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Would you be happy in gensokyo?

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Just thinking about it makes me happy.

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No internet
No video games

I'd sooner live in a third-world country like America

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I cant ever be happy

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If I could go there and either not be dropped in a place filled with hungry youkai, or start with a means to defend myself, I'd accept it.

...Most likely, I think. There's a couple other things that might be annoying, probably not though.

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If Sanny was there

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It would be an adjustment at first, no doubt...but I think so.

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I wouldn't be bored, that's enough for me.

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Yes, because Okuu is there.

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probably not, In Gensokyo you would work in a shitty place, worried all time for hungry youkais
and only for the little hope to see your favorite 2hu one time in the fucking life.

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As long as I don't need some fancy college degree just to live my life then sure.

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Good luck getting there, you need to get through AIDS youkai, the hashihime, maybe an oni, Satoris and necromancers.
And not counting the sea of fire.

Couldn't you like something easier, maybe Keine?

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I'd put my faith in Sanae.

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If I went to Gensokyo, would Sanae protect me from all the bullies?

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Sanae would bully you.

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Yes. particularly that cunt Reimu.

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Do you think immortality will be given to me if I ask nicely or will I have to learn magic and forcefully cut a liver out of Mokou or Kaguya?

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I could spend lifetimes there.

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Guys, you wouldnt meet any of these people, you would live a boring life in the human village. Fun? I think not. Worth it? No. Could you actually survive the mountain climb, with all the youkai, to Moriya to see Sanae? Or likewise with the descent to the Palace of the Earth to see Okuu? No. Quit fooling yourselves, no matter where you go, you'll always be a loser.

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But plenty of cute 2hus hang out in the human village.

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Even if i die i will see Youmu.

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I'll be with Reimu then, and be friendly with all the Youkai and train with her until I become strong enough to be friendly with everyone in Gensokyo no matter who they are or might be. Plus If I'm getting into Gensokyo that means I'd also be meeting up with Yukari at some point, and I can see if she can give me something to help me survive better off on my first month there or something. Stop thinking so negative thoughts anon, It really kills the mood.

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I believe it is possible to find happiness anywhere as long as you are enjoying it.

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Ew why would you want to meet that buzz kill?

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Miko is my favorite touhou, I become her disciple, become immortal and do radical things with Futo every day. Just because you can't see yourself having fun in what is a land of fantasy doesn't mean nobody can.

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Didn't Miko say something about not giving a shit about her disciples in the latest Touhou book? I doubt you'd become immortal. I could be wrong, someone feel free to correct me.

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> I'd also be meeting up with Yukari at some point, and I can see if she can give me something to help me survive better off on my first month

If you see Yukari, you're dead.

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Yukari is not a murderer.

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If you see Yukari, you will die*

Dead people can't see.

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Depends on how easy it is to learn magic. Since I don't have any cool abilities I'd have to learn them on my own.

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Says who?

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It would be just like living in an old world agrarian society except with a good chance of dying to the creatures of the night.

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Only If I grant Sanae her 10 desires.

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I don't know. I hope I can meet cute touhous.

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I'd live with cirno, since she is the strongest 2hus

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Well, even if you are a Human with no abilities, the fact that you are from the Outside World is kind of a big thing. Enough to bring attention from maybe Rinnosuke? If you meet him, that could be your gateway to meet other Touhous, then train or learn magic or whatever the fuck you want. I do believe it is possible to be happy in there.

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what are they?

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inb4 [list of lewd things]

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Nothing will keep me from Okuu. NOTHING. Because she's worth it.

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She doesn't but Akyu says she thinks its along those lines and that Miko probably just sees them as servants.

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I'm sure your love will reach her heart Anonymous. She's been above the surface before anyway, so I'm sure you'd meet her.

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That looks painful. The chocolate must be hot

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akyu makes up a lot of things

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I would wait for one to come to town and ask for her to take me with her.

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The way I understand it, and the way that makes the most sense to me given her personality; she became an instant popularity hit, and has more requests to become hermit disciples than she can handle, so she blows them off instead of taking them seriously.

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I remember in one of these threads we agreed that the best option would be either to work in Kourindou (we have knowledge about the outside world Rinnosuke would want, Reimu, Marisa and other 2hus visit him) or beg Marisa to teach us magic.

And if it's Yukari transporting us to Gensokyo it probably means we have some hidden power/potential she wants to use in one of her schemes.

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But I would be the main character of the story and gain some asspull power for no reason whatsoever.
I would then become the densest harem MC ever.

>> No.10634688

Happier than I am here.

>> No.10634719

Only if it's fanon Gensokyo with NEETuya and fiber broadband.

