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I like it when /jp/ is happy. What makes /jp/ happy?

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Listening to 2hu musics.

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are you aware that theres actual good music out there on the intenret?

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Thinking about my boyfriend.

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Me too!


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taking it E-A-S-Y

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Some of that good music is even 2hu music.

I find the whole "everyone arranging ZUN tunez" idea really interesting, as a musician. It's like the modern day equivalent of jazz standards, only for virgins.

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Okuu makes me happy!

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i'd find it a lot more interesting if 98% of people who like it didn't listen to that shit exclusively.

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I listen to Touhou music or [email protected] music or the jazz radio.

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Liking something based on the people who like it is kind of dumb.

I'm sure your point is more "it's vastly overrated and discussing it is a pain because people get rabid about it and I don't really get why" and that's understandable, but something you kind of have to deal with anyway. Consider that most people who like things are stupid.

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No, you don't understand, have you ever loved something so vehemently that every facet of your life is dominated by it? Even when it's bad is still enjoyable due to everything it emotes.

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Get help, weeb.

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Thank you!

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I try not to be too happy on /jp/.
Whenever I post when I'm happy I get banned.

So you get no happiness from me.

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watching old films, playing old games, going for a stroll at 1 a.m.

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Negative things make me happy. I like reading about the misfortunes of the world and the struggle of man, also calm music.


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>playing old games
I just installed Carnivores 2. Its been at least 11 years since I played this!
Seriously why didnt dinosaur hunting games catch on.

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Incest fiction makes me happy.

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Oyasuminasai, /jp/

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Life is too good not to be happy. taking it easy isn't just a saying, it's a way of life.

I read, play rhythm games, watch animu, listen to music, and enjoy life.

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Making friends.

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will you be my friend? we can make easter island butt plugs together.


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No, you're scary.

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btw am girl

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we're all girls here

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Cute animals make me happy.

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cute animal thread?
cute animal thread

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>inb4 shovel dog

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I fucking hate you.

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♥♥♥♥ i love you ♥♥♥♥

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I love golden retrievers, they're so friendly and nice, they wouldn't hurt a fly

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nice wanko dude

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This picture makes me happy! What a cute Koishi!

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Get out, norm

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This picture makes me happy! What a cute Koishi!

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I wonder if I will be happy after I die.

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>This picture makes me happy! What a cute Koishi!

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silly. everyone knows birds arent 2hus

Maybe. No way to know.

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You make me happy when you click on the black square below!


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But /a/ a shit. They're unironic about everything and when I asked them about my favorite anime a long time ago I didn't get any replies.

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What's your favourite anime?

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If I went on a stroll at 1 AM i'd get shot.

Actually that wouldn't be so bad. Thanks anon

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The seinen with the robot loli.

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>that feel when there's no one out there for you, left to wander the wastes with no companion save a robot horse and a demon on your hand

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Are you in Detroit? If so, we can be 1am-strolling buddies!

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Be more specific. I wanna watch.

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2d makes me happy!

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Dicks make me happy.

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I think he means Ergo Prozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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wow m-me t-too...

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My /jp/sies are so cutesy wootsies! I love you all!

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There's something amiable in everything about EP, especially because It had DEPTH. Not only is it a top tier story, the characters are just as intriguing.

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Are you a girl? Sounds like something a female would say.

Want to fuck?

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I hate you.

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Apparently there are a couple of actual MtF transsexuals on /jp/. I want to find one and make her my girfriend. That way I could suck cock while remaining 100% straight.

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>suck cock
>100% straight


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It makes me happy when /jp/ is my blog. Today, I've eaten nothing except the most processed of meats. Perhaps enough meat to make up an entire animal. Get rekt, vegans.

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Wearing cute dresses would make me happy if I could afford them.

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T-The neck looks weird... I d-don't think that's Chen...

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where her head?!!!11

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actually is sekibanki

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It's just invisible. Chen has super stealth powers because she's a nekomimi.

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cute clothes, hair removal cream

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I've kind of been getting into chess commentary despite knowing almost nothing about the game. It's exciting but I think it's very lewd since they are always saying about how one player mated another!

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Is this one of the fabled Laser Death Cat?

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Existence is suffering.

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prudish hetero girls discovering the pleasures of anal rimming with their girlfriends.

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Finding new trivia in tuehue canon.
Just had a small laugh at this : http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Choujuu_Gigaku
Also, it's SoPM, so it's canonical.

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Feels like undead Gruul's Lair 25. Dat trinket.

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those feels. just try not to eat a bottle of tylenol.

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I wouldn't eat a bottle of tylenol unless I wanted to spend some time in an ICU and alert people to my having serious mental problems. And all the ICU nurses I've ever met at work were jerks.

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I am glad that you are staying safe, anon. There's many things in this world that shouldn't be, and can cause great sorrow.

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Why are nurses always such bitches?

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Enjoying a Drive

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Cuddling with lolis, hugging lolis, holding hands with lolis, eating sweets (with lolis), drinking tea (with lolis), and riding motorcycles.

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my gf

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Punching a loli in the face and running away laughing maniacally.

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Small, tight knit communities.

I'm happy to be me.

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I'm happy to be you as well.

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He looks friendly

Would drink beer with

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Please be gentle when you are me.

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No, fuck you. Full force contact sex!

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The characters are the only "friends" i ever had.

I love my life.

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