you're going in a circle? You'd have to rotate your entire body around the mirror or something.

>> No.11351901


>> No.11351916

That card flips vertically, so you'd switch between the vertical position and your normal position. Pause when it flips of course. And lock your door.

>> No.11351931
File: 140 KB, 634x477, reimu is cheating.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay. Now I understand why Reimu has a mirror.

Mirror method approved by ZUN.

>> No.11351988

Does anyone know exactly how rank works in DDP?

>> No.11352000

I can do both and it's some first-gen i7 Intel that doesn't run DDC at acceptable speeds anyway.

>> No.11352132

top kok

>> No.11352221

Not even shitting you, it's a videogame mystery. Some people say it has rank, some people say it doesn't. Personally I have gotten to stage 5 without dying and I see no difference. Anecdotal evidence; take from it what you will.

>> No.11352271

final boss of mpp is EXTREMELY generic, even with that pole thing

>> No.11352310

i've had zero trouble with them, except the first time when it startled me

>> No.11352397

Same here I don't find them too terribly difficult

Now that gimmicky MALLET GROW BIGGER card...

>> No.11352736

I decided to test it. There is rank but only on stage enemies and it seems designed just to make the middle of the game harder when you haven't died. It's most noticable on the teleporting ships and 1-4. I always thought that was my imagination. After 1-4 dying makes almost no difference.

>> No.11353510

Remember when people used to post IN and PCB scores and screenshots in these threads? Those were the good days.

>> No.11353626

My favorite black Touhou player stopped playing shmups, you made me really sad just now. I remember when PGM was first emulated, he saw omote only a week after it was released. Too strong.

He mostly lurked the Let's play danmaku threads. Whatever happened to those threads? The competition used to be so fierce, but now everybody became shitters. I remember when 100M was considered a bad score by /jp/ standards. What happened? Why do people think that somebody getting <40M and a cheesy 1-ALL is a good thing now?

>> No.11353700
File: 420 KB, 640x480, Raan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good thing I played some PCB today.

>> No.11353705 [DELETED] 

>Let's play danmaku threads
The OP challenges for these threads earlier this year used to be something like that.

Then the guy got lazy or quit.

>> No.11353708

>Let's play danmaku threads
The OP challenges for these threads earlier this year used to be something like that.

Then the guy got lazy or quit.

>> No.11353778

I think they mostly stopped because nobody ever does the challenges.

Personally, I was going to go with the DOJBL challenge earlier this year, but there was no way I would be able to compete with /jp/. Everybody who submitted a score was at least 500M+ with a loop of 2-2 or greater. As somebody who can hardly 1-ALL, I think I'd just be laughed at with my pathetic score of <100M. Yes, I'm that guy who always posted the picture of me dying at the end of the first loop with the hyper floating right next to my ship.

>> No.11353786

I wish I could think of good challenges.

>> No.11353833

I wish I could do the challenges.

>> No.11353837

When making the challenges, I was doing them mainly for your fun: obviously newer players would end up getting lower results than some people with a vast STG experience.

You don't have to be on the top to submit results.

>> No.11353875

Touhou 12 sanae B question. If I want to shotgun (like in the vid linked below) should I be focused or unfocused? It seems when I try to do that, unfocused has some spread missing and focused isn't dealing anywhere near the damage in the vid with the same 3.0 power.


>> No.11353881


Nice video.

>> No.11353924


>> No.11354012

This will sound immature. I don't know if it's just me, but after playing a shmup for too long in one sitting out of nowhere I start playing terrible (ill be dying at parts I've never died at before), I get angry, (slamming desk, screaming curses at the universe etc) and I'm not quite sure how to continue playing shmup marathons without getting so drained after 45 min to an hour. I love shmups so it's a bit weird, almost like I'm having an undiscovered Shmup type of male period. How can I play 2, 3 hours straight (with short breaks) without losing my mind?

>> No.11354022

>You don't have to be on the top to submit results.

Well considering no one has attempted any of the challenges so far >>11342902 all you have to do is turn on the game and kill 1 enemy to win the challenge at this point.

>> No.11354027

Just settle down. It'll go away once you calm down and analyze your mistakes.
There's a reason for even the stupidest death.