>> No.10634735

1 - To be pure
2 - To reject lewdness
3 - To smile every day
4 - To be righteous
5 - To show others the path of purity
6 - To show others that lewdness is a disease
7 - To free /jp/sies from the slavery of sexual urges
8 - To erase misery
9 - To find dreams anywhere she goes
10 - For the whole world to be happy

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>Would you be happy in gensokyo?
I would miss my family too much.

>> No.10634749

<implying i will be a human in Gensokyo

i sinned enough to qualify as a lot of kinds of youkai

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Not unless I somehow got turned into a little fairy.

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Theres no niggers and spics in Gensokyo ,so yes

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I know how she can make the world happy.

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Rumia will simply eat everything except for your head, and using her youkai magic to keep the head alive, you will be forced to watch Rumia fuck multiple guidos in front of you before you die.

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Aren't you gay or something?

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your point?

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Can humans learn magic in gensokyo?

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I'd be dead in a week

>> No.10635140

only if you find someone who teaches magic.

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i probably would be. gensokyo is a beautiful place and im an outdoor/survivalist type. not to mention living in a realm with magic would be fucking awesome. id probably try to befriend a couple of the youkai... or die trying. either way would be really interesting.

>> No.10635219

>a week
using all of my self-defenses skills in a fight with a youkai, probably I'd be dead in a few hours

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I agree with this guy, as i said before, our knowledge of the outside world would be of great importance to Rinnosuke, so it's possibly the best option to make that our starting point.

>> No.10635237

Depends on whether my waifu loved me or not.

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Pulling allnighters, playing vidyas with NEETuya...yesplz

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You can always hide in the human village, but knowing myself I'd wander around the place and meet a youkai who would kill me instantly

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I'd only be happy in Gensokyo if I had some sort of appropriate superpower to make me relevant in the setting.

I think mine would be Film Noir narration. When I start narrating a scene in real Bogart style I'd become immensely more awesome, and my .38 snub-nosed revolver would transform into a mighty and terrible weapon. Everything around me would start to turn monochrome, and my fedora would gain the ability to reflect bullets.

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Fucking this. I thought this was obvious?

At the very least I'd expect to have some 'hidden potential' which leads to me getting scouted and initiating training. Maybe Sakuya?? :)

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And Kotohime, of course, would be my competition, my bane, and my sometimes grudging employer. GET OUT OF HERE, THIS IS A POLICE CRIME SCENE, and occasionally they'll haul me "downtown," where Kotohime will pour me tea, then as I reach for it flip the table over onto the tatami mats and scream "TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW!" before grabbing my shirt, trying to lift me, and then tripping over her dress and tumbling right over my shoulder.

Except for the times we grudgingly team up, and in the heat of battle we betray our mutual, but carefully-hidden respect for each other.

Naturally, everyone else in town will think we're fucking insane.

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You are normal human, otherwise it would be bullshit

>> No.10635294

the problem is find the fucking village.

if i remember all outside humans appears in Muenzuka.

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Even Gensokyo's cruel habitats are nice to think about.

There's no glory for me if I cannot brave the Forest of Magic, the youkai forest and mountain. At least magic has been likened to science and seems plausible to learn.

The underground seems way more dangerous, so I kind of pity all of the Chireiden fans.

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>not Meiling

Sakuya's talents are mostly innate, but Meiling can teach you the Way of The Divine Face-Punching-Awesomeness or some shit like that.

Also she's a hot redhead with laigs that go ALLLL the way up, an awesome rack, and she's sweet as hell.

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The guidos surely are cirno and wriggle after they saw that in a shitty magazine at rinnosuke's shop so it's alright.

The only bad part is that she ate my dick so I can't enjoy the scene.

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The doll's eyes... that intent, serious stare... it' s like she's trying to tell you something.

If only she could speak.

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I'm sorry I was born mom and dad.

>> No.10635354

Don't be so grim. Alice's dolls aren't like that.

>> No.10635362

Dolls in Pseudo Paradise, Enigmatic Doll
Oh, and I wanted to get rid of this doll, too.
But, those blue eyes. Sometimes a black crow carries them
away and eats them. Those are real eyes.
After all, I keep putting in new eyes.

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Of course. That's not a threat.

It's a warning.

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Of course not.

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He's saying Alice's dolls aren't traitors. They wouldn't warn you.

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uncalled for

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Could be worse.

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This is rapidly becoming too horrible to contemplate.

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Don't worry. What goes around comes around.

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But my favorite 2hu is Keine so I could see her all the time. I would stalk her every day and watch her every moment. I could also make friends with Aya by giving her Keine's secrets.

>> No.10635560

That's bad. Don't stalk Keine; if you like her, try and make friends with her.

>> No.10635616

I want to have Sanae's child and then have a child with our child.

