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Hey /jp/, have you listened to the latest Epiloguist podcast with Dan Kim and one of the writers of Katawa Shoujo? They mention 4chan and say that we should all move on now that it's turned to shit.


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Does Dan Kim bully us?

I don't think I could take that.

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Move on... Where?

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Where is Aura from? Why did he write an OELVN when he can't even speak English?

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>Dan Kim
>Katawa Shoujo

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High quality boards like Poolshmer, THP, and Tohno chan.

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Learn to read.

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> admin on November 11, 2012 at 2:46 am said:
> Aura is from Finland (I think).

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learn to get out of /jp/

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It doesn't matter if 4chan is shit, there's nowhere else to go.
Reddit is a fucking liberal hugbox shitzone, Tumblr is quite possibly the worst place on the internet right now, and the more obscure imageboards end up dead within a year.
So where are we supposed to go? Outside? Fuck that.

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Where should I skip to?

I listened to both episodes for a few minutes and I can tell this is the sort of podcast I won't really enjoy listening to.

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I know this is going to get a lot of negative feedback, but Reddit, ignoring the default subreddits and some other garbage, is not as bad as many say.
It's like saying that /a/b/v/soc/ is only what 4chan is about. Sure, default subreddits and meme shits are bad, but it's not all about that.
Tumblr is feminazi blog and 13 year olds being retards.

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>Sure, default subreddits and meme shits are bad, but it's not all about that.
>Tumblr is feminazi blog and 13 year olds being retards.

Nice job being a hypocrite. I'd upvote you but we're not in your darling reddit.

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Katawa Shoujo was horrible from the perspective of anyone who has played more than 0 visual novels, why the hell would I want to listen to someone who has written content so low?

I have no idea who Dan Kim is either so his opinion is worthless to me until I see some achievements from him

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reddit as a platform is built as a popularity contest because of the upvotes, which just results in rampant circlejerking and all-around retardation

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You could always just get a hobby that takes up a lot of time. The internet is just going to keep getting worse.

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True, that's why I don't bother with reddit.

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I have a faggot friend who gets hurt about every single thing, including accidently saying "fuck" in a conversation and even he flipped his shit and called me a fucking retard when I told him that I went on reddit for a second to check it ou

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The mechanics of Reddit make sense. I like the idea of hundreds or thousands of sub-communities that share a platform, it reminds me of Usenet or 2channel. I also liked the interface. It was confusing at first and I hate threaded comments, but it was simple and didn't have a lot of JavaScript stuff (they've added more now).
My main problem is the voting system, which theoretically means good posts get more attention, but it turns out what most people view as "good" is terrible, and it turns the site into a popularity contest. As a result, the open and broad nature of the site has attracted the worst kind of people. When I first heard about Reddit, I went there and it was like old Slashdot. Then some company bought it and now it's shit.

Hacker News and Slashdot (even 2012 Slashdot) are the same ideas done better, with a more focused topic instead of "TIL cats are epic from this IamA".

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>have no idea who Dan Kim is either so his opinion is worthless to me until I see some achievements from him

Safe to assume you're new to this board then

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>Reddit is a fucking liberal hugbox shitzone

Reddit is a shithole for more universal and technical reasons than not subscribing to whatever retarded political ideology you champion. Actually, I'd say if they manage to scare retards like you away, they must be doing at least something right. Now go back to /pol/, they'll both laugh at you better than I could, and it will actually be on topic there.

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We could all migrate to Usenet. All the AOL users have left, and I'm sure once you build a decent filter, it's like the spam isn't even there.

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>He doesn't know Dan Kim
Am I the only one here from before 2006 or what?

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Also, vanity usernames. So fanneh I poop my pants every tim xd

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I have been looking for one for the past year with no success.

might just go back to college

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Hacker News is awful. It should really be called “startup scene wanking news” anyway.

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The spam is charming. Same with the ``ALIENS ARE COMING TO EARTH!!!!'' postings that people make on every single newsgroup.

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Not programming? Gunpla? Anything?

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You sure look like a 2006 oldfag bro!

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>I have no idea who Dan Kim is

Newfags, newfags everywhere.

I'm not saying you should care what that faggot says, but you certainly should be at least remotely aware who he is if you don't want to look like an idiot around here.

Not just this board, too. 4chan as a whole.

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Cake Day:
"The name of the day your username was born (on Reddit.com).

A great day of celebration, which typically requires a post.

Usernames celebrating their cake day will have a cake icon next to their username."

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That's the point, and why I like it. Occasionally it strays into off-the-wall stuff, but Paul Graham is doing his best to keep it from going downhill like Reddit did.

If you want something a little more VIP:

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Why should someone cling to shit from the past? Specially this? You don't want people to talk about him but once he's mentioned you go all elitist ``oldfag'' extraordinaire on anyone who doesn't know him.

If there's anything new people of the board should know before posting, it's aikido master and japanese bird.

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Dan stopped being /jp/ related when he stopped coming here and making funny(shitty) Umineko threads. So it is not surprising people won't know him since he doesn't come here anymore.

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Just because Dan Kim has drawn some touhou comics back in 2008 doesn't means that his opinion is worth anything.
The newfag is right

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Dan Kim is the only person whose opinion I care about. The other people can shut the fuck up because they haven't done anything I like.

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newfags dont kno who dan kim is o.o


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anything that involves a computer wouldn't do the trick because I'd just be a click away from 4chan. the local college has some interesting classes, so it might be the only way out. I could learn Russian, how to play guitar, things like that.

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who oldfag here?

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still, claiming that you don't know him is a redflag that your opinion is worthless when discussing him.

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Dan Kim is a nice guy who made good threads and content. I can understand you not liking his threads, but you don't have to qualify yourself as some jaded individual who hates him. There's simply no reason to.
Also, you could learn about him through osmosis. If someone asked what a "touhou hijack" was or how /jp/ was created, I would tell them to do some reading and lurk more. The same goes for Dan Kim. Hell, he's listed on the 4chan news page a few times.

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First off isn't this more /q/ related?
Secondly It's people on the internet calling 4chan is shit why do you even care, especially since KS brought more people over making it worse

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>True, that's why I don't bother with reddit.

>is not as bad as many say.

make up your mind you attention whoring tripe coder user.

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Ok, I know him.

His opinion is shit and he is probally a normalfag or wannabe internet celebreti who gets his ego stroken by his fan circlejerk

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ITT ironic meta-wankery that proves their point.

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This is something you can see everyday. Not worth "learning".

The only thing people should ever learn on 4chan is to lurk. Lurking is, among other things, the ability to shut up when people talk about things you've never heard of or don't understand. Assume you should know about them too, read what others wrote and learn (or just leave if you're not interested), instead of posting pointless uninformed crap and making yourself look like an idiot.

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Dont worry I already reported this thread for commercial spam.

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I don't even know what he's saying until I read it like five times. Too much english lit and bullshit, not even concise. All he had to say is that if the sex scene fits in the story or fits the game's purpose it's ok.

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If he was relevant and had an opinion worth listening to he would be well known even to newcomers, is that hard for you to understand?

This may come as a surprise to you, but being an "oldfag" on 4chan doesn't make your opinion worthwhile, that should be clear when you read through this thread.

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He's just a guy who makes comics. Do you hate ZUN, Ryukishi07 and every other pseudonymous cotent creator?

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I asume that your Japanese is perfect then.

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Controversy is against the rules.

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Did this thread get deleted due to the janitor getting jealous over these fucking sick ass quads right here?

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I reported it for commercial spam.

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Do people make money from podcasts?

That's not fair. They're too easy to make.

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