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*Waits warmly for Sanae*

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The head is bigger than her body.

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What the fuck is going on here?

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inb4 autism

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>dat capelet


Last name Ever, first name Taoest.

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It's like the guy lost his ability to draw properly.

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Let me be the first one to relate Miko with JIBUN WOOOOO

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I looked at her foot.
I regret everything.

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Maybe it had some accident like that guy that drew the first fairy manga.

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So Miko has a purple cloak for her portrait but a red cloak in the actual sprites? What the hell? Can it change colour?

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>no Seiga

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The mantle in game is red, in the artwork purple, but if you look closely the inside of the artwork's mantle is red, maybe during the match she changes how she wear the mantle in order to use different skills.

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>Seiga and Yoshika in the background

Incoming anal annihilation.

But goddamn that glorious cape.

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No dude, the cape in the artwork is obviously red. What happens is that it's shadowed. Hair and Cloth aren't the same material, are you stupid?

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Wait, why is Eiki in Miko's background? Wasn't the Miko article in SoPM all about flipping Eiki the spiritual finger?

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I think the cape looks pretty cool. Also deconfirmed Seiga, Yoshika, and Soga. Guess this really does mean only two characters per faction.

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hey that lime text function looks cool, let me try it

>not having expected Miko for today


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So she powers up with the help of gaijin?
Also, why is Tojiko so big?
At least Yoshika looks so happy. Can't wait to see her animation.
All faction are confirmed to have only two people, I guess. Maybe the final boss will have a subordinate as well, if we're lucky, otherwise we'll only have 9 characters.

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also no Youmu nor Komachi, but those two were pretty much a given one.

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No no, I was expecting Miko. But Seiga is in the motherfucking background which pretty much confirms that Seiga won't be playable.

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>actually expecting a final boss

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yes I missed that, I apologize

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Eiki's legs...!

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Introduce the character of today is Miko As expected in the translation of

In character, such incarnation like a road attribute, specializing in shooting laser, the beam type
Strong for in a sexual partner but weak horizontal kinda elevated position otherwise

Special ability is now remembers as a parameter of its own gain and loss of popularity
Weakening mode and enhanced mode is invoked with Furikireru certain degree up and down it
Color of the cloak is varied depending on the situation at this time
It is can be determined at a glance at any gauge other than

And or a special move and to make popular voluntarily, is technology that consumes this internal charge
It starts from the fact that to earn popularity, popularity increase and decrease is directly linked to the outcome than other characters

Special Move laser image of Article 27
The tearing the space sword of the waist, and burn down a laser attack from the break
Existence is at risk is less than popular Article 27 When there is no

Cool, she has sexual partners and her cloak changes and she spams lasers.

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iamp had suika
swr had tenshi
why shouldn't this one have one?

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How come Seiga, a hermit, one who evades death and is hunted by grim reapers, sits between Shikieiki and Komachi?

Shouldn't Shikieiki be calling for the elite grim reaper squad to go after her right away? As well as the TAOists currently fighting?

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And UNL/Hisou had whopping three different final bosses.

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because IaMP was a game about solving an incident caused by suika
SWR was about solving an incident caused by tenshi

this game is about gathering popularity for religions
there's no incident
there's no villain
there's no final boss

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>Strong for in a sexual partner but weak horizontal kinda elevated position otherwise

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Are you seriously trying to make sense out of the bg characters placement?

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she's that hardcore

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Final roster: 9 characters.

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>no villain
you don't know that yet. one of the factions (or a new, yet unannounced one) might decide to play dirty at one point.

>no final boss
this one usually ties into the villain part. if there's a villain, there's usually a final boss.

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>this game is about gathering popularity for religions

The premise why they are gathering popularity, is that they are abusing the sudden burst of people going "Who gives a shit about anything". SOMETHING caused all people suddenly lose interest in living, but they are so greedy they have to gather followers first.

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So what's this purple thing, anyway? There doesn't appear to be a matching one on the other side of the screen.

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It's her shoe, the other one is behind the dish.

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it saddens me a lot that the character chosen to represent buddhism is ichirin instead of shou

those are futo's boots, retard

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That's called a shoe, anon.

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whoa that's lewd

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I haven't had any serious problem with anything until this. Hell, I'm glad to see Eiki show up, I just think planting her in the stage of someone that's started advertising ways to avoid her is bizarre.

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Oh hey, so they are. Whoops.

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well, obviously tasofro doesn't give a fuck about canon
what's new?

god miko is so badass

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They now seem to be in Gensokyo.

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Is that google translation? It's pretty lewd but at least google already solves the issue with her cloak being red in the sprites.

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It is a bit weird though. Hermits extending their lives as they do makes them enemies of the Ministry of Right and Wrong. Hell she is meters away from Seiga who we have seen the Ministry attempt to kill.

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maybe they're on vacation?

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Or tea time.

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Ministry of Right and Wrong has a nice ring to it.
I've been using Afterlife & Karma Corporation, myself.

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Well, there have been more nonsensical cameos in the manga already so this really isn't a big surprise.

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Kasen's not appearing with Komachi and Seiga in the BG...
There is still hope!

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It's like they first had a brilliant idea of "hey, let's make an audience in the background and put other Touhous there", but then they realized they need to find a way to fill every stage and fit everyone somewhere and then simply gave up trying to make it make sense.