>> No.10635656

I'm a wizard of the Order of the Lambda Calculus. The expressiveness of my programs and my ability to conjure the spirits of the computer is enough to defeat any scheming Jewish gap lady.

>> No.10635658

But how else can I find out about every physical and mental tick she owns; or every mole or birthmark on her body. I could just rape her but then it would be much harder to see her after that.

Although raping her would allow me to see her crying and sobbing face which is something I want to experience once as well.

>> No.10635659

Are there trains there?

>> No.10635681

Those are horrible things to say about your favorite Touhou! You should want her to be happy!

>> No.10635684


I'm not sure, probably not, and if there are, Most humans probably have no access to them...Also, no buses.

>> No.10635693

Hey, I saw you in a doujin recently.

>> No.10635712


You mean a doujinshi?

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I'd go for Max Payne style narration. In comic format. Busting through doors in slow motion as I clean the human village of trash like >>10635658

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I'm sorry. I do wish to see her happy. But I also wish to know everything there is to know about her from every angle and every situation. This is just the way I am but perhaps being in Gensokyo would change that.

>> No.10636571

You're a subhuman like every minority. Once the government sends you into the death camps they will be your only friends.

>> No.10636588

People in death camps just become more divided.

>> No.10636616

>Read The Big Sleep before seeing the movie
>Brody isn't black because blacks weren't allowed on film then
>Happy ending complete with shipping that never happened
>Little sister isn't a crazy loli
>Can't say fuck you because censorship
>Marlow pulls out a gun all the time

That last part got me the most. Marlow got around on his wits and his personality. He didn't need the gun and when he did bring out his own gun (he disarms people like it's nothing most of the time) he meant business. No cheesy action hero line either, just BLAM. Which was the whole damn point.

>> No.10636706

Thank you for those kind words.

>> No.10636715

I feel very out of the loop, who is NEETuya?

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I hope some youkai attack me and kill me. That would make me happy.

>> No.10637329

Why would that make you happy?

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>> No.10637353

People tell me that I am fairy like. So, I think i'd fit in.

Having to live without electricity kinda sucks though.

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>> No.10637393

I like how she goes from phone to Glock.

>> No.10637401

You never played the game?

>> No.10637430

you're favorite 2hu would probably kill and eat you

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I doubt that.

>> No.10637438

If it's my favorite that's okay.

The real shame would be getting killed or eaten by someone else. Even worse if it's not a cute girl.

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I will die happy if she eat my dick first.

>> No.10637443

Tengu murder humans.

>> No.10637453

Yeah, but probably not.

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Nuh-uh. Then they wouldn't read their newspapers.
Tengu and humans aren't buddies, but there's no conflict there.

>> No.10637467

They kill anyone who comes into their turf, humans and youkai alike. Kanako even made a lift on the mountain just so they'd stop doing it.

>> No.10637498

Whaaaat? Cite that. They don't let people in, but I haven't seen it mentioned that they'll kill you for trespassing on sight.

>> No.10638064

No. I would most likely die in Gensokyo if I don't make it to the village in time. One human versus a bunch of hungry youkai on the prowl. The odds aren't in your favor.

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It wouldn't even be such a bad thing to die in gensokyo. Seeing as my second favorite touhou is Yuyuko, I would have no fear of death at all since it means I'd be able to stay with her

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If I'm lucky a life of servitude awaits me. Maybe I'd get to work harder than now, but my payment would consist on sniffing used underwear of the SDM inhabitants. Better my actual salary.

If I don't get killed before even reaching it, that's it.

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As yourself? Of course not. You would be eaten, raped, killed, or forced to live a life of servitude in the human village.

As somebody powerful enough, it would be fun. But that's only if you have, or are able to gain, enough powers to sustain yourself in this environment.

Pic semi-related. If you're not immediately able to sex up Yukari with the awesomeness of you Marye Sueish bullshit abilities, you ain't made for the life of Gensokyo son.

>> No.10638356

I would buy it.

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so uhh...

everyone saying that they are going to die, thats probably not the case. Maybe until you reach a shrine or a village - but the second you can draft up a single spell card your good.

because once you have a spell card the fight is treated as a duel. granted you'll probably get your ass kicked and be in a lot of pain, but they cant kill you.

>> No.10638364

Only if you've facing an opponent smart enough to have spell cards. The dumb ones just attack and sometimes kill people.

>> No.10638368
File: 194 KB, 849x1203, sample_9c3c91e56bb82dc5d848c891d28d17b15078f2b2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As long as I can become a slave to Moriya Shrine, the Buddists, the Yakumo household, the Scarlet Mansion, Eientei, Yamaxanadu or Yuuka-Sama, I'd be happy.