>> No.11354069
File: 1.38 MB, 960x720, th14_002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No vertical, lunatic, Sakuya A

You should be able to beat this.

>> No.11354143

>There's a reason for even the stupidest death.

Good point, I suppose playing in small bites instead of marathons is more suited to me then.

Another question: I've recently started to do no bomb-no death runs (I've never tried scoring before and wouldn't know a good place to start). My practice style has always been to grind grind grind the same level until I beat it after 100-200 tries (while watching a youtube vid or my own replays every dozen attempts or so).

Is this really the proper way to practice and get better at the series in general? Progress feels painfully slow when I'm banging my head against the same level for 8 hours, then I get to the next level no-bomb run, another 7 or so hours for something that doesn't look much more difficult than the last level I did.

>> No.11354163

I've never beaten a touhou game, because whenever I die on the stage, I get very very discouraged, and restart from stage 1.

>> No.11354183
File: 591 KB, 3300x2550, jpshirtflan2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is your shirt.

>> No.11354196

What does the Japanese words say and post

>> No.11354203

the 1 was a prototype. It doesn't exists anymore.

Japanese is pleasure of being cummed inside.

>> No.11354208

Here, you can figure it out yourself.

>> No.11354632

Drink tea

>> No.11354729

I only drink coffee. I play kind of bad without a buzz, and I enjoy the strong flavor.

>> No.11355654
File: 139 KB, 443x800, 95950d81b3eb5c0c7cb064ee762da1f7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DDC is the best Touhou game. If you think otherwise then that's fine, you're more than entitled to being wrong
Easily the best music in the series.
Best and hardest patterns hands down.
Shit scoring system but who even cares about that? Only lonely children and autists play for score anyway.
Decent cast of characters.

>> No.11356369

>best music
I liked DDC's music, but it's no music CD.

>Best patterns
Stage 2, 4, 5 and Extra only.

>shit scoring system
well, at least it's better than MoF and SA

>> No.11356431

Does anyone have experience with mobile shmups? This one I've been playing isn't horrible, and it's kind of fun to be able to dodge bullets when I'm not sitting at home.

>> No.11356562

>DDC is the best Touhou game
>Shit scoring system
Le MaZe face

>> No.11356964

The scoring system is fun.

>> No.11356987

fuck off maze

>> No.11356991


"Easily the best music in the series."

Confirmed hipster. Post disregarded.

>> No.11357009

Wrong. A hipster would say the music was pleb trash and that the only good Touhou music was the old obscure stuff.

>> No.11357012

Hipsters latch onto new shit all the time. "I liked it before it was popular" is the stereotypical catchphrase.

>> No.11357270

I agree. We should unconditionally hate all the new shit because they are new. And hipster.

>> No.11357580


I'm not saying DDC's soundtrack is "pleb trash", but all the tracks are objectively worse than what has come before. The only game it might beat on the music front is probably SA.

>> No.11357586

u bitch

>> No.11357590

They're not "objectively worse". You just made that up. It's your opinion thus subjective.

>> No.11357598

What are your 10 desires? Ass twice.

>> No.11357664

>The only game it might beat on the music front is probably SA.

>> No.11357762


I have a bad habit of being right in my opinions.


Why not? The only tracks that weren't straight out shit in SA were the two stage 3 themes.

>> No.11357827
File: 387 KB, 450x599, 133869275890.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You know it to be true, /jp/.

>> No.11357829

Only because UFO is the worst game in the series.

>> No.11357842


>> No.11357847


>> No.11357860

TD > DDC > UFO > Any CAVE game > Raizing

Touhou is harder, but arcade games are more fun.

>> No.11357871

I wish I had a girlfriend who acted like that. I would love to feed a needy girls ego.

>> No.11357903

Touhou > other games

This is the only truth.

>> No.11358081

>The only tracks that weren't straight out shit in SA were the two worst themes
Please stop posting.

>> No.11358106

Please stop making these threads for a few months.

>> No.11358143

No, I suggest we have a STG captcha so all the autist secondaries can't shit up our threads.

>> No.11358186

Make the STG captcha be a gauntlet of CAVE TLBs and then make them have to optimize a chaining route of 1-5 in DDP.

