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Its happening!

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I'm pretty sure I once played a nukige that had this exact title

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I want to be its friends.

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I can't fap to this. Tell me when Japan gets a hold of it.

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Yeah, this.

When Kantoku is willing to draw, Kana Hanazawa willing to voice and Chika Shirokiri willing to make the scenariom they can have my money, and in kilos.

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2D doesn't work in 3D. There are little details (like the nose disappearing at certain angles) that make 2D what it is. Kigs are creepy because they try to imitate 2D in the 3D world, and it just doesn't work.

Enjoy your uncanny valley realdolls.

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The hilarious truth about feminism is that it only works if men agree to it.

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I want to lick her cleft lip.

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Wake me up when we have 2 way neural interface, then we can talk.
I'll hold out with ero voice CDs until then.

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You ever see the lat model in MMD, it uses a cool trick to always have a 2D-esque nose.

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feminism will never be able to stop the japs

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Nippon bonzai!

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You say that, but political correctness social justice bitches always find a way to corrupt things people enjoy.

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Feminism is not about political correctness or social justice but distribution of power.

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Feminists can't into moon, so it's not an issue either way.
Unless someone is stupid enough to translate one.

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I'd happily settle for ball-jointed dolls style sexbots.

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>Feminists can't into moon, so it's not an issue either way.

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Must be a bitch to clean cum from the joints though.
My aims for a sexbot are not so much aesthetic, but emotional. If they can simulate affection, then I'm buying one for sure.

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What did they expect. Really?
If you make female sex bots you literally objectify women.

I don't see why objectification always is seen as bad.
Just look at paintings; most critics would base that the art is indeed an objectification of one ore more concepts/emotions/etc.

These people are really silly.

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Settle? Shit, DOLLPARTS is what makes it good in the first place.

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Have you not been paying attention to any current issues?

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Yes I have. I'm also sane enough to understand that spokesmanship and agitation are arts that need to be practiced somehow.

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Why don't they make these with men, too?
There's enough lonely bitches in the world.

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Fully mechanized artificial men have existed in an affordable and widely available form since around the early 80s.

They've already got thiers.

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I wouldn't say you're objectifying women because I take that to mean treating women as objects. You are creating an object, not treating a woman as one.

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Fucking feminists. I hope all of them get gassed to death.

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Because a male sex doll doesn't come with a wallet full of cash and a credit card.

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This is correct. Feminism is successful because peer-pressure-sensitive losers enable it. If functioning young men let whiny bitches subvert them, I can't even dare to imagine how things will be when something genuinely formidable tries to do the same. Remember that we're living good times.

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Really, really.

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cute pic dude

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God damn it Oatmeal you are misusing that font.

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This is what will happen to our country if feminism gets their way.

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Cool tabloid link, /b/ro.

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Don't speak to me, feminist scum.

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Decent news sources aren't allowed to report on stuff like that because it's "too tabloidy" or seen as a polemic by default.

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Tabloids write what the readers want to read. When anti-feminist attitudes become tabloid material and feminism gains more acceptance in academia, non-feminist attitudes lose credibility. It goes the other way for people who have no connection to higher education - it's not rare to see education itself being bashed for the fact that gender studies are taken seriously.

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It's also important to remember that feminism as a whole is much bigger in the US than in Europe. American universities get unrivaled amounts of attention (naturally some of it is politically motivated) because they still lead the pack. American English is the Latin of today.

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I meant something like what OP mentioned, although I do feel slow for not even realizing that much

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Whatever helps you sleep at night, hun.

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The only way they could make themselves seem more unattractive is if they started defecating in the street.

Sadly some poor slob will always give them the attention they want.

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The future grows ever closer friends

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