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mima is the best character in the entire touhou series

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What do people see in Mima? I just don't get it.

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Hipster Cred, probably.

I mean, I have nothing against the pc98 games, a couple of them are quite fun, but I think the obsession with her is just hyped by jokes and "indie cred" or whatever the hipsters call it these days.

Or maybe its just because she was a playable character. But then again, nobody mentions any of the characters from dim.dream other than yumemi.

Who knows?

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There's also people who get turned on when someone shits on them, humans are weird.

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best shot type

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This touhou don't even have a pussy, what a shame.

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She has a tight Ghost Pussy

If I can recall, she has legs in some of the games anyway.

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shut up!

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She's playable in two of the PC-98 games, and also appears in two more. She's one of the major characters from that era.

Her bomb background in Mystic Square shows her with legs.

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Mima is ugly.

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According to which standards?

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Konngara > Rikako > Ellen > Rika > Every other PC-98 character > Mima

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Mima burn in hell

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Mima sucks ghost cocks and is a fail-tier character, second last only to Cirno.

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