That will make them appreciate the genre more instead of being loud mouthed shut-in fuckfaces who have wrong opinions on these things.

>> No.11358230

>not playing for score
apex kek at the turbo casual

>> No.11358389

I've been trying to nbnd th12 stage 3 for 88 attempts now (as much time as it took to 1cc 7 or 10 on lunatic). I've captured Kraken fist only 6/88 times, and Annihilation 6/88 times. I have not improved my lives lost count in the past 50 tries or so. I've become desperate and I've tried every shottype in the game with no improvement, still succeeding the most with Sanae A. I feel like the more I practice the worse I get at this stage. This replay is the best I've got after all this practice

Any tips?


>> No.11358451

Anyone else still playing exceed 3rd?

>> No.11358484

Go away

>> No.11358742


Hope you don't mind random UFOs summoned during the stage. The first few were for extra power, then couldn't be assed to die on the stage. You did say NMNB, not NMNBNUFO. ReimuA is probably the best candidate, so she is used in the replay.

- King Kraken Strike is a difficult spellcard. Got lucky and managed to stay under her to end the spellcard quickly, that's all. Not much you can do to get better at it except grind it with SpoilerAL. Hard to get used to making big horizontal movements to dodge it if you get bad RNG.
- Second spellcard is her easiest, if you know where the fists are coming from. Only one or two bullets get in the way of making vertical movement to escape the fist at the bottom of the screen.
- Lasers are mean, so third spellcard should be rated as more difficult than the 2nd. Read lasers and misdirect the fists. Can get pretty bad with low power, like in your replay. Loads better than having to face KKS at low power though.

>> No.11358750

To clarify, 3 power with SanaeA (second-to-last in general shot power) is pretty low compared to ReimuA (strongest, only second to SanaeB shotgun) at 4 power.

>> No.11359573

Am I shooting myself in the foot by starting with hard mode? I want to play lunatic, but it's too hard for me at the moment.

>> No.11359599

I wonder this myself. I was told to start on Lunatic, but I always end up game overing on Stage 3 and closing the game to go fuck around with something in MAME.

The difficulty gap between Hard and Lunatic is pretty big for untalented shits like myself, so it feels like a waste of time to play on Hard now, but I never make it past the third stage on Lunatic.

>> No.11359611


What? The rest of the tracks were either completely forgettable or boring, or just had bad designs in general.

>> No.11359619

Has anyone played the extra stage for Mystical Power Plant yet?

It feels a little too easy, even compared to DDC's extra...

>> No.11359660

I have to practice a lot to get to stage 3 on hard, but I keep trying because I know normal will just dull my nearly nonexistent skills.

>> No.11359665

You'll just get better the more you play on any difficulty pretty much

There's probably a specific way to get better faster but just play a lot and enjoy it and you'll improve

Grinding Deathsmiles just because I loved the soundtrack so much did wonders for my 2hu game

>> No.11359695

>normal will just dull my nearly nonexistent skills

Have you actually tried playing on Normal first?
It sounds to me like you're way overestimating your shump skill.
If you find Normal dull and boring you shouldn't have problems with getting to stage 3 on Hard.

>> No.11359803

I just beat the game on normal but couldn't play the extra with any character. I thought I had to quit then restart but then it wasn't unlocked anymore.

>> No.11359814

Are you sure you're running the right version? Extra was only added in the latest one.

>> No.11359827

Just when I was thinking Ten Desires was ridiculously easy, I discover Miko uses stars. There goes any hopes of a clear of any kind.

>> No.11359929

It doesn't work for me.
The game won't launch, anyone else having problems with it or is it just me?

>> No.11359989

Don't be like that, you can learn everything you'll ever need to know to 1cc lunatic from playing on easy.

>> No.11360003

Are you sure you're downloading the right version?


Make sure that you're using Japanese locale when you extract and run it.

>> No.11360044

>Make sure that you're using Japanese locale when you extract and run it.

Oh, I suppose that's the problem.
I thought it was suppopsed to run without it.

>> No.11360064

You're right, just downloaded the patch, will retry later.

>> No.11360477


>> No.11360529

Too Western for you?

