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I'm going to work. See you later gals.

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Why do the Japanese dye their hair? Don't they see that they are superior and beautiful with their Japanese dark hair?

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Asians look so wrong with blonde hair.

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I would work Yukari hahaha...I can't smile anymore or is it that I don't know how to smile.

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Why do people start using tripcodes? Don't they see that they are superior remaining anonymous?

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It's a community kind of thing I think. There are so few of the regular posters here, that they start become attatched to one another they can recognize through certain ways. /jp/ is pretty tightly knitt, so it kind of makes sense.

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If you want to ''break the rules'' in whatever place you live in the world you just need to dye your hair.

Japanese (kids in general) do that too.

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I actually just meant that the answer was extremely obvious, they just want attention, something this new wave of tripcode users would know well.

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Definitly the new wave are attention whores.
I feel like the majority of trips from any point prior to 6 months ago had good reason to create a trip and the reason I mentioned before here >>10091477
Otherwise You're completely rite. Any opposition to my xomment of the 6 months prior to this comment, real /jp/?

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No, you're probably right.

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