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/jp/, the offline meet-up.

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My cousin had an iguana. He was neat.

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I had an iguana called Spike but he got too big so we had to give him away.

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That guy looks really bummed out. There's an iquana right there, just fucking take it.

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I want an iguana touhou.

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"Fuck this guy, I'm outta here."

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I don't like reptiles because I don't think they feel emotion. They just slither and skitter and are mean.

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That's not very nice you're just judging their outward appearance.

It's like how PETA care about dogs and cats but not snakes and spiders. Fuck you PETA, you racists.

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One time I scratched an iguana's chin and it closed its eyes and kinda leaned its chin into it like it was really enjoying it. I thought that was kinda cute.

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Iguanas are chill as fuck, but they require a level of maintenance beyond the normal NEET threshold to keep healthy.

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It's just pareidolia, like that one crab image.

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Is this what they call herpetology otaku?

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I talked to a girl on Chatroulette who had a bearded dragon once. She said she loved animals but is allergic to cats and dogs so she got a lizard.

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Did she show you her lizard?

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Pet crabs: hermit or bust?

I kind of want a bigger crab, if I'm going to keep them at all.

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I like reptiles because they aren't noisy or bothersome like a lot of other animals. All they want from life is to lie on warm rocks and take it easy. I can respect that.

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I don't have any lizards. That would've been cool as heck if I had one though.

I'm a flashlight otaku. Here is an image of a Surefire L4 with the aging LED replaced with a modern Cree MC-E light source. It has all of the creamy and smooth beam characteristics of an L4 with the light output of a much larger flashlight.

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Fr**king h#ck!!! I posted the wrong picture. That's an L4 with the vanilla light source.

Here's the cree mod.

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LED flashlights offer subpar performance and little else.

Just get a Mag Mini, hipster.

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Can you recommend any flashlights with a wide beam? I had a power cut about half an hour ago, and all I had was a miniature Maglite and I couldn't see shit.

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Nice light dude.

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A full-sized Maglite, of course. The four-cell model can also be used to club hippies.

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I had two turtles when I was a kid.

They were pretty boring.

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I like chameleons because they hide their true colours just like me.

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I keep a paper wasp.
Shes still going too even though it's December.

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Actually, the light I pictured (the L4) is probably the best wide-beam EDC flashlight around, but it's been discontinued. The output is only about 12x a mini-maglite with the vanilla light source since it's old, but it has great beam characteristics for indoor illumination. The new E2E is also similar to the L4, but with a different bezel and reflector, along with a new LED.

You can still get an L4 for cheap on a flashlight forum or eBay if you look, but otherwise, I'd grab anything from Surefire's everyday carry line or a Fenix.




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Thanks a lot, guys!

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Hey Catherine

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that wasp is cute as fuck, would pet

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what the fuck

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Does that entomology Anon still post here?

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Had her since Sept. and still havn't thought of a name.

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Every now and then. I think his latest was

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Call her Wosp

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what if she stings??

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Can you make her hiss at penis?

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They only sting in defense of a nest.
Since shes NEETing it up in winter she has no reason to sting.
I guess she would still theoretically sting in self defense if I pulled on her leg or something.

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Do you feed her?

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If I can get her to hiss then maybe.
Yes honey/water solution.

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I wish I never had this horrible phobia of bees and related insects. Maybe then I could have a paper wasp buddy like you too.

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Start with taking care of a pillbug. If you do well they can live for 2 years or so.

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I'm not afraid of most insects. Just bees/wasps.

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where the hell do you even find a pillbug

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Gardens, rotten logs, composting leaves. Somewhere dark and moist.

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Under a log

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Wasp otaku

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Bad fur day.

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does he keep the door/windows open

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I've been lurking 4chan for a little bit now, I go to a board and stay there for a few weeks than move on to a new one.
This is my fist visit to this broad; this is the fist thread i opened.
Now I don't mean this as an insult in anyway so don't take this wrong but what the hell did I just read?
lizards, flashlights, wasp and everyone is so polite and nice and yet the topic of this thread remains unclear.
most shocking of all is how its more than 20 posts in and still no one has called anyone else a fag O.O
My, my mind can't take this, its its too much its itsAAAAAHHHHGGGGfkaoaiuereaf!!!!!!!!

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You seem like an interesting person.

What hobbies or obsessions do you have, Anon?

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Please refrain from doing that in the future, this must all be quite strange for you but I hope you find your stay here at least somewhat enjoyable.

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This. The /jp/ equivalent is (;゚Д゚)

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My iguana got out months ago, and I just know I'm going to find a frozen iguana popsicle in the woods one of these days.

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I thought that were bees and wasps were more aggressive than that.