>> No.11360557

Yes, good... good.
Let the shmup flow through you.

>> No.11360637

I feel mine growing too! I came back from a four day break and finally chained the entirety of 1-4. My execution has actually improved as well, very surprising. I feel like I can finally make little tiny taps on pad and reliably dodge diagonally, it almost feels like my practice is actually paying off.

>> No.11360760

I think for touhou the most important skill is proper control, rather than reflexes or reading the patterns. I wouldn't be afraid of playing normal for a while. I tried starting on lunatic and playing the first two-three stages over and over is not efficient practice.

>> No.11360771

How else do you practice? I refuse to believe that some people are just innately ``better''. There must be some way to improve.

>> No.11360781

Play more. I don't do stage practice; I prefer playing full runs and having a variety of games to play. I personally don't like stage practice, unless I keep getting stuck on a specific part.
That said, whatever makes you better is what you should do if you'd like to improve. The only advice I can give to help other people is play more. Play until you know how to improve.

>> No.11361463

Hi, thanks for the reply. I appreciate the spellcard tips. Unfortunately I'm unable to download the replay, their server might be down right now.

I often die from the two blue waves on the level (unless I'm sanae A) as well as the 5 waves of 2 star shooters immediately after the midboss.

I actually meant NBND+nUFO but it slipped my mind.

Kraken Strike is just stumping me. Even if I ignore the boss entirely and just try to dodge, I still die by the 3rd wave of punches or so. Never heard of SpoilerAL

The second spellcard kills me just as much. I almost always ram into a bullet on the way up when I go unfocused.

Third spellcard is easiest for me.

I suppose I'll just keep grinding with laser reimu, but It was looking pretty hopeless last night.

>> No.11361482

Are you working on a LNBNUFO or something? At any rate, the post-midboss section just comes down to killing one of the fairies before it gets to shoot. If it does, look at the whole screen to find the gaps before they close. Stronger shottype is better for this of course. For the blue kedama waves, I'd try to kill as much as possible then hug the left or right corner. For the second blue wave however, it's recommended that you stay on the left side to not get caught by the fairy spawns afterwards.

I'll try to upload a replay again without UFO summons, but I'll probably not care if I die to KKS on it.

>> No.11361507

Yay. Perhaps not using a name when submitting the replay caused the previous down to not work. Good thing the misread on the 3rd spellcard didn't cause a death.

>> No.11361572


Thanks for the replay. I think I'm nowhere near the skill level required to do this. I've NEVER had a single run with Reimu A where I haven't died to the stage before getting to the boss. I've just now died over 10 times to the blue waves & few times to the star fairies again. I think if I want to beat this in 2013 I need to use a different shottype or come back later.

>> No.11361609

Nani is minna's daikobatsu no shutige? Atashi no are Dodonpachi Daioujou, Chorensha, Mushihimesama Futari, to Desusumairuzu.

>> No.11361625

Killing more of the blue enemies means less bullets being shot. The big orbs shot when the enemies die are aimed at you as you may already know, so it's not an issue as long as you leave some room near the wall to retreat to.

Post-midboss fairies can be almost static since they spawn at the same location dependent on your own location. Speedkill them and you won't have to dodge all that much stuff. You're probably having trouble with this because you expect Sanae's snake shots to eventually take care of them. Homing in UFO doesn't make the stages much easier if you ask me. Knowing enemy spawns and gunning them down fast with a straightforward power shot makes things quite simple!

By "beating the game," what do you mean? For a 1cc all you need is a decent UFO route then bomb the difficult parts. Even without bombs, a proper route yields 20 lives so NMNB'ing Stage 3 isn't necessary.

SpoilerAL is a tool that lets you modify the game to grind games without spell practice, for the record.

>> No.11361642

>I refuse to believe that some people are just innately ``better''
They are, though. Look at athletics; people who compete on a national or international level are just born with certain gifts. That doesn't mean they don't work hard to get where they are, but it does mean that some people really are just "better."

Video games are the same way. You have to accept that some people just have naturally more agile fingers, or a faster visual cortex, better color vision, or any other combination of factors that make them better at shmups.

