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Are you guys looking forward to the full version of SWR? It looks epic. I hope Sakuya is playable, she is mai waifu <3

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*posts entertaining comments about on-topic subjects*

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So ronery ;_;

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ronery thread? ;__;

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H-h-hello Anon.
I s-s-sure h-hope they d-don't b-b-ban r-roleplaying a-a-a-anytime s-s-soon.
You know, I always hated this guy. But looking back on it, I realize he was a true shitposting pioneer. Definitely ahead of his time.

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This thread is fucking cancer with OP alone.

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I am going to go post on /a/ because it is still considered somewhat acceptable to do so at this time!

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No way was that faggot around in 2008.

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>using epic in 2008

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how the fuck am I supposed to kill those fucking monkeys in underwater rayramoono first level? hard mode 5 is complete bullshit

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wtf is touhou

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>You know, I always hated this guy. But looking back on it, I realize he was a true shitposting pioneer.
Lumping stuttering Alice together with our latter-day shitposters is a grave insult. It was a marvel whose likes the world shall not see again.

Alice has been around for ages. Why are you surprised?

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I am the silliness of my hat
Badly drawn is my body & impossibly positioned is my hands
I have created over a thousand danmaku
Unknown to secondaries, nor to tertiaries
Have withstood pain to create many badly written zun dialogue
Yet, those hands will never be positioned normally
So as I pray, Unlimited Zun works!

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