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>complain about anything management related on youtube
>droves of redditors come running to defend Cover and calling blasphemy

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Me on the left!

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Me on the left

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Subaru would enjoy it I bet.

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She's a head of the most powerful organization on the server.

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fuck, I guess her capture card is dead

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me on the right

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This looks like a maid cafe, wish she had a more cozy and class deco.

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Me second from the left because I'm a fuckup and no one came with me.

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>miko jav cafe
cant wait to fuck all mikopi

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So which one of you is lying?

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Fuck horsepussy

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sugoi nye

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Surprisingly Subaru understands a considerable amount of english...
well not surprisingly I guess but always weird to see

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It takes a top raiding guild at least a month to farm those items and she just lost them last stream and she's fully re-geared already?

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Don't forget that Ricardo and doxxfag all came from that shit hole.

>> No.35182567

All of them have to cut their tongue short for apply for the job...

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( ^)o(^ )b

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What? No, faggot.

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>trade iron for emeralds
>trade a couple emeralds for full diamond gear
>take some tnt to the nether and have full netherite gear in 30 minutes

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This but for coco
I love the new model too
But the old lousy derpy model was gold too.

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From now on I will only watch Shirogane Noel.

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>500+ dislikes

>> No.35182579

Me (the one not on the left)

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me on the left

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Why is there so little Towaposting even though she's streaming?

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I am a proud member of the band aid generation.

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She can get pretty immersed playing games and loves exploration so I think she would.

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>raiding guild

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towaposters don't actually watch towa, stupid

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Chinks are seething.

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Twap sounds so fucking dumb... Nose...

>> No.35182598

God I wish I could

>> No.35182599

Maybe the real towas were the ones we made along the way

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>a month

that raiding guild is unironically shit. netherite is piss easy to get.

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Nose loves Towa!

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Miko Coco...

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Fubuki nerding out about men wearing suits again...
I need to get another tailored suit.

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>Streaming with a man

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I don't even want ot watch it

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I'm sick of Apex.

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Imagine bragging about being a clipfag. Fucking pathetic. Nobody would have said something like this even a year ago. This place has gone to hell.

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Farming for a guild is different than farming for one person.

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