That doesn't mean you stop playing them, of course. Unlike most sports, video game communities won't look down on you if you use a performance enhancer like caffeine or meth.

>> No.11361645

It was just a NBND challenge just for that one stage. I enjoy doing those more than 1cc attempts, since 1ccs take so long per attempt whilst a single stage nbnd is more impressive to me.

I'll remember your tips in the future and I'll be checking out Spoiler AL.

I use Reimu focused shot for all of my runs except now because I became lost and desperate. After an agonizing number of attempts I'm throwing in the towel for this one, I'll go try to NBNDNUFO stage 2 instead. My raw dodging is NOT up to par at all for this challenge, I'm dying like 5+ times a run after what, 140 attempts? I can only handle so much defeat with so little progress.

Thanks again for the tips and the help though

>> No.11361670

Stage 2 is harder in my opinion, haha.

>> No.11361676

Stage 1, here I come!

>> No.11361756

How do I get good?

>> No.11361764

You don't.

>> No.11362678

赤い刀 真

>> No.11362752

Kill yourself until you're graced with the ability to grow natural talent, have rich parents that will place you into a shmup training camp to further grow your talent levels.

>> No.11362870

>going to shmup training camp with a bunch of rank-and-file shmup peons
>not being born into shmup nobility and having one-on-one training from a renowned shmup knight

>> No.11363846

>liking 最大往生

Atashi zettai hope anata hito janai do this.

>> No.11363858

Why is everyone on stgrillz so awful?

>> No.11363860

Why are you such a bully?

>> No.11363861

Wait the people on there are awful?
I feel a lot less bad about adding my stream onto there now. I'm miserable but I figured people just enjoyed watching anyways. At least watching someone attempt to improve.

>> No.11363871

They aren't.

>> No.11363874

>I absolutely hope you person isn't do this.

>> No.11363878

be careful not to catch chum's rampant inability to fit in.

>> No.11363890

I don't think the website was meant only for the best of the best. Anyone that dodges bullets can add their stream, so~

And some of the players are really quite good.

>> No.11363893

I haven't added my stream on there because I'm too shit. Besides, I don't think anybody wants to watch the first three stages and a part of DDP for four hours per stream. I'll add it up when I feel like I can consistently make it to 1-5.

He's just really talented. Lunatic 1cc's within 24 hours of starting STGs as a whole, destroying DOJ's second loop with only 15 or so hours played. Yeah.

>> No.11363899

It is their choice to watch or not. No matter how good or bad you are just add yourself. Don't be afraid, we are a nice group of people. You can even get good advice this way.

>> No.11363916

>Lunatic 1cc's within 24 hours of starting STGs as a whole, destroying DOJ's second loop with only 15 or so hours played.

This can't be real.

>> No.11364011

Nani the jigoku are anata talking about? Boku have gojuu-PAASENTO a mind to urusai you up.

>> No.11364014

When will there be a touhou that feels as good as PCB and IN? Moving to the point of collection is orgasmic in those games. Grazing was more important and felt amazing. The patterns are beautiful and and they cover most of the screen, even on normal. Letty is so much more fun to fight than Wakasagihime.

>> No.11364016

but it's the best dodonpachi

>> No.11364022

All right. I just feel like I need a certain degree of skill to be able to stream for skilled players. I could keep going after dropping the a chain, but that would be pretty shameful.

15 hours of DOJ is no joke. He fucks up Ketsui pretty hard too, he maybe plays about ten credits every six months and each time I've seen him play, he's balls deep in the omote loop. Lots of the top tier Touhou players 1cc DOJ and Ketsui within a matter of hours. Soul crushing, but hey, it can't be helped.

I've mostly ignored DOJ and Ketsui because I'm petrified that it'll take months to 1cc them opposed to the average of a couple of days. On the one credit of Ketsui I've played a year ago, I died on 1-2 twice and never played again.

>> No.11364027

>not liking the best 首領蜂

>> No.11364030

>I just feel like I need a certain degree of skill to be able to stream for skilled players.

Trust me, it's not just skilled players that watch or play. People go there to watch Touhou/shmups. As long as you aren't doing like easy mode dead by first boss you're fine.