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Dang that is a tiny Youmu. Looks like she's half the size of Yuyuko now, no joke.

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> no youmu
> no yuyuko
> no yoshika
> no seiga
> no komachi


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well, of course she will appear in Sanae's stage

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Somebody help me identidy what stage they are fighting in. Yuyuko and her bitch are there, so it might be someplace near the land of the dead.

And it saddens me that Seiga and Yoshika won't be available.

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Sanae's stage.

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I'm fine with that, but as a general rule, I hope that memes disappearing from our world do not turn up in Gensokyo. Most of them deserve to just disappear.

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Youmu was already small in the other games.

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They're sitting.

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it's Miko's palace, which is located in a hidden place
that's why all the characters there are special and erratic characters

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before I call you a retard I'll let you explain why any of those except Seiga would be playable in this game knowing the story.

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Nope, just look under the Prismriver sisters, there are a couple of generic characters.

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Probably Senkai

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Prismrivers again? Lazy/10

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how cute, I wanna have sexwith mikorin

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not allowed

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Just what happened to the portraits? I look at SWR or IaMP and they're so much more varied than this. Much more interesting.

Delete your ending post you prick.

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I will not. Otherwise purists will just go mad again and claim tasofro was responsible for making Youmu short.

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her description's talking about sex partners, so it's not only allowed, it sounds like it's encouraged.

get out of here, eiki.

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oh, I thought those were statues

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Do not hold your breath for a lot of characters, what with the detail spritework in-game that takes a lot of job to do.

>> No.10908547

Just look all the wasted talent in the background...

>> No.10908548

We'll only get 2~3 more

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Hey guys, looking at the portrait I just wanted to say that Futo's hair is not so bad

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Seitenkyu, a Taoist temple in Saitama prefecture.

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It is not a big deal anyway, we will probably see an expansion like with SWR in the future.

>> No.10908555

maybe seiga will be added in "the china patch" of this game.

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You mean non-purists/secondaries.

>> No.10908559

The next fighting game will probably also use the same sprites again.

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I don't have faith anymore.

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Yesssssssssssssss !!!

Glorious swag Crown Prince

Im crying for no playable Seiga and Yoshika, im crying for no sky of desires and im crying for a so fucking small character rooster...

But at least Alphes didnt fuck up with Miko


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>Alphes didn't fuck up with miko
>Those eye lashed
>Those stoner eyes

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No, just purists who hate everthing that wasn't done by ZUN alone. Why would a secondary be mad about Youmu being short? She's never tall in fan work anyway.

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Miko's new nickname is Michou, calling it here and now.

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I would pay for Cercis making the portraits instead of Alphes

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wow, Futo really looks like a kid


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Purists wouldn't be mad at that since they are aware of Youmu's height. After all, they've played the games and unlocked the endings, right?

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Translate it weeaboos

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Miko looks really strong compared to the others.

>> No.10908588

Only in theory have they all seen the endings.

>> No.10908590

Miko shoots beams and has a sexual partner.
Also,her cape varies according to popularity.
Her last word is "obscure japanese historical reference that americans won't get"
which is about more beams

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So /jp/ prophecy was right.
all the most shitty whores are playable and the ones people wanted in since years are in the goddamn fucking backgrounds, making every game a sadistic carnival of painful cameos
I fucking hate this game

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On it now, can't promise it will be a very good translation, but doing my best. As of yet I can give you her title: "Almighty Taoist Adminstrator of the Universe, Toyosatomimi no Miko".

>> No.10908594

Yeah, it really fits her prince dignity theme. Man she's so megalomaniac.

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Final boss will be Wukong, who combines both Taoism and Buddhism in his story.

>Eventually, through the teamwork of Taoist and Buddhist forces, including the efforts from some of the greatest deities, Sun Wukong was captured.


Deities (Moriya shit) + Taoism + Buddhism

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Most character roster predictions were mostly right so far, with only Shou not being playable being the weird one out. I don't know who you expected to be playable. Wriggle?

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Like every portrait in hopeless masquerade, we all know that Alphes sucks so much, but this is not nearly as bad as Futo

>> No.10908599

That's bloody heinous. why did they choose this guy to do the portraits?

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>Now Gensokyo worships my dick. And my muscles.

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Because he could draw well for SWR and Soku

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Waiting warmly for moe Wukong.

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It's not sooooo bad.
They're only awful if you get autistic about it. The only bad thing about those drawings are the eyelashes, which get worse from left to right.

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Yami wo kirisaku OH DESIRE

>> No.10908606

That would actually be somewhat cool.

>> No.10908609

In an alternate universe Mokou, Nitori and Wriggle are all playable, as promised.

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>> No.10908612

Superhuman Mik-cis !!!

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>> No.10908614

Assuming we get 1 character every day until reitaisai.

Moriya: Sanae + Kana/Suwako/Aya

Immortality team-Eintei: Mokou/Udongein/Kaguya-hime/Eirin/Tewi (Really could be anything or nothing)

Natural brawlers: China gal/ Ibarakasen/ Mamizou/ Suika /Tenshi/ Yuugi♥

Team Misc: Okuu/ Komeijis?( You wish) / Ferpect and lelegant meid/ Orin

Team Lots-Of-People-With-Brain-Problems-Likes-Them: Cirno, loli vampires.

