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One ice-cream is enough, you're already fat enough as it is.

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Hey those icecreams were supposed to last the whole day!

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They were also supposed to be for everyone. We're never inviting Youmu to the beach again.

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Well, it melted all over her feet, so can you forgive Youmu if she let you lick her ice-cream covered feet instead?

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I'm surprised no one made a puffy vulva reference yet.

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I just assumed she had giant balls and a small penis.

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icepops with Youmu!

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No good.

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b-b-boner achieved

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That's exactly why I'm never eating ice creams.

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That's pretty much the only reason I eat popsicles.

Sometime I wish I had a gay friend I could eat popsicles around all the time, while he fidgets awkardly.

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not even in private?

Don't worry, we wont judge you.

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Sometimes I wish I were an innocent little girl so I could do lewd things with popsicles around older men and pretend to be completely oblivious.

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