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When I was a kid, my family had a snake. It was only little so we ended up losing it. A year or two later, we found it dead in our garden, and it was huge.

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So what do you guys think about a meetup in Detroit on a Thursday during the daytime?

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Possibly the most strange collection next to Plant_Collecting_Otaku-kun

Where are you anon(Plant_Collecting_Otaku-kun)?

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I had 2 iguanas but they died.
When I moved out of state, they spent the whole 12 hour trip in the car which wasn't heated so it was too cold for them.

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Wow that's horrible.

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You didn't need to post that.

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He was protecting you Anon.

He never ceased to care for you.

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I have two chinchillas and they watch anime and play VNs with me.

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That's pretty badass. I have a hedgehog. He doesn't know how to play VNs but he watches the HECK outta some cartoons.

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Why does that person look so sad?

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can i eat him

his iguana died

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O-Oh! Oh my goodness.
I thought he was just sleeping

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Reptiles are dumb, birds are the shit.
I have a molinae conure, try to find me a more playful and affectious small parrot.
And yes they like to get on their back when you play with them, like cats.
They also fucking love to take showers, it's quite funny to see.

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My dad had an African Grey and he was a very angry bird. He bit everyone who approached my father and pooped a lot.

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How do you get a bird to not shit on you? They have no bowel control.

Are there bird diapers? This would also be miscellaneously good because it would up my bird's NEET level.

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>reptiles are dumb

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I-Iguana-san... ;_;

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C82 meetup was fun.

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Oh I never understood the love for those, they usually are very unstable and tend to pluck their feathers quite often.

I usually wear something over my clothes when I let her out and she stays on my shoulders, the true problem comes when I let her out in more open areas like the kitchen for example, we just put a towel over a chair and she knows she has to take a shit there and not somewhere else.
Does't prevent her from shitting on the couch though, but a quick paper towel and water usually take care of the problem.

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I'd like to meet some /jp/sies, but I'm too scared.

>> No.10186281

Of our birds/wasps/reptiles/hedgehogs?

>> No.10186291

No, I'd like to meet your animals. Although wasps might be a little scary.

>> No.10186294

Nobody wants to be attacked by birds/wasps/reptiles/hedgehogs.

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All I have is my grandmother's cat and it hates me. I want a rat or another kitten...

>> No.10186323

I wanna go to comiket with my /jp/ e-friends at least once in my life, gotta save that money first ;_;

>> No.10186329

One day you'll make it!

>> No.10186330

Once I let my cat out and when I checked on it 20 minutes later it killed my neighbors bird and put it in front of my house

I had to quickly take it and bury it in my backyard

>> No.10186339

Did you tell your neighbor?

>> No.10186354

hell no

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I have an Iguana but I feel like I'm not taking the best care of him. It doesn't help that I have no reptile veterinarian and it's very hard to tell whether he's healthy or not because they're very difficult creatures to "read."

Sometimes I get very depressed because I feel like I brought him/her into my household just to suffer.

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Their fault for letting it out, a bird that was grown by hand who gets outside is as good as dead.
Especially parrot since they have a very heavy flight and can't stay in the air for very long.

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Their fault for letting it out, a bird that was grown by hand who gets outside is as good as dead.
Especially parrots since they have a very heavy flight and can't stay in the air for very long, they also don't have any sense of danger.

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If your iguana has become an outlet of stress, you should locate a herpetologist or reptile enthusiast via Craigslist and offload the iguana onto them.

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Hahaha this is gold.
I hope you're oldfags like me.

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the thing is they don't let their bird outside, just out of it's cage
my cat went into their house
killed their bird
and put it in front of my door

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I don't think he's stressed. He's eating everyday, walks all over the bed and jumps on me while I'm sitting by the computer. Sometimes and he'll climb on my head and sit there while I browse /jp/.

>> No.10186395

Once I let my cat out and when I checked on it 20 minutes later it killed my neighbors

>> No.10186398

Did you bury them in your backyard?

>> No.10186403

Again, it's their fault for not keeping it under their surveillance.
Can't blame your cat for following his natural urges.
I have two cats with my birds, whenever I let my bird out I stay close to her even if the cats aren't around.

Those are pets that need care all the time and you never want to let them alone, especially ot if you don't keep it in a cage.
Truly the perfect NEET pet.

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>Sometimes and he'll climb on my head and sit there while I browse /jp/.
That is the cutest thing I've heard all day.

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I think I would make a SICKNASTY meido. I'm a cooking otaku and compulsively clean my house.

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Wrong thread?
Also, nice picture there

>> No.10186499


Yes. I like lizards and birds so I was looking at this thread too and I got all confused.

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