>> No.10640752

No internet.
Do flushing toilets exist? I think only the youks would have those, and how's the butt-wiping paper.
Also I'm confined to one village for my whole life?
Do I get superpowers? If not, there is no way this will go well.

>> No.10640777

If you're lucky, you'll meet Rinno and take refuge at Kourindou. None attacks him so far.

>> No.10640795

implying that a very hungry youkai goes to talk with his food.

>> No.10640809

Rinno=half youkai
>None attacks him so far.
because he is worst.

>> No.10640823

>half youkai
and he doesn't eat human. So, zero threat. He's even a best bud with Reimu and Marisa.

>> No.10640877


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>> No.10640971

Seems about right

>> No.10640996

way to die #230

>> No.10641048

Why isn't that loser challenging her to a danmaku duel? She sucks, he could probably win even with a cramp.

>> No.10641051

He's playing on lunatic.

>> No.10641054

Probably. I don't need to give my eternal life to some smelly jew who apparently died for my sins to get in though, do I?

>> No.10641057

No, you just need to look tasty and get captured by youkai for dinner.

>> No.10641070
File: 397 KB, 600x835, Mizuhashi Parsee 587.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best reason.

>> No.10641111

I am reasonably sure that I would magically become a much better person if I were to suddenly be transported to a fantastic place such as Gensokyou.

Despite being a NEET hiki with zero functional skills, I am certain I'd be able to handle anything that gets thrown at me.

Or I could die, but that's no huge loss.

>> No.10642054

Only if I can repeatedly fulfill Sanae's 10 desires.

>> No.10642065

It should be easy to become a better person if your life suddenly starts having some kind of meaning.

>> No.10642084

Sanae is a slightly more energetic and considerably more feminine Mr. Rogers.

>> No.10642132

I wonder how being a normal is meaningful at all. It's because I see no meaning in it that I'm a NEET now.

>> No.10642454
File: 1.75 MB, 1000x1412, 9cf16ed8f97345935f880f03ea4490dc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. As long as I could hang out with my favourite 2hu.
Im pretty sure I would, but right now I feel content here. That might change, but whaaaatever.

>> No.10642460

dude she's ded

>> No.10642464
File: 816 KB, 1000x1500, 71dc43c22559e09c0970e2bdf2db94e6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're dead!

>> No.10642468

>implying you can't hang out with a ghost

>> No.10642479

But what if he wants to hang out with her dead and rotten corpse?

>> No.10642486
File: 2.18 MB, 2000x1600, 853576f17953918e858d8c882017e8c0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ghost or a corpse, doesnt matter much. As long as she moves and can drink tea, its all good.

>> No.10642492

That wouldn't be allowed, since to do that you'd have to break the seal, killing Yuyuko again and reintroducing her to the cycle of soul transmigration, which would piss whoever created the seal off (it's probably Yukari, in which case you're even more boned).

The ghost can drink tea just fine though.

>> No.10642494

look at the trigger guard

>> No.10642532

Most of my problems are internal so I doubt it but I'd be able to live a more relaxed lifestyle, I'd imagine so that'd be nice. Maybe meet a cute toho and settle down.

>> No.10642580

If I can go with some starting survival gear then yes.

Give me a bow, a Katana and a combat knife and I think I'll be okay for the first couple of days.

Probably end up being toyed with by a powerful Yukari, who wants to prolong my suffering.

As I have knowledge of Gensokyo I make my way to Reimu's shrine. There's a scene where the Yukari following me destroys the offering box which sends Reimu into a Frenzi.

After she defeats the Yukari she has a Tsundere moment where it's my fault the offering box was destroyed.

To make up for it I have to do chores around the shrine, which I object to but quickly give in upon the realisation that I'll be safe there.

Reimu and other visitors to the shrine (Of which there are precious few) realise how despite my basic understanding of hunting and survival I know little about fighting Yukari.

I am then taught some basic Yukari self defence by sympathetic ears and become the lone wolf of Gensokyo; travelling alone or existing in a harem; hell, I might even mix it up.

I have thought about this probably too much OP, providing the creature hunting me isn't Flandre Scarlet on the day she got out, I should be okay

>> No.10642587
File: 87 KB, 346x347, Eiren and Kaguya laughing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10642594

it would remind me of silent hill too much.

i'd think it was all a self imposed world with a lesson i had to learn or something that had to be solved.

>> No.10642597


Glad some one got that.

>> No.10642619
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I'd try and work at Eientei!

Maybe win Reisen's heart, but I'll settle with just working hard and being with my favourites.

>> No.10642624

also all the sex you want and she can't get pregnant

>> No.10642806

But corpses rot and are all sorts of nasty.

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