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I'm looking for a set of all (or at least most) of the Touhous drawn by the same artist in a consistent style. They can be stylized in whatever way, as long as they look good. Plain/transparent background is a plus, as is the images working well at a low resolution.

Have you come across anything like this in your travels, /jp/? I know about pic related and that one artist who drew yukkuri versions of everyone, but I'm wondering if there's anything else.

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>as long as they look good

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Search Danbooru for "touhou everyone".

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That guy who draws every character ever in black and white with a red box with his name in the corner.

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The problem is that I want separate images. Sometimes they're in a grid or something, but usually it's a crowd of some kind. Also "everyone" doesn't actually mean "everyone" (this image only has 9 characters). Plus there's a lot of overlap with characters from other series, like images which feature dozens of popular characters, only two of which are from Touhou.

absolutely_everyone has similar problems.

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socha transparent_background

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Just kidding, seems like he doesn't draw Touhou.

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Perfect, thank you.

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These are cute. Makes me want to print them as stickers.

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In other words, you can't be arsed to cut the pictures off the grid or check if the artist has standalone versions, and you can't even be arsed to browse through the results of what's probably the most comprehensive catalog of what you're looking for.

Sorry, can't help you. You're beyond help.

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The problem is that they're not usually in a grid.

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I looked. It's harder than you think. touhou everyone transparent_background only has maybe three results like that. One is a set of folder icons, the other two only include a small selection of characters. If there are pool tags or overall artist tags I'm missing, then I'm sorry.

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Do you have some kind of terminal autism that makes you incapable of disregarding the pictures that are obviously not what you're looking for? Or ADHD that makes you unable to browse through all the results?

You know what? Just download some Ohayou archive or something.

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