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Youkai centipede ^_^

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Yukari pls

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How is this less explicit than this?


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Even if I had gap powers it would still be impossible to sex myself unless you could move one gap and not the other.

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Imagine all the coordination you need to pull this off.

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Translate it you weeaboos.

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Yukari is such a boring slutty Touhou

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i love how Ran is just like "fucking really Yukari"

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From left to right.
First panel: "Oh no! I am imprisoned!" "What sort of power have you used to submit me?"

Second panel: "I'm scared!" "What are you going to do?!"

Third panel: "W-what...!" "D-don't touch me there!"

Fifth panel: (note on Ran's basket) "That which carries the weight of past"

Sixth panel: *grope* *grope*
(letters outside the boxes) "No!!! Someone save me!!!" "Ahhh!!!"

Seventh panel: (note on Ran's basket) "That which carries the weight of past"

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Wow what I'm pretty drunk but wow.

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Can they draw her body even more obscene?

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One of my favorites.

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what's with the panda?

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he's trollin

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You're a boring slutty Touhou.

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2nd best hag.

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Corrupting Chen is a bridge too far, in my opinion.

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Yukari is a very interesting character when well written. I'd like if less people went with this nympho christmas cake angle, because it gets quickly boring.

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sex with Yukari!

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I agree Yukari done right can be pretty cool.

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corrupted chen is the best chen

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If Chen had gotten involved this doujin would have been perfect.

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Good god that doujin is so fucking bad.

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Please don't sexualize Yukari.

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Yukari and Ran both have a penis in this doujin. Does that mean Chen had one too?

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Please don't loli-ize Yukari.

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You are just encouraging me by posting her as a young girl.

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del C:\Internet
You do not have permission to delete this folder.

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Currently in use, I bet.

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