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xcelllt wretched

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post it here instead

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Moe lewd like this please

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I will not allow pedophiles or the spread of pedophilia on /jp/

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slay the gay

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Guys, please. I've masturbated way too much today already and I'm starting to stink of cum.

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Ya fucked it up.

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Wheres this came from?

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Get the hell out of here, Magister.

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why is she dancing on the ceiling?

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Is there a central place where people post MMD that's too lewd for nicovideo? I've caught a few random uploader links, but that's all.

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I'd like to know this as well.

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fc2, toukoucity, various other sites.

There's also a thread on /e/. Might wanna look for it.

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Oh, that /e/ thread is good. Why do I always forget about that board.

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This is fucking gay.

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Ewwwwww...those are some big ugly boobs

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nice bump

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le gasp

*glomps all over the screen*

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Those are better bumps.

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That's that perfume dance.

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Not pedo.

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>ugly sand nigger

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If I didn't know better, I'd say the girl in the OP was masturbating. A lot of little girls masturbate like that.

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That is a mechanical horsy she is on...

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That's not to say she can't also be using it to masturbate.

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who is girl on left

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It's especially unnerving when they start grinding away on your leg or something, without knowing why it's completely unacceptable.

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That's never happened to me, but I would enjoy that.

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How would you enjoy getting buttraped and stabbed in jail afterwards?

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Why would I be thrown in jail for letting a loli rub herself against me? It's not like I'm forcing her to do it nor am I harming her in any way whatsoever.

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http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm19269956 this is the video

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Also if anyone has stories about this please post them here. It interests me greatly.

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When her parents ask why she was rubbing you she will say you made her to it to prevent from getting in trouble.

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If she doesn't understand why it's unacceptable, then she won't know that it's bad, so she won't know whether or not she'll get in trouble.

Also she would not rubbing me, she would be rubbing herself on me.

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Don't tell me, tell the judge.

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I'm sure the tone of her parent's voices will make that clear.

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I think not.

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Coincidentally, I've already exhausted that website of stories. I was hoping more to hear from some people here.

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The only loli story I ever had was I, myself, was a shota at the time.

Me and my cousin, who was also my age (about 6) were at a park close to his house. We bumped into a girl around our age as well. After chatting to her and playing jungle gym games with her we decided to bring her to the this small forest beside the park and show her me and my cousins hut we made out of sticks (visiting it a couple years later we found it riddled with beer cans and graffiti). Her mother let us take her there without supervision, knowing "Hey, they're just a bunch of kids, right?" Well, don't ask me how, I guess I was just fucking spewing Charisma at the time, but we were able to convince her to reveal her loli pussy and let us take pictures of it. We thought it was just a joke, we had no idea what that 'thing' was, and this wasn't the first time either. We did the same to my cousins little sister. Also at that time, we decided it'd be cool to show off our photography work. Let's just say it ended in bruises a pain courtesy of his father. All in all, we didn't learn from it.

After our little photography meet, me and my cousin immediately left the forest waving goodbye and deleting the pictures.

Maybe we should have told her to keep it a secret. I wonder where she is now...

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How old are you now to have had a digital camera when you were a kid? Regardless, I enjoyed that story. Stuff like that fascinates me to no end.

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I just spent the last twenty minutes rubbing a twelve year old girl's bare chest.

"How?" you ask. Well apparently there are a select few contexts within which such an action is acceptable. For instance, if your niece has a hacking cough and your sister asks you to "put some of this on her" while she calls the doctor.

"Putting some of this on hear" meant using my bare hands to rub this vapor ointment shit all over her BARE NAKED CHEST. My heartbeat is still all erratic from it. I had a boner the size of Manhattan the entire time. She's sleeping now and I guess she feels better because she stopped coughing.

Details: She's about 5 feet tall, has long brown hair, a cute face, a thin waist and long skinny legs. She's in jammies I think because although I'm pretty shaken up right now I know I unbuttoned something before I went at it.

God I feel so great. I just rubbed my hands all over her FUCKING TITS, you guys. Well the puffy parts of her chest anyway. Her nipples got hard. I just about wept tears of joy.

I didn't do anything else because I'm a coward and rubbing was enough. Plus it was legal and I didn't technically do anything wrong, so I'm in the clear.

I'd write more but I seriously have to go fap while the memory is fresh in my head.

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They aren't' that new, Jim.

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You're supposed to sternly shout at them that rubbing against you is wrong and unacceptable. Do you even prude?

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Of all the reasons to raise my voice against a cute little loli, having her warm, squishy crotch rubbed against me would not be one of them.

