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This situation actually happened to me a few days ago. They shouted "FREAK!" and then I burst out laughing because I thought of these threads.

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Hey, thanks dude!

They're Polo Ralph Lauren.

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Mom heard me and told me to apologize. I'm sorry dude.

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>I burst out laughing because I thought of these threads.

if this actually happened you are a pretty great guy

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Hey, no problem dude!

Glad you liked my Polo Ralph Lauren shades.

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I can never hear what the fuck they're saying when this happens to me.
I guess the joke's on them.

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are you okay man?

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Now it looks like he's holding on so he doesn't fall.

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CALL 911

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>my mug when a flock of normals try to insult my Prada glasses that cost more per lens than the content of their entire house, including the house itself

Into the trash your insult goes!

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I feel bad when I'm confused by bullies. They'll be all "hurgleflurglegragh! HA HA HA!" and I'll reply, "What? I didn't understand you..." and then they shuffle around awkwardly, because it's not a situation they're used to.

I feel like I've become the bully in these situations.

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Shit dude I can't find my cellphone... hold on, I'll go back to my house to find it.

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Hmm... Please excuse me, but why are you being so homophobic? Are you repressing something deep inside you? Are you creating a fa├žade in order to kill the homossexual "defect" inside you? I see you're accompained by two lovely girls. Need you really affirm your heterossexuality further? I believe you, sir, are the faggot around here. Thank you for complimenting my glasses but I'm affraid I have to go. The shop is closing soon and I need my Jack Daniels.

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In this situation I'd get into my car, drive past them, and call "911!"
Then I'd slap myself a high five.

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Are they those super-expensive photochromic lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight?

I used to have those, but unfortunately my eyesight degraded and I needed a new prescription, and I didn't have the money for a new pair.

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I need to get myself some hipster looking glasses like those.

The hipster look is in, the nerd look is out.

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> I need my Jack Daniels.

*adjusts le fedora*
*pours Jack Daniels on the rocks for you*
*pours further Jack Daniels on the rocks for my esteemed self*

Great to find a kindred spirit amongst the regulars here! All too rare, I'd say! Cheers to that! *clinks glasses* *just made a double entendre* *fedora readjusts itself and glows like a shiny Gyarados*

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Who you quote, trash man?

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eat ur fedora faglord

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Not that guy, but I have a fedora and it looks pretty good on me.

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I had a friend with those lenses, and he always looked like he was wearing sunglasses indoors. Everyone thought he was a dick.

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Wow do you really mean that?

Thanks a ton, I got them to be more like my favorite touhou.

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Asuka loves glasses.

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Fedoras are pretty nice and epic. I like them.

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This is what all fedora-wearers think.

Though I do feel sorry for people who look good in hats. There are formal situations where you can wear a hat, but that privilege is being revoked because you'll forever be associated with the fedora-wearer stereotype.

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I live in a rural area. Being a NEET I can't afford a car and my parents don't trust me to use their vehicles. Sometimes I need to re-stock on tea so I have to ride my bike (or walk) into town. You use that image as a joke but its a real thing. I was walking yesterday down to the market to get some tea and some high school kids said "FUCK YOU" as they passed me. I felt really scared at first but then I got really upset. Its happened other times where the young rich kids in the area will call me names. I'm starting to think I should take a detour or maybe transfer cash to a card so I can purchase my tea from online.

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I actually look good with hats.

I also own and use several berets.

I am a professional photographer.

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I wear a trilby and it unironically accentuates my looks.

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You're preaching to the fishes, dude. They're too deluded to believe what you're telling them.

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Please... I post on /fa/.

I know fashion.

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Watch out for oncoming trains.

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more like /fa/ggotry

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woah, that was a late comeback.

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I style your ass.

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Hello Warusoko! I lurk /fa/ too, wanna be fashion friends?

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I don't get this meem. Who is this guy? Why is he always throwing things into the trash?

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What hat, faggot?

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lol did you unironically go through 68 pages of pixiv's shitty ``manga mode'' to get that??

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Please stop using autism quotes.

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Not that guy, but some people are really dedicated.

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I've never been yelled at

It feels good not being a poor person who has to walk places

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fuck off back to /prog/ nigger

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EPIC quotes fellow /prog/rammer!

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As any /v/ crossboarder would say, ``look at all this mad''.

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nop, I save that pic time ago

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Go back to /tv/

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I'm usually the one yelling at people from my car. It feels good knowing that I made some faggot run home crying.

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The only crossboarder here is you.

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So you just admitted being a /v/ crossboarder! Haha nice one faggot

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Get real, faglord.

I am a professional photographer. I KNOW fashion.

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