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Is /jp/ the place for OS-Tans?

'Cause /g/'s mods are being cunts.

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Go away

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/jp/ is not the place for you.

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Welcome to /jp/ - 2D/Random (No Touhou)

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are the two girls walking away new os-tans or something

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Have the new system voices been uploaded yet?

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Sure. It's a good place to post OS-tans.

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it used to be. i don't even know these days.

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Well, it says 8 on their chest.

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Wait, why is there two window8s?

Also from what very little I read about windows 8 it seem to be even worse that 7 and only has added useless cosmetic shit.

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Also the ribbons form 8s

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There's nothing wrong with win7...

Apart from that stupid default function that automatically restarts your PC when there are new updates!!! If I get the guy who had that stupid idea I'm going to kill him very slowly!!!

But you can disable that... and the rest works perfectly.

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It was designed for use on tablets. The PC is dying, according to many experts.

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We had a thread about this yesterday.

Why are threads dying so quickly?

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The PC has been dying for years now.
It's not going anywhere.

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I didn't know Meido posted that many threads, so the old ones simply die.

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Also, that's not an excuse to put an OS designer for tablets in a PC. That sounds like something a retard would do.

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No I am asking why there are twin persona of the new OS. Does that mean there is something significant with win8? I am not saying 7 is bad just want to see the difference.

oh so its supposed to be some kind of PC to tablet integration bullshit? I also doubt it is on the verge of dying. Sure there are people who use shitty ipads and iphones but I still us ea traditional tower pc.

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I guess Microsoft really doesn't like the idea of Android becoming the standards for tablets and smartphones, but it's a bit late for that.

They should rather try to save their well established market. When you overstretch your confines, your empire is doomed to crumble.

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The janitor goes through various mood swings throughout the day.

Sometimes he lets some threads stay alive and then arbitrarily deletes them while people are still talking and other times he just deletes everything right from the start.

/jp/ is only at peace when the beast is asleep. He seems to sleep less and less these days though. I'm guessing that the sleep deprivation is making him go increasingly mad each day.

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NEETs will never use tablets instead of PCs

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speak for yourself

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>something a retard would do
Pretty much. I imagine the way they even got this idea was "People like smart phones and touch screens right? Why don't we just make our next Windows into that?" 'Uhh sir, most people don't have touchscreen laptops or desktops' "THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT IDEA"
captcha: Major namonia

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The PC is dying for homofag niggers who can't even program. There's a difference.

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metro/normal windows?

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I doubt anybody cares about which NEET's preferences are...

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XP for life

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you been in a cave the last 20 months?
there is a x86 version and a stupid as fuck arm version that cant do anything with legacy. Completely ruining the point of wanting a windows os (to run existing apps)

Both of those girls should be ahegao with drool stains all down their collars.
Win8 is an attempt to kill off the old way of interfacing with your pc and forcing touchscreen interface designed for 5" displays on your 22~30 lcd. It is also an attempt to fully create a walled garden in the windows environment and cloud as much of the content as possible.
win8 is like windows ME without the aww it is retarded and cute.

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Oi, don't compare moe WinME to evil Win8. ME was incompetent, 8 is a malicious attempt to screw PC users over in various ways. Two completely different things.

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I hate how lately every thread seems to get derailed into stupid shit.

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>being the standard
We've just entered post-apocalypsis.

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/g/ really likes OS-tans

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Chris Roberts please save us.

I want to live among your stars.

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"sweet memory" ISOs where???


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windows 3.1 master race

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I wonder how much artwork there's going to be of the Win 8 tans. The OS-thing seems to slowly be dying out.

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is there a Gentoo-tan?

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Why there's no porn of windows 7 yet

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There has been for a while.

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It's just that nobody likes Win8 or the Win8-tans.

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What makes you think our janitor is any better, OP?

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I actually have a tablet, and 8 is shitty even for that.

The Metro "half" of the OS is so goddamn basic that even my dumbphone is more customizable, not to mention that it's not even closely as well made for touch as, say, Android. They just made big boxes, a large auto-hide taskbar and default fullscreen. You're essentially forced into the Win7 half if you want to use it properly, but every now and then you're thrown back into the Metro side whenever you open a program that arbitrarily prefers it.

Fuck it. I wiped the partition and Debian took its place.

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any iso?

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See here:

We have located the Yuu download on Mediafire, but we haven't found an Ai one.

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I guess I'll see if I can't go on a japtrek to find the sound pack

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From /g/


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Unfortunately that isn't Sweet Memory, that's Nanairo Generator, which is the song that came with '7.

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Aww shucks, my bad.

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How is Win 8 selling in Japan? They're supposed to be the nation of technology but I heard they love to buy stupid shit.

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>The Metro "half" of the OS is so goddamn basic
It's pretty obvious they built all this shit in a hurry.

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Honestly I'm enjoying Windows 8 now that I understand some of the shit they changed. Nothing has stricken me as "what the fuck" yet. It goes slightly faster, which makes me a little happy and they didn't pull that audio-mixer bullshit again, though the new "screenshot" thing is a bit silly.

Overall, I don't have any qualms and I'm liking it now that I have everything in its place and situated pretty.

I like metro now that I've gotten rid of the useless crap

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right click on shortcut
send to -> desktop

also VPN doesn't work.

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VPN works for me.

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I should say, the program I use to connect doesn't work.

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Is 8 easy to pirate and authenticate yet or should I wait?

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