>> No.11364033

I would love to watch you play. However, I lack knowledge to truly appreciate Cave stuff so that might not be any motivation to you. Still, no one's going to make fun of you in a serious manner except MaZe. There were loads of people who were streaming Normal 1cc attempts a few months back, and even now.
PCB trial graze sound effect is the best. Wakasagihime can be fun to supergraze anyways on lower difficulties. Letty simply had a decade's worth of study for the more fancy stuff.

>> No.11364035

That's odd. If he wrecked games that hard then how come the accomplishments he posted were only the standard stuff?

>> No.11364042

>moving to the point of collection is orgasmic

>grazing was important and felt amazing

>the patterns are beautiful
Trig flowers get dull really quickly.

>they cover most of the screen
And they're also slow as cocks.

>> No.11364051

When I was comparing Letty and Wackyhime, I was mostly talking about the impressiveness of their attacks. Wacky first card is pretty fun and simple to graze, her second is boring. Letty has stuff all over the place while still being coherent.

>> No.11364055

>dubstep, cringe-worthy loli voice acting, and slowdown everywhere
>the final boss is Hatsune Miku

Diarrhea coming outta my dick. It's a game for people who want to play a "real" STG but have only ever played Touhou.

>> No.11364063

>not gameplay
>not gameplay
Fuck off to the shmups forum, secondary.

>> No.11364065

Understandable. I think any plain attack can become impressive with some guts and risk though. If it's unimpressive, make it impressive!

>> No.11364075

You can lie about the time you put in, but faking accomplishmets is harder. Not impossible of course, but harder.

>> No.11364077
File: 113 KB, 852x827, ddp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>My favorite part of Citizen Kane is the moviewatch!
>Twilight is just a pop culture fad, Anne Rice books have superior bookread.
>Eeeh, concept albums? I don't listen to music for the plot, I listen for the musiclisten.

I love the word "gameplay" because it's a simple, single-word cue that lets you know the speaker has no idea what they're talking about.

>> No.11364086

Fuck off icycalm

>> No.11364091

Oh look its these tired excuses again.
Confirmed for not knowing shit.

>> No.11364092

Nice comparison picture, dude, but I still don't see any game mechanics. You seem to be incapable of talking about game mechanics, so once again you should kindly fuck off back to /v/ or /vg/ or Shmups Chat where secondaries like you belong.

>> No.11364102

You realize people play the games, right?

>> No.11364108

>defending the word "gameplay"

>> No.11364117

So how were the graphics in your Anne Rice novel?
What about the controls on your new album?
I was disappointed at the lack of checkpoints on Citizen Kane, they kept shooting my guy and I couldn't do anything about it.

>> No.11364119

>attacking the word "gameplay"

>> No.11364120

You are legitimately autistic.

>> No.11364122

You actually literally cannot hold a legitimately good arguementtalk.


>> No.11364133

>playing games

>> No.11364163

I've seen people there unable to 1cc TD Normal on stream, and that's perfectly fine. I think judging people for their skill level is pretty rude, especially if the skill difference between the two is massive.

It's okay, as long as somebody enjoys watching. You can steal my inferior 1-4 route that only goes up to the second shotgun tank, my mind goes blank after that point and I just flail for the rest of the loop.

I exaggerated a bit, but that part of my post was a joke. I've seen him tear apart DOJ's loop in practice, doing nmnb of 2-3 and 2-5(besides hibachi) back to back, but I don't think he's actually looped either game. It was mostly just myself looking back from when he said something ridiculous about complete beginners being able to 1-ALL Ketsui in 5-10 hours. I apologize.

The part about being unable to beat DOJ and Ketsui wasn't a joke though, I tear up just thinking about playing them.

>> No.11364173

>Why is everyone on stgrillz so awful?
All the Western Touhou WR-holders stream on STGrillz?

>> No.11364174

I have tried streaming for friends before and I'm completely unable to do anything under the pressure of having people watch you. I'm not a very good player to begin with but constantly dying on stage 1 is too embarassing for me.

>> No.11364178

>Western Touhou WR-holders
There are none. Easy scores should just be discarded, especially if they are easy scores on obscure shots.

>> No.11364179

Don't think dying on stage 1 is bad, problem solved.