If I had to bet in something:
Sanae as avatar of the Moriya house
Aya for shits and giggles to report the whole thing
Mokou because it was promised last game and they must have the sprite around
Sakuya (Really, the fact that appears in the next game indicates so)

>> No.10908615

Everyone is moe and no one has titties! Except Byakuren, but she's the only Touhou to ever canonically reach old physical age anyway.

>> No.10908618

There's nothing wrong with Eiki on the Miko's stage. What did make you think that she was there to cheer for Miko? That stage background makes perfect sense - it's always a good idea to keep your eye on your enemy. Especially when this enemy is in the process of agitating against you. It's something similar to how Komachi keeps her eye on Kasen in WaHH.

>> No.10908620 [DELETED] 


>Immortality team
Human village

xD xD xD xD

>Team Misc
I still don't know this game's plot pls help me I can't read

>Cirno, loli campires

>They must have Mokou's sprite around
Yeah because SWR's style is exaclty the same style as in HM

>The fact that Sakuya appears in 14 indicates so
gr8 logic m8

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Futo and Marisa are the same height, but Futo looks younger because she has a big head.

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oh, you're right

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>> No.10908628

Nah. ZeroCape or UshiromiyaCape would be better.

>> No.10908630

Sanae is a given, but do you think they will switch Suwako for Kanako this time around?

>> No.10908631

The thread was pretty fine until you came with all that bullshit,just kill yourself,is the only way you could stop being such a retard.

>> No.10908635

Kanako because
>She was in the symposium
>Ichirin has Suwako's ring attack

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Now we only need some glasses

>> No.10908637

No SDM pls.

>> No.10908638

I wouldn't be surprised if Miko smoked.

>> No.10908639

See >>10908624

>> No.10908640

I'm hoping Tenshi and Suika appear in this game. Fighting games are the only things they have left ;_;

>> No.10908641

Hey hey hey hey.
Smoke weed every day.

>> No.10908643

I think they are more likely to use Kanako this time, mostly because she is the one who was in SOPM for Moriya shrine.

>> No.10908645

But Suika already appears anon!

>> No.10908649

Story part translated: “The humans keep losing hope of heart”. So thought Miko, who herself desired to save the world. For that reason, first the interfering religious preachers would have to be defeated. Miko decides to investigate Gensokyou’s oldest religious institute.”

Once again, my Japanese isn't the best, so there can be some errors.

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File: 41 KB, 330x231, FireShot Screen Capture #177 - 'flandre scarlet, hong meiling, izayoi sakuya, and patchouli knowledge (touhou) drawn by setz - Danbooru' - donmai_us_posts_1420162_pool_id=2265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Once again compare it to IaMP and SWR/Hisoutensoku. Not amazing, but better and way more varied.

What is Double Spoiler?

>> No.10908657

Not happening because Mamizou takes over that role.

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File: 1.10 MB, 794x1123, Untitled-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Why is Seiga so hot, /jp/ ?

>> No.10908665

The only characters still available are China and Flandre. And Koakuma, technically.

>> No.10908666

The colour improved but, the arms and anatomy went nuts.

>> No.10908668

>Almighty Taoist who governs the universe Toyosatomimi no Miko

I have an erection right now

>> No.10908669


>> No.10908674

whoa she's sweating a lot down there

>> No.10908675


>> No.10908677

Because she got banged before. Legally.

>> No.10908679

Meiling confirmed for 13.5. Flandre for 14.

Who the fuck is Koakuma?

>> No.10908680

Because hags that cheat on their husbands faking death have their charm.

>> No.10908686

I've certainly never heard that name playing the games or reading the official material. No idea.

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>> No.10908693

“Special Skill: Calling of the Statesman.”
“As she acquires popularity, desires will be absorbed. More desires absorbed will strengthen her attacks. Reversely, if she loses popularity, the collected desires will be released. If she loses too much her attacks will be weakened. Compared to the others, getting the public attention is more important. “

>> No.10908694

Watch out, guys, we have super-primaries here.

>> No.10908695

Even the poses were so much more dynamic on the other games.

>> No.10908696

>torn cape
Shamefur dispray

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File: 65 KB, 240x640, ushimiko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't into shoop

>> No.10908700

I have lost all faith. Seiga would've been nice to have. I'd imagined her cutting and slashing with her hairpin. Last word jiangshi uprise.

>> No.10908713

Her hairpin opens holes in things. 1-hit kill for sure, unless your enemy is made out of rubber/jelly.

>> No.10908715


>> No.10908718

When you're being the almighty taoist, you rough up your cape every now and again.

>> No.10908721

>unless your enemy is made out of rubber/jelly
or youkai or immortals or ghostly entities.

>> No.10908728

“Last word: Something about imperial decree. Most likely a reference to Japanese history.”
“Can be released when she gains the full power of the popularity of the crowd. A giant blade of light that strikes and changes the battlefield. The attack is limited to around the middle of the field. The blade of light can be graced and guarded.”

And that's everything translated. Dunno if anyone is actually reading this, but here you go.

>> No.10908736

>A giant blade of light that strikes and changes the battlefield.

>> No.10908740

>Byakuren's badass monk attire
>Miko's badass lord cape

I can't wait to see a brand new Kanako

>> No.10908742
File: 2.18 MB, 1000x1411, mikolasers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Miko confirmed as strongest 2hu.

