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You may only choose one, /jp/;

[ ] Mind reading ability
[ ] Flying ability
[ ] Lasers that come out of your eyes ability
[ ] Marry a Touhou
[ ] Ability to turn into a negro

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[x] Ability to turn into a negro

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[x] Flying ability

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[ ] Mind reading ability
[ ] Flying ability
[x] Lasers that come out of your eyes ability
[ ] Marry a Touhou
[ ] Ability to turn into a negro

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I'm already a negro so

[x] Flying ability

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I remember this thread from a month or two ago.

It was shit then and it was shit now.

[x] Stop faggots from posting on /jp/ ability

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[x]Marry a Touhou
And I can learn how to fly from there.

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[x]ability to become Fio

Sans that, the hope that sage will actually do something.

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you're only making it worse

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Is this power available?

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Where the fucks my
[x] Turn into a moeblob ability

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I can already fly so

[x] Ability to turn into a negro

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That thread was different.
Sorry there, obligatory sage Anon.

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[x] Mystic Eyes of Death Perception

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[x] Marry a Touhou

I'll just have my waifu carry me around

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[x] sage

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why would you want to stop posting?

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[x] A special genuflection move

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[x] Mind reading ability

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[X] Turn into a Super Saiyan


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[x] Ability to turn into a negro

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[x] Ability to turn into a negro

They already have the capabilities of at least half of the other options. That's why they're so good at basketball.

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If I'm a nigger and I choose the ability to turn into a negro, does that make me a... a...

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[x] Flying ability

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a rapper? yes

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[x] Marry Rinnosuke
It's legal

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I doubt that. Mind reading abilities would fuck you up in more way than one.

People choosing that option need to think a little harder on that.

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[x] Ability to turn into a negro

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I'm pretty sure you would have control over it to turn it off and such. Unless you mean the whole "knowing a person's true heart" would fuck you up kind of way.

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A wise choice.

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Yeah, just look at Mao.

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[x] Flying ability

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[] the ability to make my sober forever


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[] the ability to make my parents sober forever


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What's wrong with the chairman?

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[X] Marry a Touhou

Fuck mind reading, I don't like flying, lasers would just be an inconvenience, there's always blackface if you wanna be negro for a while

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What in god's name did you just say?

And you didn't even check it your own box.

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Failing that, [x] Eye lazors

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Where's the fun in manipulating people if it's easy to do?

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[X] Marry a Touhou - Yukari
Flying < Gapping to where I need to go.
Comes with a Ran and a Chen too.
I'd be able to come and go from Gensokyo.
Could open a business giving lonely /jp/ers a tour of Gensokyo.
I wonder if she'd wear glasses for me sometimes.

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[X] the ability to make my parents sober forever


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[X] Ability to turn into a negro

I'd use it as my rape and robbery alter-ego. It'd be perfect.

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[ ] Marry a Touhou

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uh oh! looks liek you forgot something! now you'll feel MY pain.

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You are a genius, sir.

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... Just leave /jp/ and never come back, why the hell would you give your self a tripname if you are just going to fail all over the place, anyway?

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But not flying fast, more like flapping my arms to lift myself slowly.

I can do that in a lot of my dreams. It feels really fun. Like that Karnov game.

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[X] Flying ability.
"Tactical retreat!"

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i don't do drugs, why would i need a tripname? i never trip.

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A double nigger. And yes it does.

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I caught my waifu sleeping with your waifu.
It was hot.

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[x] Marry a Touhou

I just want somebody that cares about me.

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>[x] Lasers that come out of your eyes ability


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Optic Blast

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If I had laser eyes they better love me.
If not, I'll make them.

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Just because you marry a Touhou doesn't mean she'll like you.

Mind reading is the only worthwhile thing in that list.

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[x] Marry China.

And I'll never be lonely again.

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Enjoy being Mao. I am sure you'll love being as sane as him.

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[x]Mind Reading

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[ ] Marry an Alice

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[x] The ability to, at will, jump into the minds of others and control them as I see fit. I would abandon my original body and become a god which exists anywhere he pleases.

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[x] Marry a Touhou

Who needs hax when you have the power of love? ;_;

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[x] Marry an Alice

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How is mind reading not totally useless?

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[x] The freedom to grab Miku by the waist and say, "Hey baby, let's go for a ride."

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Make a killing in poker.

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You can use your Mind reading abilty to also achieve:
[x] Marry a Touhou
Two for the price of one.

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fuck i had that

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Flying would be the funnest, mind reading would be the most helpful, turning negro is just a way to clear the pool, and marrying a Touhou would give you the most out right power while being the most assured way to get killed. I would have to choose laser eyes. There fucking cool, even if completely useless to me.

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So I can't become a negro and marry a touhou, fucking goddamn it, why do I even bother to live?

I guess I'll marry a touhou, hopefully they'll know how to cure me of my non negroness

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because you can tell what people want or what they're going to do? If you can't think of any situations that'd be useful u r dum

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But mindreadan don't help with you're gender negro, unless you are already a woman.

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