>> No.11364181

But it is bad.

>> No.11364183

The person with the PCB Extra overall WR also used to stream over there, you know. The easymode guys don't even stream often.

>> No.11364190

At least you aren't this bad, or obnoxious. Although it is amusing to see normalfags thinking they can play shmups.

>> No.11364194

Different skill levels, don't have to explain more than that. You're allowed to believe a newbie having trouble with stage 1 is bad. On the other hand, I accept that as their limitation. While watching a Japanese superplayer creditfeed to stage 1 is much more interesting, both players are on stage 1 at the end of the day. Just my two cents.

>> No.11364196

He must have been streaming under a different name then.

>> No.11364198

>There are none, because some of the ones that there are I say don't count.

Also the guy with the SA perfect is on there too.

>> No.11364199

To be fair, a lot of people are that bad on their first ever STG.

>> No.11364203

Different name. Last I saw him, he was grinding stage 4 EoSD.
Anon may be referring to the quality of streams of people who have any WR, not that there are many at all as you've stated. This really has nothing to do with >>11363858 anyway.

>> No.11364209

The point of this guy's videos isn't really to play video games really good though.

>> No.11364249

Why do you care about loli Hibachi when you'll never reach her lmao

>> No.11364292

Movie buffs are equally guilty of using the word "cinematography" as a meaningless catch-all term.

>> No.11364295

>Why do you care about Bella's super-deadly vampire C-section when you'll never reach it?

>> No.11364305
File: 177 KB, 300x393, cashfallen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm not afraid of this boss, cuz I've got bombs. You can't handle this shit! Dial 1-800-can't handle this shit... fuck I'm out of bombs.

>> No.11364312

I know how you feel. I stream for my friends all the time to try to prove to them that I'm not terrible at games. Trivial chains I'd usually do are now impossible, restarting on 1-2 and 1-3 drove me crazy with them watching.

I proceed to drop the chain and ram head first into a garegga bullet on 1-2, yes, the midboss. At that point, I was shaking like a meth addict, maybe because of the coffee I had combined with streaming. I was also giggling like a little girl because of the stupid deaths and the absurd remark a friend made, "You're still worse than DSP, dude." It's probably true, but at that point, I couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it. I don't like to believe I'm THAT shit at STGs, except PoFV. I'm awful at that game.

>> No.11364420

u wot m8

>> No.11366095

New challenges for this thread:

Scoring challenge: DDC scoring on Normal/Hard
1. With MarisaB
2. The run must be done within the thread, no old scores.
3. Either screenshots or replays will be required.

>> No.11366137

Everything in the first two stages is fine except Cirnos 3'rd spellcard, i don't know why i'm having so much trouble with the bigger orthogonal projectiles. The strongest!

>> No.11366731

you realize we're over the bump limit already right?

>> No.11367089

All of this is bullshit and you are either 1. completely clueless about chumlum or 2. chumlum, trying to make out you're something you're not. Save the bullshit for kusoplay.

>> No.11367697

Bottom of the barrel shit players tend to overestimate people who can play better than them. Do you honestly believe that a player who can't chain 1-4 consistently is worth talking to? I'm sure there's some frustration over Hard mode players going on too, deesgusting.

Rather than getting to know the people they talk shit about, they just talk shit anyway. They talk shit and cry when they get their ass whooped in PoFV 0-2 each match, perfects out the ass, but they get one lucky win where they sandbag and it's like, "Oh wow dude, this guy sucks ahuhuhuhu." There is no hope for these people, constructive criticism is ignored, they make the same mistakes over and over, they complain and bitch about it being the games' fault, and worst of all, they don't TRY HARD.

>> No.11367730

yo y u gotta put dat nigga on blast son

>> No.11367856

Is there a way to change res on earlier touhous, namely Imperishable Night? I tried searching but can't find anything. Pls don't bully.

>> No.11367893
File: 47 KB, 352x513, vpatch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have to modify vpatch.ini. If you don't already have vpatch, I uploaded it for you here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8qc3yv0jbx0ywlw/VsyncPatch.zip

>> No.11368307

Thanks bro

>> No.11368529 [DELETED] 
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