>> No.10908748

If she is granted the power to control desire, I'll agree with you.

>> No.10908749
File: 614 KB, 850x1189, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Shoutoku legend indeed.

>> No.10908750

I am, many thanks

>> No.10908760

Have the other characters been translated already? Was planning on at least translating the "Special Skill" part for them otherwise, seeing as that is the most interesting.

>> No.10908763

>Byakuren's badass monk attire

>> No.10908768

That hat is pretty cool.

>> No.10908770

Doesn't it say that it cannot be grazed or guarded?

>> No.10908782
File: 13 KB, 480x200, lel1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10908785

no seiga means that i'm not touching that shit

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File: 13 KB, 480x200, lel2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10908789

It's really not that bad.

>> No.10908790

kanako kanako kanako kanako kanako

>> No.10908791

I was actually about to post that.

>> No.10908797

Ah, crap, my bad, I missed a sentence at the end. " The blade of light can be graced and guarded, but inside it everything is forced into submission.” That probably means that it either deals loads of damage but you can avoid it, or that it's unblockable and ungrazeable if the opponent is inside it, rather than just hit by it. Or something. I'm not really sure myself.

>> No.10908803

>She's the embodiment of the Taoist type, specializing in lasers and beams.
>Like a turret, she's strong against opponents on the same altitude, and have trouble dealing with those aren't.

So, Miko is like Yuyuko and Byakuren is like Remilia, cool

From the 2 demos i think this game is more melee oriented than the previous games, so Byakuren has the advantage. I cant wait to see these 2 clashing

>> No.10908804

But Suika already had references to Wukong/Goku, in addition to being Shuten-dougi.

When she makes mini-Suikas she pulls them out of hair the way Wukong pulls his fur, and size transformations are what he's known for, not Shuten-douji. SWR gave her Genki Dama for good measures.

And yes, she was the original fighter final boss

>> No.10908806

Sounds cool, either way.

Back on her design though, does anyone else think the full on cape might have been a little too much? It's flashy as hell, and that's the whole point of HM, but I just have a hard time seeing her don a cape.

>> No.10908813

Do you not see a badass?

>> No.10908814

I kind of agree, but I'm not too torn about it. She looks like Doctor Strange.

>> No.10908815

>no Meiling in the background yet
>no Flandre in the background yet
>no Rumia in the background yet
There is still hope.

>> No.10908821

>Byakuren has the advantage
Miko brought her sword this time, don't be so certain. Miko was always this cool, you could catch glimpses from TD and SoPM, I really like that her 13.5 design hammers home that she's in charge and is a very intimidating figure to go up against. She may be the champion of humans, but heaven help you if you cross the True Administrator.

>> No.10908824

Taoist Supreme, the primary protector of Gensokyo against magical and mystical threats

>> No.10908825

Miko's HM theme
Just imagine it
I'm diamonds

>> No.10908826

just like mima rite?

>> No.10908833

Will SDM fags ever shut up?

>> No.10908835

Im only taking a look at the profiles, Miko is range oriented and Byakuren is melee oriented. Since i think HM is very melee oriented i suppose Byakuren has the advantage. This is not a discussion about powerlevels

I'm choosing Miko anyway

>> No.10908843

>This is not a discussion about powerlevels
Sorry if I made it seem that way, I was just noting that I didn't think Miko would be entirely dependent on her danmaku. I'd much rather gush about her new design.

>> No.10908848

I bet they're gonna fuck up like they did with Yukari.

>> No.10908857

By giving her a completely new theme? I don't think they'll do that here.

>> No.10908858

Please no ;_;
Let me believe

>> No.10908862

So far character themes in Hopeless Masqurade have been pretty similar to their themes in the shooters, mmhm.

>> No.10908864

The OP remix for HM is pretty nice tho.
The tone reminds me of this Futo remix:

>> No.10908868

I wish Kanako is playable

not Suwako and Slutko

>> No.10908869

I know what you mean, Night Falls made by ZUN is better than U2 remix huh

>> No.10908872

I hope Futo's theme will get arranged like this

>> No.10908877

I don't think you've played the game yet if you think a melee orientated character has the advantage. It's very easy to dodge things when you're flying which makes hard to land melee hits (especially on Reimu since she can gap between the sides of the screen).

>> No.10908881

>464 KB
> Yami wo kirisaku OH DESIRE

No Alice in the background yet. There is still hope for this delusional faggot detected.

>> No.10908884

I still have no idea what they were thinking with that one. Making it full accordion made it sound like a joke. Yukari should not have a jokey theme.

>> No.10908891 [DELETED] 
File: 279 KB, 751x1051, 3ace5eb01ab6657aa2fe7fa4d8a01351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw keine will never be playable ;_;

>> No.10908897

"It's a pity that Keine will never be playable."

There, I reworded your post to make it sound less retarded.

>> No.10908909

When I hear yukari's theme in SWR, I'm COMPLETELY disappointed, it's one of my favorite themes!
I hope Miko's theme get more guitar

>> No.10908915 [DELETED] 

Check out this pretentious douchenerd.

Oh wait I mean
"One is most displeased with the tenor of your posting!"

