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Relaxing with Satori

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Satori is a mind reader!

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Boy, if she can read my mind she shouldn't be making that face.

What a sicko.

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What's it like to cum inside Satori?

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I fucked you in the ass and felt great, is this achieving Satori?

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I can't believe jannie boy is leaving this after I owned him so hard!

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Stretching with Satori

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That doesn't answer my question

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What is it like to cum inside anything?

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How would Satori react if she woudl read your mind and find out that you masturbate to her the most, and these fantasies usually involve femdom and a chain around my neck while she calls me a pet

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Disgust and ignore

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Now that I look at my post, I mixed up your and then me, and now it sounds like everyone is imagining me being punished by Satori

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You want to be punished by Satori admit it

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burgers with satori!

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suicide with satori!

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A lack of replies with Satori!

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Why was this deleted and not the guy posting Yukari?

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My nicest Satori is too large for 4chan.

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Oh my god, what a slut

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Go to bed, Yukari.

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Burgers are a banned concept, much like milk or bridges. You simply aren't allowed to post any images or comments mentioning burgers, milk, or bridges in any shape or form.

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You guys, you guys

A threesome with Yukari and Satori

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A-And who else?

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A burger

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why does janny hate burgers?

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lewd things with Yukari and Satori while playign the bedroom spors for the indoor types

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Cheerleading with Satori

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I'd lick those armpits but only if she didn't have deodorant on!

I fear that you guys don't take this into consideration when making this same claim about a girl's armpit! I mean deodorant is probably toxic, and it's not pleasant at all to sniff/consume in anyway if you're trying to do get off sexually to an act!

"Can you suck my dick, but wait hold up let me rub deodorant on it first" doesn't sound very fun ja nai ka!

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Don't worry, I'm sure that's a sweaty salty armpit free of deodorant.

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I wouldn't be able to relax with a mind-reader around.

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This is truly the best image on the entire internet.

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What's her canon bust size anyways

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Satori seems fun to just hang out with. Just imagine it

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I imagine it would be pretty awkward trying to hide your disgusting perverted thoughts from her.

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I'd much rather spend time with a satori who knew that reading minds is a terrible thing to do.

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Yeah, even something innocent like thinking "Satori is cute" would probably make things awkward.

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Loving Satori against her will!

Yes, deodorant has a terrible taste indeed. But remember that they probably don't use deodorant in Gensokyo, or maybe just natural ones.

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I can't like characters like Satori. Their personalities are too removed from reality. Nobody is that sweet.

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I just like her because she has pink/purple hair and looks cute

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pooping with satori

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Filthy subhuman secondary detected.

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This is not ok. Satori is only to be loved consensually.

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Satori is olev

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Smoking with Satori

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Those chequered cookies taste terrible. They're only good as table ornaments.

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I read those as cheerleading cocks. I have been on jp for too long

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I smoke a lot of herb and that is one weird-ass hookah thing. Pretty awesome though. Would def smoke out Satori with it and she would read all my fucked up high-thoughts and Orin would be a cat because it is fun as fuck to have a cat when you're stoned.

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How does Satori interpret the thoughts of a crazy person?

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I had a dream last night where I had a robot cat and made it assume that pose with me.

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I like to see her interpret my thoughts. Sometimes I will think about a lot of things at once until all these things (let's say a song, people's voices, things in my life, me talking to myself in my head, and some noise in the background) combine and become a indiscernible mess.

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Spellcasting with Satori

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Ewww! Don't tell me Satori likes looking at buttholes.

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Wow -- This sounds seriously nice. Thanks, OP.

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