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When is zunbar coming back?

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gigs 4 lyfe

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where is zun!bar

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( ^ω^) ZUN!bar! ZUN!bar! ZUN!bar! (^ω^ )

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If only ZUN!bar was here

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Seriously, what happened to zumbar? Did he have to go back to aghani-chan?

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He went to Gensokyo.

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gongratz for the merriage

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i prolly shouldn't b tellin you dis, but he's goin under a new alias. i think you can figure who it is. keep this shit low though, we ain't want any of the higher ups to find out, ya kno.

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Everybody already knows its gigs-san.

>> No.10050311

Oh come on, gigs is nothing like ZUNbar.

>> No.10050333

watta fuq d00d? wat part of keep it low did u not get?

i mean uh. no that's wrong.
y-yeah! they're complete opposites in everything. i bet gigs is a girl.

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Hu iz SAm BAHR??

>> No.10050411

appreciate this! *whips out dick*

>> No.10050628

!bar was OK. I miss Moetron too.

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