>> No.10908921

you mentioned suwako twice d00d

>> No.10908925

Okay so there are six days left. I think it's pretty safe to assume that the next two days are going to be Sanae and then Kanako. But then what about the remaining four days?

>> No.10908927


>> No.10908930

There will be probably only 9 charas.

>> No.10908931 [DELETED] 

Do you guys store all your memespeak for when touhou games are released or are you just here visiting /jp/?

>> No.10908937

IRC and /v/ leaking over.

>> No.10908939

Final boss

>> No.10908943

I hate that this thread began with "Waits warmly". It's a true mark of a secondary when you don't have that screen so etched into your brain that you know it isn't "Waits" at all.

>> No.10908944

Yeah probably.I hope that if there is a new character they don't show her off and keep it a secret.

>> No.10908945

Two SA characters, then two new ones.

>> No.10908947

>Two SA characters
So Sanae and Suwako confirmed?

>> No.10908950
File: 152 KB, 591x600, swirly cape.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10908951

I admire how far you went, I stopped reading at the *.

>> No.10908952

Whoa kel'thuzad

>> No.10908961
File: 631 KB, 602x850, 1326964855676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10908962

Jesus Christ, I thought they were quotation marks.

I think I'm gonna puke.

>> No.10908965

And quote misuse doesn't make you sick? I think you're trying way too hard to fit in.

>> No.10908968

Asterisk actions are /jp/ heritage.

*whips out dick*
*punches wall, is 300 pounds*

>> No.10908972

How do you imagine Kanako's possible new appearance?

>> No.10908977


>> No.10908980

Hair color change, shimenawa gone, carrying a staff and dressing like a heavy metal poser. Arms bigger than the rest of her body because she's a hardcore weightlifter.

Tasofro, time and again, ruins character designs whenever they get the chance, but as usual you'll eat it all up.

>> No.10908982

Bedroom eyes, purple eyelashes, huge mammaries.

>> No.10908987

I know, right? If only ZUN made the art for this game so that i could pretend to like it.

>> No.10908993

>ZUN made the art
>pretend to like it
This is so wrong.

>> No.10908997

It has nothing to do with that. Tasofro is trying to make a guilty gear with touhou characters.

>> No.10908998
File: 88 KB, 364x512, Th10KanakoYasaka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Judging from what we have seen, it will be something like this.

>> No.10909000

What are you still doing here? We're all waiting for you at /ota/!

>> No.10909003

They are making it that way just to piss you off. In fact, they forced ZUN to approve of the design by holding his wife hostage. If only the true primaries of /jp/ would stand up and end Tasofro's reign of terror. Can people not see ZUN's cry for help?

>> No.10909004

But is her hair black or is it shadows/highlights?!

>> No.10909007


>> No.10909013 [DELETED] 
File: 298 KB, 330x366, new generation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, I see. You're not trying to have a conversation. You're only out to try and make people mad with your amazing wit and knack for sarcasm.

>> No.10909019

You're doing the same thing, Fedora-san!

>> No.10909024

I've never seen so many people so doom-and-gloom about the upcoming games, from "ZUN gave in what a pussy" to "alphes design a shit."

If you want to slag on a game at least do it over the gameplay.

>> No.10909028

The gameplay is shit. Tourneyfags will lol at the people who play this unironically.

>> No.10909029

It will be a fighter with 8 characters. 8 motherfucking characters.
Lamer than Ougon.
And characters have autoguard for no good reason.

>> No.10909031

See, that's more like it. At least you're actually talking about features of the game rather than just blind speculation.

>> No.10909032


Please don't use that word.

Besides, games are a visual medium too! This is like saying, "Don't judge a movie for its cinematography, judge it for its plot!"
I'm guessing you're one of those people who thinks "graphics don't matter" because that's a super grown-up thing to say, so I guess it's pointless arguing with you :)

>> No.10909033

Ok, that's fucking awful. Hope Touhou 14 will cure m-
>Sakuya in, but no Mima
Well, fuck everything.

>> No.10909036

We discussed all that shit when the demo was released, you fag.

Keep up. Lurk the fuck more. I am honestly angry that you are posting such stupid shit.

>> No.10909037

>I've never seen so many people so doom-and-gloom about the upcoming games

Strange, this looks perfectly normal to me. My memory may fail me, but I'm pretty sure the bitching before Hisoutensoku was actually much worse. Hating Cirno and Sanae is always so cool, after all.

>> No.10909039

We all know Touhou games are known for their beautiful character art.

>> No.10909040

Since when do tourneyfags' opinions matter? The game looks like shit design-wise anyway.

>> No.10909043

Why does it play so bad, exactly? Why couldn't they design it to emulate professional fighting game styles instead?

>> No.10909044

8 characters seems to be a baseless speculation to me.

>> No.10909045

Please never go check /v/vg/vr/. The purity of your opinion needs to be kept.

>> No.10909046

Touhou games are some of the prettiest games out there (maybe not for STGs, but overall).

>> No.10909047

Autoguard? Are you kidding me? I've not played much of the demo, but from what I've seen, there isn't even low/mid/high blocking in this game. And the pressure is pretty much non-existent, but all I've played is shitty American players, so I'm not sure how EU/JP is at the game.

>> No.10909050

>professional fighting game

Games can have jobs now?

>> No.10909052

After twenty years of ripping off classic arcade games and rehashing the same game over and over, maybe ZUN wanted to try something different?