If anything I would be too embarrassed and awestricken to say anything.

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From Dougas to pedo child stories and stalking.

Moot was right, we're directionless pedos.

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>warm, squishy crotch rubbed against me

Jesus man... I'm no normie, but you're creeping me out a bit.

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>I'm a coward and rubbing was enough
As the able-to-pretend camouflage normal I can be, I can pretend to be lovely too. I would have kissed her between and tell her "I hope you feel better sweetheart" and then kiss her forehead while pushing her stomach extremely softly.

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Just a bit of descriptiveness.

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You forgot your picture, asshole.

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You know you're responding to kopipe that's nearly ten years old, right?

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Yes, but it turns me on.

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Are we not allowed to respond to kopipe now? Why even post it, then? Was this just your way of saying ``I am an oldfag and I know that's copypasta''?

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If you read my post you wouldn't need to ask any of those questions.

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Stay out of this, Anon. This is between me and >>10361815.

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Both of those posts you're referring to are mine.

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Did pedo get angry?

Yeah stay out of this, let the tough guys talk.

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neo pedo /jp/ would say she's too old

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Shes to old.

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I think twelve is a nice age especially if you're centered on breasts. They're probably nothing more than small bumps and fun to play with. Anything younger would just be completely flat, right?

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>Did pedo get angry?

I don't think so. At the time people just laughed at moot for saying that. If anyone was truly pissed off, I missed it.

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I meant at my post, not moot.

You sound like you got pissed off yourself there. Is it because people found a reason why that's true Pedo?

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A lot of people were pissed off at his "sick of pandering to pedophiles, fuck loli and anyone who wants it" comment.

Sort of puts Censored Vagina's pro-pedo damage control into perspective.

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Oh... well now I'm even more confused. I said asshole very colloquially; no anger need be inferred.

I honestly have no idea if it's true or not for the board as a whole. My suspicion is that the board will always have that undercurrent simply because it's woven its way into many parts of fringe otaku media.


There were also quite a few people who let it slide because they knew he had to say that for advertising bucks.

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There has always been that undercurrent here. Who gives a fuck what Moot thinks anyways? Yeah he made the place but I couldn't be bothered to care what he likes and doesn't like.

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The mid 90's had the first commercial digital cameras, but it was later than that when they started to come down in price and people actually bought them.

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lol people never noticed this was a copypasta

saw this on Gamefaqs years ago

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Those are some ugly big boobs.

>> No.10362237

Well, it won't nessairly be about girls rubbing on people but, if you look at the sight below they do have stories that deal with similar situations.


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I don't know why the fuck are we still discussing pedo shit in here.

It's like you guys are a bunch of hookworms festering on a poor creature.

>> No.10362271

How do you know?

>> No.10362278

I guess I could search for humping. Thanks.

>> No.10362284

How do I know?

LOOK AT IT, it was about cute fluffy Douga, not a god damn pedo gathering.

>> No.10362287

The girl in the OP looks like a loli masturbating. Even if she's on one of those machines, a lot of little girls masturbate like that, so discussion naturally turned toward that subject.

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And what does pedo shit have to do with Otaku Culture again?

I'm depressed just by reading how everyone ignores the poor girl up there and everyone proceeds to speak about little sluts from Africa or some shit.

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How isn't loli related to otaku culture?

>> No.10362337

You're discussing 3D whores instead of the cute girl. Fuck off.

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Let's try to keep loli and pedo away from each other. Lets look at delightful 2D girls who are cute.

>> No.10362371

Got a video of this?

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How is this even possible? One lends itself toward the other.

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You just solved and found the reason of my suffering for the last 7 months. I thank you.

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I have a 9 year old sister that cuddles with me at night when I'm at home. It's adorable.

>> No.10362791

Does she shower ever night and then cuddle with you? It would be nice if she smelled like fragrant soap.

>> No.10362818

This thread is glorious. I love you /jp/.

Thank you so fucking much.

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I'm so MoƩ.

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Maybe it's that these threads have become more numerous or maybe I'm becoming more of a pervert, but I can't stop having dreams about loli. Cuddling with them in the bed mostly, nothing perverted.

>> No.10365683

First step is admitting you like it. Welcome to our world. It only gets cuter from here.

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This thread has derailed and is no longer /jp/ related. Janitor, delete this.

>> No.10365773

If you can get a thread deleted just by derailing it, the shitposters win, forever.

>> No.10365784

This thread is entirely /jp/ related.

>> No.10365786

They've already won.

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