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ITT various things we would want certain touhous to do to us.

I'd want Orin to run her claws slowly across my back, chest, stomach, arms and face

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I'd want Reisen to stroke my cock with her ears

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I want SAYA to suck my dick vigorously

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i want yuugi to straight up beat the shit out of me

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I want Flandre to sit in my lap

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Wing hug from Okuu. I bet it'd be so ふわふわ.

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I want Okuu to offer me some of her eggs

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I want Rumia to make an omelette for me.

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I'd want Reisen to stroke my ears with her cock.

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I want Satori to cuddle me

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I want to have some lunch. I was thinking KFC.

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I want Eirin to make me eternal, so I can collect all the knowledge known to living beings.

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I want Remilia to force Sakuya to grudgingly fuck my fatfuck body.

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I want the BBA to chase me so I can get over my fear of tambourines.

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I want to feed Koishi some cake

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Imagine how amazing it'd be to have no catch immortality like that. I'd actually feel an incentive to pick my life up and start doing things. I'd start working out and start studying, get trained in hundreds of different jobs, start reading every book known to man. In a thousand years I'd be wise, rich and powerful as fuck.

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Sounds like a hassle. I would just spend all of eternity being a NEET. Maybe travelling the world.
Hell what's the point in doing anything when you're immortal?

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I want Youmu to hold my hand.

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Yo, weebs, translate this shite

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I want to take Marisa's hat and broom and make her catch me.

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I want Okuu to force me to take responsibility.

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> やらせて
> ええ~っ
> じゃあいいよ
> えっ

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軽い女だと 思われたくないから ここは少し 引っ張って…

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I want Patchy to force me to worship her feet.

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>what's the point in doing anything when you're immortal?
The same point as doing anything when you're mortal.

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They look so good there.

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"Because I don't want to seem like a petty woman, I'll just pull it a little..."?

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So none.

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"Because I don't want to seem like a petty woman, I'll pull it just a little..."? Is this right?

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I want Kisume to show me all the little trinkets she keeps in the bottom of her bucket.

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I want all the Touhous I like to fuck me one by one, well, maybe some in groups of two or even three if feeling naughty.

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Nevermind, just saw the translation on danbooru.

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"I don't want him to think I'm an easy girl, so I'll hold back a little..."

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I want the fire toho to totally vaporize my pathetic body and brain.

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