>> No.10909053

>>Sakuya in, but no Mima

People still go on about this? I don't even remember anymore when/why it even started. I thought we moved past this already.

Seriously, why Mima?

>> No.10909056

Well, there are eSports, so yeah.

After the joke that was TD, I don't think ZUN should be allowed to try anything new.

>> No.10909057

its a meme

>> No.10909058

That's what you get for being a NEET for a decade.

brb I'm meeting street fighter 2 for a couple of drinks. Work around the office's been hell lately. Mr Palmer won't get off our backs until the report's finished. What a pain in the ass.

>> No.10909062

Did you play the PC-98 games? She was one of the main characters, pretty much forming a trinity with Reimu and Marisa after she became a playable character in Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream.

People just find it strange that such a prominent character has basically been retconned.

>> No.10909063

Ten desires was fine besides the 0.01 P, get over yourself.

Also that joke flew over your head.

>> No.10909064

I don't know. I jumped on the bandwagon when there are so many people saying Mima again and again. I don't know much about Mima either.

>> No.10909068

Anyone who uses the term "eSports" seriously should die a horrible, painful death.

>> No.10909070

If I was an employer looking for a professional fighting game and someone told me Street Fighter 2 was working at my company, I'd fire it on the spot.

Fuck that game. It's for casuals, not pros.

>> No.10909072

You're in a /v/vg/ raid thread. Even though I agree with your opinion, you'll be met with e-"celebrity" reaction images for it.

>> No.10909077

Kung-Fu Jesus vs. Laser Emperor

This is looking better and better.

>> No.10909081

Check out this luddite.

>> No.10909084

Sooo... Let's start the speculation.

Sanae's stage will be Moriya's temple.
Characters include Aya, Momiji (they get along in this game because canon consistency doesn't matter when they're background characters), Kasen and Aki sisters (again, canon consistency is irrelevant). Maybe some tengu fillers.

Kanako's stage will be the lake behind the temple. Background characters will include Nitori, Hina, Suwako, and maybe anonymous kappas. If they're not in Sanae's stage, the Komeiji sisters will be here too.

There won't be any forest stage, no Mamizou or Alice background characters,

>> No.10909085

Check out this talentless sheep.

>> No.10909090

You obviously don't know anything about Touhou if you're saying that TD was fine. Survival and scoring alike was boring, it was nothing but XXC XXC XXC XXC XXC to win. It would have been fine if it weren't for trance, but the patterns are still really easy.

But why? The only reason to play fighting games is to get some cash money in money matches and tournaments. The eSports fighting game community in France is huge, nothing but money matches over there, no casual matches to be found at all. ;_;

>> No.10909091

Do you have any idea what that word means?

>> No.10909101

Okay, unironically, what's wrong with eSports?

It's an electronic sport. Do you just not want us to the abbreviation? It's a common practice. Email, eCheque, etc.

Or is it not the term, but the idea that gamers are having serious competitions? For electronic gaming, that goes back decades, and traditional games/sports have been doing it for millennia.

Bitter aspies probably scoffed at "LAN parties" back in the day. How dare those nerds compare playing games to a party! Real parties are about drinking and meeting girls, not fighting in computer games!

>> No.10909102

I didn't even know trance mode was available all the time. I just play through only ever using trance whenever I die.

>> No.10909103

>No Alice
I don't know, dude, she has had such a transparent presence for a long time (as a shot type). I think she'll show up.

>> No.10909106

What's with their title in this game? As if their appearance isn't flashy enough.

>> No.10909108

It means "someone with an opinion I don't like, esp. when they have said something about a recent technological development".

But yes, I do. I wrote a paper on the real Luddites for my Master's degree.

>> No.10909115

>canon consistency doesn't matter

A joke taken seriously and quoted out of context a million times becomes canon, apparently.

Why is Mystia still alive? Muh canon consistency!

>> No.10909116

Because it's a Touhou game first and a fighting game second.

Maybe he just recognizes the fact that people who try to make games out as having validity as spectator sports tend to be more obnoxious and more deluded than your average /jp/ poster?

>> No.10909117

Miko is the best Touhou. It's only natural to get a good title for her.

>> No.10909119

But ZUN doesn't care about her anymore.

>> No.10909123

Gotta hype the human population somehow.

>> No.10909125

With the exception of the Komeijis, this is pretty much spot on.

>> No.10909126

Because only one route of that game was canon, otherwise multiple characters would have saved the day in the same way at the same time.

>> No.10909130

Letty only showing up in winter isn't a joke taken out of contest.
Shikieiki sending deities to kill Hermits who have expanded their lives isn't a joke taken out of contest.
Miko advertising ways to avoid Shikieiki isn't a joke taken out of contest.

And knowing tasofro I'm quite sure that they'll show the Aki sisters regardless of the season and that Momiji and Aya will be in good terms because the fandom LOVES it.


>> No.10909131

This made me think if the titles are actually made by the characters themselves, just to boast their popularity.

>> No.10909134

>only one route of that game was canon

Extra prologue proves that every team was at the very least present in Eientei that night.

>> No.10909144

But they didn't all fight the same characters at the same time. That's just a video game abstraction. Only Reimu's route is canon (consider, for example, that both the Reimu vs. Marisa and Marisa vs. Reimu fights couldn't have taken place together, read the dialogue)

>> No.10909148

>at the same time
A major mechanic of IN was that you could finish in half the time in the game world.

>> No.10909159

The characters could also be defeated.

Canon assumes everything went smoothly for Reimu's scenario. She got enough time orbs and didn't get defeated.

>> No.10909181
File: 378 KB, 800x750, 631a2015762e51e3310b6831cb86deeb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, on a scale from 1 to suicide, how pissed would you be if Hopeless Masquerade introduced official voice acting for Touhoos?

>> No.10909182

sounds legit

>> No.10909188

>Letty only showing up in winter isn't a joke taken out of contest.

I'll give you that.

I'm pretty content with the explanation that Shikeiki is simply keeping an eye on Miko. It's not like they can simply throw her out if she shows up.


That's not even a /v/ term. But good job admitting where you learned it.

>Canon assumes

Honestly, though. "I assume" is what you meant to say. Canon always assumed all participating characters participated and everything that happened in their routes really happened. Always.

>> No.10909190

Would never happen knowing ZUN.
If ZUN would actually give the okay, I'd hunt him down as clearly he has diverted from the righteous path.

>> No.10909193

>only one route of that game was canon
What route was canon in SA? SoPM states that it was Marisa who went underground and fought all the bosses, yet WaHH implies that Reimu was there too during incident.
People in /jp/ care about canon more than ZUN himself.

>> No.10909194

As long as they don't butcher it, I would be fine. Just make sure Sawashiro is Marisa.

>> No.10909197

I'm afraid if loli-looking characters like Futo get high-pitched voices, that's disgusting.

>> No.10909198

>Canon always assumed all participating characters participated and everything that happened in their routes really happened. Always.

So Reimu stopped Remilia AND Marisa stopped Remilia?

Did they go back in time?

Holy shit, your post is so retarded I've cropped it and printed it out. This is going on my lol-wall later.

>> No.10909202

Would be shit and would only happen if ZUN died and Touhou went over to someone else.

>> No.10909204

All the characters can end up there (like in IN) but it's canon that Reimu is solving these incidents unless it's said otherwise elsewhere.

>> No.10909207
File: 92 KB, 1600x1400, Sakuya-sakuya-izayoi-26347708-1600-1400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldn't mind if Sakuya got her Touhouvania 2 voice.

I'd hate if it was anything like those DOKIDOKI or whatever albums. Nitori's was especially grating (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK79EX9JErU). Satori was A-OK though.

>> No.10909209

I'm imagining if Byakuren's voice is like her character in M-1 grand Prix

>> No.10909210 [DELETED] 

Please do not misuse spoilers.

>> No.10909211

There was two of them, so Remi got two tries.

>> No.10909212

Canon is always ambiguous in those aspects. If we go by the manga, Reimu has solved all the incidents but that doesn't stop Marisa from having solved incidents in the manga too.

>> No.10909213

Won't happen, but I'd be very happy as long as it's decent.

I can't bring myself to play 12.3 without the voice patch anymore.

>> No.10909215

oh please no
all the voices would be SO GENERIC, like in the doujin touhou games
ALL the voices are generic

>> No.10909218

That's probably because they don't have any money to hire talented people.

>> No.10909222

>I wouldn't mind if Sakuya got her Touhouvania 2 voice.
No wonder, she was voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki.

>> No.10909223

neither does zun

>> No.10909224

Not too pissed. The voice mod for soku was decent. But like >>10909197 said, Futo shouldn't have a loli voice. Her portrait in TD doesn't even look younger compared to the rest of the cast.

>> No.10909228

That's why no voice actors is the best choice. Better keep it silent than have it sound like shit.

>> No.10909230
File: 321 KB, 700x1154, 35799538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It would be nice to hear Miko taunting Byakuren

also, why the fuck this game doen't have an taunt function?

>> No.10909232

>but it's canon that Reimu is solving these incidents unless it's said otherwise elsewhere
Why is it canon? Who made it canon? Did ZUN said that?
Seriously, Touhou is not a historic book. There were never true endings in the games. And I don't see the reason it should matter whose route was "canon" or not.

>> No.10909236

I don't get the picture, Futo looks exactly like in TD in that picture. Well, she has a blue ribbon in her leg, so? She's over reacting.

>> No.10909238

I agree.
In the manga Yuyuko (or was it Youmu?) said that they confronted the aliens.

>> No.10909239

She's sad because she didn't get anything new

>> No.10909244

That's the point, everyone else got something new, now even Miko got a flashy cape.

>> No.10909245
File: 300 KB, 1000x707, 35811165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dude, it's her hair

>> No.10909246

But it the same way it was in TD.

>> No.10909248

There's nothing wrong with her hair. Unless you're colorblind or you can't differentiate shadows.

>> No.10909254

>it's canon that Reimu is solving these incidents

That's an obviously true statement.

However, it's also canon that those other guys are also solving those incidents.

>> No.10909291
File: 2.00 MB, 315x315, FUCK YOU.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>why the fuck this game doen't have an taunt function?
They felt it didn't fit the atmosphere of the game.

>> No.10909294
File: 987 KB, 1600x1800, c08833c12fdf3f7c3dbb2734872cc1d0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wanting to taunt Touhous
Bully much?

>> No.10909299

Actually I think that taunts would fit Touhou a lot. Have you ever read their pre-battle dialogues?

>> No.10909306

If this game has taunt function, it will be just text.
"I'm gonna mess your hair more!" said Byakuren to Miko

>> No.10909312
File: 1008 KB, 918x1262, ac527ca0221e04f8cf74c84d43d45b8a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Miko wouldn't taunt. Let her taunt be the cheers of victory from all of her onlookers.

>> No.10909341

Why is she so motherfucking glorious?
Miko >>>>>>>>> Byakuren

>> No.10909351

No taunt cancels allowed in Touhou games

>> No.10909356

>make sure Sawashiro is Marisa

I'll make sure you die in a sea of flames.

>> No.10909357


>> No.10909370

Her voice is great, I don't see why not.

>> No.10909391
File: 957 KB, 653x1000, 33090379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread went too fast. i went to sleep soon after the reveal and now over three hundred posts about our saint.

>> No.10909592


>> No.10909597

They're fucking eyelashes, get it right.

Jesus fucking christ this board is retarded.

>> No.10909620

They're still ridiculous: take a look at >>10908571

>> No.10909633
File: 51 KB, 402x336, byakute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Miko confirmed for a shit.

>> No.10909635

Cleverbot is a filthy secondary, it's opinions mean nothing.

>> No.10909648

I don't think that Flandre will even appear

>> No.10909683

That Cercis girl, who drew Miko only approximately 40 - 50 minutes after her announcement, is she.....
A. Really THAT super
B. She is a member of Tasofro?

>> No.10909685


What about Rumia and Daiyousei?

>> No.10909692

Goes to show that EoSD fans only care about the SDM characters.

>> No.10909709
File: 90 KB, 750x1000, miko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Byakuren is going to canonically win so hard she ends up using Miko as a chest ornament slave.

>> No.10909713
File: 372 KB, 945x654, 35810986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wtf is this thing?

>> No.10909735
File: 83 KB, 430x415, 772120561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come at me bitch !!!

>> No.10909754
File: 243 KB, 800x541, 046da3ce03bae9574c745c3b5afd361b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that awkward face when fucking FUANTEI was right about Futo's height.

>> No.10909763

What is she saying?

>> No.10909771
File: 7 KB, 170x170, 1343175543520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is the character art so mediocre?
The shading is retardedly shiny and good lord look at those hands and feet.

>> No.10909815

Yeah, everything looks ridiclously glossy and "trendy". Even if it takes skill to pull off, it can still be bad design. I guess it's what the DeviantArt/Tumblr crowd like, but something like >>10908605 would fit Touhou so much better.

>> No.10909838

着こなじが カッコイイ

>> No.10909904

why her hair is brown?

>> No.10910007

Oh my god. Oh my god, that robe.
That settles it. All I have and all I am is yours, Crown Prince. Lead me.

>> No.10910042

Alphes somehow lost most of his talent between the games. It's really weird to see art in Soku which has normal arms and heads and then switch to weird art like Futo.

>> No.10910073

A random pixiv artist would do a better job.

>> No.10910094

He probably just doesn't care as much as before because the game will most likely use the dialogue system that Soku used, so all his art is only near the character's health bar and on the character select screen. No need to put in effort if your art is almost never seen.

I really can't explain this drastic change otherwise.

>> No.10910108

Like now, demo discussion was 99% people talking about random shit and 1% gameplay complaints. But at least it was better then than "Sakuya playable, ZUN a shit."

>I am honestly angry that you are posting such stupid shit.
Stay angry forever.

>> No.10910118

If he doesn't care he can leave the project and make place for someone that would love to have their art in official Touhou game and do a better job.
It's like there is no quality control.

>> No.10910148

There probably isn't considering ZUN approved of all the bad art in the manga as well. He probably only steps in if someone really goes against what he had in mind. Tasofro themself certainly don't care. They have enough to do with the sprites and programming already and they know that it will still sell. It's Touhou after all, it sells on the name alone.

>> No.10910214

Tasofro's blog

>> No.10910260

Huh. So Futo has a field spell that makes everything at the bottom take damage, while Miko has a field spell that makes everything at the center take damage.

>> No.10910285

No Taoist left to fill the top.

>> No.10910304


>> No.10910455

SDM != EoSD, geniuses

If we're getting Letty in spring, we can get Flandre outside of SDM.

This will have a nice side-effect of stopping all of the "locked in a basement" bullshit once and for all.

>> No.10910491

>This will have a nice side-effect of stopping all of the "locked in a basement" bullshit once and for all.
Don't lie to yourself.

>> No.10911466

What has happened while I was o-
Oh shit. Now I only need Eiki as a last boss and I'll be content.

>> No.10911664

Seiga-chan ;_;

And that fucking indicator.

Cercis must be damn happy about this.

I love the SDM, but this entry clearly isn't for any of them.

>> No.10912834

I want to see the next Hopeless Masquerade character already so I can complain about alphes style!

>> No.10912895

me too~

>> No.10912902

no character this time, but a box art.

>> No.10913095

While I didn't have problems with Sawashiro's Marisa at all ( I simply love her voice), she did a much better job as Sakuya in Komajou Densetsu.

>> No.10915088

Anyone still in this thread?

>> No.10917094

As sad as this is, it made me laugh as hard as it goes.

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